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  1. I'm thinking a 4th this year and a 4th or a 5th next year might do it. With that said, Shanny has stated he's very reluctant to trade away picks this year, so who knows.
  2. I think the 49ers have an excellent chance to beat the Pats, but Newton's legs are my biggest concern. If we lose, it will be because of: - Newton is their top and primary rusher - Newton is struggling to throw the ball and trusts his legs more - We can't stop a running QB
  3. Two names I forgot to add to my list of potential pass rushers: Everson Griffen ($5.8 mil 2020 cap hit) - Production is modest this season, but he's a reliable pass rusher. The price is a bit high, though. Aldon Smith ($1.3 mil 2020 cap hit) - He's balling out this year, but he's a bit of a lightening rod in San Francisco. The price is absolutely right and the productivity is back, I'd love to see him come back and exercise some demons here. What story it would be if he helped save this season. Maybe the Tomlinson move was to free up space to go after a pass rusher this week or next.
  4. Looking pretty good. His knee has to be feeling pretty good for him to do this.
  5. We can never have a win without putting someone on IR. Scratch that, we can't go ONE WEEK without putting someone on IR. This is so out of hand right now. I'm seriously wondering if there is something going on training wise that is causing this. This is two years in a row that we're getting destroyed by injuries. So, no Mostert until the bye week, most likely. I'm guessing he will make his return against the Rams week 12. Coleman is now considered week to week, but it doesn't seem likely that he will play this week. Wilson is still dealing with a calf issue and by the sounds of it, if he doesn't practice on Wednesday, he most likely won't play. This leaves us with McKinnon and Hasty. Now, I'm all for Hasty getting more touches this week because I think he's Mostert 2.0, but we're going into this game with 2 healthy RBs right now. Not ideal considering the nature of our injury issues. I would promote Hasty to the 53 now and bring in a RB on the PS and protect them on gameday so we have some insurance.
  6. Great point. I totally forgot to add him to the list. I'm wondering if guys like Suggs and Wake are waiting until the second half of the season to sign somewhere to ensure they're joining a playoff-bound team.
  7. No. I meant to post here. I figured this was the best place to put my thoughts about pass rushers to bring in since this thread is about Blair and when he will return.
  8. #1.1: Kinlaw - His bull rush and his strength are bananas. This dude could move a mountain if he tried. He literally threw Will Hernandez aside like he was a kid when we played the Giants. Will Hernandez is a large, strong, and angry human. Kinlaw is a little strange, though. He wins a fair amount of his battles but doesn't hit home or make plays in the backfield much. PFF and analytics love Kinlaw, but he's rarely mentioned. He plays almost 100% of the snaps every game and has a few heads up plays, like sniffing out a screen play or batting down passes. He's pretty stout in the run game. When he refines his pass rush game, he will emerge as a star. #1.2: Aiyuk. Dude is legit. He's so freaking explosive and sure-handed. He was dinged in the draft process because people felt (including me) that he wasn't quite pro ready and he was hampered by an injury during the combine, which lead people to think he wasn't as athletic as he appeared on tape. Boy, is that false. Aiyuk came into TC and owned the starting WR spot out of the gate. He was turning heads left and right with his quick absorption of the playbook and pure playmaking ability. Then, like all good things with the 49ers, he got injured just before the season started. He's healthy now and showing why he was a 1st round pick. It's all about getting the ball in his hands quickly and letting him weave through the defense. It's pure joy watching him play. #5: Colton McKivitz: Tackle out of WVU. He's a project who is more of a pass blocker than run blocker. He's on the 53 and dresses every game, but doesn't play much at all. #6: Charlie Woerner: His calling card is blocking and he's proving to be a good one at that. Basically a clone of Nick Boyle. Great blocker, not much else. Trent Williams and Kittle both said he was the best pure blocker on the team during TC. Kittle also said he reminded him of himself during his last year at Iowa, comfortable as a blocker and still finding himself as a pass catcher. I don't expect Woerner to become Kittle 2.0, but I think Woerner will make a nice living as a #3 TE/blocking specialist for a long time. #7: Jauan Jennings: He was cut at the end of TC and is currently on the PS. His lack of athletism was very apparent in TC, but so was his toughness out of the slot. The jury is still out on him. UDFAs JaMycal Hasty: RB out of Baylor. Super fast with wiggle. Can catch and block out of the backfield. Has been a protected PS guy every week. He's gotten into games late a few times, but last night against the Rams, he was given the opportunity to be a closer over McKinnon, which says alot because McKinnon has be very reliable for us this season. Hasty is showing his quickness and burst. It's only a matter of time until he pulls a Mostert and hits a big one at 21+ MPH.
