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  1. Realistically, he's a HoF caliber player who lacks the profile/name recognition to ever really stand a chance. Can anyone name a memorable Geno Atkins play that's going to be replayed on NFL Films retrospectives? Or a memorable Bengals defense season? People talking about Sapp but the reality is Sapp was a star before he even entered the NFL because of his association with those great Miami Hurricane teams, then anchored some all-time great Bucs defenses and helped win them a title. He was a household name as a defensive lineman which isn't an easy thing to do. Cortez Kennedy is probably the most hopeful precedent for Atkins' candidacy, but Kennedy was recognized enough in his own time to win DPOY on a 2-14 team. I can't think of a time in Atkins' career where he was ever really talked about in that way. Atkins' entire prime was basically overshadowed first by JJ Watt's dominance and then by Aaron Donald's. He's got a career that unfortunately everyone outside of Cincinnati is going to forget about the second he retires.
  2. Possible camp body, don't think this takes us out of the running for Walker.
  3. This seems like a case study in just attributing literally any outcome to 'Bill Belichek being a genius.' The narrative has shifted several times this offseason just based on how the Pats were looking at a given moment. Pre-Brady leaving - "haha you really think Brady would leave the GOAT coach for TAMPA BAY?!? The Pats seem pretty relaxed about this, clearly Brady's gonna come back and they're gonna get AB and they're gonna make the media look like fools. Bill's done it again!" Brady leaves, we get the the 'talking themselves into Stidham' period: "They found Brady in the 6th round. Belicheck is gonna do it again with Stidham. Watch him reload without ever needing to dip into the QB market." Early summer, after the Pats stay away from making any big moves, the 'tank for Trevor' narrative picks up: "Belichek's done it again! This team is so bad and they're gonna get Trevor Lawrence you idiots! Bill's done it again!" Pats sign Cam Newton. "Holy crap the entire league really slept on an ex-MVP QB! The Pats just reloaded without really even trying, Cam + that defense + Belichek is a playoff team. Bill's done it again!" A bunch of Pats vets opt out. "OMG Bill must be pulling the strings here. Cam sucks now and the Pats are terrible. They're gonna get Trevor Lawrence... Bill's done it again!!!!" We're dealing with an insane and unpredictable pandemic, I don't think anyone including Belichek could tell you how this season is gonna go, if the season happens at all. Guys who have already won rings and made money opting out feels like the least surprising place to start in terms of opt-outs. Don't think there's any sort of master plan going on here.
  4. Granted you've followed this closer than me but IMO the EPL did just want to wave it through and made basically a token appeal out of the BeIn/TV rights issue for the sake of optics, expecting the Saudis to come to the table on that. But MBS being the detestable egomaniac he is wasn't willing to even make a mostly symbolic gesture, it's all about exerting complete control. Really looks to me more like the Saudis got in their own ways on this, and I struggle to shed a tear over the spoiled brats of the global stage throwing a fit because they didn't get everything they wanted. Anyways, the real reason I came back in here was just to laugh at the fact that the worst Arsenal team in decades just won another trophy. Love Mikel and Auba so much. By far the greatest team the world has ever seen.
  5. Lol embarrassing stuff right here. I suppose people falling hook, line, and sinker for their BS proves why they were right to try and buy an EPL club and do this sort of reputation laundering in the first place. Such a shame MBS and co. turned out to be too thick to even do the bare minimum to get it through, what a tragedy.
  6. Feel like Demetrius Williams could have really been something if not for injuries. He came on really strong at the end of his rookie year IIRC.
  7. Only have one question for you then, the people have to know: what the hell were you on during that press conference
  8. Alright seriously is this an Adam Gase burner account
  9. Might have missed it but surprised there hasn't been any talk about Lamar being #1 on the NFL 100. After the way he ended the year I feel like it should have gone to Mahomes, but it's not like there wasn't a case for Lamar considering he was the unanimous MVP. Either way, cool little accolade among many for him to pick up. Really enjoyed the video they put together, just the way guys around the league talk about him is cool to see.
  10. AFC North QB: Ravens - We have the MVP RB: Browns - Chubb and Hunt, nuff said FB: Ravens - I guess? Pat Ricard is good, I have no idea whether Derek Watt is. WR: Bengals - better depth than Browns TE: Ravens - close with the Browns but Andrews/Boyle more naturally compliment each other than Hooper/Njoku and I think Andrews is the best TE in the division. OL: Ravens - losing Yanda hurts but this was an elite unit last year Defense DL: Steelers.- Great depth and some standouts in Tuitt and Heyward who open things up for the rest of the defense. EDGE: Steelers - Watt vs. Garrett is a toss-up but Dupree is the best complimentary edge rusher in the division which puts PIT over the top. ILB: Steelers - Pretty average group all around but Bush is probably the most established player here. CB: Ravens - Both in terms of blue chip talent and depth, Humphrey/Peters/Young/Smith is arguably the best CB group in the league let alone the division. S: Steelers - Minkah's the best overall safety in the division, Ravens come close with Earl/Clark given Clark is better than Edmunds, but I'll give the edge to PIT with how much of a gamechanger Minkah was for them. K: Ravens - Tucker the GOAT. P: Literally no clue KR: Bengals I think? Also not really sure. Coaching: Ravens Crabcakes: Ravens
  11. It's just horrible. Having 4 different cancer fights as a 14 year old... life just isn't fair in the slightest. Kid had a smile and a laugh that could light up M&T Bank Stadium all on his own. Rest in Power Mo.
  12. Glad we didn't pay that price for Adams.
  13. Rings, basically. Whether that's fair or not that's a big time criteria when really thinking about these players' legacies. For example we all know Eli Manning has been a worse QB throughout his career than Rivers or Ryan, but he's a Hall of Fame lock based mostly on two incredible championship runs. Ben won two titles and has an iconic last-minute game-winning drive in one of those Super Bowls. Matt Ryan's Super Bowl legacy is obviously not as positive. Roethlisberger has everything you need in a Hall of Fame resume - excellent and consistent regular season stats/success, as well as an impressive playoff resume and championship rings. Ryan has one but not the other. That's why I still lump Ryan more with Rivers than I would with Ben. It's a separate conversation with what it takes to make the Hall when you don't have the rings/playoff success to elevate your candidacy. Rivers will come up in the Hall of Fame debate sooner than Ryan will most likely, so it'll also just be a useful sign-post for whether Ryan has a shot. if Rivers gets inducted, then Ryan probably deserves a spot in Canton as well. If Rivers doesn't, then there's not much of a leg to stand on to argue Ryan needs to be in there.
  14. If he played at the same time as Marino and Favre did, his passing stats never would have been good as they were to begin with. If you're going to admit that he's playing in the best and most advantageous passing era football has ever seen, then you can't just go retcon his volume stats to make him better than Elway or Marino. Realistically in terms of his contemporaries his career stats seem to line up more with Phillip Rivers than than anyone else. I think Ryan has had a better career than Rivers.- based mostly just on his 2016 MVP/NFC title season - but he's very much in that 2nd tier behind the legends. Which is a very good place to be for any QB! But putting him in the same convo as Brady/Marino/Montana/etc. is a joke. Aha, another fun part of these conversations comes to a head. It's unfair to talk about a guy's supporting cast when it might diminish his accomplishments. But when it comes time to explain why he didn't achieve more? Well that just comes down to his supporting cast, obviously.
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