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  1. GDT Week 5: Bills (3-1) @ Bengals (1-3)

    I do! and they are zubaz cans, what?!
  2. Week 4 GDT - Bills @ Falcons

    I think the most likely scenario for WR would be bringing back Philly Brown who was one of the last cuts before the season.
  3. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    i have a blue Dareus and a red shady, but I will be wearing my throwback blue thurman.
  4. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    Currently in enemy territory... I also have a bet with one of the guys I am going to the game with. I have the Bills +8.5 points. Jersey bet, so what jersey should I get from him when I win?
  5. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    I would, but my wife works third shift, so after the 8 hour drive we are just going to crash at the hotel. We will be in the nosebleeds, now just debating what jersey to wear. Dareus Blue, Thurman Blue, Shady Red
  6. Bills vs. Panthers Week 2

    Return of the Derm! Sean and Beane (see what I did there? Sean Bean...One does not simply...nevermind) head back to Carolina. Latest line has us -7. Hopefully a healthy dose of Shady will keep us on the field. Both offenses don't impress me too much, I could see a very low scoring game.
  7. Bills vs. Jets Week 1

    Me too, going with 2 panther fans. Should be a blast!
  8. Bills vs. Jets Week 1

    Looks like Tyrod is cleared from concussion protocol and will be starting. I see a healthy dose of Shady and lets keep the mistakes to the minimum. BTW: I still like this gif more than the butt fumble
  9. Rate-My-Draft Thread

    10 team PPR, pick #5, Team Name: Throwin' Shady at them Gurleys QB Cam Newton RB Lesean McCoy RB Todd Gurley WR Brandin Cooks WR Alshon Jeffrey TE Zach Ertz FLEX WR Terrelle Pryor DEF NYG K Wil Lutz BN QB Dak Prescott BN WR Larry Fitzgerald BN RB Carlos Hyde BN RB Jacquizz Rodgers BN TE Jason Witten BN WR Pierre Garcon BN RB D'onta Foreman
  10. Kiltman's Sig Emporium ~OPEN~

    @Kiltman, I would love it if you could make a GLORIOUS Bobby Roode sig, take as much time as you need, absolutely no rush. No real requests besides that I would like it wider than 400 pixels.
  11. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    I haven't been around a lot guys, and I do apologize, I will try and be more active once the season starts