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  1. GDT Week 9: Baltimore Ravens vs pittsberg steelers

    That's 3 plays where Flacco should have converted touchdowns - the throw to Andrews is a TD with a better QB/throw, and the other two are obvious. Your QB literally costing you points like that is absolutely something worth bringing up, as comforting as it might otherwise be to just yell about the offensive line/running game/the weapons Matt Ryan has or whatever else we do.
  2. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    Nah I think it helps set up parameters for recruitment - the interview process won't just be a vague "how would you fix the QB situation/who interests you in the draft class" but instead a more pointed conversation about how to develop Lamar. The Rams hired McVay and the Bears got Nagy recently under similar circumstances, I think if anything it'll be an appealing quality for ambitious offensive minds.
  3. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    To add on to this, this problem is really exacerbated by the fact that Harbaugh himself doesn't' really offer anything in terms of scheming/playcalling. A good coach shouldn't be this dependent on his assistants the way Harbaugh is, to the point where he can't really drive the process of building an offense or defense and honestly doesn't even seem to know what he wants, all the while picking his assistants from an inferior talent pool for the reasons you stated. Andy Reid can lose as many OC's as he wants and his offense will still be dynamic, because it's his scheming and expertise that drives that process, and because he is clearly always looking to keep up with and ahead of the times. You can't really say the same about Harbaugh. He may try to stay ahead of the curve on bigger picture things (ie. going for it on 4th down, etc.) but when it comes to solving scheme issues, what expertise does he have to solve it?
  4. If McCarthy and Harbaugh get fired, what next for them?

    I think Harbaugh would be a great fit for Tampa, particularly if he could convince Moncken to stay around to run the offense (left to his own devices, Harbaugh would probably hire a retread's retread to run the offense though). But that organization in general seems like it badly needs a culture reset and an injection of professionalism to move on from the Winston years and that's where Harbaugh will be really useful - I don't think he's the guy to get a team over the top, particularly in today's NFL, but he's absolutely one of the coaches I'd be looking at if I'm a team that just needs to go from bad to passably mediocre before taking that next step. He's a rich man's John Fox in that regard, honestly - he's going to help clean up the mess and set the team up pretty well, but you probably then need to move on from him in order to keep growing.
  5. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    Torreira is just so, so good. I had high expectations for him but he's really blown even those out of the water; he's just an unbelievable all-around midfielder who is very tangibly making players around him better - particularly Xhaka but also the backline as well with the shielding/protection he provides. Best part about him though is that he isn't just some destroyer, he's genuinely good with the ball at his feet too and can pick out some really tasty passes in addition to all of the energy/support he provides defensively. Getting him for £26.4m was one of the bargains of the summer, I wouldn't sell him for double that now.
  6. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    What kind of offense does David Shaw run?
  7. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    I know it's not guaranteed yet but I think it's officially time to start talking about replacements for Harbaugh, what with the org leaking this morning that Harbaugh was semi-officially on the 'hot seat' and then the team looking flat and dropping to 4-5 and looking unlikely to make the playoffs. Personally I think we should hire an offensive guy and I suspect that's the direction Bisciotti will go - following the lead of the Rams and Bears in bringing in an offensive mind who can develop our 1st round QB. Unless you're an incredible leader/defensive coach - like Zimmer - it just doesn't feel that useful to hire a defensive coach the way the NFL is these days, and I think we need an innovative thinker/strong schemer on the offensive side if we're going to make the Lamar Jackson thing work. With that in mind, these are a couple of the guys I'm watching/find intriguing: Lincoln Riley, HC, Oklahoma (probably a pipedream) Matt Campbell, HC, Iowa State John DeFilippo, OC, Vikings Todd Monken, OC, Bucs Eric Bienemy, OC, Chiefs Chris Peterson, HC, Univ. of Washington
  8. GDT Week 9: Baltimore Ravens vs pittsberg steelers

    I don't think there's much use in firing Harbaugh now - let him finish out the season - but these last 7 games absolutely have to be the last 7 games of his time here.
  9. GDT Week 9: Baltimore Ravens vs pittsberg steelers

    This pass rush is just pathetic
  10. John Harbaugh on the hot seat with the Ravens

    Not in terms of their on-the-field play but in terms of their leadership/presence in the organization, they absolutely were. Harbaugh has had 6 years since then to make this 'his' team post-Ray and post-Ed... and the results have been mediocre. Harbaugh is a 'CEO' kind of head coach who relies on his coordinators to do the actual scheming/playcalling, which makes the fact that he consistently hires/holds on to bad coaches more of a fatal flaw than just a minor bug. The one year we've been any good post-2012 was the year we did have Kubiak in the building, beyond that Harbaugh has basically been Jeff Fisher since we won the Super Bowl. Don't really see how the comparison to Tomlin is appropriate, the Steelers had a first round bye last season and made it to the AFC Championship Game the year before that. If we were still competing at that level, nobody would be calling for Harbaugh's head, but he can't even get us into the dance anymore.
  11. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    Yeah, I think we're sort of saying the same thing in a way. I agree it's more of a transition than a rebuild, but I do think that this sort of transition point makes it an ideal time to start fresh on the coaching side.
  12. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    I think we're closer to being in a rebuilding sitaution than we were in 2008. Back then we were a year removed from a 13 win season when we fired Billick and had several all-time great players on the defensive side of the ball in the prime of their careers in Ray, Ed, and Suggs. We're much closer to being in a rebuilding scenario now than we were back then with guys like Suggs/Weddle/Jimmy all in decline and a 1st round franchise QB already in the building.
  13. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    It's not like John Harbaugh was an obvious replacement/upgrade back in 2008. Hell, he wasn't even our first choice, Garrett was and he turned us down. But things had gone stale with Billick and the organization needed to take a risk on somebody new. We're basically in the same situation again with things having stagnated under Harbaugh. We'll benefit from a new approach, and we'll likely benefit from bringing in a head coach who brings with him an actual scheme/X's and O's background. Even if Lincoln Riley is a pipedream, someone like John DeFilippo or Matt Campbell would be a really interesting/exciting pick.
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I've already got Wentz on my bench through his bye so no room for Mitch if I'm not starting him. I picked up Wilson and then swapped him out for Fitzmagic, who is definitely the most boom/bust of the group. Feel like I'm gonna go back and forth on this a lot between now and Sunday.