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  1. AV is absolutely done. Steelers fans were right about this one unfortunately. The only positive thing i can get from this game is the fact that BAL played like **** and it was still really close.
  2. I swear everytime I watch a HL video of a random NFL pass-rusher there are at least 2 or 3 plays of him absolutely murdering Eric Fisher. GL to him and the Colts I guess
  3. I like him , but for the right price good bye and thanks for everything. He just wants money and I don't blame him. As long as the Ravens get great value for him, it's all good to me. It's not like we're losing Ogden and as far as OL go, the Ravens do have a good track drafting and developing good players, so I'm not really worried about it.
  4. Yeah I have to agree with this. I mean, he is just trying to say the right words, but we know it's all about the money. Let's say that our attempt to play him as a LT failed miserably this season (it didn't obviously). Do you see OB Jr saying the same words? Nah. He knows he is capable of playing LT and he knows that's the spot to target if he wants to get paid big time. I don't blame him, but as DK said, stop the freaking act. Our OL is clearly a weak spot. We have been able to squeeze good OLs with late round picks and UDFAs, but we let Jensen go, Yanda retired and Stanley is not relia
  5. You don't need a top 10 pick to land a stud WR. Lat 3/4 drafts showed it. Justin Jefferson, AJ Brown, Mecole Hardman, DK Metcalf, Courtland Sutton, DJ Shark, Juju Smith, Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay. Other than Jefferson, the Ravens passed on all those guys. So we have to figure out if we either have a problem of scouting WRs or if we have a problem to develop them. We have to fix this problem NOW. It's about time for the Ravens FO to do their freaking job and land a stud WR. Because we can't be this joke of a franchise when it comes to WRs while we see teams like the Steeler
  6. Lol. Talk about a scrub with confidence. He reminds me NBA Nick Young.
  7. Nah. As a non-american I'd say baseball is way more complex than football. To me, to explain baseball and all its nuances to a person with zero knowledge to the sport is really hard. It's much easier to explain football.
  8. Yep. We all saw what happened to Popovich once Tim Duncan called it a day. Not only his team became pathetic, but he also lost the locker- room. I trust Bill way more than Popovich though.
  9. They weren't remotely close to the level of dominance of that Bulls team. They don't deserve jack
  10. Hollywood Brown. Not trying to be a big homer, but I believe there's a good chance he becomes a pro-bowl WR this season. He got so much stronger this off-season. His new pics on tweeter look insane
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