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  1. Idk if it's surprising that a Jets FO that has signed 87 ex-Ravens to build credibility with their own fanbase is hyping their own draft pick up by leaking that he was a guy the Ravens desperately wanted.
  2. He's just providing information - possibly relevant information for players thinking about signing with the Packers. If Rodgers genuinely believed there was a good chance he wouldn't be there for much longer, don't other players have a right to know? If playing with Aaron Rodgers is a factor in me wanting to sign with the Packers, then I'd probably want to know if he's not going to be there. And if it's not a factor, then why would I care what he says?
  3. Why is it sabotaging the team to tell interested parties that he doesn't think he'll be with them for much longer?
  4. Because it worked out under dramatically different conditions 15 years ago (particularly as it relates to the value of playing QB's on cost-controlled rookie contracts), they should just go ahead and try it again now? You can only catch lightning in a bottle so many times. If they believe Jordan Love is a future Hall of Famer, then I guess it'll all be okay in the end. But if that's the case, then why not rip off the band-aid and commit to him? The problem with the Packers' plan is that it actually wasn't a plan at all. They didn't commit to Rodgers and they didn't commit to Love either and no
  5. Pretending that expecting Aaron Rodgers to be good is just 'hindsight' speaking is a weird way to frame this. If the Packers were/are actually committed to Rodgers for another 3 years and essentially the entirety of Love's rookie contract, how does that pick then actually make any sense whatsoever?
  6. Yes, that's the spin. But they were clearly wrong about that, as 2020 showed. And even Rodgers' 'not-MVP' level put him comfortably in the elite category of QB's in the league leading a team that made it to the NFC title game, but the Packers FO chose to read the tea leaves in a way that made them trigger happy for transition planning - which to me looks more like the mark of a young/new GM wanting to blaze his own trail rather than something that had the makings of a fully fleshed out plan. Unless we're to believe that irreparably destroying the relationship between the HoF QB and organizatio
  7. Kinda funny to think about the Jordan Love pick as a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was a complete waste of a pick given they had an MVP-caliber QB on their roster already. The Packers had no need at QB, until they picked Jordan Love, which destabilized the organization to such an extent that they might now need Jordan Love. He is the solution to the problem he inadvertently caused, which either justifies the pick or makes it an all-time awful draft pick, depending on your perspective. Gotta feel for the kid tbh, this is almost certainly not how he envisioned his transition into the league
  8. Looks like Proche is a goner, barring training camp injuries. Hollywood, Watkins, Duvernay, Bateman, and Wallace are all locks to make the roster, and Wallace basically looks like a more dynamic version of Proche anyways. If we carry 6 WR's then I'd have to imagine Boykin gets the last spot just based on his blocking ability alone.
  9. FWIW I'm pretty sure EDC's comments about him being able to play safety came in response to a reporter asking him directly if he thought Stephens could play safety, rather than him saying definitively that they picked him to play safety. So they could very well keep him at corner. The versatility/length makes me think that they're hoping to bring him along enough to serve as the immediate replacement for Jimmy Smith after this season.
  10. This whole situation is just so bizarre. Rodgers definitely seems to be over-sensitive... but at the same time you get the sense that after getting an uninterrupted 3 decades of Favre + Rodgers, the Packers FO and their fans are starting to believe HoF QB's really do just grow on trees and they're treating him as just a minor annoyance rather than grappling with how much harder it's gonna be once he's gone. Feels like there's an element of stubborness on both sides here - on the side of Rodgers it's pretty obvious but from the Packers FO they almost seem afraid to admit that there are certain
  11. Kinda interesting interview that Villanueva did right before the draft with a Spanish-language station that someone on Reddit translated - dude certainly seems excited to play in our offense: "It has been a interesting process, its the first time I have a interview with a team (because when he came to the league he went to the practice squad with Steelers, there was no interview), I had a 15-20 min interview and learn about the philoshopy of the club, I visited the facilities, I talked to the coaches, first to the HC, I liked a lot Harbaugh, he knows what he talks, he's very similar to T
  12. I think you're right about Cleveland - the coaching staff probably thinks Cleveland can win that starting but at least for Week 1 I think there's just as likely a possibility that Mekari or Powers has the job coming out of training camp unless Cleveland really hits the ground running . But it does look/sound pretty set in stone that they're going to be moving Bozeman to center. Worth remembering that he was a center in college, so it's not as dramatic a transition as it might look otherwise. But if they weren't confident in him moving to C then I think we would have seen either a signing or dr
  13. Guessing he meant Cleveland at LG, not LT. I'm sort of out of my element a little bit when it comes to some of the intricacies of OLine play but does this projected lineup suggest we're going to see some tweaks in the running scheme? Cleveland and Villanueva both seem to be more of 'strength' vs. 'mobility' linemen. I'm unsure of what Zeitler's exact skillset is. Bozeman was our primary pulling linemen last year too so maybe it's just a matter of building the scheme around having the center on the move. But the complexity in Roman's running game seems largely to come down to moving block
  14. For that pricetag it looks like they were choosing between Villanueva and Houston rather than necessarily being able to fit both in. Sort of seems like an odd fit compared to Dennis Kelly given his apparent strength is pass protection and he struggles in run blocking. Maybe not a bad thing though - you could argue Roman's scheme will make him better in the run game regardless and that his individual qualities in pass pro are more important.
  15. If only we could combine Jaylon Ferguson's college production with Oweh's measurables we'd have the GOAT EDGE prospect on our hands...
  16. I feel like Hollywood's gonna EAT if Watkins can stay healthy-ish enough to stay on the field and Hollywood can get more looks out of the slot.
  17. I know there were some concerns around him weighing in on the light side during the draft process, seems like this may help explain that.
  18. Wonder if they're counting on Landon Dickerson to have a Biadasz-type fall.
  19. Wonder if Justin Houston is still in play after that pick. Oweh being so raw it's kinda hard to imagine him playing a significant role in his rookie year.
  20. Probably means we're looking at Alejandro Villanueva as our starting right tackle... not sure how I feel about that one. OTOH this dude looks like a freak if developed correctly.
  21. I'm guessing Jenkins, Moehrig, or a trade down.
  22. Yesssss love this Sorry for being a brat lately fam 😒
  23. How is Rodgers supposed to be traded to the Broncos when he was already traded to Washington last month
  24. About as meh a deal as you could come up with. At the very least though it does make clear that Elway is fully removed from FO decisions now.
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