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  1. Lamar Jackson QB1

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2897916-lamar-jacksons-qb-coach-pinpoints-where-mvp-can-still-improve Lotta good nuggets here from Lamar's QB guru about what he's been working on this offseason. Couple things stick out to me: I've probably said this already but one thing that really sticks out about Lamar is that he really does seem to have THAT competitive gene that the best athletes have. A permanent chip on his shoulder. You don't worry about him getting complacent or feeling like he made it - he treats himself like a disrespected underdog and always wants to put in the work to prove people wrong. MJ is the best example of that kind of athlete, just taking literally anything people say to him as a personal slight that makes him want to beat you even more. But you see it in a guy like Brady too, even after winning multiple championships he always managed to twist a situation into one where he felt like the world was against him and that he needed to ball out to prove the haters wrong. Lamar's built the same way. Not to harp on it again but that's always been the difference between Flacco and the greats. Flacco's too normal a dude to think that way. Lamar's just wired differently. He'll tune out the praise and focus on everyone talking about his playoff record, for the rest of his career he'll remember the Bill Polians telling him to move to WR, and he's just gonna be a better player because of it. It's something that's always stuck out to me about Lamar - it's why I was similarly not worried about him being 'solved' after the Chargers playoff loss, because I trusted he was gonna put in the work to make sure that game wasn't the last word on him as a QB. Whatever weaknesses he has as a player, you can trust that he's not gonna leave any stone unturned in trying to get better. Article wasn't all just about the mental/competitive stuff, some interesting details about the mechanical things that Harris has pinpointed for improvement from Lamar to work on his deep passing:
  2. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    Or keep the name but change the logo to a potato.
  3. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Lol. It's not Chris Jones' responsibility to take less money just because the league artificially depresses player wages through the salary cap. He's got his ring, and it's a business. Careers are short and he probably only has one shot at this kind of payday. Wanting to get paid what he's worth doesn't mean he doesn't care about winning, it just means he's not a rube.
  4. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Why would any of that be Chris Jones' problem?
  5. Lamar Jackson QB1

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29371903/could-lamar-jackson-repeat-mvp-progress-report-ravens-star-expect-2020 Don't think the question itself here is that important (in regards to whether he'll repeat as MVP), but thought this was a fair and interesting look at Lamar going into 2020. Thankfully this meme has mostly died down to begin with (though it's cousin 'now everyone's gonna have tape on him' has replaced it), but it's interesting to see the numbers on Lamar in 'rematches,' though it's still a small sample size. That whole idea was, like everything else, premised on the idea that only defenses can learn things from playing Lamar and get better, and not the other way around. In any case, the teams that limited Lamar the best last year were all teams facing him for the first time: Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Tennessee. Barnwell sort of gets at it when he talks about the Titans safeties and the ability to play Invert 2, but really the common denominator in all of those defenses is just that they were good and athletic defenses that both executed well and rode their luck at the right moments. Similar to the 'blueprint' the Chargers laid out after Lamar's first playoff loss, I suspect if teams try to rely too much on this approach against us we'll be prepared next time to deal with it. Harbaugh's already alluded to it this offseason in talking about getting better at our perimeter passing game.
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Hahahah well I'm a (sigh...) Arsenal fan, so there's no way you'll catch me rocking a Chelsea avi, even if it's to give props to the GOAT Pulisic. I've never thought about the black and yellow connection though... suppose if I'm gonna change my name I might as well go for a full refresh and change the avi as well to honor my true lord and savior as far as an NFL forum is concerned.
  7. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    In addition to the point @ramssuperbowl99 made about increasing spending, to the extent the NFL fetishizes parity, a rule that would make it much easier for teams with elite QB's to pull away from the rest of the pack. From a competitive balance standpoint a flat cap % valuation for QB's would be doing the same thing that max contracts do in the NBA where superstars are valued the same as 2nd/3rd tier players. The fact that, say, Lebron counts as much against the cap as a Mike Conley does is why it's so hard for teams that don't have a Lebron/Kawhi/KD type to build teams to compete with their superteams, despite those superstars realistically being worth so much more if it was a true free market. If, as far as the salary cap and team-building was concerned, Mahomes was valued the exact same as, say, Josh Allen moving forward, it'd be that much harder for the Bills to ever build a team to challenge the Chiefs. Granted the NFL is quirky around this to begin with because of the rookie contracts, but if you're looking out over the Chiefs with Mahomes for the next 10 years and you're.a competitor you're hoping at least to get some advantage out of them having to play market value for him and maybe taking up 5-10% more cap in a given year compared to other franchise QB's. Now, considering we've got our own elite/MVP QB we're gonna have to break the bank for in a couple of years, I selfishly wouldn't mind any rule that made it easier for us to pay Lamar while maintaining flexibility to build the best possible team around him. But things like this Chris Jones situation is essentially exactly what the league hopes for when it comes to teams with superstars having to make sacrifices elsewhere.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Lol haven't you already changed your name already once? I'm gonna put in for a change, I made this a hell of a long time ago and have always felt sorta weird repping the Terps so hard given I didn't end up going to school there and barely follow them these days.
  9. 2020 Name Change Requests

  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    We have a really strong roster, and even with the lack of a dominant EDGE we probably have as good a defense on paper as anyone beyond San Francisco. But I really doubt anyone would be talking about the roster as a whole as being the best in the league if it wasn't for Lamar tbh.
  11. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    What rule is he breaking?
  12. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    It's funny to hear this whole, "he has 2 years left on his deal, who the hell does he think he is, he needs to shut up" crew. Coming into the league he had no say in either where he'd play, how much he'd be paid, or how long his contract would be. It was entirely decided for him. If that was the situation foisted upon you in your own career and you didn't like where it had put you, if you had any leverage you'd try to do something about it too. The NFL makes it incredibly hard for young players to have any degree of control over their lives and careers, so this gambit could well not work out for him. But I respect the fact that he's trying. The league already does everything it can to bend over backwards to reward bad teams for their incompetence. Instead of hand wringing about the terrible precedent set by Jamal Adams and other young players recognizing they don't need to waste away at bad franchises that would cut the chord on them the second it's convenient if the shoe was on the other foot, maybe people should consider that the best way teams can avoid this situation is just by making themselves more desirable organizations to play for.
  13. 2020 Browns Hype

    Lamar Jackson is overrated because he hasn't been injured.
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I keep forgetting about Tavon. Him coming back and healthy and allowing Marlon to play outside more would be huge.
  15. Pass Coverage or Pass Rush?

    Ravens particularly in recent years with the influence of DeCosta, Harbaugh, and a more analytics-oriented approach growing have also made a noticeable shift towards prioritizing coverage over pass rush. The idea seems to be that it's easier for the modern short passing games to scheme around great pass rushers than it is to scheme around great coverage. There's also more flexibility in the way you can rush the passer if you trust your coverage guys - Ravens blitz at a much higher rate than virtually every other team in the league and use a lot of different/unique looks, which allows us to manufacture pressure without necessarily always possessing great individual rushers - whereas things are a little more black and white if you have a great pass rush and so-so secondary - you're just hoping on a given snap that you get to the QB because odds are if they don't there's gonna be a man open before long.