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  1. A buddy of mine is a Cowboys fan living in Boston. He went to the Boys/Pats game last night. Great game to go to for him. Around halftime I asked him for a favor. I asked him to give me 1 "Let's Go Buffalo!" before he leaves. I was half joking....Guess what I woke up to today? A really grainy video of a man yelling "Let's Go Buffalo!" as patriot fans empty the stadium.....I've never been so proud.
  2. 🤭😅 haha thanks, came close on the others, short changed us on the score and turnovers
  3. Defense/st will be the surprise this week. Predicting 3 turnovers from Houston and a defensive/ST score for us. Allen won't eclipse 250 yards because he won't have to. Bills 34 Texans 6
  4. I'll take his partner in crime Jordan Poyer @bigbadbuffis up
  5. Stefon Diggs @Trentwannabe
  6. I don't want to say that Josh Allen's breakout MVP caliber season in 2020 was a result of him being my adopt-a-bill.....I am also not gonna say it wasn't because of that fact. Are you willing to take that chance for 2021? I'm in, and I hope for our sake that I get Josh Allen again....haha
  7. Ggreat extension, and I think the first extension handed out to a Bills QB since Fitzy signed a 6 year $60 mil extension? (Boy money has changed for QBs)
  8. I think there is potential for a lot of m ok movement at CB behind Tre, I think with a strong showing, Dane Jackson could potentially move up that depth chart.
  9. Bold prediction: I think Gabriel Davis is going to be Josh's #2 receiving option by the end of the year. Book it
  10. I honestly think if GB called us about Trubisky, McBeane would go to Trubisky and ask him what he wants. If he wanted to stay here an develop, cool. If he thinks he would be in the mix to start in GB, cool. This is a one year deal and we know why he signed it. He wants to be able to start again, not be our long term backup. If he thinks he has work to do, he'll stay, if he thinks he was just in a bad circumstance in Chicago, he should go.
  11. I was going to go with the QB in between them with Trent Edwards. He was always a Captain Checkdown type of QB, but once Adrian Wilson ruined his life, he was "seeing ghosts" for the rest of his short career.
  12. I try to explain this to Bengals fans around me and what we did in 2019 when it comes to Joe Burrow. It's easy, sign 7 UFA OL and draft one in the 2nd rd. Some of them have to pan out. Cast a wide net.
  13. I feel really good about our OL and depth right about now.
  14. As someone who currently lives in Cincinnati, we better hope this guy never sees the field. You'll be praying for Russell Bodine to return...that is how bad this guy is. He is the Matt Flynn of RTs, not sure how he fleeced the Bengals for as much money as he did.
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