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  1. Rob D is tweeting the Pack letting go of Perry. Not stunned
  2. Call your shot: Veteran Cuts Edition

    The Bear's game last night is exactly why you can't cut Mason. He's not a STUD anymore, but who the heck do you get to replace him? I'm assuming, of course, that the Bears actually tried to replace Parkey at some point, but man...would just as soon GB not go thru a mess like trying to find a kicker if they don't have to.
  3. So, any reason Cain isn't off the board yet at WR?
  4. Did the Packers slip up in round two ?

    Saints pick could also still be used in a trade for a player yet too, although not likely. Stranger things have happened. Not as worried about WR with Davante and Cobb and a cast of thousands. All else fails, Ty can move back outside too. Matter of fact, I'd prefer it..
  5. First of all....let me get this out of the way: Mr Anon wants to preach about the failure rate of picks while speaking of the need to sign FAs?? How many FAs don't make it past the first 2 years of their contracts again?? (Andrew Brandt had a tweet about it some time ago...the number, is HIGH) 2: Packers get (I think it was Mayocks board) 2 of the top 4 CBs in the draft? NICE. C: Packers get 2 CBs that actually PLAYED CB and not some guy that played bball and another that was a safety they thought might be able to play CB. NICE! 4. Jackson was the BPA when he was picked. I was actually going to pose the question about picking him in the thread about Day 2 and thought it would never happen, so never posted. Hoping that some better coverage leads to some coverage SACKS. NICE
  6. Dream pick left

    Want me some Fuuuuum !
  7. Y'all are bored silly, aren't ya....
  8. 2017 Divisional Round

    Throw in the annoying Direct TV and Verizon commercials along with the teams left playing and it's darn near unwatchable!!!
  9. 2017 Divisional Round

    Williams Bostick Moore This was terrible. Don't even have to hit him, just hold onto him until the other guys get there and clock runs out.
  10. 2017 Wild Card Round

    Saints have learned how to use both backs and still keep the WRs involved. I think they give the Vikes more than a hard time next week and move on. Defense has improved since their Week 1 matchup too. Just really hoping for a SB that ISN'T Jax/Minny. 9-6 barn burner...
  11. Ranking needs

    I'll give you Edge as the easy #1. Keep seeing Landry out of B.C. in most mocks. I'm going to say TE/WR is probably 2nd, because either Cobb or Nelson is going to be gone and the Janis/Davis thing isn't lighting any fires. Ty can move back outside, but can't stay out of the trainers room. I'm not done with Spriggs yet, he showed some flashes this year. However, trenches are a need.
  12. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    I like it! I think the rumors of Ball taking over and TT still hanging around would have lead people to think that Ted was still pulling the strings. Not all bad, but fans were looking for new blood.
  13. TOTAL believer that the change in practice schedules and lack there of has lead to increases in injuries !
  14. I get that some injuries are things you can do nothing about. (See also: Collarbone, Aaron) However, as the season goes along, the team seems to be dipping deeper and deeper into the backups at every position, and I am wondering if the training staff can't/shouldn't be held somewhat responsible. I'm thinking of the annual Clay Matthews hammy, the offensive line this, that and the other thing. ASKING, not stating, just to be clear. Does there need to be a change made there as well, and if so, who pulls the pin on that? I'm assuming it's MM.