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  1. I try to explain this to Bengals fans around me and what we did in 2019 when it comes to Joe Burrow. It's easy, sign 7 UFA OL and draft one in the 2nd rd. Some of them have to pan out. Cast a wide net.
  2. I feel really good about our OL and depth right about now.
  3. As someone who currently lives in Cincinnati, we better hope this guy never sees the field. You'll be praying for Russell Bodine to return...that is how bad this guy is. He is the Matt Flynn of RTs, not sure how he fleeced the Bengals for as much money as he did.
  4. I'll always know it as The Rich as well, mainly because it is what was called when I was a kid and our Pee Wee football field happened to be next to a Rich Foods packaging plant.
  5. I Can see it now, Daboll teaches him our system for a year, 2022 Daboll gets hired as a HC and takes Tribusky with him. Playing the long game...
  6. I think out of TEs on the market that Kyle Rudolph might be a decent pairing. Probably would get like a 1 year $4 mil + incentives. I think he would work nicely with dawson and add a blocking element with losing Lee. I would also love of Philip Lindsay came here. He gives me Fred Jackson vibes, hard working UDFA.
  7. I think we are pretty close, though I don't remember seeing how much was saved by restructuring Addison.
  8. I'll eat crow, thought there was no way we could afford it. Happy he is back, OL should be in good form for 2021.
  9. I am perfectly content with that. I just hope one between Boettger resigning, Ford, or a rookie can play C when Morse eventually gets hurt. I personally thought that would be the reason for us to resign Felciano.
  10. I like the signing, but I think that ends signing any starting OL this year. Every OL can't get paid. With Dawkins, Morse, and now Williams paid, I think they still expect Ford to start and Boettger is a cheap find. That being said I am happy with the OL heading into next year.
  11. I hope there is an out after 2 years, either that or the cap increases by leaps and bounds. Those totals only come out to about 38.5 mil. You think the difference are the roster/workout bonuses and incentives?
  12. Keep in mind too that Njoku could be released/traded as well. His 5th year option was picked up, but if the Browns dont want to pay their TE2 $6 mil next year, they can release him before March 17th with no dead cap hit.
  13. I do want to go on the record saying that I think a savvy signing could be RB Marlon Mack. I think the consensus might be that people don't see him as an improvement over what we currently have. I do think that with the emergence of JT and Hines as a good pass catching back in Indy. I think signing Mack could be one of those under the radar signings that would really pay off.
  14. None of JJ's salary is guaranteed, all base salary. The Texans cap number is near $200 mil. I feel like they might just be happy to unload his contract rather than trying to hold out for a low round pick. Either way, I hope we are in a place now where players will want to play with both the Bills and Josh Allen now. I would actually be all in for Vets on 1/2 year deals while we can. After Allen gets his extension, we wont be able to be that flexible, we'll have to draft the high money positions (WR, CB, DE, OT) and hope rookies progress on their first contract. Let's go for a Clowney
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