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  1. PFF's QB rankings for every team entering the 2018 season

    Seems right about Flacco
  2. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    Yeah they're signing Dez
  3. Next Super Bowl winning coach to be fired

    Harbaugh He misses playoffs this season and he is gone
  4. Players that you think will disappoint in 2018

    Nah BB is still there If I had to guess, Jimmy G.
  5. Correa really helped himself this game. I can say that I was not expecting such a good game from him at all. Perriman on the other hand ...
  6. Who's due for a career year in 2018?

    Alex Collins
  7. PFF offensive line rankings heading into the seaosn.

    Yeah Ravens O-Line will be WAY BETTER that what PFF indicates.
  8. Most overrated player on your team?

    Among Ravens fans it's easily Joe Flacco. A lot of fans have this blind love for him because of 12, even though he has been terrible since that legendary run. The fact the NFL made a top 5 Ravens of all-time video and they had him in the 4th spot makes me vomit. As a Raven, he is not better than Suggs, Yanda, J.Lewis or even Ngata.
  9. Ravens Pick up Perrimans roster bonus

    The problem was not the position or the injury. He couldn't tackle to save his life. I still have nightmares with Amendola's TD. Both showed little to nothing, but if Elam had 4 years to show something, then Perriman deserves the shot as well.
  10. Ravens Pick up Perrimans roster bonus

    Can't disagree with the decision. Even Matt Elam was given 4 years to show something. Breshad at least showed flashes. Elam couldn't even tackle.
  11. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

    Rice Not only the GOAT WR but also the GOAT overall
  12. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    Only if the Ravens cut him post June, which does not make sense to me. But in 2020, he will have a 28m cap hit with a 8m dead cap. That's when I think the Ravens will cut him.
  13. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    He will sit AT LEAST 2 years. You guys are delusional if you think he is going to start after 1 season. Flacco will start in the next 2 seasons then the Ravens will figure out what to do depending on Lamar's progression and how Flacco performs in that spam.
  14. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    No doubt we're going to take an UDFA RB. Who's the best available ? Darrel Williams.. Akrum Wadley decent names