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  1. Debatable as to whether he's even better than Ingram when he's 3 years removed at this point from even putting up a YPC over 4. And youth isn't really a factor when he has the knees of a 35 year old. Idk, if we bring him in I'd assume it's close to the vet minimum so I'm not too fussed about it unless we pay real money on it and it gets in the way of signing someone like Houston who can actually help this team in a big way. If we were to add another RB it feels like it would make sense for it to be a pass-catching back, since we don't really have any natural receivers in the RB room righ
  2. Ingram was a weekly inactive by the end of the year because Gus and Dobbins are better and Hill plays special teams. Hard to see how it would be any different with Gurley.
  3. Uhhh... thanks but we're good? Go sign a pass rusher first.
  4. Panthers/Seahawks in the 2015 divisional comes to mind. Panthers were up 31-0 at halftime but ended needing to fall on an onside kick with a minute left after Russ had brought it back to 31-24. Also if not for the Cards D/Santonio Holmes, the Cards/Steelers Super Bowl would be remembered for Larry Fitzgerald putting together an all-time great performance and pretty much singlehandedly leading a legendary 4th quarter comeback.
  5. Some additional and useful context. Feels like Justin Houston or Melvin Ingram is very much still a possibility.
  6. The 500k this year is whatever and it sounds like we'd only end up paying him the $8 million in 2022 if we like where he's at health-wise. Don't hate the move, don't love it, but it seems pretty low-risk at least.
  7. Bit of a weird one. From the sounds of it we are basically paying him 500k to rehab with us this year and a team option at $8 million next season to replace Villanueva if we like where he is health-wise.
  8. He was never good for us tbh, though a lot of his mistakes were magnified because of his contract. Him going down in 2019 ended up being a blessing in disguise for us, because our defense massively improved once Chuck Clark came into the starting lineup to replace him. Seems like an A+ teammate though, dude was absolutely adored in the locker room. Rooting for him but I really doubt he has much left in the tank.
  9. Not to get too far into this, but my view on this stuff is that it's really hard to decouple the treatment and evaluation of Lamar as a player and the general dismissiveness of his playing style and running prowess from his identity. I don't think it's the only factor - it's also just as you said that a lot of people got way too caught up in their predraft analysis of him and can't admit defeat - but in some ways those things are linked. The fact is that he's succeeding in the league his way - rather than becoming some pure pocket passer slinging it 40 times a game and not using his legs like
  10. Dunno who I'd compare the Ravens to. Maybe the San Antonio Spurs? They do have 3 more rings than us so it's not a perfect comparison. But both are small-market teams that have been largely been contenders for the past 2 decades thanks to continuity and competence in the FO, early adoptees in their respective sports of incorporating analytics into their decision-making, a couple of Hall of Fame-caliber cornerstones to build around, and a college-program developmental approach and system.
  11. Ravens fans - both on FF and elsewhere - have I think a well-earned reputation of being extremely defensive about Lamar Jackson. Other people find it annoying. But I honestly can't watch clips like this and not get infuriated about the way the media treats Lamar. How many other QB's are going viral being roasted for... a throw during OTA's? And I know, I know... especially right now NFL media are starved for content and Lamar drives clicks... but still, the idea that he's getting 2 minute concern trolling segments and thousands of retweets (and McAfee wasn't the only one to highlight this)....
  12. Anyways the most random Raven who will stick with me forever will always be Clarence Moore. Perhaps the guy who started my decade-long infatuation with the WR position and the Ravens. Got me all hyped during the 2nd half of the 2004 season where he looked like the next Plaxico Burress for a hot second, and then was more or less never heard from again.
  13. Biggest unsung hero of the Mile High Miracle game - pick-six in regulation and then the INT in overtime to set up Tucker's kick.
  14. Carr is the guy who sticks out to me as a player who was genuinely 'ruined' by playing for a bad team because the amount of hits he took just completely changed the way he processed the game. By the time the Texans had built a more solid core around him, he was just a completely damaged player who was checking down at the first opportunity and could no longer play the position effectively. That's a different thing to me than players who maybe just never had a 'fair' shot because they never had X receiver or Y head coach or whatever. Tim Couch I think is a similar story though I didn't watch hi
  15. Makes sense, he certainly had the most punchable face in the draft class.
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