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  1. If we pass up on Jones because of Kinlaw, I will lose my mind. Jones will be expensive, but is starting to hit his prime. Street I forgot is a FA and wouldn't be awful if we didn't bring him back, but he also should be very cheap. Key is a priority, IMO.
  2. Exactly this. Kinlaw, until proven otherwise, is a rotational run-stopping 3T. With Key and Armstead balling out as interior pass rushers, Jones a force at nose, and Givens and Street providing quality depth, It will be on Kinlaw to prove he deserves snaps as anything other than an early down run stopper.
  3. I really don’t like this matchup. Not because of the Rams, it’s because of how many times can you really beat a team in a row in the NFL? I just don’t like the idea of a 3rd matchup this season.
  4. I screamed and jumped so loud on that blocked punt that I woke both of my kids up. My Fitbit said my heart rate was 150 on that game winning drive. How the hell!?!?!?
  5. Yeah but can you imagine cleaning each folding seat individually of snow and ice? The benches probably make it much easier to do.
  6. I hope so. Two bad special teams units clashing in bitterly cold weather that will make the football sink like a rock in the night sky - what could go wrong??
  7. Ah crap, I didn't even think about kickoffs. With how cold it is, the ball won't travel as far. Wish can barely make it to the 10 yard line on kickoffs. He'll be lucky if he can get it to the 20 tomorrow night. 😑
  8. Oh for sure. It's our weakness and the fade is Rodger's best throw. We will for sure give up at least 1 chunk play to a slot fade and at least 1 TD as well.
  9. Yeah, I would agree. I think the argument could be made that the 2021 team is a more mature and refined version of the 2019 team. Kittle (I think it was him) said it in his presser yesterday that teams have been trying to throw different looks at our run game for the last couple of years and they take all that in and develop plays and concepts to beat all of that. He said they have a crazy deep playbook designed to beat pretty much any look they get. I think talent-wise, it's fairly similar on offense with some development taking place between now and then. Aiyuk would have been really n
  10. 2019 was also the first time that Kyle Shanahan's vision of the 49ers came to fruition and caught a lot of teams by surprise. We racked up a ton of wins early in the year where teams just didn't have the film on this team yet because prior to that season, they only had 8 games worth of tape on Jimmy with the Niners. Also, no team was treating Bosa the way they are this year. He took the league by storm.
  11. I've been watching a couple of film study videos on this matchup and one thing I keep seeing is that the Packers have been using the same (or slight variation) of a 3-4 bear front with wide OLBs on running downs. They used it against us in the NFCCM and again in week 3. The difference was Mack was awful in week 3 and we didn't have Mitchell, Deebo, or Wilson in the backfield at the time. It feels like the Packers will give us the same look again tomorrow but we'll be giving them a completely different look. Coupling this with their not so good run defense, it really makes me think t
  12. I REALLY want it to be Rodgers' fault they lose. Please, Football gods, let it be Rodgers who loses the game the for the Packers.
  13. Definitely less confident. But I do think we have a chance to win this game. If we can run the ball and stay on schedule on offense, we'll put up points. The question is, can Jimmy prevent bad Jimmy from coming out and giving Rodgers short fields. The Browns may have given us a glimpse into a way of beating the Packers, but Jimmy can't play as badly as what Baker did. Put pressure on Rodgers, run the ball, and don't make stupid mistakes gets us to the NFC Title Game.
  14. Honestly, yeah I can see that being the case. The NFL is a copycat league and a lot of teams are afraid of being the ones to zig when everyone zags. There aren’t any HC’s like him right now, so I can definitely seeing that scaring owners because he might seem too young or immature (from the perspective of an old rich white guy).
  15. Rodgers when under pressure: 150 drop backs 38.4% CMP% 570 Yrds / 8 TDs / 3 Ints 8.4% Big Time Throws 3.8% Turnover Worthy Throws 30 sacks 10.4% Drop% 59.5 PFF Grade Rodgers is at his worst when he's pressured, yet according to PFF, he has a 75.2 grade when blitzed. So it seems when a second-level defender is brought down to blitz, he does alright. But when he's getting pressure from the front 4 only, he's at his absolute worst. Comparing his under pressure numbers against his kept clean, blitzed, and not blitzed numbers - his BTT is th
  16. Sounds like Fred is most likely going to play and seems the same could be true for Bosa. Looking forward to getting an update from the team later today.
  17. I'm wondering the same thing. Z.Smith hasn't played since week 1 and hasn't practiced until this week. I can't imagine he'll be out there all game long just due to conditioning.
  18. McDaniel feels like Shanny's little brother who sits in the corner and is weird as hell but cooks up mad scientist level plays and is constantly feeding Shanny creative run plays and obscure Spider-Man level quips then goes back to not talking for 2 hours. Also, whoever is offered the job in Miami better be doing a deep dive into why Flores was fired because that org smells a little rotten right now.
  19. This is a weird one for me, but the Dolphins might be trying to outsmart everyone by grabbing a guy who is a year or two too soon. Not really sure the rationale behind this request. From what I've seen of Mike's personality, I can see this interview going one of two ways: "Hey, we like your quirkiness. This could work!" "Wow, you seem really smart but very weird..."
  20. This is what will be the Packers. Can the DL do it for a 3rd straight game?
  21. Currently dealing with snow, ice, and power outages here in PA. It was fun watching the Cowboys during a whiteout but sucked knowing I had to shovel right after.
  22. According to PFF's snap by position breakdown, Bosa has been at LE 471 snaps this year compared to 335 at RE. He was almost exclusively at RE up until week 8 where he switched almost exclusively to the left side. From week 9 to now, Ebukam has been the main RE with Willis getting mixed in after coming back from suspension.
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