  9. It great to beat the Rams last night, but it was another game that we didn't get anywhere near the QB. It looks like we're another 3-4 weeks away from Blair getting back on the field and the trade deadline it coming up in 2 weeks. Now is the time to make a move to keep this season alive. I've been doing some searching on Spotrac for pass rushers on teams that are out of it and at the end of their contracts this year. Here's what I found: Immediate Impact Ryan Kerrigan ($11.6 mil 2020 cap hit) He's probably the best of the bunch I found and may not require a high draft pick to get him, unless his trade market heats up. The cap hit is enormous and we'd have to move some money around to make this work, but he would surely move our pass rush in the right direction immediately. The Barnwell proposal of Pettis and a 5th is an absolute steal for us, but I don't think it's realistic considering Pettis is now a consistant healthy scratch every week. I'm thinking a 2021 4th and a 2022 4th or 5th might do it. Carl Lawson ($2.3 mil 2020 cap hit) This one might be more wishful thinking than anything, but he's on his final year of his rookie deal and playing pretty well so far. The likelihood of this trade happening is slim unless the Bengals think the draft pick would be more valuable than Lawson moving forward. He might cost a 2nd or a 3rd to get. Whitney Mercilus ($12 mil 2020 cap hit) The Texans are at the beginning stages of a fire sale with the direction their season is going. Mercilus would definitely provide the pass rush we need, but he also has a heafty contract that would be coming with him. The cost to get him could be pretty high. Like a 2nd this year and mid-round pick next year as just a guess. Rotation Pieces Romeo Okwara ($4 mil 2020 cap hit) Okwara is 25 and has a club option at the end of this year. He's fairly cheap and is playing pretty well this year after coming off of a down year in 2019. He had 7.5 sacks in 2018. Okwara would be a similar type of role player like Blair, so not a high-impact guy, but would certainly provide crucial depth immediately. Just guessing, he might cost a 3rd or a 4th to get considering he's good and cheap. Markus Golden ($5.1 mil 2020 cap hit) Golden runs very hot and cold. He totaled 10 or more sacks twice in his career (2016 and 2019). He's a FA at the end of this year, which means the Giants could get something for him now. He only has half of a sack on the year and only started 1 game. He's rotational guy who hasn't hit home yet with the sack numbers. I'm thinking give the Giants a 5th or a 6th and see what he does with a change of scenery. Terrell Suggs (FA) Suggs totaled 6.5 sacks last year at age 38, I think he still has it. I don't know if he's opted out because of COVID, unofficially retired, or is just waiting on the right situation to appear, but this could make sense for both sides and would be pretty cheap to make happen. Takk McKinley ($3.2 mil 2020 cap hit) Takk never lived up to billing, he's a FA at the end of this season, and the Falcons are in full rebuild mode. He would essentially play Ford's role of purely a situational pass rusher, that's it. It would probably take a 6th to get Takk, but we may or may not see anything out of him. I've never been impressed with him, but he fits my parameters for this list. Jabaal Sheard ($500k 2020 cap hit) Sheard is unlikely as he just signed with the Jags last week, which means we've already passed him over when he was a FA. I'm putting him on this list because I've always like Sheard even though he's less of a pass rusher and more of an EDGE run stopper. He would cost next to nothing to trade for.
  10. Did anyone see his celebration after Deebo's game-clinching first down? He was so amped and headbutted Grasu like 3 times in a row. Grasu might be flinch the next time he gets near McGlinchey.
  11. Yup. Now that he's been a healthy scratch I think his trade value is completely gone. No team will spend anything more than a conditional 2022 late round pick on Pettis.
  12. My gut is telling me we just witnessed the end of the 49ers' 2020 season, but my brain is telling me to wait until we have Mosely and Sherman back on the field. It's going to take a heroic effort to turn this season into a playoff season.
  13. Honestly, I have no clue right now. I haven't watched any college football yet this year and with over 20 FA's for the 49ers, it's hard to know who is coming back and who isn't. Plus the cap is going to be strapped pretty hard. I think because there are so many unknowns and negatives surrounding the 49ers' offseason, I'm really not in draft mode yet. Now with that said, if we keep putting a player on the IR every single freaking week, we could be in full on draft season mode by the middle of November.
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