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  1. Williams can’t defend the slot fade. It’s been there all season for opposing offenses.
  2. I really liked Jamar last year too. If he didn’t get hurt, I wonder if he’d still be with us right now. There we’re a few guys in TC that got cut that I thought looked pretty good too. Guys like Mayden and Elijah Sullivan seemed like PS locks to me but weren’t for some reason.
  3. I saw that this morning and thought they were way too high on the home teams this weekend. Like all of them have a 70-80% chance to win but if you look back the last 5 years or so, the road teams in the WC round do very well. Road teams, collectively, are averaging 2 or 3 wins a year in the first round. There are going to be upsets this weekend and I hope we’re one of them. And honestly, my dream scenario would all road teams in the NFC win this weekend so we get to go AZ and get some revenge and avoid the Packers in the second round.
  4. As much kudos as you want to give the FO for these types of signings, the same amount goes to Kocerek for turning these balls of clay into beautiful sculptures. It’s a symbiotic relationship and it’s working like a charm right now.
  5. There were a handful of times where, through scheming, the niners made the Rams put Ramsey on Juice while he was being used as a decoy. Ramsey might as well had a seat on the bench for those plays. I bet we see similar stuff with Diggs and Parsons.
  6. I haven't seen anything to suggest they're no longer friends, but when you're getting routinely beaten by one person, regardless of friendship, you get a bit chippy and petty as emotions run high.
  7. This is something I mentioned here yesterday. The Cowboys give up a ton of YAC yards and their corners give up a ton of yards in general. There are big gains to be had against this defense. They've been very opportunistic with the take aways, but they seem to get beat quite often. Statistically, they also seem to be really, really susceptible to deep shots down field as their deep coverage DVOA is not good. On the flip side, their short area DVOA is very good. I don't want to make this a Jimmy vs. Lance debate, but Lance's arm this game would put the Cowboys on their heels big time.
  8. The Rams tried to be tough and it failed. McVay tried to be cool and it failed. The Rams tried to finally beat the 49ers and it failed. You are what you are and you're not what you're not.
  9. I wanted to give this a bump since @49erscaphas updated the article since the season ended.
  10. I feel like with us now being 6-0 against the Rams and winning this one they way we did, coupled with the Seahawks possibly taking a step backward, that our new rivalry is Rams/Niners. I feel like the first meeting between these two teams next year is a marquee primetime matchup that will be a hated dog fight between them. I can see the NFL wanting this one fairly early in the season and on Sunday Night Football. I guarantee the NFL is circling this matchup for one of their top ones for next season.
  11. Not a huge Cowherd fan, but I think his logic on his picks is pretty sound.
  12. I'm re-watching this game and I found the moment the tide shifted in our favor. It wasn't when McVay was celebrating in the endzone. It was at 0:50 left in the second quarter courtesy, Nick Bosa. Up until this point on passing downs, the Rams were doubling Bosa, sometimes tripling him regardless of where he lined up. There were times where Bosa was playing RDT and he would get the LG/C double team, which put the tackles in 1-on-1 situations with our Ends. But on 3rd & 1 with 0:50 left in the half at the Rams 42. They leave Bosa 1-on-1 with the RT. Bosa cleanly beats him for the
  13. I just saw that tweet a few minutes after I finished my post. Validation!
  14. So, I’ll admit that I have not watched a single down of the Cowboys this year and really don’t know the in’s and out’s of this team outside of broad strokes stuff. So, I dug into their analytics on PFF, Pro Football Reference, Football Outsiders, and RBSDM. Some things I found interesting: Diggs as a cover corner - Not elite. But, his elite ball skills help to mask some of his coverage issues. Corners with a minimum 500 coverage snaps Penalties committed: 11 (1st) Targets: 96 (5th) Completions: (8th) Yards given up: 1,016 (1st) Y/CMP: 18.5 (
  15. Cowboys are going with a Whiteout, which means we get home reds. Is there a possibility for our throwback alternate home unis? I can’t remember the uni rules for the playoffs.
  16. FOX only gets one WC round game this year. CBS gets 2. The one FOX game happens to be a 1pm EST, so they probably didn't get to pick a premium matchup this round. Also, ESPN has it as a -3.0 Cowboys, so the line is already moving.
  17. Yesterday was nuts. Was this one of the best wins for the Shanahan 49ers? It was certainly the most improbable one. Thinking about the run up to this game makes it even crazier: Jimmy tears throwing thumb up 2 weeks before game and playing hurt Almost entire secondary tests positive to COVID during the week and misses on-field practice reps, but most are able to play No Trent Williams and K'Waun Williams all week and doesn't play Down 17-0 immediately Defense looks like swiss cheese Punter gets concussion early in game and is out for rest of game
  18. SAME. I’m not ready to see their season end. I feel like this team just got rolling and they’re way too talented to not be in the playoffs.
  19. I think we’ll see Trey tomorrow in some capacity. I don’t feel confident in Jimmy being effective for the entire game.
  20. This is great news. Now, just need Ward, Williams, and Johnson to clear. Getting Moseley is huge. I still don't feel certain about this game, but I'm feeling much better.
  21. I fully expect to see Jimmy starting, but I also hope he has a short leash. Like, if the ball isn't coming out right or something, that Shanny pivots to Lance. This is not the time to mess around.
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