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  1. isnt he the first ever to do that? Thought I saw he beat LeTroy Hawkins record
  2. Ehh, I dont consider anything outside of the Top 100 picks to be much of an investment. And once again, Mathews has proven his abilities in the NFL. Hopkins and Harris, while Im excited to see what they can do, have proven absolutely nothing.
  3. Its infuriating and at the same time impressive watching such a Dummy (Frenchie) stumble and bumble his way into such a good situation Really hoping that these people are only following along with his nonsense because he is still HOH, and will throw him down to the bottom of the pile as soon as they can
  4. I mean neither of those guys are guaranteed to make the roster either. And I dont think that Mathews will be a lock an any of the 32 team in the league at this point. But he is a guy who has proven he can make it in the league, and has done so as a pass catcher. Feels like its a good option to try, especially a guy who is going to be coming in as a camp body. Actually seeing as we are already running these projects, he might fit right in
  5. In non Jersey related thoughts, looks like Jordan Matthews is trying to make a comeback as a TE. Now thats a project Id actually like to see us take a shot on
  6. What do you guys think the chances we get him signed are?
  7. Yea, it would be nice to have him as the Ace to front a set of young stud arms, but I just get the feeling that its going to be very very hard to keep him in St. Louis. So in my mind there are really 3 options here, because the Extension option is off the table in this case; Let it play out, all the way till he becomes a Free Agent after 2023, and just hope your best money offer is enough. Which likely just results in a QA Comp Pick Move him before the Trade Deadline in 2023; this would need either a complete collapse that season, or the Front Office to have a Titanic Shift in appr
  8. Yea but you cant really do that with an asset as valuable as Jack. I know its a few years out at this point, but then youre suddenly in the position the Cubs are with Kris Bryant. And then you end up lying to yourself, saying things like "We'd rather take the QA Comp pick than settle for less than full value right now" I will say that this first Arb seems to have gone a bit better than I assumed it would (Wasnt sure how well we would do as we mostly avoid it) but 2 more of those, and if we plan on keeping Nolan, we arent just going to offer him the most money with all the teams willing to
  9. Guys, Im not saying that we cant sign Jack long term, as in we dont have the money/willingness to spend, or the potential contending team to do so. What Im saying is I wouldnt count on him wanting to stay here. As pointed out, he has constantly stated his distain for the process, so he will not be signing an early extension. (could this recent injury change that? still doubt it) And once he gets to free agency, its most likely highest bidder, not to mention it seems like there is a pull back to the West Coast for him, and he just doesnt mesh well with the St. Louis lifestyle. I hon
  10. You might want to start getting used to the idea of that future rotation not including Jack
  11. This urge hits me every so often so I indulge myself and take a peak into the teams future and possible offseason plans The two biggest free agents from this roster are obviously Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright, but we will get back to them later on. Other than them, its Andrew Miller (who should be traded away for whatever we can get before the deadline) and I guess now Wade LeBlanc, neither of which should have any bearing on the '22 season. The one thing Im never really sure about is the international signings. KK's contract is up, but do we we still own his rights? Is it Arbitration
  12. I know they are very bad, but nothing in my brain can comprehend/rationalize what the Diamondbacks are doing? With the bases loaded, and 2 outs in the top of the 6th of a tie game, they left the relief pitcher in there to bat. Not only did he not attempt a swing, he was bailing out of the box on all 3 pitches I think. Obviously he pitched the next 2 innings (nearly 70 pitches) and gets shelled in the 7th with no sign of help coming in for more relief. If this isn’t tanking, it’s some of the most inept baseball I’ve ever seen
  13. Just out of curiosity, do you actually get anything out of following Bernie? Or do you just enjoy the statement of obvious facts with a side of snark? Back to the point you made... what are we blowing up? Who are you moving? We would be trading nearly every asset we have at basically rock bottom value. Youre not moving Goldie or Nolan for obvious reasons. Carlson isnt either for similar reasons. Are you sending off Edman right after you just dropped Wong for free? You have 6 years of control on Sosa, but how much value does a utility man have as a trade asset? No one is touch
  14. were so pitching inept right now though. So unless everyone got magically healthy after the ASB or we make a big move for a TOR guy I see us just sputtering the rest of this season. A few streaks to push toward the top of an underperforming NL Central, but probably falling short, a few games over .500 Is that the type of team that you use some top prospects to go get a big arm for? I'd have a hard time pushing those chips in
  15. I just cant disagree more. This looks like a really fun time, and I dont need it to "connect" to anything to enjoy it.
  16. Id be pretty surprised if he wasnt protected. Feels like this team might be in for a overhaul at the Major League level, and could clear a decent mount of 40-man slots
  17. Shhhh don’t let the secret out that Vegas is trying to make money
  18. Yea I know, I wasnt really talking to anyone specifically. Just time to make the move, its mostly negative outcomes when a pitcher picks up a bat
  19. This is what all the DH-deniers get for your foolishness
  20. The OL as a unit is underwhelming, but Rob is a valuable player. Don’t pretend plenty of teams wouldn’t find him as an upgrade
  21. Ehhh, that really depends how Whit plays, and if he might have something left in the tank. Because we dont really have a replacement LT ready, and it will cost as much or more than his cap space to get one. Higbee cant stay on that number, almost regardless of what he does this year (anything short of all pro) A'Shawn is likely gone too, doesnt save as much but he clears probably the Draft class worth of space. We were already looking at moving Rob supposedly, so he could be moved as well. If you convince Stafford to stick around at that point, you could spread his hit
  22. Definitely agree. Its not going to bomb or anything like that. And if its a good film, it will have a longer tail than most of the non-tent pole MCU films. But I just feel with this run up, and the long layoff for the movie goers, this may end up being one of the first real dips that the MCU has seen with these next couple of movies. I only compared it to Guardians due to the ensemble casts and the relatively unknown characters. They are very different type of risks. I dont think they expected to end up with one of the best movies in the MCU when they set out with GotG, but I think they k
  23. haha I have zero doubt she will be great, but you have to admit that Shang-Chi could turn into a Kat Dennings in Thor type situation very easily. Not comparing the two actors, but that situation where she might be the only one doing that and feel like she is in a separate movie than everyone else. I hope not, but that is a potential reality we may run into
  24. So the two obvious parallels to draw in the MCU with the first look and now this first trailer are Guardians and Inhumans. Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum obviously, but to go off just what we have seen, Eternals feels like its currently falling further on the Inhumans end. The seriousness of this feels like alittle much for such an unknown property. And while the cast is absolutely spectacular, if it doesnt have the fun and heart like the Guardians had, we could see alot more casual viewers waiving the white flag on continuing the MCU watch along, and feeling like they need
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