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  1. GDT 2017: Week 7 - Ravens @ Vikings

    You know if we're gonna be bad it'd be nice if we were at least mildly fun to watch. Instead we're just mediocre and completely unwatchable
  2. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    However short a period it'll be before the next setback, makes me so happy to see Wilshere in an Arsenal shirt playing well - nice assist today on the Ramsey goal. If he can stay fit I think he's going to make a strong case to be included in the starting XI; he's just got Wengerball in his DNA. Surely Koeman is getting sacked after this, there's just no life in that Everton team.
  3. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Friday 20 October 2017 West Ham 20:00 Brighton Saturday 21 October 2017 Chelsea 12:30 Watford Huddersfield 15:00 Man Utd Man City15:00 Burnley Newcastle 15:00 Crystal Palace Stoke 15:00 Bournemouth Swansea 15:00 Leicester - GOTW Southampton 17:30 West Brom Sunday 22 October 2017 Everton 13:30 Arsenal Spurs 16:00 Liverpool - BONUS 1-1
  4. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    What are your feelings on starting 2 running backs from the same team? I re-acquired Derrick Henry this morning and am thinking about putting him right into the FLEX spot over Ty Montgomery, with DeMarco Murray and Christian McCaffrey as my other RB's - this is a 0.5 PPR league. It seems like Murray is still hampered a bit by his hamstring issue and they're shading more carries towards Henry. Since Week 1, he's gotten at least 14 touches in the non-Matt Cassel games, and even with Murray effective on Monday, Henry got 19 carries. It seemed like particularly with Murray's hamstring issues they're moving towards giving Henry more work in the running game and saving Murray for passing downs and only select/important running situations. I feel like I can't bench Murray if he's active but especially against the Browns I can see a scenario where Henry sees a lot of the workload if the game is out of hand. Am I crazy to see a potential Freeman/Coleman situation emerging? Bad idea to start both of them against Cleveland?
  5. The MLS Thread, Part V

    The Columbus Crew are moving to Austin unless the city builds a new stadium for them. Apparently Precourt had an out clause specifically for Austin written into his original purchasing agreement, so it looks like this was very much the plan from the start. Rejected an offer from local business owners to buy the team and keep it in Columbus as well. Whole situation is gross. Columbus is one of the founding members of MLS and Columbus Crew Stadium is one of the only places in America with real honest to god soccer history. And Garber and MLS are giving their blessing to pack up and leave all in search of a bigger taxpayer funded payout from cool hip snazzy Austin. Love American soccer and I enjoy MLS for the most part for what it is but I truly loathe the people running the show there. Seems like their explicit goal is to turn MLS into another NFL, soulless and corporate and unconcerned with the quality of the sport, doing the absolute minimum investment-wise in order to secure the biggest possible payout. The system doesn't NEED to be this way but ultimately it always will be because it's folks like Kroenke, Kraft, and Precourt running the show, completely unconcerned with the interests of the supporters and not really even interested in the sport to begin with, it's just another 'investment vehicle' at the end of the day.
  6. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    Our offense is a perfect storm of incompetence all coming together. We have a GM who has never been able to scout and draft offensive playmakers or invest properly on that side of the ball, injuries all over the place, a clueless offensive coordinator with a hilariously ineffective scheme and zero situational awareness,, and an awful quarterback who takes a bad situation and makes it worse. I think we're probably screwed for the next couple of years as long as we have to reserve a huge chunk of our cap for a special needs QB but any chance we do have has to come from completely rebuilding the offense this offseason from both a coaching and personnel standpoint.
  7. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    Love 2 have a a $20m quarterback who can't be trusted to make one completion when needed.
  8. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    Lol Flacco Forever the oldest rookie in the league
  9. Other Leagues Thread- Ligue 1, Championship, Portugal, etc

    Is there a separate La Liga thread? This Atletico/Barca game has been outstanding thus far. What a strike by Saul.
  10. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Lol deserved. Negative subs from Wenger, the fact that he takes Lacazette off after an hour every damn game just to appease Giroud is such a joke.
  11. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Iwobi watched too many Thierry Henry videos when he was a kid. Always trying to pass the ball into the net. Game like today showing how much we still need the creativity of Alexis and/or Ozil. If we're selling them in January we need a significant signing coming the other way - someone like Lemar if he's still in the cards. Iwobi is tidy but certainly not ready to be the creative centerpiece.
  12. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Jermaine Jones dropping some truth bombs. Worth listening to, lot going on but the general point he's making is that he thinks too many American soccer players with the option to do more take the easy way out by sticking in MLS where they don't have to fight for their places or generally push themselves. Specifically calls out Jordan Morris on it, among others.
  13. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Liverpool vs Man Utd Burnley vs West Ham DRAW Crystal Palace vs Chelsea Man City vs Stoke Swansea vs Huddersfield Tottenham vs Bournemouth Watford vs Arsenal PREMIER LEAGUE Brighton vs Everton Southampton vs Newcastle - GOTW DRAW PREMIER LEAGUE Leicester vs West Brom - BONUS 2-0
  14. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I just picked up Alfred Morris as soon as the Zeke news dropped, and dropped Fat Rob Kelley to grab him. Was that rash? Morris is more of a lottery ticket but Kelley just seems so meh, and he's not even healthy this week when I could have used him so I couldn't drop McGuire over him.
  15. USMNT Thread: 2017 Gold Cup Edition

    Bruce let his inferiority complex get the best of him. This became way too much about him wanting to prove that Bruce Arena is a big boy coach and Americans are exceptional, always making comments about how as an American he can learn more from Gregg Popovich than Pep Guardiola, even yesterday using his postgame presser to make the same smug comments about how US Soccer is still doing everything right. It impacted his coaching, made him cocky, made him do incredibly dumb things tactically just because he wanted to prove that he can be different and unique and interesting. It seemed like he was more interested in fighting the ghost of Jurgen Klinsmann than he actually was in coaching the team.