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  1. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    I love that you took Bennie Snell. I think we might have to go 3rd round, but still love him there. We just know he is the kind of RB McDermott would love to have.
  2. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    KBJ = James Hardy + Lazy +bad attitude RIP James Hardy
  3. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    My first question would be who is paying for it? I only ask because we got married 2 years ago (After being together for 10) and we made it a point to save up enough to pay for the wedding ourselves. It allowed us more freedom to do what we want. If the parents are helping you out, you might be more handcuffed on what you can do. If you are paying a lot of it for yourselves, my best advice is, don't spend so much you put yourself in a hole. Have fun, traditional stuff is nice, but so is non-traditional. We did cupcakes instead of a cake, we had a guy play bagpipes for our aisle walking music. Make it personal and fun for both of you, our biggest concern was to make sure people were having a good time. Keep in mind we did not have a traditional wedding by any means.
  4. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I have to agree that beefing up the OL should be the first priority. I think Dawkins and Teller could man the left, but some money into the right side of the line. Top end RG and RT in free agency. If we are going to try and take advantage of Allen's best asset, he'll need more time for deeper routes to develop. We do need offensive playmakers, but I think we might have to look into the draft for that. I'd be ok with using multiple day 1/2 picks on offensive skill positions.
  5. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    Nice, I bought tickets before the season to a January game in Columbus, 1st row right behind the sabres bench, I am pretty stoked.
  6. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Can we play the Jets every week?
  7. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Maybe Peterman can throw with his left hand, can't hurt.
  8. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    I think our big UFA signing will be Ryan Kalil. It makes too much sense. We were hurt by Wood retiring, so we sign a pro bowl C from the Panthers to help a rookie QB. It's like the Star signing this year.
  9. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Zay Jones is the only WR worth keeping on this team....I never envisioned myself saying that.
  10. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think Beane and McDermott should be fired. I just enjoy the hilarity in circumstance that Peterman is starting again. It would be like if we traveled to face the Jets the following week and Anderson and Josh Allen get into a bar fight, get arrested, and are in jail that Sunday forcing us to start Peterman again.
  11. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    Also found a way to enjoy this game Drinking game for this Sunday's Buffalo Bills game: Incompletion - take a drink 3 and out - take 2 drinks Sack - take 3 drinks Interception or fumble - take a shot Pick 6 - chug a beer Everytime the announcers talk about a previous game Peterman threw multiple interceptions - punch yourself in the face
  12. Week 9 NO NO Peterman

    I know it's a new regime, but I wonder if we can talk neckbeard out of retirement....
  13. Around the NFL

    I am of the opinion that we need someone who can get us 4-5 yards up the middle consistently rather than a home run hitter. I just feel like that is the kind of offense McDermott wants to run. Unfortunately I don't see too many not getting close to 30 or becoming free agents.
  14. Josh Allen UCL injury

    No Tommy John surgery after 2nd opinion
  15. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Got my tickets for the Jags game! It'll be the first time back to New Era since they beat the Vikings with a last second TD pass to Sammy from Orton back in 2014.