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  1. I'm tired of seeing Mitchell's knee on the injury report. I know he keeps playing through what ever he's got going on, but I'm looking forward to him getting rest over the offseason and coming back 100% next year. I don't think we're seeing the most explosive version of himself yet.
  2. I didn't know about this either, wow. That would've been something LOL. I get it from Singletary's perspective, though. He's a man of deep faith and conviction and he most likely would've hated himself everyday for agreeing to that trade. Probably would've caused a pretty big riff with Big Ben, too.
  3. The slot fade will still get Williams at least once this weekend, but having Williams and Azeez will be a nice addition to the defense.
  4. Yeah definitely. The Rams are more vertical and shotgun heavy. They have a QB they're comfortable with pushing the ball downfield. It's definitely opened things up for them on offense.
  5. This is pretty great. I didn't realize they veered so far a part in recent years with their philosophies. I always enjoy learning more about the hows and the whys of Shanny's offense.
  6. It's a lot of stuff that would get flagged on here but he was a leader in a hazing ring at PSU that involved putting certain areas of your body on younger teammates forcefully to show you "own" them. He's a bully. He bullied people at PSU and apparently was the same way in high school. Bad character guy. Switching gears to Slater - I was a fan of him the moment I learned about him during the draft season. Now, I'm very happy with Lance. I wouldn't do that over. And, I don't think Slater was realistic because the team seems to really like McG. In hindsight, Slater at RT right would be big
  7. I have very mixed feelings on Harbaugh. I absolutely worshiped him in 2011 and 2012. He brought the 49ers back from the void in force. He built one heck of a coaching staff and took a talented team to heights not seen since the 90's. With all of that said, he's pretty overrated as a coach. He was billed as a "QB Whisperer" and could not develop Kaep. He alienated just about everyone and split the team in half - either you were with him or against by the time 2014 rolled around. He couldn't win the biggest games and that still holds true today for him. Harbaugh is a great builder. H
  8. I was absolutely not a Parsons fan. I live near where he grew up and in the heart of Penn State world and there were some really, really troubling things about Parsons' makeup and character. I'm the kind of guy that no matter how talented you are, if you're a crap human being, I don't want you on my team.
  9. It's cool, I would be too. That game was setup for the Packers to win and they didn't. I'd be bitter as hell for a week or two.
  10. Well, that hasn't worked out for the Packers yet, but a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, so maybe!
  11. Every post is just digging yourself a little deeper each time lol. Give it up, man. We get it that you're upset with The Packers right now, but the 49ers earned their victory. What is done is done my man.
  12. Thinking out loud here, but our Week 18 matchup against the Rams had some pretty big ramifications around the league: By beating the Rams and sneaking into the playoffs we: Closed the door on the Saints' playoff hopes, which ended the Sean Payton era Beat the Cowboys at home in an embarrassing fashion, which caused people around the sport to view the Cowboys as a joke, Dak a choke artist, cemented McCarthy as a has-been, and most likely prevented Moore from getting a HC gig Beat the Packers and could possibly bring an end to the Packers dynasty as we know it
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