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  1. I jumped on TDN to do a quick mock while I was waiting for a client meeting to begin. It got to the 3rd pick and the Lions offered me their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th for #3. I accepted the trade and got Lance at 7, then traded up for Farley at #33 and got Tryon at #43. The Lions took Sewell at #3. I didn't get to finish because the meeting started and I accidently closed my browser tab when I had to share my screen. Would've been fun to see what I could've done with a ton more picks in that scenario.
  2. I definitely did. As soon as I caught wind of him I figured he’d be an ideal UDFA for us.
  3. The more I think about it, the less I like Lance. Especially at #3. I think he has a ton to clean up and a lot of work to do. He's just not worth the #3 pick to me. If we were still at #12, I'd consider him for sure. If we traded back and landed him around #20, I'd be pretty happy with that. To me, the rankings of the top 5 QBs are: 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Fields 4. Jones 5. Lance
  4. **Tinfoil Hat On** I can see what you mean. Fields is actually out of focus and Shanahan is crisp, even though he's behind Fields. The lighting looks different on them as well. But it could just be a bad photograph, honestly. I work in Photoshop a lot and it's possible it's fake, but it's more likely just a bad photo or bad re-touching. **Tinfoil Hat Off**
  5. I thought the same on both accounts. 1. The deep ball is amazing and would most likely be best deep passer we've had in a very, very long time. 2. I would've loved to see like 2 or 3 step drops and firing it out to a receiver on an out route, curl, crosser, etc. in the intermediate. But, this was only a snippet and I'm sure he's done some of that stuff for 49ers already.
  6. Yeah pretty sure this is Rich's second time seeing him. That's all 4 of the major players, now. With the exception of McDaniel.
  7. This is the first I'm seeing of who actually attended. I was curious who the 3rd person would be.
  8. Can't wait for a the "leaks" coming out of today's pro day. It will be interesting to see which way the narrative moves.
  9. I know I sound like a homer, but I'm not impressed at all with the Rams or Seahawks. They both feel like pretenders that get propped up by luck, especially the Seahawks. No team has ever had a QB with such perfect health this deep into his career.
  10. If anything, I think Lance has a worse throwing motion than Fields. When I watch Lance, he looks like someone who doesn't have natural feel for throwing. When I watch his training videos of him throwing, he looks like someone who is trying to be too cute with it. It doesn't look natural to me. I would not be surprised to see Lance's mechanics break down so badly at some point that he needs to overhaul it over an offseason.
  11. Still doesn't change it much for me. I've played baseball all my life and when watching Fields throwing motion, I'm not seeing anything baseball related. He has a bit of a high elbow when drawing back to throw, which maybe you could say comes from playing SS or 3B, but it's not terrible. He definitely doesn't throw it like an OF or a P.
  12. Or, ESPN talking heads are just bad at their job. The Orlovsky thing may have more credence to what you're saying since he did get that "info" from someone else and promptly puked all over himself on national TV. But the Mort thing is just lazy ESPN crap.
  13. Eh, I'm over the whole notion that we'd have been better off with Rodgers. We were such a bad org back then that we'd have broken Rodgers anyways. Neither were going to succeed with 49ers in that environment.
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