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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Love that Urban is sticking around. Important continuity for Lamar.
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Would suck to lose him given he's likely OC-in-waiting but with Roman still here it's understandable for him to make the jump if the offer comes in.
  3. Lamar Jackson

    I think trying to separate Lamar the runner from Lamar the passer is obviously a fool's errand. Of course his running ability influences his passing ability. It's part of what makes him such a unique and awesome player. People overcorrect on this point all the time and pretend that Lamar can't actually work from the pocket of course, but he's dangerous precisely because he can do more than just that. He's not unique in that sense - is Russel Wilson the same QB without without his magic escapability? Hell, is prime Ben Roethlisberger? Of course not. He's just a historically great runner from the QB position, and it certainly impacts the other parts of his game. I understand the point you're making and I agree to an extent, but I don't even think comparing this to the Chargers game is fair to Lamar at all to be honest. We had good reason to believe Lamar would learn and improve from that game - and we we were right - but it's also true that the Chargers made him look like he didn't belong on an NFL roster for large parts of that game. This Titans game - huge upset or not - just wasn't the same sort of situation. People are pretending his gaudy volume stats are just a result of garbage time but even that isn't true. We abandoned the run way too early (which we didn't need to and shouldn't have done) and put it all on Lamar pretty much from the very start of the game... and yet we were able to move the ball pretty consistently at will from the very start. There were only 2 drives in the entire game where we didn't make it into Titans territory, and on one of those, Lamar threw a TD strike that was dropped.That doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake to abandon the run, but it seems like people are taking that to mean that it's a mistake to put the ball in Lamar's hands, rather than it being more a reflection of the fact that our running backs are better than our receivers and it was dumb to take one of those groups out of the game. This wasn't a situation where the Titans shut down Lamar... it was just a game of margins where the big plays went their way. Andrews bobbling a pass in his hands turning an opening drive we were rolling on into an INT. Us getting stopped on short yardage 4th downs for the first time all year - credit to the Titans on that for sure given the push they got on the D-Line, but not exactly a Lamar mistake. 6 drops from our mediocre receivers, including Seth Roberts dropping a 75 yard touchdown that could have changed the entire game. Lamar was a part of our problems with 2 awful 3rd quarter turnovers but those weren't the original sins of the game and they were individual errors rather than something emblematic of what he had otherwise done on the night. If the Titans blueprint was anything, it was to play a nearly perfect game, and then also count on having every break go your way. That'll happen from time to time, and it buried us on Saturday... but we don't need to over-analyze what really was just a perfect storm for them.
  4. It really is infuriating. The entire game and the 1st half in particular was just never-ending sliding doors moments. Really feels like if literally just one of those big plays that was missed was converted instead, we go on to win that game. Look at this crap: If Roberts makes that catch, then it's 14-7 with 3 quarters left to go and the crowd is back into it, not to mention with that game script we hopefully get back to running the ball a little more. The entire mood of the team and stadium changes after a big play like that and you get the sense all we needed was one of them to really settle down. But instead we just got more and more deflated as the game went on because the missed opportunities were so readily evident.
  5. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    All of these are pretty unlikely, but given how unpredictable the trade market can be, a couple of guys maybe worth monitoring: Adam Thielen or Stefon Diggs, if the capped out Vikings feel like they need to free up money to make a big move to try and get over the hump in the playoffs; Robert Woods, if the cap and draft-pick strapped Rams similarly need to change things up with one eye towards needing to extend Kupp soon; and Keenan Allen, if Rivers retires and the Chargers go into teardown mode and sell Allen given he's only got 1 year left on his contract.
  6. I'm assuming this would be for both ESPN and ABC, right? Because that level of investment only really makes sense if Disney is planning on bidding big for a piece of the Sunday afternoon rights which would presumably be on ABC rather than ESPN.
  7. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    He went 9-7 with Brock Osweiler at QB which alone disqualifies him from being the worst coach out there. But he's an average one, and the problem for him is that come playoff time he's going up against the best coaches in the game so the Texans are seemingly always starting from a coaching disadvantage when the games matter more.
  8. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    I don't know that I could say with confidence that Boykin won't develop. It's just it makes me nervous if we more or less keep the same core in tact and place a lot of our faith in further improvements in our pass-catchers in Boykin being a quality #2 receiver next year. Which is why I come back to wanting to see us bring in a quality vet in FA who we could slot into the #2 role behind Hollywood (who I do have a lot of confidence in to develop into a real #1 next year) and avoid putting too much pressure on Boykin. Guess we'll also have to see who gets cut/becomes available in the trade market in addition to the FA's, which seems right now to just be Green, Anderson, and Sanders. I'm guessing Brandon Cooks will be available but he seems to be in Jordan Reed territory with the concussions. Could see the Chiefs cutting Sammy Watkins who wouldn't be a terrible signing as long as we have the right expectations for him.
  9. Lamar Jackson

    I don't know if 'pouting' is the right word for it but I agree that his demeanor wasn't ideal. He needs to understand he's a leader and has to be the guy getting everyone else settled down, not getting bogged down and frustrated himself. Some of that just comes from experience and it's a teachable moment for him that I expect him to learn from.
  10. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    I really don't know how to feel about Boykin. It does seem likely that we're going to go into next season banking on him to make a leap in his development just given how barren the WR market is in FA and the other needs we'll also have in the draft. I'd be curious to see how much faith the coaches privatley have in Boykin right now. Everyone was gassing him up like crazy during training camp and then the games started and he was clearly behind the curve. That's not a death blow for a 3rd round rookie, and he did show some flashes, but watching him I never get the sense he really understands how physically dominant he could be, and I worry that he's too passive to ever reach his potential. Could be that I"m reading way too much into very limited opportunities though.
  11. Lamar Jackson

