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  1. Richie James broke bone in his wrist

    This really sucks for him, but I really wasn't sure Richie James was even going to make the roster.
  2. Deebo Samuel Suffers Broken Foot

    Practices just started back up and COVID positive cases are already being reported - that's not a 100% indication that the season is in jeopardy, but it certainly doesn't bode well for the season. In any case, even if the season starts in September, Deebo will be back by the end of Sept. So, it's not really going to hurt us.
  3. Deebo Samuel Suffers Broken Foot

    Well, considering there's a high probability that we may not have a season, or at the very least, not a season that will start on time. This injury means nothing.
  4. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/dre-greenlaw-is-good-san-francisco-49ers-nfl This is a pretty cool article on Dre Greenlaw.
  5. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    This should be Brunskill's job to lose.
  6. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    This makes me happy to see. If Jet is ready to go, this offense is going to go to another level.
  7. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    There's a lot to breakdown here. Strengths: Pass rush - Talent and depth will once again allow our pass rushing to be suffocating and soul-crushing. Pass defense - One of the best coverage units at LB in the league cannot be overlooked. We have 3 LB's that cover like safeties. Sherman is another year older, but teams go after our right corner, which I think will be Moseley and Moseley has an opportunity to show he's a starting corner. We need Witherspoon to make this thing work this season, though. Run game - Deep running back stable, excellent run blockers, and a creative run scheme that's tendency agnostic. Even without Brieda, this is one of, if not the most, difficult run games to stop in the NFL. Short-to-intermediate passing game - We excelled in this last season and it should only get better with Aiyuk, a healthy Trent Taylor, a healthy Hurd, and a healthy McKinnon. Weaknesses: Health - The injury bug has been all over the 49ers since Shanahan walked through the doors. I don't know if that's a coincedence or not, but this team's single greatest obstacle is staying healthy. They can compete with any team in the NFL and have an excellent chance to win. Heath is always the downfall of this team. Run defense - Our scheme allows for rushing lanes up the middle. It is what it is. * I don't consider our deep passing game to be a weakness. Yes, we don't do it often, but when we do, it usually works. See below, Jimmy's deep pass completion percentage was 6th in the NFL. This isn't a staple of our passing game in 2019 mainly because of Goodwin losing his role, but when Jimmy threw it deep, he usually connected. With Aiyuk in the mix now, we could see more deep shots taken as Aiyuk was a true deep threat in college, among other things. Yes. Emphatically, yes. Brunskill is projected to take over RG duties, which is a huge upgrade from Person. Remember, Brunskill was one of the top tackles in the league last year in both run blocking and pass blocking. According to PFF, he only allowed 2 sacks on the year and 1 penalty. His pass blocking grade was 4th among all tackles in 2019. We're getting, at worst, an above-average tackle and putting him at RG. This is a huge upgrade. CB - Yeah, it needs to be addressed. Sherman, Witherspoon, and K Williams are all FA's. If I had to pick 1, I'd pick Williams. He's been quietly one of the best nickel defenders in the NFL. I think CB is a 1st-round target in 2021. RG - No, unless Brunskill craps the bed, which I don't see happening. Either Brunskill takes over at LT or he stays at RG in 2021. LT - Yeah, if we can't re-sign Williams. LT is a huge need if that happens. This would also be a 1st-round target. Assuming Brunskill sticks at RG. DE - If Ford is a cap casualty, then yes. Even if he isn't, I'd like to see use spend a mid-round pick on an EDGE defender in 2021 at the very least. LB - No way. Even if we somehow release Alexander in 2021 (which we will not because of the restructure of his contract this offseason), we still have Warner and Greenlaw. We don't play much base, so we don't need to invest in a LB. The Hot Boyz should all be around in 2021. WR - Only if we let Taylor and Bourne walk, have traded or released Pettis at some point in the season, and Deebo and or Aiyuk played poorly. We've created a deep WR room, so I'm not seeing a ton of space for a FA or high draft pick unless we cleared room for it. Now, if we trimmed the group down a bit, then yes, I could see WR being a low priority need. Needs that I see: IOL - While I said that RG wasn't a huge priority because of Brunskill, our depth at the interior is still a problem. We have zero depth or future talent here. I like Garland a lot, I think he's a high-level run blocker, but he's terrible in the passing game. Richburg isn't going anywhere, but he can't stay healthy, Tomlinson has been very steady for us, but he's a FA in 2022. I'd like to see some young depth here to groom. FS - Ward is not a long-term answer and the jury is still out on Moore. Even if Moore shows enough this season, I'd still like to draft a FS. SS - Tartt is a FA after this season and will be 29 when he hits the market. I'd bring him back on a 2 year deal, but I don't want Harris being the heir apparent at SS. I'd like to see us draft a SS next year.
  8. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    I wouldn't mind seeing these as an alternate in the next 10 years. These jerseys and the players who wore them are the 49ers I grew up on. I was too young to know the 49ers of the 90's. I was born into darkness :-)
  9. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    For sure. He's pretty reliable on 3rd down and is a sneaky option because he's not a game-breaker. The focus will always be on Deebo, Kittle, and now Aiyuk. Bourne is the guy who finds holes and moves the chains, like Trent Taylor but further down field.
  10. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    I think that's why his ceiling is a rotational WR, not a starting one. But, with that said, he's pretty money on 3rd downs and when the is thrown his way, he almost always catches it. I think he got a bad rap after the MNF Seahawks game at home where he dropped a few key passes, but outside of that game, he's very sure handed.
  11. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    My guess is that he was telling Aiyuk to reach out to the WR group for help learning the routes and technique he will be required to know. What I find interesting is he told Aiyuk to call Bourne. I know Bourne is not a fan favorite here, but I actually think Bourne is a pretty good WR and might have the best hands of all of our WRs.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: 5th round is our jam

