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  1. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    The Rams could score 30 but with the rules slanted towards offense in the NFL most good offenses should score 30 every week. In only 1 game did the Bears defense give up over 30+ points in a game. New England scored 14 of the 38 points on special teams and the Giants scored 7 of the 30 on a pick 6 TD.
  2. Rams @ Bears IGT Dec 9th on the Lake Front

    Barkley already is one of the best running backs in football. The bears are capable of slowing Gurley and holding him under 100 yards. Good run defenses are not good every game. Sometimes they get beat. The Bears have played good run defense except for 2 games this year.
  3. This is our Moment

    I agree Rodgers is not even close to goat. The numbers are better for QB's today because of the rules and the way the games are officiated are slanted towards the QB and the offense. How can anyone compare QB numbers from the 60's-90's with today because of that. Brady,Peyton and Brees are for sure better in his era. The only Super Bowl win Rodgers had was when the Packers had a good defense that year. So it wasn't all Rodgers. As they beat the Bears 10-3 on a late TD in the last game to just make the playoffs at all.
  4. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving IGT

    The Lions are decent enough to beat the Bears if they don't play well enough. This game comes down to pressuring Stafford though as he is capable of torching you without pressure. The fact is all games come down to this because the NFL wants open receivers with all the rules changes and the way the games are officiated.
  5. Let's talk defense

    This means that the defense would be better without Fangio's prevent defense when up 2 TD's. The Bears have allowed only 86 points in the first three quarters this year and 104 in the 4th quarter. This back's up all of that info.
  6. Chicago Bears vs Buffalo bills Nov 4

    That is because the rules of the NFL are taking defense out of football. If this continues it will turn into Arena League Football. Look at the calls in the Bears/ Bills game as an example.
  7. Chicago Bears vs Buffalo bills Nov 4

    Bears win 20-7. If they can't win then the season is over. If they win then the real season starts with Detroit and Minnesota. The only way Buffalo can win is on the ground or if the Bears miss tackles on short passes that go for long gains. Defending the short pass has cost the Bears the Packers and Dolphins games.
  8. Chicago Bears vs Buffalo bills Nov 4

    Trubisky is improving but he does miss passes and is still not there yet. His numbers are inflated by throwing 6 TD passes against a really poor Tampa defense who hasn't stopped anybody all season and who fired their defensive coach in season. Lets wait for three years of games before deciding who is the best QB from the Tru/Watson and Mahomes class.
  9. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    On the year the Patriots have scored on over 50% of their positions and against the Bears it was on 4 out of 10 positions. So they may have lost 2 positions at most. Mack on one ankle is a shell of himself. I agree Fangio played to much coverage especially since the Bears have tackled poorly on short passes lately.
  10. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    Fangio better rush at least 4 against the Jets but if the Bears play coverage they better start tackling on short routes. Which they haven't been doing this year at all.
  11. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    All the Bears have to do to win 10 games is just beat the Jets,Bills, Giants, 49ers and win all their home divisional games. 10 wins would be close to winning the division this year but maybe they should let Mack heal and get ready for the rest of the year.
  12. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    I agree with this as winning these two games are a bare minimum that the Bears have to do to stay relevant. If they can't beat the Jets and the Bills then the season is over and there will be no playoffs.
  13. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    My bigger problem with Fangio in the Patriot game was he rushed 3 men more times then 4 men. The way to beat Brady is with a 4 man rush that gets home with blitzes mixed in. Over the long haul Brady shreds 3 man rushes.
  14. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Bingo. I agree with this 100%. This also cost the Bears the Packer game when Cobb took a 7 pass and took 70+ yards for a TD. The Bears pass rush has tailed off the last 2 games after a fast start but the Bears have given up 7 pass plays over 40 yards this year after giving up 8 in 16 games last year. They will continue to see this until they stop letting teams turn short passes into 70 yard pass plays. Fangio shouldn't have used Mack and Floyd in coverage more than Smith and can be more aggressive also.
  15. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    I would like Fangio to be more aggressive but when teams do a short passing game they have to be able to tackle receivers. As bad tackling has helped lead to all 3 losses. This week Gordon went for 54 yards after two missed tackles. The defensive players need to pick up their play after two poor weeks.