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  1. I won’t be disappointed with Vera-Tucker or Barmore, if those other players are gone. Like I said, I think at least one of those elite players will be available. Won’t be disappointed if we trade back, get a second rounder, and still end up with a day one starter in the later first round. That would be ideal in my opinion.
  2. Yeah we have to trade back from #14 in order to do that. I think that’s our best bet in general for this draft. There are still going to be a lot of great players available from picks 20-27. I think at least one of either: Rousseau, Paye, Barmore, Slater, and Vera-Tucker would still be available and I’ll be fine with any of those players in the later first round.
  3. I like all of these players as well, and even if it’s not too realistic, I still hope we find a way to get these guys. Rousseau would be a day one starter on the other side of Hunter, and those two would immediately give us a great pass rush. Onzuwurike also looks like a day one starter at 3Tech and so does Wyatt Davis at either guard position. Eric Stokes reminds me of Dantzler with his size and coverage ability. He can be a 3rd round CB that starts from day one as well. Davis Mills is one of my favorite QBs in the draft and I like him more than Trask. If he’s there in the 3rd-4th ro
  4. Trades: To NYJ: #14 To MIN: #23 & #34 #23 - Gregory Rousseau - DE #34 - Wyatt Davis - OG #78 - Levi Onzuwurike - DT #90- Eric Stokes - CB #119 - Davis Mills - QB #125 - Seth Williams - WR #135 - Patrick Jones - DE #139 - James Wiggins - S #159- Garrett Wallow - LB #172- Rhamondre Stevenson - RB #200- Tre McKitty - TE #222- Shaka Toney - DE
  5. Why does everyone think Reiff is going to be gone? He was easily our best Offensive Lineman last season and he just restructured his deal. Meaning he wants to stay. I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon. We just need a left guard and our line is pretty much set. I do agree that we have to address OL and DL early and I’m hoping we can trade back, so we can get additional picks and address both of those positions early. In a perfect world we get Rousseau in the first and Wyatt Davis in the second, after a trade down. 🙏🏼
  6. I think Kirk Cousins has had a pretty good run from 2018-2020. His numbers don’t lie. However, he’s not a great QB. Meaning he won’t single-handedly lead a team to the Super Bowl. I think with a great team though, we can win a Super Bowl, even with Kirk Cousins. Sort of like Nick Foles with the Eagles, or Joe Flacco with the Ravens. These guys weren’t the greatest of QBs, but they had a great team, and they got the job done. I think Kirk Cousins is good enough to get the job done.
  7. I’ll take either one of those guys. I’ve done many mock drafts and there’s always a good WR available in the 4th-5th round. I’d be pretty pissed if we don’t get one. I’ll even take a late round flyer on Tamorrion Terry. Yeah he has some personality problems but most kids from FSU do, and Dalvin Cook is the perfect guy to set him on a right path. Terry kind of reminds me of Randy Moss. Not as polished but the raw talent is there. Moss went to FSU too before he went to Marshall. It’ll be interesting if we gamble on Tamorrion Terry. Jefferson, Thielen and Terry would be scary.
  8. Schwartz is sort of like a smaller, faster Jefferson. Great hands, great footwork and great speed. He also aligns in the slot as well as the boundary. You can put him anywhere. The thing about good slot receivers is, they usually do well on the outside as well. Jefferson played primarily in the slot during his senior year, and he proved he can be just as good on the boundary in the NFL. I think it’s actually harder to play in the slot than it is to play on the outside, because there is a lot more traffic through the middle. On the outside, it’s just you and the CB most of the time. So Dazz New
  9. It’s the 4th round and the following WRs are available. Who do you take? - Anthony Schwartz - Seth Williams - Johnathan Adams Jr. - Romeo Doubs - Dazz Newsome In my opinion any of those guys would be an upgrade over our current #3 WR. I know we just drafted the best WR last season, but since the whole league will have a game plan for Jefferson, we need that 3rd guy to be capable of doing great things too. Also Thielen has struggled to stay healthy throughout the whole season during the past couple of years, so I think our #3 guy will have to start some gam
  10. I’d love that Jets trade. With the 23rd pick I’d take either Slater or Vera-Tucker. Then with the 34th pick I’d take Jaelan Phillips. That solves our O-Line problem and our pass-rush problem. Then with our two 3rd rounders I’d like the best available CB (Newsome, Stokes, Gowan) and the best available DT (Nixon, Wilson, Twyman, Tufele) any one of those guys would be day one contributors, if not starters. In the 4th I think we should look for depth at WR, Safety and LB. Seth Williams, Richie Grant and Garret Wallow are some of my favorite 4th round prospects. I don’t think Nasirildeen
  11. All I know is Conklin filled in nicely when he was gone. Rudolph is as good as gone and I won’t really miss him. We need faster guys who can actually get open through the middle. Rudolph has lost too many steps. He’s only good in the red zone, but it doesn’t make sense to pay someone $8 million just to be a designated red zone target. $2 Million is what he actually deserves for a small role like that.
  12. Seth Williams, Jonathan Adams, or Romeo Doubs in the 4th round. Seth Williams would be amazing but if he’s gone, Jonathan Adams would be a great fit too. Great athlete with great hands, and one of the best blocking WRs in the draft. Good thing we have 3 4th rounders this year. There’s going to be a lot of talent in the middle rounds.
  13. Love this kid. I’d admit, I never thought he was going to be this good. At least not this early. I thought Jerry Jeudy would have this type of start to his career. I remember Chris Simms said that Justin Jefferson is going to be better than Jeudy, and I thought he was crazy, but he was right. Respect to Chris Simms. I see Justin Jefferson having an even better year next season, and being a top-5 WR in this league for a long time. It’s crazy how he’s only 21 and he’s in the top-5 conversation already. Sky is the limit.
