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  1. The Patriots have been doing it for years. You look at their team without Belichick and Brady and it's a bottom-feeder roster. As soon as those two are gone, that team is no longer good. I'm not saying that Shanahan and Jimmy G are at the level of Belichick and Brady, but my point is that a really good coach and QB can mask a lot of deficiencies. Shanahan and Jimmy G give the chance to win 9 or more games this year.
  2. How did the Niners not fill holes? Replaced Hyde with McKinnon: Upgrade. Fits the scheme and running style much better, better receiver than Hyde, too. Replaced Beadles with Cooper: Upgrade. It remains to be seen how good Cooper is, but anything is better than Zane Beadles. Replaced Jonhson with Sherman: Upgrade. Yes, health factors into this, but if the Niners were really concerned with Sherman's health, they would've hedged their bet and signed another CB who could start. Replaced Kilgore with Richburg: Upgrade. Richburg is younger, fits the scheme, more productive
  3. I agree 100%. Before Jimmy, there were like 4 or 5 games that we lost by 3 points or less. If we could've won like 2 or 3 of them, we would've been in the hunt for a playoff spot. Fast forward to this season and we didn't lose anyone significant and we filled holes from the previous season. If anything, the Niners greatly improved and also get to tap into more than just a small chunk of Shanahan's playbook. I don't know if we make it to the playoffs or not, but I fully believe that the niners will be very competitive and are going to be a team that other teams will hate to face.
  4. All of those guys may have had him ranked in a specific spot, but he's saying his agent was fielding calls from teams on where he might be drafted and he said he was told by several teams that they were targeting him in the late second early third round. I can only speculate that there were several teams wanting him in that range, but the niners felt he was too good of a fit to let him go to another team and traded up. I listen to all of the talking heads and value their opinions, but once the draft happens and I see where guys were picked, or hear from them, specifically, on where their
  5. I was thinking the same the same thing when I heard that. If we're asking if he would be there at 74 and the agent said yes, why not stand pat at 59? I still think there were rumors of someone ahead of us taking him and they panicked and traded up. This will all be a moot point to me if he's a successful WR and PR. If he ends up being a consistent contributor and playmaker for us, I won't really care much about the trade.
  6. I'm hoping we pick somewhere in the 20's. That would mean we would have a 9-7 or 10-6 record and possibly a playoff spot.
  7. I'm starting to warm up to that. The more I read about him and watch his tape, the more I get why Shanahan wanted him. Shanahan wants guys that can catch the ball, have an excellent grasp of route running, can separate from defenders, and has top-level athleticism. Pettis checks all of those boxes and is a high-character guy and adds another play-making dimension to his game.
  8. So this might stir the pot a bit, but I was just listening to Matt Maiocco's podcast and he had Pettis on as his guest. This is complete paraphrasing, but Maiocco asked if he knew where he was going to be selected and Pettis said that 49ers really liked him and contacted his agent on day 2 and asked if they thought Pettis would still be available at 74. Pettis was kind of difficult to follow during his answer, but essentially, he thought he was going to go in the third and there were other teams interested in him at the top of the 3rd. As we all know, we then traded up to 44 to take him, 30 pi
  9. It sounds like this is going to be one of the best EDGE classes in recent years so you might not be bored for long!
  10. So now that we're almost 2 weeks removed from the draft and I've had time to learn more about each player and judge them off of snap emotional reactions, I wanted to go back and grade each pick. 1. Mike McGlinchey, OT: B+ I know there has been a lot of debate on value vs. reach, LT vs. RT, etc. I gave this pick a B+ because he has all of the tools, both physically and mentally, to succeed as a dominant RT for the next 10 years. I'm hesitant to believe that he can be an elite LT, but I think in today's NFL with teams putting EDGE guys on both sides of the defense, the disparity b
  11. NinerNation did a similar article where they interviewed BYU's SB Nation blog owner about Warner: https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/5/8/17331954/49ers-rookies-fred-warner-scouting-report-byu Everything I keep hearing is that this dude is going to be legit. He was one of my draft crushes so I was very happy to see we picked him. I think he will see a lot of playing time in the Nickel and be the starting WILL by next season. If Foster can stay out of trouble, Warner and Foster are going to make a fantastic pairing at LB. They might be the best coverage tandem we've ever had.
