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  1. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Yeah the timing of this is bizarre given their season ended nearly 2 weeks ago and the market's already been picked apart a bit. Kubiak would have been a natural and home run fit for that offense but they waited till he got scooped up before making their move.
  2. What does everyone do for a living?

    Work in the political/issue advocacy space, currently at a fairly big public interest legal org doing communications and messaging. Love the work but as with a lot of nonprofits, upwards mobility can be tough to come by. Been there for a couple of years and I just got married so I'm at the point where I need to think through my longer term plans. On that front, I'm still figuring out what niche I'll try to lean into... NYC certainly has no shortage of banks with well funded CSR operations, I could go into regular PR but I'm not sure I'd be as good at that, in-house comms/business development in Big Law seems like a relatively stable road I could break into, or just continue grinding in the political advocacy space and maybe swing to a public affairs firm for a couple of years and then go back in-house somewhere after that in a management role.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Is it a hot take for me to say I'd rather spend big on a medium length contract for Gerald McCoy now that it's sounding like he'll be released rather than giving Mosley a big extension?
  4. Vikings hire Gary Kubiak for “offensive advisor”

    Maybe! Then again you'd think they would have just hired Kubiak as a 'run game coordinator' instead of naming him an Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Advisor, which certainly sounds like a bigger portfolio. Not to mention the fact that the coaching staff is mostly just Kubiak people. It helps that Stefanski himself knows Kubiak so maybe everyone will just get along, but this certainly sounds like one of those arrangements that looks great on paper but can easily lead to people butting heads. Even if that's the setup - Stefanski as a passing game coordinator and Kubiak for the running game, that still means Stefanski basically had his roles and responsibilities cut in half within a week of getting promoted. Maybe that's the job he signed up for all along, but it certainly doesn't seem like it.
  5. Vikings hire Gary Kubiak for “offensive advisor”

    I think it's a good opportunity if you're an ambitious coach looking to move up; on paper you'd get pretty much full control of the offense given that the HC is defensive-minded and there's a good deal of talent to work with between the QB and skill position players. Question is whether Stefanski knew the Vikings were gonna go and sign another guy for basically the same role with even more staffing power than he does before the ink even dried on him signing on to the OC job.
  6. Vikings hire Gary Kubiak for “offensive advisor”

    So Kubiak is bringing along Dennison and Pariani... which makes it it's hard to see how this is just an 'advisory role' or how Stefanski can expect to really have any authority or autonomy over that offense. If you're bringing in Kubiak's assistants to install 'his' offense, what's the point in pretending Kubiak isn't the guy running the show? If I'm Stefanski I'd be pretty mad tbh, first Zimmer blocks him from taking the OC job in NYG, and then later when he finally gets his promotion, he basically gets layered over right after signing a new contract?
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Wonder how much Matt Paradis will command on the open market. Probably the FA I'd love to see us make a run at the most, but then again that calculus changes if he's getting Ryan Jensen money.
  8. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    Neither hold a candle to USC legend Kliff Kingsbury
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    If you include Lamar in the calculations, then I'm fully happy with the trade. Derwin James is great but you guys are talking about him like he's Ed Reed. I think Lamar can be our franchise QB and his ceiling is absurdly high, that's a shot well worth taking. That said, I don't think it's necessarily true that Lamar should be included since as it was mentioned, the bulk of the assets used to trade up were the 2018 and 2019 2nd rounders which were unrelated to us trading down. Which is to say, the late 4th rounder we got from trading down that was eventually used to threw in to get Lamar could have turned into another pick pretty easily, the main interest was the other picks they got.
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I think Andrews and Young are really good value players for where we got them, and are a good example of why you do trade down and pick up extra picks. The problem is and will continue to be Hayden Hurst himself until he distinguishes himself. Even if Derwin James is an All-Pro, this trade works reasonably well if you hit and get good value out of your late 1st round pick. If we spend 4 years saying "well at least he's a solid blocker!" then yeah, it didn't work. In hindsight it was actually trading down instead of taking James that would have allowed us in the end not to reach on Hurst given we got Andrews later on. There's always going to be a 'what could have been' with James but the bigger one for me is the Hurst slot itself and us passing on Calvin Ridley - that's who I wanted at the time at that pick and had we come out of that draft with Ridley/Andrews/Young instead of just Derwin James, I don't think we're having this conversation at all. Even though Hurst was old for a rookie, it was obviously a tough year for him given the challenges of transitioning to the NFL at the TE position and his injuries. So there's still time for him for sure. But as of now I certainly haven't seen enough from him to not gaze longingly at some of the guys we passed up.
  11. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Alligator Alshon
  12. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Just some weird play designs there. They're sending men and vacating the middle of the field... so you stack fades on top of each other on the outside?
  13. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    What even is that coverage
  14. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    I don't see how you can say Graham controlled that ball.