  14. We can probably get him in the 3rd and even the 4th round. In those rounds I also like DE Jordan Smith, DT Jaylen Twyman and maybe even DE Rashad Weaver if he falls. All of those guys will improve our pass rush. My favorite DE in the draft is Jaelan Phillips. Hope we can trade back and pick up a 2nd rounder to get him.
  15. A franchise QB on a bad team will either get injured (e.g. Burrow), lose confidence (e.g. Sam Darnold), or eventually ask to get traded (Deshaun Watson). Also, a great team can make an average QB look great. Nick Foles is a career back-up who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles not too long ago. I would much rather build a great team through the draft, than gamble on a QB’s potential. It’s basically suicide for a “franchise QB” to be on a bad team. Not even Trevor Lawrence can turn a franchise around by himself. It’s a team sport. If Nick Foles can win a Super Bowl with a great team, so can Kirk
  16. OL is actually not that deep this year. After Jackson Carman, there really isn’t any starting caliber guard in this draft. That’s why I really hope we get one early. I really like Slater and Vera-Tucker. Carman is good too. If we can trade back from #14 and get #25 and #33 from Jacksonville that would be perfect. Then I think we should go with LG and DE with the first two picks. We can get Twyman or Tufele in the 3rd round. This draft has a lot of talent. Twyman and Tufele would’ve been second rounders, at least, if they played last year.
  17. I think cutting Rudolph and Barr would free up the space we need to re-sign Wilson and Harris. I would much rather keep Wilson than Barr. I know he’s not as good in the run game, but getting Michael Pierce and maybe drafting Christian Barmore would solve our run-defense problems. You can’t really blame the LBs for not stopping the run. It’s not like Wilson is a bad tackler, he’s just not a run stopper, and that’s okay. I think he is one of the best coverage LBs in the league, maybe second to Eric Kendricks. Those two in our nickel sets are clearly the best duo in the league. As for Harris, hop
  18. What if Jordan Love is not “the guy”? I really like Justin Fields & Trey Lance, but if we get a big trade offer (later 1st round pick, plus a second and third) I don’t think we should pass that up. That’s 3 potential starters, versus one potential franchise QB. Usually the best QBs don’t even win the Super Bowl. Besides Patrick Mahomes winning it last year, can’t remember the last time the best QB in the league at the time won. Maybe Peyton Manning with the Colts? What I’m basically saying is, it’s a team game, and what good is getting a great QB if we don’t have a great team around him? I
  19. Switch Wyatt Davis for Alijah Vera-Tucker and I’ll take it. I’d like to keep our #90 pick as well. I really hope we trade back. So much talent in the middle rounds of this draft. I like Daviyon Nixon a lot and I also like the corners Gary Newsome and Eric Stokes. Hope we can get one of those guys as well. I’d settle for Rodarious Williams too. We need a true number 2 outside corner. I think Gladney operates best in the slot. Dantzler and Newsome on the boundary with Gladney and Hughes at nickel would be amazing.
  20. Or Tampa Bay, since Gronk will most likely retire again. Either way, Rudolph was on his way out after Conklin showed what he’s capable of. We can use that cap money towards re-signing Wilson and Harris. 🙏🏼
  21. I think there are going to be a lot of talented players in the later rounds this year, mostly due to players opting out and not having a lot of game-tape. It’s a rare case that we’ve never seen before. But I think the silver lining is, we’re going to get day 2 value on day 3. One guy that really impressed me is Shane Buechele. Can he be the next 6th round QB gem? He does play a lot like Brady. I hope Spielman has an eye on him in the later rounds. Max Borghi is another guy I like. He’s lethal on passing downs. Kind of like a bootleg CMC. Also Darius Stills and Shaka Toney are interesting late-
  22. I’d be more shocked if we picked a QB or WR that early to be honest. TE in the 2nd round, if Freiermuth falls would be amazing, just based on value and need for a solid #2. Conklin is good and all but he’s not elite. Freiermuth is going to be elite. Same as Brevin Jordan. But, this is a pretty deep TE class so I think we can also target Hunter Long, Kenny Yeboah or Nick Eubanks in the 5th/6th round. Kenny Yeboah looks like a poor man’s Kyle Pitts. If he learns to improve his blocking, he’ll be a starter in the league. Overall this class is deep at many positions, but one position tha
  23. Yeah I think it’d be better to get one in the later rounds. I honestly think there are going to be better WRs in this draft than last year’s draft. Last year had a deep class and this class is looking even deeper. If we can get either: Seth Williams, Johnathan Adams or Romeo Doubs in the 4th or 5th that would give us an extra weapon on the outside. Justin Jefferson is most likely going to get doubled next year, so Thielen and our 3rd WR are going to get a lot of one-on-ones. Jefferson, Thielen and Seth Williams would be a terror for opposing secondaries. Also I think we’re going to d
  24. I think they were starting over, because they had a new head coach in Andy Reid, a new system, and they didn’t have elite WRs and an elite RB like we do. Also Kirk Cousins is better than Alex Smith. Prime for prime, you can’t argue that. I wouldn’t be mad if we take a QB at 14, but personally I would rather take an elite LG/LT like Rashawn Slater. With a great O-Line, our team would be lethal on offense. Then we can focus on defense with the rest of our picks. Only things we need to fix on our offense really is LG, 3rd WR, back-up QB and a 2nd/3rd TE since we’ll most likely cut Rudolph. Defens
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