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  1. They really did not need to spike it on 1st down.
  2. Timing of the move suggests they were only going to move off of him if one of their top targets told them they'd take the job. Probably Flores?
  3. Staley is so smart that he's actually the dumbest guy in the room
  4. I'm genuinely curious what the team's prognosis for Stanley is because I kinda get the vibe that he's permanently ruined... but either way I feel like there's just not getting around the fact that rebuilding in the trenches on both sides of the ball is the only logical priority for us this offseason.
  5. Honestly losing because our backup QB didn't see a wide open WR in the end zone is easier to swallow than watching our defense crumble immediately and let Rodgers drive them down in ~30 seconds for the win sooooo... I guess it's not all bad?
  6. Taysom Hill just earned himself another $50 million contract with that throw.
  7. If you're gonna sign a dude to launder your money then you probably shouldn't play him in a primetime game where everyone gets to watch your scam in action tbh
  8. Two things are likely true in this situation: Jon Gruden sucks and is far from a sympathetic figure, and his lawsuit most likely has a lot of merit and he was specifically targeted as a sacrificial lamb. Whether it was a big brain plan around trying to deflect blame away from Snyder or just something petty about him talking crap about Goodell I don't know, but it's just abundantly clear that a league that clearly knows how to cover things up when they want decided to throw Gruden overboard in a deliberate fashion.
  9. I have agreed with DMATB in the past about EDC being canonized a little too early but I really don't see how he'd be the one to put in the crosshairs right now. Hard to blame him for bad depth when we've had like 30 dudes on IR this year. The fact that it took till like the 2nd round of injuries where the replacement of the replacements like Mekari were getting injured that we really started showing significant deterioration is actually a pretty good indicator that EDC built a deep roster. Not to mention he called his shot on that Orlando Brown trade and I absolutely hated it and now Brown's b
  10. Lol they call a Bears penalty presnap just in case.
  11. That ref def locked PIT -5 in early this week.
  12. Any chance you guys make a trade for someone like Melvin Gordon? If the money worked I feel like that would be the move I'd try to make, the Super Bowl window is wide open and while Henry is supposed to be back for the playoffs, there's no guarantees he'll be able to completely hit the ground running, I'd probably want a better contingency plan than Adrian Peterson.
  13. Johnson has been great but this is one of the worst tackling performances I've maybe ever seen from a defense too.
  14. Broncos might be one of the worst teams in the league. What do they do well?
  15. Someone should probably let Baker know that he's not Lamar
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