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  1. According to NBC Sports, it sounds like the NFL might do an open beta for All 22 before the end of the week or by early next week at the latest.
  2. 100% I'm sure he was given the decision of cleaning up the knee good enough to get back on the field this season, but risk more damage, or do what needs to be done and have a greater chance of extending his career. It's a no-brainer for him, despite it sucking for the fanbase. So, we roll with Mitchell, Sermon, and Hasty now, then get Wilson back around mid-season. We can do damage with this group.
  3. Hargrave and Cox vs. Brunskill will be one to watch. Brunskill is OK in pass protection, but he always has a few reps where he gets completely thrown around, then come back and stonewall a rusher. If the right side of our line holds up against the rush, it should be a good day for the Niners' passing game.
  4. This had more to do with Aiyuk's hamstring injury, but also, Sherfield has been doing nothing but impressing the coaching staff since his arrival. Predicting what Shanny will do each week is a fool's errand.
  5. I don't think very highly of the Falcon's roster this year, so I wasn't surprised to see them look that bad. I'm not sure what to think of the Eagles yet, but I pegged them as a 4-7 win team this year, depending on what Hurts looks like, but overall, I don't expect him to look amazing. IMO, It's going to be all about containment this weekend.
  6. Time to find out if Philly is good or if Atlanta is really bad. I still don't know if I believe in Hurts yet, TBH. The Eagles have a great group of skill guys and an O-line that's still good. The D-line isn't what it used to be, but still pretty good. Ryans needs a solid game plan to contain Hurts and force him to beat us with his arm and not his legs.
  7. I mean, it was a typical Lions game. They're getting blown out, then face ton of soft coverage in the second half to drive up passing stats. Stafford turned that into a huge pay day and a better team. Goff will be looking to do the same. They don't call him Stat Padford for nothing... On Thomas, he's looking like most of the other rookies who opted out - rusty and bad. Thomas has a lot of physical talent and he was viewed as a team leader at Michigan. I'm still bullish on him and willing to give him the runway to figure this out on the fly to have something to build off of fo
  8. I'm going to re-watch the game later today, but I made some notes during the live watch and one I wrote down was I noticed Sewell basically put Bosa in a head lock and a few other times where things looked a bit suspect with holds.
  9. I'm looking at the snap breakdowns on PFF and boy does the NFL know that Ambry Thomas is not ready. Thomas played a total of 9 snaps on defense, he was targeted 3 times and gave up 3 catches for 44 yards. Lenoir played 90 snaps total, 69 in coverage and was also targeted 3 times and gave up 1 catch for 3 yards. I think I should preface this with saying that Thomas came in during what was supposed to be "garbage time" and we played a lot of soft, prevent coverage so a lot of the completions in the 4th Q may not have been completions if we were, you know, playing real defense.
  10. Same story, different season. This really sucks for Mostert, I feel for him. Thankfully, this is a storm we can weather.
  11. I mean, out of everything I said, the scheme part is the smallest. The fact that he probably won't be ready to play for multiple weeks is more of the pressing issue for me. I don't want Sherman if it means passing up on a corner who is ready to play next week. If we sign Sherman and this week along with another corner who could play immediately, then fine. Ramp him up and play him when his body is ready.
  12. So far, he has done everything he can do to earn significant playing time. He has not been challenged often yet, so that will be a big test for him when he does. That's the only thing I'm waiting to see happen.
  13. Personally, I'm out on Sherman. I don't anything on his personal situation and nor do I want to speculate on mental health or anything like that. But I will say this, if we sign Sherman today, he's not going to be fit enough to play right away. He's had no TC and no pre-season. It's unreasonable to expect him to walk in off the street and being a significant contributor right away. We're probably talking weeks until he could be on the field for a majority of the snaps. We also know Saleh had to skew the scheme toward Sherman since he can't play man. Is he still good enough to warran
  14. I think it would be hilarious if the 49ers pulled a fast one and lined up Bosa against the RT all game. Not to avoid Sewell, but to put Bosa on a PS guy.
  15. This is what I came up with: https://playoffpredictors.com/football/CustomLeague/SchedulePicker/D4CA92D4-BA81-4A0F-A1AD-FC5F5D1C1D64?L=IwJleSOzXXYjDBUKqvO12aW-AtBQjORTcjJZSvMhm1XOim9fDiqx7korM1qcGiJuO6lIABiA
  16. Speaking of All 22. Has there been any updates on when that's coming back to Game Pass? I saw an article last month saying it should be back by the beginning of the season but haven't heard anything since then.
  17. Poor Sewell? Poor Nelson who has to contend with Ford, Ebukam, and Armstead for 4 quarters. If these guys crash the edge consistantly, it's going to be a rough day for the Lions' offense.
  18. It wouldn't surprise me, honestly. Mainly because of the new rules and the extra game. I think we see many teams place guys on the IR more frequently this year even if the injury isn't serious.
  19. I don't think Sewell is bad, rust is a real thing. What I'm wondering is if this poor play because of rust continues into week 1. Also, on Decker:
  20. If Sewell continues his poor pre-season play and Decker really is out for this game, I'd put our sack total over/under at 5. I expect a ton of plays in the backfield.
  21. It seems like Lance should be good to go, but I wouldn't put it past Shanny to designate Lance as "Questionable" just to mess with people.
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