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  1. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    So, Gazidis gone, with Raul Sanlehi promoted into a 'head of football' role effectively overseeing Mislintat and Emery, and the club promoting from within to elevate Vinai Venkatesham as the head of the financial team. Given our commercial deals have seemed to lag behind our rivals, not thrilled that there's not a new face coming in on that side but the talk is that Venkatesham played a big role in securing the massive new Adidas deal, so I guess we'll just have to see. Big implication here with no direct CEO replacement being announced, and instead 2 new positions being created, is that the plan is to announce Josh Kroenke as the new CEO with him delegating the day-to-day responsibilities to Sanlehi and Venkatesham.
  2. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    I hate how dumb the rest of the NFL is. How does nobody beat that offer? Why do teams just let the Pats get whatever they want?
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Ugh after watching the Steelers get lit up and keep the soap opera stuff going on, all the more annoyed about the loss on Thursday and the fact that we let Cincinnati put themselves in early pole position to take the division over this year if the Steelers do blow up. Could/should've been us.
  4. 2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

    I know the offensive line was bad last night but I can't get over how inaccurate Flacco was. He got bailed out plenty last night - the throw into triple coverage that turned into the long Brown completion, the long DPI, etc. - and just kept MISSING on easy throws - behind his receivers, slightly out of their reach, etc. The fumble that basically ended the game was a perfect Flacco play in that he gets to plausibly blame the offensive line, but it still came down to him having zero awareness and not being able to throw on the run. After all of these years I'm still holding my breath on 3rd and 4th downs not that we complete the pass but just that Flacco just gives the receiver a chance at making a play at all and throws it in the right zip code at least. You could tell just from how much he was puffing his chest about beating the Bills (compared to guys like Suggs rightly emphasizing it was just one game) like he had already proven all the haters wrong that he just doesn't get it. Lamar isn't ready yet but I hope to god he's ready by 2019.
  5. TNF - Ravens vs Bengals

    Lol we've lost pretty much every close game that's counted for about 4 years running now, it's no wonder it turns out Harbaugh's still just guessing as he goes.
  6. 2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

    Man I don't care if you call it an overreaction, this is exactly the sort of game we needed to show up to and win if we were gonna prove that this team is actually different than the past 5 years of mediocrity, and man, I just don't see it. Flacco still looks like a college QB with zero pocket presence for long stretches, the defense can't tackle, we still have zero idea that Alex Collins exists, we can't play a full 60 minutes, and oh my god is the clock management terrible. We'll play this season out and it'll be whatever. 8-8, maybe 9-7 at best is where we'll continue to be. This isn't a special group. It never will be, not as long as this is a Flacco/Harbaugh team. Cannot wait for things to change.
  7. TARFT: New Forum, New Thread

    Congrats man - hope everything the day-of went great, I know how crazy things can get in terms of the planning. I'm getting married next Saturday myself!
  8. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Thanks - ended up getting Cooper on a 12 dollar bid - outbidding the next highest bid by 1 dollar. Feeling pretty good about that now as a high-ceiling bench player for now - though with Adams and Goodwin carrying injuries I'm now worried I'll have to start Cooper right away against Denver...
  9. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    If you don't think Cole's ever going to start for you and you don't believe in him, then it's fine to cut him (IMO he's a good high-ceiling guy to stash though), but I've gotta believe there's someone out there on the waiver wire worth picking up as a speculative add rather than just carrying 3 defenses.
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Robert Woods, Marvin Jones, and Amari Cooper all came available on the waiver wire (couple of dudes really tilting after Week 1 losses). My current WR core is Davante Adams, Emmanuel Sanders, Marquise Goodwin, and Keelan Cole. I think all 3 are worth picking up over Cole, but would like some advice on how much to spend and who to prioritize. . How much FAAB would you spend? I have $97 left from a $100 budget. I'm somewhat conservative about spending big money after Week 1, so I'm not bidding huge on any, but here's what I have right now: Robert Woods - $11 Amari Cooper - $9 Marvin Jones - $8 Thoughts? Worth upping big time on any of these bids?
  11. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Wait is that actually Antoine Winfield's son? Is this what it feels like to start to get old?
  12. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    Lol you got me. To be clear though, I'm not a Rodgers owner, I'm just a concerned Davante guy.
  13. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    What's the word on the extent Rodgers' injury - is there still a chance he's going to miss time or are the Packers not super worried about it?
  14. SNF: Bears @ Packers (AKA: The Richest Game in America)

    So, Khalil Mack has basically singlehandedly destroyed the Packers organization tonight...