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  1. Is starting Javonte Williams (vs. NYJ) over Chase Edmonds (at JAX) too reckless in 0.5 ppr? Edmonds has the safer floor given he gets targets in the passing game, but it really doesn't seem like even in +++ matchups he's going to get red zone/goalline touches, so I'm wondering whether Javonte who seems to be set to at least get a 50/50 split with Gordon might offer some breakout/TD upside worth gambling on in a + matchup of his own.
  2. Him not getting any sacks last year was such a blessing in disguise from our standpoint. Even like 4 or 5 sacks would have been enough with his measurables for him to go top 15. Insane that we got an impact freak like this at the end of the 1st round.
  3. Greg Roman deserves credit for keeping his cool and sticking with the run even when we were down. Passing game also looked dynamic. Can't wait for Bateman to get healthy. That 3rd down catch by Watkins to give us a makeable 4th down play was huge too.
  4. Sometimes you just gotta hope for a reverse jinx to hit at the right time
  5. Our defense stinks and our QB is electric. Lot of fun football coming this year.
  6. Lamar basically getting the 2020 Deshaun Watson experience. Just once I wish this defense did something when it mattered.
  7. God this is just so frustrating. This defense just always folds when it matters most.
  8. Agreed, pretty messed up that more Ravens fans aren't willing to do the courageous and righteous thing and hold Lamar accountable for... checks notes... half the team ending up on IR by Week 2.
  9. Joe and Troy are so clearly in the tank for Danny Jones and it's just... odd.
  10. I mean it's just sort of over for us already. There comes a point where it stops being 'next man up' and it just becomes a team that is unrecognizable from the reasons you were optimistic in the first place. If Lamar's healthy then him and Harbaugh will keep this team from bottoming out but a brutal schedule combined with injury attrition is gonna be too much for us to be a playoff team this year. It was the Niners last year and it's us this year. Sucks but that's just the way the wind blows sometimes.
  11. Hate to say it but this just isn't our year. There's always some team that has the injury season from hell and we drew the short end of the stick. At this point just hope that Lamar doesn't suffer any sort of serious injury and builds a rapport with Bateman for the long term.
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