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  1. Luckily, there are a ton of guys still available at all cost levels that could for us. The DE market is uncharacteristically saturated this time of the year. I’d love to see someone like Ingram or Vernon sign, but you know it’s going to be some obscure guy who floated between PS and 53 roster for like 3 years and has like 1 career sack.
  2. I think we end up carrying 5 safeties: - Ward: starting deep, ranging safety - Tartt: starting safety, box, mid-zone guy - Hufanga: special teams guy, box/LoS prowler. More zone than man. - Tavon Wilson: special teams guy, back up to ward and some to Tartt. I think the last spot will be between Jefferson and Harris. Jefferson has the leg up, IMO, as he can do what Harris can do but also can be a better Tartt replacement than Harris. I think Jefferson gets the spot and Harris will be a PS guy unless someone else scoops him up. I think Mayden ends up on the PS too
  3. We signed 15 strong safeties thinking Moore was going to be fine by himself behind Ward
  4. I’m pretty sure Hufanga and Harris are going to be playing close to the LoS in a money backer role. Both of them get worse the further away from the LoS they get.
  5. I'm fine with it. I'm happy he didn't go to the Seahawks and he's in the AFC now. Win/Win
  6. I remember reading this about a month ago, but Jefferson and our new senior defensive assistant, James Bettcher are close and Jefferson is like the embodiment of what he wants his box safeties to do. This honestly could more of an instructive training camp gig for Jefferson. I could be completely wrong on his role, but I know there is a connection and mutual admiration between Jefferson and Bettcher.
  7. You are correct. Lance’s deep ball was poop. He has all the arm strength you could ask for, but his deep ball accuracy was the worst aspect of his game.
  8. Not that this applies to Moses, but there could be some tempting June 1 cuts coming up. We know Richburg is coming off the books then, so we should have a few more bucks to play around with. I know Ertz is one that could be cut. Also, we may be waiting for Richburg to come off the books completely before we pull the trigger on Sherman or someone else at corner.
  9. I did a season prediction using Playoff Predictor for fun today, and this is how it turned out: Here were my assumptions going into the season: The Packers don't trade Rodgers, but there's bad blood and lack of focus on the team Washington gets league-average QB play from it's group Mike McCarthy is bad at coaching I don't believe in Jalen Hurts The Titans lost too much offensive fire power and leadership I think the Rams are overrated and thin Enjoy: https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/CustomLeague/SchedulePicker/D4CA92D4-BA81-4A0F-A1AD-F
  10. It's not really apples to apples. Sanu was traded in-season during the deadline, which always inflates the price. The Pats definitely overpaid for Sanu, but desperation is hard to overcome at the deadline. Julio, now 32, coming off of a hamstring injury and having a pretty sizeable contract could affect his price. He's not going to command a huge package because of all of this, IMO.
  11. This why getting so worked up about value during the draft is exhausting and a waste of time. It's so subjective and inexact. I fall into the trap every year during the run up to the draft and during draft day and just can't help myself. The media thought Lance was good but not great. Well, turns out the people in the NFL absolutely love this guy on the field and off. the opposite seems to be true about Fields. Time will tell how this all shakes out.
  12. Well, not the guy I was hoping for. It seems he's finally healthy, though so we'll see if he can crack the roster. I haven't see the corresponding move yet, since we're at max with the roster.
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