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  1. I would keep it the same just replace Lynch with Mata’afa. I really like what he brings as a pass rusher. He had 2.5 sacks last year and I think he gets more this year. He’s better on the outside but he can play some 3Tech as well. Don’t sleep on Mata’afa.
  2. I believe it is more of “can’t have too many good pass rushers”. Outside of Danielle Hunter, we don’t really have a pro bowl caliber pass rusher so it’s good to have a variety. I predict our 6 DEs being: Hunter, Wonnum, Weatherly, Mata’afa, Jones II, and Robinson. I really like Robinson and I think his length and bend are special.
  3. Packers fan in a Vikings forum? When Packer fans start supporting the Vikings draft picks is when you know things aren’t going well in Green Bay.
  4. I don’t think he’s replacing Barr, but he’s rather replacing Eric Wilson. I just think they compare his athletic and learning ability to Barr’s because of the position switch. Also it’s interesting that Barr used to be a RB and that’s one of the reasons why he’s so good against the run, whereas Surratt used to be a QB and that’s one of the reasons why he’s good against the pass. I personally would’ve wished we got Jabril Cox or Baron Browning, who were both available, but I don’t doubt anything that Spielman does in the draft because he’s one of the best at it.
  5. He’ll make the 53 man roster imo over guys like Jalyn Holmes and Brailford. On game day I think it’ll come down to Lynch or Twyman and I think over time Twyman will take over as the nickel 3T. Something we’ve been missing since Sheldon Richardson left.
  6. Also Mike Hughes and Jeff Gladney are still on the roster. I think they’re betting on Mike Hughes having a career year and maybe they know something about Gladney’s situation that has kept them from cutting him from the roster so far. With all that said, we currently have 7 solid cornerbacks so I don’t blame them for not taking another one in this draft. Last year’s CB class was deeper/better and we picked 3 of them. Rick Spielman is a Draft God. 🙏🏼
  7. Wyatt Davis was a 5-Star recruit out of High School and would’ve been a 1st round pick had he declared last year. I don’t think we should compare him to Elflein. Even though they played for the same team, the O-Line was better with Wyatt Davis, than it was when it had Elflein. Also the fact that Davis didn’t play in the championship, was a determining reason why Fields and Ohio St didn’t have a good game and lost. I think he will be a day one starter. I was hoping for him or Meinerz. This draft was full of steals, for us and for other teams. When it’s all said and done I think this will go dow
  8. Yeah I feel like he will be even more motivated because of that. He will have a chip on his shoulder that most other kids won’t understand. When I heard him crying on that phone call I knew this guy has heart. That’s something you can’t teach. Crazy how he was being projected to go in the first and second round and we got him in the 6th. I think he can lead our DTs in sacks this year with 5+. He knows how to get to the QB. This was one of my favorite picks of the draft.
  9. Exactly what I thought. I would rather have had Browning as well. He does know how to get pressure on the QB though.
  10. Can’t be any worse than Xavier Rhodes in 2019. I’m hoping Zimmer can resurrect his career like he did with Terrence Newman. Peterson had a pretty down year last season but hopefully he can bounce back. If he can return to his 2018 form, then we’ll be alright.
  11. Shamar Stephen had a pretty good year stopping the run. Not a good pass rusher, but he’s good at stopping the run. Him and Pierce would make it hard to run through the middle. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back if we don’t draft Barmore, Wilson or Onwuzurike. Jaleel Johnson is most likely gone.
  12. If he was due to make $12 million, but restructures to make $8 million, to me that’s a $4 million pay cut. He basically made less money last year, how is that not a pay cut? Cousins did the same thing. I think it shows a lot of character when you sacrifice your money to keep other key players around.
  13. Him doing what’s best for the team would be to take a pay cut. He didn’t do that. Now he will most likely get to realize that no team will pay him more than $4-5 million a year. If Eric Kendricks can take a pay cut for the team, why shouldn’t anyone else? Kendricks was our best defensive player last year, and he was coming off of a pay cut, to free up money for other players. That’s a great teammate right there.
  14. He has the worst contract on the team (Cousins included) and he said he won’t take any pay cut. I don’t care if he’s Zimmer’s adopted son, he is not worth that contract. Shamar Stephen had a pretty good year, so I don’t think we should drop him unless we draft Marvin Wilson or Christian Barmore. I understand he’s not much of a pass rusher but him and Pierce would likely be one of the best run-stopping DT tandems in the league. If our starting D-Line is: Hunter- Pierce- Stephen- Rousseau I think we’ll be solid.
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