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  1. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    No score prediction, but I see it being tied going into the 4th quarter before Fitzpatrick turns the ball over twice and we win by 2 TD's. Book It
  2. Cap Space leading in 2020 Season

    I know ESPN suggested it as a trade, and maybe it's a bit of my Badger fandom too, I wouldn't mind signing Melvin Gordon even with a potential 37 year old Gore and Singletary on the roster.
  3. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    12 team PPR, start 3 WR's, pick #3 overall. I also put the round in which I drafted said player. QB Matt Ryan (7th) RB Alvin Kamara (1st) RB Devonta Freeman (2nd) WR Julian Edleman (4th) WR Mike Williams (5th) WR Allen Robinson (6th) TE Vance McDonald (8th) Flex Melvin Gordon (3rd) K Jake Elliott (16th) Def Buffalo (15th) BN Russell Wilson (9th) BN Golden Tate (10th) BN Ronald Jones (11th) BN Jordan Reed (12th) BN Jalen Richard (13th) BN Tyrell Williams (14th)
  4. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    Rashan Gary?
  5. Free Agency Thread

    I was indifferent until the Tre concussion. If Logan Paul was a football player, his name would be Rob Gronkowski.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Official Visits Time

    Am I crazy for thinking that Greedy Williams could be a solid pick? I look at this team now and think the #2 CB could possibly be our biggest hole.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Official Visits Time

    I am there with yah, that's how I know the Patriots are going to trade for Rosen for pennies on the dollar. Because we can't have anything nice.
  8. Maxmw22's Mock Offseason

    My mock drafts are usually more of a prediction of what I think is going to happen rather than what I want to happen. Some picks will obviously represent guys that I might be fans of, but for the most part, I try to be objective. For my figures and projections of salary, I try and pull my numbers from spotrac.com Top 51 Roster + Dead Money + Draft Pick Money = $119,600,000 Adjusted Salary Cap (with Rollover) = $196,900,000 Cap Space = $77,300,000 After looking at the roster, most of them would not as qualified as being top 51 on the roster, those that would be, are noted below Cuts from the top 51 RB Chris Ivory (2.1 mil) OL Valdimir Ducasse (2.00 mil) Total Savings = $4,100,000 Current Cap Space = $81,400,000 Resignings: TE Logan Thomas (1 year, $1 mil) – With only Jason Croom on the roster, we give Logan a year deal that is a slight increase from the $790k he made the previous year DT Jordan Phillips (3 years, $10 mil) – Phillips did well when he played last year, and with Kyle Williams retiring, we will need a #3 DT to rotate with Star and Harry, the Bills bring back Phillips to compete for that spot. (contract breakdown3,3,4) Current Cap Space = 77,400,000 Free Agents RT Daryl Williams (4 years, $36 mil) – The contract is via 247 sports. The Bills elect to keep Dawkins at LT and sign this former Panther. It’s no secret about our HC/GM bringing in former Panthers, and now they sign Williams. This would make him the 3rd highest paid RT in the league, but we can afford it. (contract breakdown, 10, 9, 9, 8) OG Mike Iupati (3 years, $17 mil) – Iupati might be on the wrong side of 30, but is still a solid player and could provide leadership along a young offensive line. They could slide him next to Dion Dawkins and move Wyatt Teller to RG. This might be a little pricey at this point, but if you are going to overpay for a position, I believe it should be OL (contract breakdown 7,6,4) CB Darqueze Dennard (4 years, $22 mil) – Overshadowed on a disappointing Bengals defense that lacked leadership or any kind of semblance of a cohesive unit, Dennard didn’t really have a chance to show what he could do on team that seemed to exclusively draft 1st rd CBs. Dennard played decently in Cincinnati, and that is impressive with their defensive dysfunction. He should be a solid #2 in Buffalo. (contract breakdown 6,6,5,5) WR Randall Cobb (2 years 16 mil) – Contract projection from spotrac, another group I believe that can benefit from a veteran presence, Cobb isn’t what he used to be, but could provide to be a decent #2 with Zay being able to slide into a slot, his versatility to be a threat running the ball opens up our offense as well. (contract breakdown, 10,6) Cap Space = $44,400,000 DRAFT Trade –Buffalo trades #9, #131, #228 to Washington for #15, #76, and 2020 2Nd rd pick – Bills trade their 1st, a 4th, and a 7th to move back to 15, pick up a 3rd this year and 2nd next year. Washington is in need for a QB, and wth a projection of only $16 mil in cap space, they will more than likely look to the draft. Without wanting to sell the farm by trading into the top 5, they trade to 9 to jump Denver and Miami without mortgaging the future. Round 1 (15) via Wash – WR D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss – More than likely the best WR in the draft, The Bills get a WR with some size (6’4” 225 lbs.) This offense lacks weapons, Metcalf will be a great one to have. Round 2 (40) – TE Irv Smith Jr., Alabama – After cutting Clay and a lackluster TE class, the Bills need to address the TE position, this could go to any of Noah Fant, Hockenson, or Smith, but I believe Smith will be the 3rd TE off the board, and will be a solid pass catching option Round 3 (74) – RB Benny Snell, Kentucky – A RB that fits McDermott’s tastes better than LeSean. A power runner first and foremost, he will be a nice compliment and someone we can depend on picking up those tough yards on 3rd down. Round 3 (76) via Wash – DE Austin Bryant, Clemson – A pass rusher as this could be Jerry Hughes final year as a Buffalo Bill and with the uncertainty of Shaq Lawson’s 5th year option, pass rusher should be a target. Bryant was part of a great DL at Clemson, but seems to be the lowest ranked when compared to Wilkins, Lawrence, and Ferrell. Round 4 (112) – DT Greg Gaines, Washington – While this might be a little low for some, with the top end DL talent in this draft, I think some middle round guys might fall, and that works out for Buffalo. He’ll be the run stopper that will allow Harry to be more of a penetrator. Round 5 (147) – RB Darrell Henderson, Memphis – Buffalo doubles up on the RB’s, but take the speedy Henderson this time around. With Shady’s health, we would be wise to get insurance. Snell was the power back, Henderson should be able to be the speed guy who is capable of catching the ball out of the backfield Round 5 (158) – OG Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin – Unimpressive showing at the Senior Bowl will cause his stock to drop, but the Bills will take him to be an eventual swing OG and he has the size to potentially play OT in a pinch (6’6” 309 lbs. with arm length = 33 3/8) Round 6 (181) – LB Kahlil Hodge, Buffalo – A LB that can play either ILB or OLB, another versatile player who will make the roster as the first OLB sub and maybe ILB sub depending on Stanford. Round 7 (225) – P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah – With Bjorquez coming off an injury, the Bills bring in some competition at the P position. Projected 53 man roster QB – Josh Allen, Matt Barkley, Derek Anderson RB – LeSean McCoy, Benny Snell, Darell Henderson, Marcus Murphy FB – Patrick DiMarco WR –D.K. Metcalf, Randall Cobb, Zay Jones, Robert Foster, Isiah McKenzie, Ray-Ray McCloud TE – Irv Smith Jr., Jason Croom, Logan Thomas OT – Dion Dawkins, Daryl Wiliams, Conor McDermott OG – Mike Iupati, Wyatt Teller, Beau Benzschawel, Jeremiah Sirles C – Spencer Long, Russell Bodine DE – Jerry Hughes, Shaq Lawson, Trent Murphy, Austin Bryant DT – Star Lotulelei, Harrison Phillips, Jordan Phillips, Greg Gaines LB – Lorenzo Alexander, Tremaine Edmunds, Matt MIlano , Julian Stanford, Kahlil Hodge, Deon Lacy CB – Tre’Davious White, Darqueze Dennard, Taron Johnson, Ryan Lewis, Levi Wallace S – Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Rafael Bush, Siran Neal LS – Reid Ferguson K – Stephen Hauschka P – Mitch Wishnowsky Thank You for reading and I do realize I have a ton of UFA money left, and I can’t really say I have an answer on what to do with it. I hope you enjoyed reading, I tried to keep it realistic and now you can tear it apart.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Official Visits Time