    If my team was paying Jared Goff $35 mill a year to play like Blake Bortles I'd probably be sniping every other young QB too but bitterness is a bad look on you playboi.
  12. Lamar Jackson

    Thank you! I'm pretty excited to have a 23 year old MVP to build around.
  13. Man our drive chart just tells the story of how badly we shot ourselves in the foot in this one: 7 plays, 44 yards: Drive ends with an INT off of Andrews' hand 6 plays, 20 yards: Gus Edwards stopped on 4th and short 12 plays, 59 yards: 3rd down drop by Snead leading to a field goal 14 plays, 91 yards: Still somehow only a FG. Would have to go back and look at how we used our other timeouts but relevant to note that after the big gainer to Hollywood that got us to their goalline we only got to run one more play because we were out of timeouts and lost ~25 seconds spiking it. 13 plays, 58 yards: Lamar stuffed on one of the worst QB sneaks I've ever seen 8 plays, 44 yards: Terrible INT by Lamar Beyond arguably the last Lamar INT, this was all while the game was very much in reach, and it's fully leaving aside the 4th quarter drives where we moved the ball at will but got stopped in the RZ on 4th downs. And it's leaving aside the only 3 and out of the night, which happened because Seth Roberts dropped what would have been a big chunk play on 3rd down. Hard to argue we didn't abandon the run and under-utlize Gus in particular in a big way on Saturday, but even that doesn't really tell the whole story, because we did just fine moving the ball through just Lamar for basically the entire game. It just so happened that on more or less every drive, there was some sort of individual error that blew the whole damn thing up. Really feels like if we play this game 10 times, we probably win 7 or 8 times at least, but it just so happened this was one of the nights in the simulation where literally every important moment when the Titans way. That's the beauty of the playoffs I guess, but goddamn if it's not gonna hurt for a while.
  14. Lamar Jackson

    I don't think he had an awesome game but I don't necessarily think he had a terrible one, either. Terrible is the Chargers game from last year where he flat out couldn't play for most of the day. This was just one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. We moved the ball pretty consistently in this game but the situational football was awful, between the drops, the 4th down playcalls and execution, etc. - and it was all sort of exacerbated by the team seemingly panicking as a whole and getting too down on themselves. Whereas last year there were existential questions about Lamar as a QB because of how that game went, this one just more seems a little more standard - it's just about how a good young QB can learn from failure to get better. The first INT more or less sums up the game as a whole. Wasn't a perfect throw from Lamar, but it hit Andrews in the hands and ultimately it's a catch that your Pro Bowl TE is expected to make. But instead he deflects it up and of course Tennessee was there to pick it off. Wherever we created any sort of opening for them, they took advantage and that's ultimately how you win any game. For Lamar I hope the biggest thing he takes away from this game is how he needs to grow as a leader and recognizes how people are going to look to him to set an example in games like this where things aren't going the way we expected. We needed someone on the sideline, whether it was Lamar or the coaches - to calm guys down and get them to keep playing their game, but the coaches seemed as shellshocked as any as Roman's playcalling demonstrated, and Lamar seemed too flustered/frustrated to rally guys and everyone on the same page. The 3rd quarter turnovers looked to me like a QB who stopped playing with himself and started trying to do too much, and you just can't have that in the playoffs. Not altogether surprising to me just based on his personality and the way his competitiveness manifests, but there was a clear difference between his demeanour and say, the way Mahomes stayed clear-eyed and rallied everyone yesterday when they were getting buried. I don't think that was the end-all difference between the two games, but it wasn't irrelevant, either.
  15. Lamar Jackson QB1

    There's clear football/schematic related things that we'll need to think about and address this offseason relating to how Tennessee came in here and beat us up - chief among them for me is the quality and reliability of our pass-catchers and ensuring our interior line can hold up next year. But I think maybe even beyond that the thing Lamar may need to take away from this game is a recognition of how to better control his emotions in the game. It wasn't just on him, and I think Roman and Harbaugh deserve the lion's share of the blame for allowing us to panic and get away from our gameplan so quickly. And maybe this is somewhat contrived/cliche, but I do look at the way Mahomes responded when they were down 24-0 and see lessons that Lamar should learn. Particularly on offense, this is a fairly young team and Lamar is the leader moving forward. I absolutely adore his competitive nature/desperation to win and I think it's a big part of what makes him great and drives him to succeed and improve. But on Saturday when things were starting to go wrong for us I think we needed him to be more even-keeled than he was. We didn't see much of him on the sidelines rallying guys or trying to get them to relax, instead he looked pretty sulky, annoyed, and maybe a little panicked as well because he desperately wanted to win and couldn't believe what was happening. Whether it was the coaches or the QB, we desperately needed guys communicating in a way that got everyone to calm down and try and remember who they are and what got them there, but instead we saw everyon a little too shellshocked. The coaches panicked and abandoned the run and we saw Lamar get a little into hero ball mode feeling like the guys around him were letting him down and feeling like he needed to do it all himself, culminating in those ugly 3rd quarter turnovers. There's obviously on-the-field stuff we need to sort out and improve going into next year but compared to the Chargers loss last year I think the lessons we need to learn from this game are as much mental as they are schematic. The reality is on offense, we moved the ball pretty consistently but our situational footaball was just terrible - drops, bad 4th down playcalls and execution, the backbreaking turnovers - and that will kill you in a one game sample size. For Lamar this is just a part of t he maturation process - he's going to need to continue to grow on-the-field as well but I'm hoping this also the sort of experience that helps him focus on how he can be a better leader as well.