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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    The Beathard trade could end up netting us some future draft capital soon. Think about it, K.S. is building quite the reputation of developing QBs, so it's not unreasonable to think in a year or two, Beathard could be a guy that the Niners trade for a draft pick. He may not net a 1st or 2nd round pick, but he showed that he was capable of learning a complex offense on the fly and being serviceable enough as a rookie (from a run-first offense in college) to start NFL games and not completely fudge it up. He gained valuable starting QB reps as a rookie and now gets to continue to learn the offense and develop his skills for another year or two before potentially being an asset to trade to a QB-hungry team. The Patriots and Packers have been doing it for years with lesser QBs. I'm not saying that Beathard could develop into a top-tier QB, but he could turn into a mid-tier starter or high-quality backup. Also, the '17 draft class reminds me a lot of the '11 draft class, where we saw quite a few starters and top contributors come from that class. The '17 class kickstarted the Harbaugh era and carried it on through some bad draft classes. The '17 draft is shaping up to be a similar table-setting class, but I feel a big difference this time around is that the '18 class already looks better than the '12 draft class, at least on paper. If we hit on the '18 class, it could help to sustain a winning culture longer than the Harbaugh era sustained.
  2. Who makes the team? Who doesn't?

    Yeah, I would agree with that. He really hasn't done much, but there seems to be a lot pass rushing potential there. I've read during the draft season that the coaching staff thinks he could provide a boost to the outside pass rushing. There isn't much evidence to support that, but his role and position are getting more insignificant as each year passes. Maybe Attaochu or Pita T takes snaps away from him.
  3. Who makes the team? Who doesn't?

    I agree. I see our depth chart playing out like this: Nickle MIKE: Warner / Toomer WILL: Foster / Smith Base MIKE: Warner / Toomer WILL: Foster / Smith SAM: Harold / Pita T This leaves Coyle, Lee, Nzoacha, and Watson battling for one, maybe two spots on the roster.
  4. Who makes the team? Who doesn't?

    I'm really interested to see the competition between Coyle and Toomer play out. I'm personally leaning toward Toomer right now because of ability, but I know the team seems to love Coyle.
  5. Who makes the team? Who doesn't?

    I'm not really interested in McFadden, but I am interested in seeing how C.J. Goodwin, Tyvis Powell, and Greg Mabin progress this summer. All three are huge, athletic DBs with not a lot of experience. Lots to like about their physical talent.
  6. Around the NFL

    I tend to agree with you on supplemental draft players, but Beal's story is unique. He's not the typical "troublemaker looking to bolt college at a bad time." Apparently, he was thinking of declaring for the draft this year but didn't, then got his credits screwed up with his courses because of that and wasn't sure if he was going to be eligible to play this year. It's still a mistake on his part for not making sure his classes were in order, but comparatively speaking, he's pretty clean.
  7. Around the NFL

    Does anyone think the 49ers should submit a bid in today's supplemental draft? I'm really intrigued by Sam Beal and wouldn't mind the Niners offering a 3rd for him. He seems like an excellent fit for the niners' defense and would pair nicely with Witherspoon and Moore for a freaky long and athletic CB group.
  8. OTAs

    It feels like they're trying to bide their time until Armstead is gone. Thomas is built to rush the passer from the interior, not EDGE. He should be the Big End on base downs in the 4-3, then kick inside to rush the passer in nickel beside Buckner. Currently, Armstead is playing that exact role. Not to mention, we don't have many options at EDGE so plugging Thomas there until he can play a more natural position seems to be the plan at the moment.
  9. State of the Franchise

    But not this season, correct? I think I read somewhere that teams can only have one alternate jersey option per year and that these throwbacks are replacing the black jerseys.
  10. Minor Niner News Thread

    I agree. Manny may not have been the sack specialist that people thought, but he turned into a pretty good outside linebacker with surprising coverage skills. If he would be in his prime right now, he would be an extremely valuable linebacker. Guys like K.J. Wright and Dion Jones are making quite a name for themselves as a coverage linebacker at WILL. Imagine having a guy who could play WILL and cover well at 6'5 rather than 6'0. Plus, he was super fun to play with in Madden because of his 90 speed
  11. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    I tend to side more on finding guys who fit what you do, rather than taking guys who are "too good to pass up" that could be more like a square peg in a round hole. With that said, I still think the appropriate value is important. You don't want to take a guy in the 1st who is valued as a 3rd rounder. But with Pettis, he has said that teams have placed his value at the bottom of the second or top of the 3rd. Ultimately, he went middle of the second. So we're not talking about an astronomical jump to take him.
  12. OTAs

    He still looks fairly skinny to me. I think the take away here is the line about Colbert trimming fat. He doesn't look like he bulked up much, he's probably a little leaner than he was last year, which if anything, should help increase speed and quickness.
  13. 49ers Select Dante Pettis, WR, Washington#44 Overall

    My issue with things like this is how do you know Chark would work in this offense? From what I heard about Chark is that he's straight-lined fast and a vertical threat first and foremost. What if Shanahan doesn't value that kind of receiver since we kind of already have that in Goodwin. We know that Shanahan wants guys who are an above average athlete, can catch, can separate with technique or quickness, is a great route runner, and knows how to run more than basic routes. Some of the guys we all liked more than Pettis don't fit that profile, so why would we think they would be a good fit for Shanahan's offense? I think people get caught up in tall receivers, jump balls, straight-line speed and forget to think about those players in the context of what is considered to be the proto-typical WR for this offense. Pettis has been praised, by multiple analysts, for his advanced feel for route running, his above average athletic ability, his ability to catch the ball consistently, his separation skills both with explosion and technique, and he can play all three WR positions. He's a natural fit for what Shanahan wants in a WR. I'm not sure why that doesn't excite people. It's always a topic of conversation that when a coach is failing it's because he doesn't have "his guys." Shanahan and Lynch have been making it a priority to go out and get guys that are tailor-made for Shanahan's scheme. I still think Pettis was a bit of a reach, but I really like the player and the fit. If Pettis works out for the Niners, I won't care AT ALL about the trade up.
  14. 2019 Draft Talk

    This is a good point that I don't want to accept.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk

    Which is exactly where I think the Niners are closely approaching. I think our team now is in position to make some waves this year, and if we can improve our pass rushing next offseason, we should be in the position to make a deep run next season. the best is yet to come for the Jimmy G/Shanahan-led Niners.