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  1. Lol what a difference a year makes. Last year this time with COVID lockdown just starting I feel like the draft was the only thing I had to look forward to all spring and I probably did more prospect study than I'd done since high school and my first year on this forum getting myself hyped up for Mark Clayton and Dan Cody. Fast forward a year and I'm vaxxed up and barely aware of the draft beyond the fact that everyone's fighting about Justin Fields vs. Mac Jones. Not gonna stop me from dropping some HOT takes about the WR's we pass up because you know I gotta do me. Good reminder I gues
  2. Don't think I'd go as far as to say it's the worst move of the offseason or anything but I think that Trey Hendrickson contract is going to look pretty bad before long.
  3. I think you gotta move Jimmy G now - or rather, they probably needed to move Jimmy G a month ago before everyone's cap space dried up. The game has changed - there's no longer as much of a learning curve for QB's coming out of college that they need to sit for a year or two. I remember when Lamar Jackson was drafted by the Ravens, everyone said, "oh that's a great spot for him because he can just sit behind Flacco for 2 years and learn because he's such a project." And then he started as a rookie and learned on the job while getting us to the playoffs. Even though he wasn't a finished product,
  4. Assuming the price points are all relatively similar, what are people's preferences on the veteran EDGE market between Clowney, Houston, and Ingram?
  5. ^^^ I bring up McKinnie because I think there are a lot of parallels in their overall player profile. Decorated college stars and super hyped high draft picks who underachieved in the league because of a combination of injury and character/work ethic issues. Both eventually find their way to Baltimore as low floor, high-ceiling hired guns at a big position of need on offense for a team desperately trying to get over the championship hump. McPhee is definitely a good recent example of an older vet who we limited snaps for in the regular season in order to keep him fresh for the playoffs b
  6. I think we probably have to view him as a WR version of Bryant McKinnie. Unless he goes against all of his career trends, you basically have to go into this knowing that his body won't hold up for an entire season so we need to handle him in a way that tries to make it so that the ~4-8 games of dialed-in Watkins we gt are the games where we'll need him the most, playoffs included. With that in mind though it means there's a decent chance our WR room is, currently at least, unchanged compared to last year for the bulk of the regular season, and we're still likely in a position where we'll
  7. @DreamKidnot that I have high expectations for Watkins but getting him in the building I think makes it a lot more tenable to go for your crush Elijah Moore in the draft now that we have a tangible alternative/replacement for Boykin on the outside.
  8. Has anything leaked out in regards to who the Jets like between Wilson and Fields? I wonder if the Niners know they're getting one over the other or whether they just really like both of them enough that they don't care what happens at 2.
  9. Dolphins are basically Dwight Schrute at the garage sale. Now they just gotta hope Tua isn't their version of miracle legumes.
  10. People overthink it so much with Lamar. Just because everyone was wrong about him coming out of college we get all of this pretzel logic around how it takes this unique/amazing scheme to get the best out of him. The idea that he's just so lucky to have landed with an organization that has historically under-invested and mis-utilized its offensive pieces for basically its entire franchise history and landed with an OC who had to take an assistant TE coach job with us just to stay in the league after getting run out of multiple OC jobs is honestly kind of hilarious. He's done as much or mo
  11. Have a feeling Watkins will end up back with the Chiefs.
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