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  1. Ben Garland is a UDFA in 2020 making $800,000. This is his opportunity to turn that into a multi-year deal with the Niners by showing he can hold down the center position. If he can't, then Center/Guard becomes a priority in the draft as this is the second straight season Richburg has dealt with significant injuries.
  2. So, have him play through it on less rest or try the two-week break again and see where he is? I think I'd go the 2-week break route. It's one of these two, shut him down for 3 weeks, or put him on IR.
  3. Every time Ford plays, he leaves the game with a hamstring injury. Sit him for two weeks and let him heal more than he normally would, then let him play week 17. Assuming this isn't a serious injury.
  4. I'd rest Sherman and Ford until week 17. We need both of them for the Seahawks game. Rest for 2 weeks, beat the Seahawks, then rest another week.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    I honestly have no clue who I'd like the Niners to go after, but each week I'm leaning more toward trading out of the 1st and getting some picks back. I really want to see us resign Sanders, sign another vet WR, and maybe trade Pettis. Our window is now and we don't have time for Pettis to decide if he wants to be the man or not. We need some size and experience on the outside.
  6. This is a sneaky-good Falcons team and I don't expect them to roll over. I do think we win this one, but they're better than their record.
  7. Thoughts from the Game Jimmy G looked elite and is continuing to put together a Pro Bowl-type season. His passes were on point and he lead a great game-winning drive. George Kittle shows on a weekly basis that he is the catalyst of the offense and the lifeblood of the team. I'm constantly in awe of him. Kendrick Bourne deserves a ton of praise. Not just for his performance yesterday, but really for the entire season. Yes, the Seahawks game was bad, but outside of that game, he's been extremely reliable. This season, 25 of his 27 catches have either resulted in a 1st down or a TD. This just moves the chains or hauls in TDs. Raheem Mostert is now 2nd in the NFL in YPC at 6.0. He's only behind Lamar Jackson, which makes him #1 among all RBs this season. Mostert is continuing to come up with chunk plays each week and is pushing Coleman further down the depth chart. I thought Ben Garland filled in pretty well and I'm interested to see what he can do for the rest of the season. If he plays well, that takes C/G off of the needs list for the draft or at least pushes it down the list. Manny Sanders is exactly what this team needed. Several weeks ago when I was a guest on Y2 and Forge's podcast (If you haven't listened to the pod yet, shame on you, here's the latest episode), I said that Sanders wasn't needed because he's pretty similar to Samuel. I was flat out wrong, we needed him and I'm so happy he's on the 49ers. This dude is a leader on the offense and makes big plays almost weekly. I also feel like Samuel's play has improved after Sanders came on board. Shanahan called a masterful game, with the exception of one notable play. While the 49ers were trying to burn clock toward the end of the game, he called a bone-headed play-action pass rather than a run play on 2 & 5. Instead of a very manageable 3rd down, it turned into a 3rd and long, which allowed Brees to have the ball back with 2:30 left on the clock. That one play made it much harder to win the than it needed to be. Gould has given me a little more reason to start to trust him again. I feel like he's getting past his early season demons and is becoming more consistent. We absolutely NEED him if the 49ers want to make it to the Super Bowl. The defense was trash. But playing in the dome, against Brees, against Peyton, and down a few key guys, doesn't make me think this defense isn't one of the best in the NFL. It absolutely still is and things will still be fine. Props to Juscyzk for taking two nasty hits on two key plays. Without them, the 49ers might've lost this game. He's been worth every cent of his contract this season. Bosa didn't get home often, but he was still making impact plays. He made Armstead look like a practice squad guy. Even when he's not getting to the QB, he's still disrupting plays. This is a sign of a truly elite EDGE rusher.
  8. He was playing well prior to it, too. Bourne doesn’t get a lot of love, but man he’s been very reliable all year, sans a few plays during the Seahawks game.
  9. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    If Alex Smith didn't get hurt and infected. Would he lead the Redskins to contention for the NFC East title this year? Clearly, no one is trying to win the damn thing.
  10. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    The fact that you posted this in the middle of the night makes this conspiracy theory even better.
  11. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I'd hire him before McCarthy and before Jason Garrett. Rivera should be in demand, whether it'd be in the NFL or college. I do believe he will be in the NFL next year, though.
  12. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    I feel the same. I don't think he was trying to be hurtful, but at the same time, you can't say something like that. It's never going to end well. Just keep that thought in your mind and move on to another talking point.
  13. The Carolina game is not in Seattle, but you're still right. They're not what they were when we faced them. Usually, when a new coach takes over, the team will win a game or two right off the bat in response to the change, but it's hard to say that they will beat Seattle. It would be great to see that happen, though.
  14. What I laid out was one possible scenario. If we win out, we're the #1 seed. It's doable, but not easy. 14-2 is hard to achieve. 2016 was the last time there has been a 14-2 team. Only 5 teams in the past 10 years have gone 14-2. Seattle has been very lucky all year. They should have at least two additional losses under their belt. Their style of play is hard to sustain and will hopefully catch up with them. It would be great to see the Rams actually play well for once this year and beat the Seahawks.