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  1. I think they were starting over, because they had a new head coach in Andy Reid, a new system, and they didn’t have elite WRs and an elite RB like we do. Also Kirk Cousins is better than Alex Smith. Prime for prime, you can’t argue that. I wouldn’t be mad if we take a QB at 14, but personally I would rather take an elite LG/LT like Rashawn Slater. With a great O-Line, our team would be lethal on offense. Then we can focus on defense with the rest of our picks. Only things we need to fix on our offense really is LG, 3rd WR, back-up QB and a 2nd/3rd TE since we’ll most likely cut Rudolph. Defens
  2. I would rather trade down to the highest bidder. For example: Washington’s #19 pick, plus their second-rounder and 2022 first-round pick . I don’t think we can refuse an offer like that. Even if Justin Fields and Zach Wilson turn out to be Pro Bowlers. The way this team is built, I don’t think we should pass up on our main needs, in order to get the QB of the future. If we address our main needs really well, we can be a contender next year and for years to come. If we don’t address our main needs (LG, DE, CB, DT) and take the QB of the future, we’ll most likely miss the playoffs again next yea
  3. Yeah same here. He would’ve easily been a first round pick. Don’t know why he would pass that up. Maybe he thinks he can go top 10 next year? Speaking of WRs, I think there will be some nice receivers available in the middle rounds and we desperately need a solid #3 WR. I like Seth Williams, Dyami Brown and Jonathan Adams. I think Adams would be a great fit because he is great at stretching the field, high pointing the ball and catching away from his body. Also he might be the best blocking WR in the draft. Jonathan Adams in round 4. You heard it here first. 🙏🏼
  4. Patrick Mahomes does not have a bad offensive line, and definitely doesn’t have a terrible defense. Tyrann Mathieu is one of the best defensive players in the league. The Chiefs are a great team, it’s not just Patrick Mahomes. They beat us last year with Matt Moore starting. I think they’ll repeat this year.
  5. Pretty good and I wouldn’t be mad at that draft. I like taking Slater at #14 if he’s still available and then trading next year’s 1st rounder for a high second-round pick to get “Boogie“ Basham. PFF mock drafts are pretty cool and look accurate also.
  6. He has already torn his ACL on both legs. I didn’t realize he played all those games in the past three years. Good for him, but I hope he can maintain it. I’ve realized it’s more important to have a great OL, than it is to have a great QB. I could name a lot of teams that won a championship without a great QB, but none won without a great offensive line. With that being said I hope we can get either: Slater, Davis, Vera-Tucker, Leatherwood or Carman. Slater would be my favorite and can be our best lineman off the bat. If we can trade down to pick up a second rounder and still pick Slater in th
  7. That’s a bad trade in my opinion and I would hate it if we gave up that much to get an injury prone QB. With our offensive line, I would bet he gets injured in the first half of the season. I don’t think we should jump ship on Kirk Cousins. He had a pretty solid season. The numbers don’t lie. I’m willing to bet if he gets a better offensive line, and a better defense, that gives him better field position and more time to rest on the sidelines, he will do better next season. I saw a stat on PFF that our offensive line was graded 25th, pretty much every year since Zimmer took over. Also we had t
  8. Yeah no question. Hopefully Kirk Cousins realizes that and restructures his contract again in the offseason. If we can knock off $5- $10 million from his cap hit, it would be huge.
  9. The thing is, you can win a Super Bowl with a “mediocre” QB. The Eagles won, not so long ago, with Nick Foles. No knock on Nick Foles, he played some great games, but he’s never been considered a great QB let alone a franchise QB. The point I’m trying to make is, I have faith in Kirk Cousins being a good enough QB to win a Super Bowl. As long as we have a great team and great offensive line in front of him. If we have a top-10 defense again, with our current offensive weapons, and an improved offensive line. I think Kirk Cousins can take us to the playoffs at the very least.
  10. I think at that point we have to decide whether we take Trey Lance or trade down to a later first-round pick and acquire a second rounder. I think trading down is our best bet. No matter how good Trey Lance is, I would rather shore up our other positions of need: DE, OG, CB, DT. If we can trade down to the end of the first and still get Jaycee Horn, Kwity Paye or Wyatt Davis, I wouldn’t be mad at that.
  11. Yup I wouldn’t be mad at all if we trade down, even twice, to get a pick between 25-30. Even if that means passing on Trey Lance and Zach Wilson. I would rather get a great lineman late in the first, while acquiring more picks in the second and third round, than get a QB of the future and missing out on other position players of the future. We can still find our QB of the future in later rounds. Kellen Mond, Desmond Ridder and Brady White are some guys who have starting potential that’ll be there in the later rounds. Also if Kyle Trask falls to the late 3rd/4th round, I think that’ll be a grea
  12. Yeah I really hope we trade down and acquire a 2nd or even trade next year’s first rounder for this year’s 2nd round pick. There’s too much talent to pass up on this year. I like those offensive linemen, especially Leatherwood and Carman. I also like Alijah Vera- Tucker and Wyatt Davis. I think we’ll solidify our O-line with any of those guards.
  13. I like Jaylen Twyman, Jay Tufele and Darius Stills more. Christian Barmore seems to get pushed back on a lot of plays and has issues with his anchor. Jaylen Twyman is a DT that I hope we get in order to give us a good pass rusher from the 3Tech position. Something we haven’t had since Sheldon Richardson left. That is also the year I remember us having our best defense during the Zimmer era. We need pass rushers! Christian Barmore is good, but if we can get Twyman in the 2nd or 3rd round, that’ll be my preference.
  14. Cutting Mike Hughes wouldn’t be a move to save a lot of money, but it would be the right move for the team, in order to give better players more reps. Like I said, I think Dantzler, Gladney, Hand and Boyd are more promising. I’m just saying if we draft a cornerback or two, Hughes is expendable. Even if that means we won’t save much money by cutting him, we still need to have our best players on the field.
  15. Cutting him would save us close to $1.5 million and we don’t have to pay him next year. Rather move on than pay him $4 million to be our 4th or 5th CB. Also this is his second season-ending neck injury. I don’t hate the guy, and I wouldn’t hate to have him on the team next year, but I just don’t think we should keep him when we have 4 or 5 guys that are better. Like I said before, this is a very deep cornerback class and I’m sure Zimmer will be keen on getting at least one or even two.
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