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  1. Stanley should pay Bill O'Brien a commission for this... after the Tunsil deal a contract of this size was probably unavoidable. Happy we got it done though. Sounds like this doesn't include any change in his # for this year, right?
  2. I want my Ravens to offer our 1st for him. He's that good and the Panthers coaching staff clearly don't seem to see what they have in him considering they just have him running nothing but clearout routes.
  3. O/U 5 yards for Teddy's depth of target on this 3rd and 17
  4. Kill two birds with one stone between my fantasy team and my real team and offer the Panthers our 1st rounder for DJ Moore. He's that good, as I recall it was EDC who wanted him back in the 18 draft, and the Panthers basically don't use him so why not see if they're tempted
  5. Is there any reason other than that he didn't go to Temple that Matt Rhule is allergic to utilizing DJ Moore
  6. Don't really understand the Rams backfield usage at all. Henderson looks awesome every time he gets the ball but McVay seems committed to rotating drives and making sure his offense never gets in a rhythm.
  7. I think AJ Brown would have stood a better chance at thriving with us compared to Metcalf. Obviously Metcalf's talent is through the roof but he's also benefitted from getting to work within a Russ Wilson-driven offensive system. To the extent Hollywood has bucked the trend on our horrible WR development, it seems to be because he was an incredibly refined prospect before he even got to Baltimore - someone who came from a true passing game factory at Oklahoma and has also had the chance to work out with and get pointers from a Hall of Fame talent in Antonio Brown. There are nuances to his game - in terms of the cuts he makes when he's running his routes, how he chooses to accelerate and decelerate, etc. that on some level you do need taught to you - we don't seem to be very good at teaching that in-house so you sort of need guys to come in who already understand that. Our wide receiver development for the most part still seems pretty weak - Hollywood being farther along developmentally when he got here is a big part of why he has worked out but Boykin is slowly playing himself out of the league. If we have Metcalf in Baltimore, he probably does shake loose for some big plays, particularly last year, but you need to consistently be great on your deep passing like Russ is in order for him as a rook to be more than just a role player, let alone give him the base to then develop further as he's doing now. AJ Brown coming into the league basically already being unstoppable on crossing routes would be true no matter what system he plays in and it's a skillset that's a lot easier for teams to integrate into any team's passing game - and also fits in very well with a QB who excels when he's throwing over the middle of the field. He's the kind of player who would ball out with Lamar even without Roman or David Culley adding anything at all to his game.
  8. Not exactly the kind of receiver who would most help us IMO, but I would guess we're sniffing around on Will Fuller and Brandin Cooks now that the Texans look officially done.
  9. Yeah I mean I think some of this is just expectations. Some of the things that last year we would have all lost our minds over and been played on loop for weeks - like Lamar's TD runs against Washington or Philly, are just sort of treated as pedestrian now. Expectations were probably unfairly high but the reality is that staying the same feels like stagnation to a lot of people. Even if our offense is playing reasonably well, the fact that it hasn't improved since last year has a lot of people feeling disappointed. It makes me a little sad honestly because it seems like we're getting away from appreciating Lamar for what he is. It feels like even among us staunch Lamar defenders everyone has internalized the criticism that nothing really matters other than his development as a pocket passer. The only time people were really excited and complimentary of our offense all year was after Week 1 when he destroyed the Browns through the air. The KC game has now left such a bad taste in everyone's mouth that people have just stopped caring what Lamar does if he's not lighting it up through the air. And FWIW I don't think it's just fans either. The frustration from Lamar and a lot of the guys on offense is palpable - if you just judged their public comments about the team in postgame interviews, etc. you would never in a million years think this team is 5-1. I admire the desire to improve but it seems like it's getting in Lamar's head a little too much that all that matters to him are his passing numbers. He needs to ease up/relax a little more and just let the game come to him a little more. In any case, to the extent we've all been looking for a game that can try and get the bad taste of the KC game out of our mouths, it's this coming week. Couldn't be set up any better really, in terms of reversing the narrative - Steelers are undefeated, with the #1 defense, it's a huge rivalry game - if Lamar actually goes out there and balls out and, then we're going to see the narrative shift right back in his direction. I do worry though that a repeat of the KC game could be extremely damaging for him psychologically. Huge huge game for this group.
  10. So Kingsbury runs the ball every play when he's down 2 scores with 4 minutes left but kicks on 2nd and 12 when the running game is actually working... big brain stuff.
  11. Cardinals should have probably not signed Brandon Bostick as their kicker this week
  12. Lmfao would have been a fitting end if they ran out the clock on themselves.
  13. Kirk made a business decision there.
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