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  1. Fixed. Thanks for catching that.
  2. 1.2 - Nick Bosa EDGE, Ohio State: This pick is obvious. We need elite talent rushing the passer from the edge. We get the best in the draft. 2.36 - Deebo Samuel WR, South Carolina: I really considered A.J. Brown, I love A.J. Brown. But, I love Deebo too, and I think Deebo is going to have the better career of the two. I LOVE Deebo's fit in this offense. 3.67 - Justin Layne CB, Michigan State: This was a toss-up between Layne and Dawson Knox. To me, Layne is just too good of a corner to pass up. He's long, athletic, and a playmaker. I wanted to target a corner early in this draft because I fear major injuries or development letdowns can easily happen to just about every corner on our roster. 4.110 - Foster Moreau TE, LSU: I really, really like Moreau. He's a capable pass catcher and a very good run blocker. He's a perfect #2 TE and I believe he could step in and see playing time right away. 5.148 - Dre Greenlaw OLB, Arkansas: I struggled with this one. I didn't love the value left on the board and I'm unsure about the other LB's available. I chose to keep this pick for a few reasons - 1. Greenlaw is the kind of person you want on your team, 2. His play style is the future of the NFL, as in, he's a lighter LB who can run and cover, 3. He's an exceptional special teams guy and will provide immediate value. 6.176 - Saquan Hampton S, Rutgers: Since I took a better TE earlier in the draft, I'm now turning my attention to a potential steal here in Hampton. He's not super athletic, but he's instinctive and smart. I've liked him for a while now. 6.183 - Justin Skule OT, Vanderbilt: I'm pretty confident that Skule would still be here at this pick. I like Skule over some of the remaining tackles, mainly for his pass protection abilities. He's not super athletic, but he's very smart and technically sound. 6.198 - Kelvin Harmon WR, N.C. State: I've been on the Harmon bandwagon since day 1. I love that I can get him here in the 6th.
  3. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Tape it to his big, shiny forehead..
  4. Minor Niner News Thread

    I listened to that episode and he says his info was "taken out of context." He goes on to talk about how people seem to misunderstand him as people think he's purposely hating on Lynch to get his job. Miller said on his show that he doesn't hate the person, but he also doesn't think Lynch is very good at his job. During his draft coverage, he made a few comments about Lynch's ability to do his job, which could've been taken as a personal shot at him. I've been listening to Stick to Football for over a year now, so my two cents on this matter - Miller had a weak source and ran with the info. It blew up in his face and now he's walking it all back and diverting the attention on the bad info to people claiming he has a "feud" with Lynch. He's never mentioned people saying he hates Lynch or the bogus rumor that he was in play for the Niners' GM role, which kind of makes me think he made that up to shift focus away from his bad source/info.
  5. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Yup, the consensus is that he drops easy catches and makes eye-popping catches. It's like a shortstop in baseball, most will make a Derek Jeter-like diving play but will airmail a routine throw. Most of it is just concentration and trusting your abilities. Hurd just needs time to develop and allow the game to slow down for him.
  6. With a brilliant d coordinator, absolutely this is true. But with our coordinator? We need elite talent to negate the deficiencies of our poor defensive scheming. With the offense, the opposite is true. Shannahan has made lesser weapons look really legit in his offense. And we all know that a true franchise QB can make average players look elite (Payton Manning). Not saying Jimmy G is at that level, but when he's on the field, this offense can really be deadly. If the argument is Bosa or OBJ, and given the context of this team, it's Bosa 10000% for me. This offense doesn't need OBJ to be great, but this defense really needs Bosa for it to be great. Rather than getting OBJ and an average to below-average pass rusher in the draft, we got an elite pass rusher and legit receiving target without giving out another 100 mil contract. Bosa will elevate our defense more than what OBJ could do on our offense.
  7. Sure it helps. But guys like OBJ, Julio, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald aren't common in the NFL and hoping to land one of these guys in the draft isn't a good strategy. To me, having a balanced offense and a coach that knows how to exploit defenses is a better option than going out and getting a #1 WR and hoping he fixes everything.
  8. Injuries are what could stop this offense, not opposing defenses. People look at the roster and say there's no "bell cow RB" or "#1 WR" but those roles are a thing of the past and have no use in this offense. This offense is all about each piece working together to get specific guys open at specific spots on the field. It's a systematic deconstruction of defenses and will be a thing of beauty to watch. Bosa said that opposing offenses can't double team everyone on the d-line, so some guys are going to get advantageous 1-on-1 situations. The same can be said about this offense. Opposing defenses can't defend every inch of the field, but you can sure as hell bet that Shannahan is going to expose those weaknesses with one of his many versatile pieces.
  9. I think Hurd was drafted to be a big slot and a manufactured-touch guy (screens, jet sweeps, quick slants, etc.) The more I watch him, the more excited I get. This dude has legit size and is extremely quick and agile. He's a rare athlete for his size and with more route training, he could be a deadly weapon. I thought he was drafted a round too early. But if he proves that he can be effective in the slot and in the backfield, he could be real fun to watch.
  10. Minor Niner News Thread

    I'm sure both sides are probably fine with this. Obviously, Garnett would love to have that money, but he gets to find a better fit for himself one year earlier. He needs to be a power scheme plain and simple.
  11. Minor Niner News Thread

    I also thought about that. I didn't like the idea of only carrying 8 O-linemen, but I also didn't like the idea of cutting Bourne or Richie James. IMO, the WR roster battle is between those 2.
  12. Minor Niner News Thread

    I wanted him to stick around, but I needed to make some cuts. Some of the cuts were hard to make.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Not sure where I should put this, but I wanted to take a shot at an early 53-man depth chart prediction. Offense: 25 QB: Garoppolo | Mullens RB: McKinnon | T. Coleman | Breida | Mostert FB: Juszczyk Outside WR: Pettis | Samuel | Goodwin | Bourne Slot WR: T. Taylor | James | Hurd TE: Kittle | Celek | Smith Tackle: Staley | McGlinchey | S. Coleman Guard: Tomlinson | Person | Garland Center: Richburg | Magnuson Defense: 25 DE: Ford | Bosa | Armstead | Blair | Street DT: Buckner | Thomas | Jones | J. Taylor OLB: Warner | Nzeocha | Greenlaw ILB: Alexander | Lee | Mayo Outside CB: Sherman | Verrett | Witherspoon | Moore Slot CB: Williams | Reed FS: Ward | Colbert SS: Tartt | M. Harris Special Teams: 3 K: Gould P: Wishnowsky LS: Holba/Nelson Practice Squad Speight QB Wilson RB Dunbar WR Dwelley TE Skule OL D. Moore EDGE Harris CB Mosely CB Williams S Notable Transactions Trade Beathard for 2020 5th round pick Trade Sheldon Day for 2020 5th round pick Cut Garnett Cut J. Matthews
  14. UDFAs?

    Nick Mullens. I kid, I kid....sort of.....
  15. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I love it. I love that we have no idea what's going to happen tonight. This is way more enjoyable than knowing that the #1 pick already has a deal in place and who is being taken #2 before the draft even starts. This is awesome and makes me so excited for tonight.