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  1. This is where I'm at, too. I'm struggling migthly to care about the 49ers this year. They're a complete mess and I have no clue why. Shanny deserves the lion's share of the blame here. Did his scheme get figured out? Is he overthinking everything? I don't know what's going on, but we're a massive disappointment this year and it really, really hurts.
  2. Why does it seem, from the outside looking in, that this team is so dysfunctional right now? It feels like Shanny doesn't trust anyone right now.
  3. I can say with a pretty certain confidence that this game might be the lowest attended game by Seahawks fans and possible the lowest viewed game by Seahawks fans. Baseball is gripping the city of Seattle and they don't have any time for the Seahawks right now. The last game of the MLB season for Seattle starts an hour before kick off in Seattle and the stadium is close to selling out. I know this because I am a life-long Mariners fan and I'm 100% joining in with all of Seattle right now.
  4. Love the John Riggins reference. As for Sherman, it seems like the next injury could be the open door for Sherman, but it could be too late if another team swoops in. Also, it seems pretty likely that Moseley plays. So, reading between the lines: Mitchell - Questionable, 30% chance to play Sermon - Probable, 70% chance to play Patrick - Active, 50% chance to play Cannon - Active, 50% chance to play Johnson - Unknown, 20% chance to play It's going to be a patch-work backfield this week. I wouldn't be surprised if Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, Juice, and Lance f
  5. No, you're not alone. I think there is a good chance that the Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals all lose this weekend and the 49ers win. My confidence in JAX winning is lower than the Vikings and Bucs, but I'm still not 100% sold on Kingsbury and Murray and think JAX has a chance to win. And to be clear, I'm higher on Murray than I am on Kingsbury, but I don't think Murray is the second coming of Jesus like many people seem to think.
  6. I thought for sure he would be there in the 4th or 5th and was gutted when he taken in the 3rd.
  7. Heads up adjustment by Trent, too. I still can't believe the Cardinals just let him walk out the door.
  8. Tommy Tremble with a rushing TD for the Panthers out of a jet sweep from the TE spot. I really wanted him in the draft.
  9. He didn’t practice today, but he also didn’t practice much last week either and played really well. My guess - unless he’s in a serious amount of pain Sunday night, he will play.
  10. I guarantee that we see Rodgers throw a bunch of quick bubble screens to Adams on the right side of the formation and Tonyan on TE screens like we do with Kittle. This will be the bulk of the passing offense against us.
  11. Yeah, this offense is weird right now. It's literally only Deebo and Mitchell on the same couple of plays. I have to believe that Shanny is doing this to set up some shot plays later in the season because it doesn't make much sense to me outside of that. I know he's weird about putting stuff on tape, so I'm hoping it's him not wanting to give other teams a lot of looks of what we're scheming.
  12. This is where I'm at. No Bakhtiari and no Z.Smith is a big blow for the Packers. With that said, Jenkins has filled in admirably at LT, but he also hasn't faced someone like Bosa yet. I like our chances a lot in this game, but it's not going to be easy shutting down Rodgers, Jones, and Adams. We're going to have to put up points and our passing game is going to have to be a lot better than what it was last week.
  13. Again, really hard to say. If he has a good week of practice and Shanny trusts him, then yeah he could. The only way guys like Kerryon Johnson, Patrick, Thompson, or Cannon see the field is if Mitchell can't go or has to exit the game. This could also be a game where we see more jet sweeps and shovel pass run plays that Shanny has used to perfection with guys like Deebo and Aiyuk. We haven't really seen many of them yet this year, so this week could be the week we see more. Also, the X Factor here is Trey Lance. Manufactured touches for him and RPOs could be in play this week, but a
  14. Good question. If Mitchell is good to go, he will start and get the bulk of the carries. If Sermon is good to go, he will be the relief back and a smaller portion of the carriers. If neither or only one of them are good to go, then it could be anyone really. Shanny is a notoriously difficult person to predict. Mitchell seems to be the only RB he trusts right now, so if he's healthy, it will be mostly Mitchell.
  15. Just curious, how did the Saints completely shut down the Packers? I didn't get to watch much of the game but it seemed like a complete beat down by the Saints.
  16. A little more context to this: #1 of all rookie corners with total coverage snaps (101). #2 is at 85. #2 most targeted rookie corner, but has the lowest REC% of all rookie corners (35.7) Among all corners in the NFL, he is #2 in REC% while having the 5th most targets. Outside of the ridiculous 91 yard catch he gave up, he's given up 23 yards on 4 catches.
  17. Maybe McSmellsATadBitBetter? According to PFF, McGlinchey has 2 pressures and 0 sacks on 62 pass blocking snaps, which is only good for a 62 grade for some reason. As much as PFF hates McGlinchey's pass blocking, they hate his run blocking even more (59.9). I would strongly disagree with PFF here. I've re-watched both games and tried to focus in on the OL a little more than normal since they've been so good and McG actually looks pretty good in pass pro and run blocking. I don't see a 62-grade player, I see someone who is better than that. He does give up ground in pass pro, bu
  18. I read somewhere that he slimmed down this offseason to the mid-220's now. So his 4.6 speed might be a tad closer to the 4.5's now. Honestly, if he can take a handoff, go 5 yards, and survive, I'm down to clown.
  19. Last season can be thrown out the window. He went up against our scout team defense, so of course he was going to be amazing. I am worried about Adams. You can't shut him down, you can only force Rodgers to look elsewhere. Our DL is playing like it's 2019 again, so Rodgers shouldn't have a comfortable pocket, especially since Baktiari is out. Jenkins has looked pretty good at LT, but Bosa is a different animal than what he's faced so far this season. The Eagles doubled Bosa and Kinlaw often, which left everyone else in 1-on-1 situations. This is where Armstead, Ford, Ebukam, Jones, Kerr,
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