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  1. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    Well, they're 4th in pass protection and 28th in run blocking. They've allowed the 3rd fewest sacks this year, but have only faced 3 of the top 10 pass-rushing teams this year, none of which were in the top 5. One of the teams they faced in the top 10, the Vikings, had 5 sacks against them. We're the #2 pass rush this year. I think we'll be able to get after Mahomes and hopefully force him into some bad decisions.
  2. How do you value Tannehill?

    I see Tannehill as a better version of 2011-2012 Alex Smith. Mobile, accurate, and limits mistakes and turnovers. He will be a great hold-over QB for a few years while the Titans can find their long-term QB in a year or two.
  3. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    The Legion of Boom was easier than your other examples to promote because it was only a handful of guys on a super hot team and because it had its chief mouthpiece, Richard Sherman. The LoB had a face and a media presence. Kittle is our biggest star and is a very outspoken person, but he's a TE, which means everyone wants him to be Gronk and he's not, and he doesn't do outlandish things to get himself in the media. Jimmy G is an introvert compared to most NFL stars. He's quiet and softspoken. ESPN doesn't see notable stars to easily make their point with the 49ers. It's a lot easier to promote the Chiefs to casual fans because of having the game's brightest young star QB.
  4. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Patrick Mahomes. That's it, that's the reason. He's one the best in the game right now and ESPN loves focusing on one person. It's too complicated to highlight the Niners in the mainstream media because they win with a different hero every week. Too many people for casual, fairweather fans to know. Statistically, the 49ers outweigh the Chiefs in just about every category. But again, they have Patrick Mahomes.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    Has anyone started to look into Nick Harris, Center from Washington? I've been hearing great things about his athletism and IQ at the Senior Bowl so far. I'm interested in learning more about athletic IOL that can play in a zone scheme as the draft season goes on.
  6. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    KC's rush defense, according to Football Outsiders: Total rush defense: 29th Stuffed%: 30th (percentage of tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage) Power Success: 25th (percent of short-yardage runs stopped) 2nd Level Yards: 31st (yards earned on runs 5-10 yards past the line of scrimmage) So, tell me how they're going to stop the hottest rushing team in the NFL? Shanahan and co. have prepared this team with perfection during the postseason. You best believe that Shanahan has some crazy rushing plays he hasn't pulled out of his bag of tricks yet. The Super Bowl is going to be a wild matchup.
  7. 49ers Stats and Observations

    Two are obvious, one is not. Ben Garland is quietly having a great postseason, granted we've run the ball 89 times as opposed to 27 pass attempts. Garland has proven to be a very good run blocker.
  8. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Thank you, Jimmy's ACL for giving us 2 foundational building blocks for our Super Bowl contending team.
  9. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Could've been competing for a wild card spot last year had it not been for Jimmy G's injury, among others. I don't think last year's team was talented enough to get to the playoffs, but I thought a 7 to 9 win season was doable. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Without the draft position we had, we would definitely not have Bosa and might not have Samuel either.
  10. 49ers Stats and Observations

    Looks like the speed difference isn't all that much. Granted, we don't have people to match up against Hill's speed 1-on-1, but the narrative of the Chiefs' offensive weapons' speed being heads and shoulder better than everyone else isn't true.
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    I think he also had a significant injury in High School as well. I feel like I've seen something on that during the draft process. I could be thinking of someone else, though.
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    I agree that it's very early in the process and hard to get a good read on possible outcomes, but I will say that I disagree on Moore. Every time he's been on the field for us, he makes a positive impact on the game. He's precisely the kind of guy you want as depth. The early buzz on the EDGE class is that it's very top-heavy and weak in depth. With our Super Bowl window open right now, I'd rather sign Moore to cheap contract than draft someone in the 5th or 6th round and hope they can be valuable. Me not wanting an EDGE in the draft completely hinges on what happens with Armstead. If he walks and Blair decides he wants to leave and go to a team that will treat him more like a starter, then yes, an EDGE becomes a target in this draft.
  13. 2020 Draft Thread

    If we re-sign Armstead, Blair, and Moore, I'm going to say no to EDGE this year. If Armstead walks, I would be more inclined to drafting an EDGE. I really do think we bring all three back, which makes our EDGE depth look like this: Bosa Ford Armstead Blair Moore Thomas Street With Buck, Jones, Taylor, and maybe Day, our DL depth as a whole is 10-11 guys. I'm not sure the roster could, or even should, support a 12th man on the DL.
  14. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    If we could get Green on a 1-year, prove-it deal at 9 or 10 mil. I'd be on board.
  15. 2020 Draft Thread

    I think you're a bit bearish on the value of the pick. Just last draft, these two trades happened that would be very similar to our situation this year: Giants trade for the 30th pick and give up a 2nd, 4th, and 5th for it. Falcons trade for the 31st pick and a 6th and give up a 2nd and a 3rd. This trade happened in 2018: Ravens get the 32nd pick and a 4th and give up 2nd, 4th, and 2019 2nd.