    I get secretly giddy being a Badger college football fan and knowing we need OL help and seeing 3 Wisconsin OL at the combine. We would be lucky to get any one of them.
  10. How would you fix the OL?

    I look at what I think our needs are first, OL, RB, WR, #2CB, 2 offensive lineman, DT, TE and then I look at free agent market and for the positions we could use an upgrade at, I really like the OL crop this year (unimpressed with TE market and a very limited RB market plus top end heavy WR market where I think even the decent guys like Tate, Tyrell are going to get way more money than they should). So for me, I would like to draft for WR/RB/TE and use UFA money for OL, #2CB, and DT. That being said, I expect probably 1 bigger OL signing and maybe 2 middle of the road signings (including Spencer Long). For a young QB like this, If I had to pick between two OL with the same talent, but one is a rookie, and the other is a veteran, I would take the veteran. Veteran leadership on the front line where they can help out with declaring defenders, protection slides, guys who can take control and guys who Allen can listen to and absorb their knowledge. I think Spencer Long will be our starting C with Bodine being the 1st bench spot for the interior line (LG, C, RG) so essentially I think Wyat Teller stays at LG (though I think a move to RG wouldn't be so dramatic this early into his career) and Dawkins stays at LT, so for a RG and RT signing. I think RT will be the big signing, and Daryl Williams makes a lot of sense. Maybe Jared Veldheer. For OG I see middle of the road guys like Chance Warmack, Billy Turner, D.J. Fluker. Ultimately I think draft we should attack the skill positions, RB, WR, TE, while in free agency take on OL, #2CB, DL
  11. Draft crushes?

    This is mine, power north/south RB's are starting to get harder to find, and I feel our offense did better with Ivory getting 4 yards up the middle than with shady trying to break loose. This kid could be our battering ram.
  12. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    For anyone watching The Sabres Tuesday against the Blue Jackets, look for yours truly as I scored front row tickets behind the Sabres bench. I'll be wearing my Blue Miller Jersey but my wife will have the old 90's red alternate.
  13. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    I love that you took Bennie Snell. I think we might have to go 3rd round, but still love him there. We just know he is the kind of RB McDermott would love to have.
  14. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    KBJ = James Hardy + Lazy +bad attitude RIP James Hardy
  15. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    My first question would be who is paying for it? I only ask because we got married 2 years ago (After being together for 10) and we made it a point to save up enough to pay for the wedding ourselves. It allowed us more freedom to do what we want. If the parents are helping you out, you might be more handcuffed on what you can do. If you are paying a lot of it for yourselves, my best advice is, don't spend so much you put yourself in a hole. Have fun, traditional stuff is nice, but so is non-traditional. We did cupcakes instead of a cake, we had a guy play bagpipes for our aisle walking music. Make it personal and fun for both of you, our biggest concern was to make sure people were having a good time. Keep in mind we did not have a traditional wedding by any means.