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  1. This also gives us extra ammo to move up for a QB if that's what they decide to target. It sucks losing two quality people, but the extra draft assets will surely come in handy in the next couple of months.
  2. That's right, they did play together. I don't expect to see or hear much about Tapp since he's only an assistant, but I'm still happy to have him on our side.
  3. This makes me very happy. Tapp is a VT hero, for one. And he's also a stand-up guy who had to get by with technique rather than pure athletic ability, which I think makes for a better background for a coach rather than someone who got by on pure athleticism. I'm excited that he gets to reunite with Kocurek and lend his brain to our D-Line.
  4. I'm not going to lie, I've been seeing photos of Mike McDaniels all over Twitter today because of his promotion and I seriously thought that dude was a towel/water boy for the last 3 years. I had no idea THAT was McDaniels LOL.
  5. The Panthers make a ton of sense. Bridgewater is good enough to get them to average, but not much more than that. You look at teams like the Panthers and Washington, where they have some things in place to be a viable team, but no QB at the helm. If the Saints had the cap space, I could definitely see them taking a swing at Watson as well.
  6. I think if there is one guy Saleh would love to bring with him, it would be K'Waun. He named a blitz package after him and absolutely loves the guy from a player, person, and leader standpoint. He was our general in the secondary.
  7. Not quite the same, but Joe Horn's son, Jaycee Horn, is also in the draft and could a really good fit for our secondary in the 1st.
  8. There are some interesting things going on here: I thought Kinlaw applied more pressure than what is shown here. Especially as the season went on. The same goes for Givens, but I could be confusing his run stopping ability where he was seemingly in the backfield all the time. The Willis trade seems like a mild success. I'd say he's worth deal from us this season to see if he can build off of this with Kocurek for a full offseason. Barrett, what?! I'll admit, I was not paying attention to Barrett at all this season, so I'm prone to think his playing time is garbage time
  9. Hyder, K'Waun, and Tartt seems like pretty obvious choices. Sherman and Spoon definitely seem like strong possibilities as well. I think we're looking at some pretty good comp picks next year, in addition to the other 3rd we're getting next year for Saleh.
  10. Whoa, when did this become a thing? I had no idea this could happen.
  11. That makes more sense. I got the jist of the tweet, but the structure and the words used just looked like garbled letters.
  12. I had to re-read that tweet like 3 times to understand what he was trying to say.
  13. I'd say #7 has one more year to get it right before he's gone. I could speculate on others, but it'd be a weak argument at this point.
  14. I was thinking Wade as a top nickel option for us if he falls into the 4th or if we happen to pick up a 3rd.
  15. Does anyone have slot WR's or nickel corners they like? I want to start to dive into some. For slot WR's, I have on my list Dazz Newsome, Tylan Wallace, and Anthony Schwartz to look at. I don't have any nickels on my list to check out yet.
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