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  1. Are the playoffs really possible?

    Still think maybe 10 wins. I defended Trubisky when he struggled the first 3 weeks but wont go to far in the other direction after he destroyed one of the worst pass defenses in football. Lets see how he develops over the next few seasons. As i never jumped on the mahomes bandwagon after shredding poor defenses. The Bears need to prove they can win divisional games before we talk playoffs.
  2. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    The Bears did run 7:00 of the clock to go up 23-17. I don't blame Trubisky as he played like a young QB. If the Bears are a great defense you can't get burned on a 75 yard TD pass on 3rd and 10 after dropping an INT.
  3. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    The Bears showed today that they are just not a good team. Kyle Fuller drops an INT which would have ended the game and then they give up a 75 yard TD pass on 3rd down and 10. Good defenses can't get beat like that.
  4. Green Bay Pre-Game Hype

    I agree that all teams do practice during camp and that leads to those plays.
  5. Green Bay Pre-Game Hype

    To be fair though last year's offense under Fox was bad the entire year. Offense's do get better as the year goes on because of the timing and execution. The trend is for teams to sit regular's in the preseason. This will eventually lead the NFL to do a 18 game regular season with 2 preseason games.
  6. Goldman gets paid

    If Eddie is really good at those 2 downs then yes you do. The 3-4 base is worthless without a NT. Don't forget that the Bears don't have high picks the next 2 years. I also think Goldman is capable of rushing the passer.
  7. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    The Bears better get 5 years out of Mack to justify this trade or win the Super Bowl with him. If they don't then it could be a bad trade for them. The Raiders are banking on this pick being in the 10-15 range while the Bears win 7 games.
  8. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    Pace made the bold move but it still gets back to Trubisky developing into a top 10 NFL QB for the Bears to takeoff.
  9. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    I would be surprised if the Bears trade Goldman.
  10. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    Do you not like this move because the Bears lose 2 1's and then pay Mack 24 million? The thing is are the Bears a Super Bowl team with Khalil Mack? I still don't think they are as the NFC looks strong.
  11. Schefter: Bears to acquire Khalil Mack

    It depends on who the player is. Who could the player be? The chance of the 2 1s being better then Mack are slim. This is a team that still needs help though.
  12. Here comes Roquan

    Do the Bears have any regrets about the holdout? It is still a business. Now that it is over all that matters is if he is a good player. The Bears need better LB play both inside and outside on their defense.
  13. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    The Bears need to take half the blame as this is the way contract negotiations work.The Giants and Bills have given the same protections to Barkley and Edmunds. So i blame both the Bears and Smith equally.
  14. They will not call this penalty as much when the regular season begins. Only the real blatant penalties.
  15. Training Camp 2018

    So Ryan Pace get's to look dumb not signing a first round pick. Both sides need to give in. Not just Smith. Let's just blame the player.