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  1. I think with Milano out , (and with no Sammy Watkins), that we are going to get a high dose of Travis Kelce tonight...
  2. We haven't had a pass rush all year, it's going to have to be a point of emphasis next offseason, minus Epenesa, I think Hughes, Murphy and anyone else at DE can take a hike.
  3. I get yah, I remembered the Staal trade after posting this. I still hold out hope for Reinhart going back to C, but I am sure that is a pipe dream. I know Olofsson did well before injuries on the first line, but I still can't understand the idea of having Skinner play on Eichel's line when we got him, put up big numbers, sign him to a huge contract, then take him off Eichel's line.
  4. In Sabres news, we signed Taylor Hall...hopefully this will let Reinhart play his natural position of C on the 2nd line if we have a first line of Hall-Eichel-Skinnner/Olofsson.
  5. 745am to 415pm and working from home... I'll even get some pre-gaming in.
  6. I honestly only believe the only reason the NFL is trying to get this game in is so that the Bills players can get paid. At this point, Tennessee will be starting Yancy Thigpen if he is available.
  7. One misconception is that this turnaround has only been for 4 games. That is false. While he only has 4 games under his belt this season with Diggs, working with Jordan Palmer in the off-season, ask any Bills fan, and they will say they saw a difference with his decision making after the 3 INT game against New England last year. Unless you watched a lot of Bills games last year, you probably only remember the Wildcard game where he went Hero Ball on a few plays towards the end. While he still does that on occasion, though it is not nearly as much as before. His accuracy and mechanics have been improved for maybe 4 games, but that was only possible because his decision making started to improve after Week 4 of 2019.
  8. On the one hand I realize were are in a pandemic, and these things happen. If all the protocols were being followed and this outbreak happens, you do your best to try and contain it my isolating and quarantining. Problem is a few players thought it would be ok to practice at a high school and get a workout out in. Even if they NFL did not exclusively say not to do that (they shouldn't have to). They obviously missed the whole point of them being locked down from their facility. It might of come from a place of "not letting down the team by being unprepared" and getting a practice in, but you are letting down THE LEAGUE by breaking protocol and potentially putting others at risk. Either the players didn't care, or the issues being explained to them WHY this was happening was not clear, and falls down to the coaching staff. For this latter reason this needs to be taken care of with no thoughts on how it impacts the Titans, because either a subgroup of players didn't care (get your house in order) or the coaching staff failed to get across the severity of what was going on. I feel like the Titans should have to forfeit the games against the Steelers and Bills (if things don't clear up in time) the Team should be fined, and those players who held the workout at the high school should be forced to be placed on the covid 19/reserve list and forfeit the rest of the years salary.
  9. I don't leave the Bills forum a lot anymore, but I though this one point is a big thing. I am sure people have pointed out that his skill players, especially at WR have improved, and in his year 2 Buffalo signed 7 OL and drafted Cody Ford in the 2nd rd. He has also worked out with Jordan Palmer to help with his mechanics. All of these points might have been mentioned and are definitely a big part of his progress. What might not have been mentioned is I think his mindset has changed (not 100%). I remember watching an interview with him (might of just been a local interview). But definitely from year 1 to year 2, Josh explained that when OC Brian Daboll dialed it up to take a shot, that Josh would have tendency to force it, or play hero ball. This happened to the point where Daboll had to sit him down and tell him "Hey man, when we dial it up and it's not there, don't feel like this is your only chance, we will dial it up again". I think he wanted so bad to take advantage of his strong arm that when Buffalo called for a shot down field, it didn't matter what the coverage was, he was taking that shot. I think he has matured and realized he doesn't have to do it himself (though he will occasionally play hero ball, but not nearly as much), and I think he trusts Daboll is going to make calls to put him in the position to win, whether that is 25 underneath patterns, throwing the ball constantly downfield, or just handing it off. I think Josh maturing and trusting his OC is a big part of his progress.
  10. I am more concerned with the Raiders players that are starting to test positive....
  11. We're on to Tennessee Maybe With masks Yes masks We're on to Tennessee with masks!
  12. I agree with this, I believe Edwards and Ruggs are out, Trent Brown is still out. The Raiders will be working with Zay Jones, Agholor, and Renfroe. We need to pull a Patriots and try to eliminate Waller and pray we can stop the run. I am worried with how we got gashed by the Rams, I do think we pull out the win. Bills- 31 Raiders -21
  13. Something they should do, which is long overdue (and used to be around anyways) is extending the regular season to 18 weeks with each team getting 2 byes. Would allow for more movement if needed as well as additional time for players to get healthy from injuries.
  14. The only QB in the NFL to have thrown for 300+ yards in every game. Nice!
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