  12. Exactly, the question remains, if he was cleared and played with this in college, why did he fall to the 5th if he's a first-round talent? This is the part that makes me wonder. It's not like there were off-the-field red flags found with his character. It's only the health concern. But again, if so many people cleared him, why did he fall?
  13. I agree with this. In today's NFL, EDGE impacts the game in a bigger way than a RB does. McKinnon may not dominate the world like his contract suggests, but he will a very dynamic threat that will be a staple in the niner's offense.
  14. I don't know a ton about this class yet, but my positional priorities to focus on in the draft would be EDGE, WR, CB, RB, TE, and OG.
  15. Maybe "really poor decision" is a bit of an over exaggeration, but I still wouldn't take him. Knowing there is a high probability that he doesn't last more than a year or two makes me feel like it's a wasted pick. He's just not a guy I would feel comfortable taking.
  16. And, surprisingly, start 18 games. I didn't know he did that. He started 14 games at Center for the Falcons in 2015, which is probably the reason Lynch brought him in. I'm interested to see how the backup center battle will go between Person and Magnuson.
  17. One thing that I heard from Matt Miller on a few of his most recent podcasts, Stick to Football, is that if the Raiders’ team doctors passed Mo Hurst, and other doctors as well, then why did he fall so far? He was considered a 1st round talent, but the only knock on him was his heart and doctors cleared him, and he still fell. Why? Something doesn’t seem right. Another thing Miller mentioned is that he spoke to some of his sources from around the league and a lot of them are saying the condition could be worse than feared and some even went as far as saying he probably shouldn’t be
  18. Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea. Apparently, I've been living under a rock.
  19. Hmm, I didn't know that. I always thought they were the best analytical judge of talent. I value analytics way more than personal opinions. Are there better options to look at?
  20. How come? I've never heard anything bad about their grading system before.
  21. Pro Football Focus graded McGlinchey's pass blocking in 2018 at 84.5 and he only allowed 16 pressures on 411 pass-blocking snaps. He also faced some of the best pass rushers in college football in 2018. For the level of talent he faced, I think an 84.5 grade and only 16 pressures is pretty darn good. It sounds like he still has a lot to iron out in his pass-blocking technique, but I don't think he's as bad as what a lot of people are making him out to be. Also, let's not forget the Jimmy G effect. When he stepped into a starting role, our O-line started grading out much better. I'm wonde
  22. For the record, I'm definitely not smarter than our GM. DRAFT C: TRADE TRENT BROWN AND STAY AT #59 #9) - Mike McGlinchey OT, Notre Dame I kept this pick the same because I really like McGlinchey and because Ward and Roquan were off the board. Those are the only other two I'd take at 9. #59) - Carlton Davis CB, Auburn I really Davis and was really bummed we passed on him. I'm even more bummed that Isaiah Oliver was taken right before this pick. #70) - Fred Warner WILL, BYU I loved this pick and I don't want to change it. #74) - Michael Gallup WR, Colorado
  23. I don't get it either. He's athletic, strong, very smart, apparently has tons of charisma, technically sound, and continuously faced some of the top EDGE rushers the past two years and managed to grade out at almost 90/100 both seasons by PFF. He's a stud who will be a very good starting RT.
  24. I remember reading in a couple of different places that St. Brown, while he has length, never really used it to his advantage and played smaller and softer than expected with his size. The knock on Tate was that he was a large man who couldn't do much of anything but out jump people. He was also considered fairly unathletic. From many draft expert sites, this draft was considered a very top-heavy draft with very little worthwhile talent on day 3. For players to fall in this draft, that really says something about their talent levels.
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