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  1. I think our best chance is to come out early and score. Put the Ravens down and force them to pass more than they want. Our defense against the run still worries me.
  2. Buffalo's best chance to win is to run up the score early and get a lead to where Baltimore has to rely on Lamar passing. And by lead, I mean a minimum of 17 points as Baltimore is disciplined enough to stay with the run if it is any closer. With Humphrey and Peters, this could be a game where Davis shines. Buffalo 38 Baltimore 30
  3. Gotta give an HM to Gabriel Davis, those sideline catches at the end if the first half were big.
  4. Oh my....my heart can't take it. Glad it didn't come down to the review. I wanna say first that Rivers played an amazing game, as opposed to Big Ben or Drew who should be leaning to hanging it up, Rivers looked amazing. Big shout out to Tyler Bass O Matic 76 (old SNL reference). That's a big kick for a rookie in our stadium.
  5. I'm like a kid on Xmas day this morning. Couldn't sleep, woke up early....now I just want to open my present.
  6. I feel good coming into this game, I definitely am glad we are not playing Baltimore or Tennessee in the 1st rd. That being said, I think the Colts best chance to win will be with JT behind that OL. Our run defense still does worry me some when we are not blitzing. If the Colts replicate what KC did with CEH, I think that could be the thermal exhaust port to our deathstar. Obviously I still think we will win and Rivers will make a few mistakes that will go our way, but I do have cause for concern.
  7. Ran the scenarios when games were in hand Colts lose,...we play the Dolphins Colts win and Titians lose... we play the Titans All other combos, we play the Colts
  8. I think it is an important note too that after Allen's rookie season the Bills signed 6 OL and drafted Cody Ford in the 2nd rd. They totally overhauled the OL and cast a wide net to make sure we had some competent talent. Only Dion Dawkins I think was held over previously. We signed: Mitch Morse, Jon Feliciano, Ty Nsehke, Quinton Spain, LaAdrian Waddle, and Spencer Long. While not all of them worked out, we got a couple that did, sprinkle in some John Brown and Cole Beasley in place of Fat Kelvin and Zay Jones, and we have a vastly improved supporting cast.
  9. I was looking at some potential cap casualties for next year. I know a lot of us think we are overpaying Star, and we are, but financially, according to spotrac, cutting him would cost us more than keeping him. I think Milano walks, and as much as I want to keep him, as often as we play with only 2 LBs, keeping Klein as the #2 makes sense. He is not as good as Milano in coverage, but Klein has improved and I think the price difference (and if we want to extend Edmunds) I can't see us investing so much in 2 LBs when only 2 see the field so much. I think John Brown could
  10. I have had this game marked on the calendar for a while. I Was really hoping to make the trek to Buffalo as last years game in Pittsburgh was electric (My first game at Heniz Field). This should be a nice litmus test, win or lose, to how we will play in the cold in the playoffs. I would love it if we could lean on the run game and to know that is an option down the road.
  11. I am going to say Buffalo follows the same formula as the other games we play against teams with records worse than us: -Come out Josh Allen blazing, build up a double digit lead going into halftime -49ers make adjustments and force it to a one score game in the 3rd -Bills do everything they can to hold off a surgering 49ers -49ers have a chance to win it in the last 5 minutes, but we get a key defensive stop 24 to 7 at halftime 27 to 21 Buffalo win
  12. Beane/McDermott seems like a guys who want to promote from within unless a previous Carolina connection peekstheir interest. I understand that Daboll didn't really have any connection when hired to replace Rick Dennison. I think unless a HC gets fired with McBeane connections (Matt Nagy is a name to keep an eye on), it'll be Dorsey.
  13. I feel better when he is on the left has, he has that natural hook on the ball. When he lines up on the right hash I worry, he sometimes pushes the ball out right or over adjusts for the hook.....kind of like my golf game.
  14. To elaborate, will week 12 against the Chargers really be the first time we can possibly have Tre, Levi, and Norman play in the same game? I feel like Levi or Tre were out when Norman came back.
  15. With as great as Allen did, I don't want it to be lost that he got sacked 7 times, and what did we not see? Hero ball trying to throw out of it unnecessarily and making a big INT or fumble that could of swung things in a game that shouldn't of been as close as the score indicates. Good job young man on taking your lumps, not panicking, and coming back the next down and dominating. There will be a time for hero ball, but I am loving the maturation and confidence.
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