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  1. Bruh we ride our die for our boys, same reason these Rams fans are talking trash even after missing the playoffs with a special needs QB. If your embarrassed and back to being a Seahawks fan that's fine but don't be fishing for karma on our backs.
  2. @ITS_RAMMY_PLAYBOI is just a pure poster man, he has managed to manufacture a Ravens/Rams rivalry just through his pure force of will. You gotta respect that. We need more gunslingers in the game.
  3. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    I don't doubt that we're in the mix for Clowney. But if we got spooked by Brockers' medicals and not being able to get a look at him ourselves... what are the odds the org feels comfortable investing big $$$ in Clowney without getting a peek under the hood?
  4. Funny thing about the Ryan Grant fiasco is that our FO was proved right on that. He started the next season decently strong with the Colts, then hurt his ankle just like we were worried about, and has basically washed out in the league because of it. Although, using the freed up cap space to sign Crabtree didn't exactly work out, either...
  5. I liked but didn't love the Brockers signing when it happened - seemed like a decent player but $10 mill was probably an overpay. So I'm not crestfallen to see the deal fall through, but it's frustrating that it took so long to play out that contingency options have come off the market in the meantime. Can't really evaluate how damaging this is for us until we see how EDC uses the $10 mill. Have to imagine they're making calls to guys like Shelby Harris and Dareus right now.
  6. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Not getting Brockers doesn't suck as much as it sucks that it took a week and a half to resolve itself and we lost out on some alternatives as a result. Though given that we made an offer on Suh it seems like they had already started moving on prior to this becoming official. Hard to assess how big a deal this is until we see how the cap space is otherwise used. Would think Marcel Dareus, Shelby Harris, and Derek Wolfe are all targets for us now.
  7. Question: Why do you think Clowney is unsigned?

    Clearly it's more complicated than that, otherwise something like the current Brockers situation wouldn't be happening.
  8. Question: Why do you think Clowney is unsigned?

    Clowney might be able to get his own physical but the entire issue is that teams may not be willing to finalize anything until their own doctors get a look. Probably not an issue for the vast majority of FA's where you already reasonably trust in a player's health, but Clowney's had enough medical red flags in his career, and the level of investment is so high, that his is a case where teams are probably more likely to be particular about insisting on their own doctors getting a look. Similar thing is happening with the Ravens and Michael Brockers right now. His physical from an independent doctor turned up some things related to his ankle injury last year that the organization wants to take a closer look at, but team doctors aren't allowed to travel to examine him and he's not allowed to travel to the Ravens facility either, so the deal hasn't been finalized/announced yet. Seems like both sides still expect the deal to get done but it might take until our doctors are allowed to look at him for themselves, and there's no indication as to when that might happen.
  9. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    @goldfishwars pulled together a mock where we trade up for Jeudy at 13. If we were actually able to pull something like that off and keep one of our 2nd rounders while moving up for Jeudy, it'd be a home run IMO. Jeudy + Round 2 EDGE (Weaver, Uche both available in this scenario), and then spamming ILB and interior line for the rest of the draft would be scary great.
  10. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Man this draft looks great. Jeudy, Weaver or Uche, and then some strong mid-round fliers on linebackers and guards would be a dream. Came awfully close to getting Biadasz at 119 too, if somehow this draft included both him and Lewis in that 119/129/134 stack we have, that's Vince McMahon losing his mind.gif level.
  11. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    What exactly is the reason Biadasz has slipped on draft boards in the first place? Seems like everyone in the draft eval community loves him and he has the pedigree to back that hype up. Yet he's seemingly available in the middle rounds. What gives?
  12. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    Think this is one of the more 'realistic' looking mocks I've done - all in all would be pretty happy if we came out of the draft with something along the lines of this haul. Not really hitting clear home runs necessarily but decent value and addressing our biggest needs for the most part:
  13. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Lotta Ravens fans are fantasizing about trading up to get Jeudy. However unlikely that is IRL, would be interesting to see what it looks like and what it leaves us with to address at least two of IOL/ILB/EDGE.
  14. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Yeah that's not how percentages work.
  15. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Don't love that.