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  1. Jets trade up to #3 in the draft with Indy

    Leave it to the Jets to overpay giving every top 5 team leverage to ask for ungodly value. Hopefully the Giants and Browns keep in mind that most teams try not to make a habit of making bad decisions.
  2. Free Agency News

    On Beane telling the media our plans "We are comfortable paying his $6 mil roster bonus...."
  3. Free Agency News

    On the lower end I like Chad Henne. He would be a solid backup with starting experience and I even remember before the start of last year, Jacksonville was debating about starting him over Bortles. I could see a 2 year $10 mil deal that Chase Daniel got.
  4. Free Agency News

    Maybe hoping for Chubb at 4? If not I think Denzel Ward at 4 could be a legit pick.
  5. Bills Sign S Rafael Bush

    also had Kyle at 2 years with the 1st year being 6 mil.... but who is keeping score
  6. Cordy Glenn Traded to Cincinnatti

    12, 22, and 65 for #3.....let's do it!
  7. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    I still got Darnold and Rosen as the top Tier with Mayfield and Allen on the next tier. I don't necessarily have them far apart, but as a reference I would be comfortable drafting Darnold and Rosen in the Top 5 pick range where I think Mayfield and Allen should be picked in the 7-13 range. Not a big difference, but a difference none the less.
  8. QB carousel Thread

    I didn't want to make a new thread for this, but two QB's I have seen us connected to from writers are Sam Bradford and A.J. McCaron Boston Globe, Ben Volin https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/patriots/2018/03/10/here-look-latest-buzz-nfl-free-agency/qzzY7fggr8dNdCW0Tvt45L/story.html?p1=Article_Trending_Most_Viewed The AJ McCaron seems more speculative, but if Bradford's knee checks out, I would be ok with a 2 year $20 mil deal while drafting our future QB.
  9. Browns trade for Tyrod Taylor

    hey guys Bills fans here, I want to congratulate you on getting Tyrod, and even though you gave up more than you should, I will try and give an unbiased opinion on what you can expect. First off, I believe you got the best running QB in the game, better than Cam Newton (different running styles obviously). His teammates loved playing with him, he is careful with the ball and doesn't turn it over, and he excels mostly by extending the play and getting out of the pocket. Now the bad, one of the reasons he got benched for Peterman last year was that he would refuse to push the ball downfield. He seems like he never throws a pattern that is further than 10 yards, and when he does throw it deep, it's on predetermined patterns, like noticing a matchup, run a fly route, Chuck and duck. I don't I have ever seen him go through a progression and throw it down the field. he tends to hold on to the ball too long, I think because of his escapability, and it will hurt you about as much as it does help you. Overall I think you got a good QB, he is not one to bring you back in the 4th quarter, but he can keep the mistakes to the minimum. Bills fans are just tired of the check downs and holding on to the ball, just seemed like one week he would be amazing, and the next week he shouldn't have a job. You just never know which one shows up on Sunday. Congrats guys, I feel for yah, I am a Bills fan, but grew up in a Browns household, best of luck this season.
  10. Chris Ivory Signed

    I like how (along with the vontae davis move) this has no influence on comp picks for next year.
  11. Consensus Mock - 21. Buffalo Bills

    I picked Lamar 1st and Billy Price 2nd. Buffalo does need help on the defensive front 7, but with Wood retiring, Price is a solid pick, and Buffalo needs a QB of the future. I am a little more willing to give Lamar a chance than most of the Buffalo hopeful. BTW this is one of the worst case scenarios for the Bills with no Vita Vea, Da'Ron Payne, or Rashaan Evans on the board.
  12. TCMD War Room

    I am always a fan of signing Bradford, and a 1 or 2 year deal might be good to let a rookie mature behind him.
  13. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    If I had my choice, I would trade up for Darnold or Rosen without using our 2019 1st rounder. If not, I would like to sign Bradford and nab either Josh Allen in the 13-18 range or take Lamar Jackson at 21/22.
  14. TCMD War Room

  15. What Do YOU Want to do at QB?

    Anyone think McCaron is a fit? I just ask because he was just awarded free agency. I am thinking he gets a Mike Glennon deal from someone, 3 years / $45 mil.