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  1. I know there's been a LOT of coverage of Easterby but one thing I haven't quite gotten a handle on in these recent rumors if where Easterby stands on Watson - we know (or suspect) that Watson wants Easterby gone. Is that painting Easterby into a corner where he's going to end up pushing to trade Watson to consolidate control internally? Or does he view making peace with Watson as the best possible outlet to get all of this heat and scrutiny off of him?
  2. Huh. Wink is super close with the Ryan brothers so I guess it shouldn't be too surprising. Definitely an interesting hire though.
  3. I like it. Houston's defense was horrible this past season but that was also about as chaotic a situation as you could have asked for internally and there wasn't much talent to work with either. Seems like he was pretty highly regarded beforehand and it's always a plus to bring in a guy with ties to the organization.
  4. I don't really pay too much attention to the Ravens website writers but I do agree that the general that the org likes to project this 'we're smarter than everyone else' kind of attitude and it's kind of gotten out of hand. Lot of the main media heads covering the Ravens are complicit in that as well - it was particularly over the top last year with Roman, Harbaugh, and EDC being treated as geniuses IMO because it was an easy way for Lamar skeptics to downplay Lamar's success by pretending he was put in this 'perfect' situation rather than acknowledging how much he was doing to make them look
  5. Meme coach 'the dude' appears to be coked out Rex Ryan and I for one can't wait till he loses 38-6 to the Packers and compares it to going to your brother in law's bachelor party and watching him get a lap dance
  6. When he 'retired' with us the consensus is that he was basically fired but they called it a retirement to help him save face, so it wasn't a surprise when he 'unretired' to go work in Tennessee. Kinda makes me wonder whether the same thing happened in TEN. Doesn't really make as much sense given by all accounts Titans fans were actually happy with the job he was doing there.
  7. In fairness hard to say how much of that is about how good Pees is and how much of it is just the lesson that you're probably better off having any DC than none at all. But yeah of the 3 teams he's been DC with it seems like Titans fans like him a lot more than us or Pats fans did. Kinda makes me wonder what the deal is with him and Vrabel though if he's coming back to follow Smith rather than just heading back to his his old job in TEN given they never replaced him.
  8. Funny after everyone spent the the past couple of weeks pre-emptively explaining that Bienemy wasn't getting looks because he hasn't proven himself as a playcaller that Sirianni gets this job when he's also an OC without any playcalling experience.
  9. Definitely frustrating but if there's one area where I don't really worry about our ability to reload it's on the defensive coaching staff. It has always been a coach's factory for the rest of the league and whoever we bring in to replace these guys will inevitably be the hot names for coordinator if not head coaching jobs before long. Which also makes it a lot easier to recruit replacements. Is Zach Orr still working with the organization? If so I wonder if he gets moved into a new role to help replace McDonald.
  10. Taking in this in the opposite direction, but I actually think there's a better average chance that our 1st rounder is traded for a prime/star player this year. Hard to say for sure but EDC's presser next week should be instructive in terms of getting a feel for how aggressive he wants to be this offseason. But it feels to me like we if acquiring a #1 receiver is a big priority for the team this offseason (which is itself an open question), and the team wants someone who is ready to contribute right away as opposed to having to develop (knowing our less than stellar history on that front
  11. I don't think there's any reason you can't win with a run-first offense. No matter how we tweak the offense it's always going to be run-first in some shape or form. The key is balance though. You have to be able to do both even if your Plan A is one over the other. Every system needs flexibility because you need to be able to win in a variety of ways come January. Roman's system IMO is still only built to win in on one specific way. What I'd love to see Roman do this offseason is really prove his 'running game wizard' title by tweaking the running game in a way that keeps it dominant wit
  12. Look I'd be more convinced by this if it had just been normal coachspeak and an overall impression that he was just speaking in generalities. It's not like I was expecting him to go up there and start talking about how we need to start running more rub routes or whatever. It's not that he didn't have some big analytical proposal on what he wanted to do 3 days after the season ended, it's that he clearly did put enough thought into it to come prepared with stats and metrics to push back on the idea that people should be asking about how the passing game can be improved. That feels different to
  13. I disagree with this. The full answer on the 'complexity' of the passing offense was just a cop-out answer, basically responding by saying that the critics are wrong because we just throw the ball less than other teams. No real introspection or acknowledgement about how our offense has performed against top defenses and in the playoffs. He even basically said that our passing offense doesn't need to be as complex because we just throw the ball less than other teams, and came to the presser prepared with what he claimed were a bunch of stats that showed we're great at throwing the ball. Beyond
  14. I know a lot of this is just coachspeak and he's not going to get into specifics about his plans for the offseason. But it really rubs me the wrong way and does not give me much hope that he's willing to talk about how Lamar needs to improve but can't admit the same about the coaching staff.
  15. One thing that caught my eye a couple of weeks ago was Joshua Harris - Lamar's personal QB coach - telling The Athletic that the pandemic meant they only only got to do about '10 percent' of the work they did the previous offseason. We already know how big an impact the 2019 offseason had on Lamar in terms of setting him up for his big breakout year, and I think it's also safe to assume that the restrictions of this past offseason played a part in some of the mechanics issues we saw from Lamar throughout the year. Unfortuately COVID isn't exactly behind us yet but hopefully Lamar is able
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