    This is a great find, and frankly, a no brainer. When I watch the tape vs. seeing the 40, it's clear that he's faster than his recorded time. Now this proves it. Also, holy smokes Greenlaw! I didn't realize he was clocked so fast. It's funny to read draft "experts" say that Greenlaw is not athletic. For the sake of comparison, Greenlaw's top speed is the same as Todd Gurley's top speed back in 2017. Gurley was clocked at 21.09 on a 57-yd TD run in week 15 in 2017.
  13. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    The point I was making was that we had 4 chances to go up by 2 with less than 1:50 in the game and they chose not to give it to Gore at all and throw 3 fades, which we know Kaep couldn't do all season. If they stuck to what got them there, I'm pretty confident they've scored. Now, would they have gone for 2 and made it? I don't know. Would they have held onto that 2 or 3 point lead? I don't know. But, I feel very strongly that Gore would've scored if given the chance. Or hell, even a run by Kaep probably would've done it. The fact that they didn't go with their bread and butter irritates me more than any of Jimmy's missed throws in the SB. Shanny gave a quote at some point in TC about players thinking they've "arrived", meaning some guys thought very highly of themselves. I wish I could find the article, but some time during draft weekend this year, one of the beat writers said that was basically directed at Pettis. I think Pettis is still a very capable and talented WR, but he really needs to get focused. If he's locked in, he could be a dangerous weapon for this offense. Problem is, I'm wondering if this front office knew how much hand holding was needed to get Pettis to reach his potential.
  14. 2020 Schedule

    Ok, so obviously, I'm a homer but I did the playoff predictor sim a few times since last night and I keep getting to our 1st Seahawks matchup undefeated. I've been getting 13-3 or 12-4 most of the time. The games I keep getting hung up on are Bills, @ Cowboys, @ Seahawks, @ Saints, and @ Cardinals. I keep going back and forth on these games.
  15. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    This is 100% a make-or-break year for Pettis. He came into TC last season out of shape and immediately got placed in the dog house for it. Apparently, Shanny's quote about putting guys in their place who feel they've arrived was directed at Pettis. Out of shape and an inflated ego is a terrible way to start your career. For me, Pettis needs to come into camp in game-ready shape and locked in and focused. He needs to truly understand that he's getting bypassed by just about every other WR on the roster. The time is now. If he doesn't show up in TC, then he's 100% trade bait for the trade deadline. If he doesn't get it by the end of TC, he's never going to get it.