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  1. My prediction: AD resigns with Lakers for 1 more season. Run it back with Bron one more time. Then, he will sign a long term deal in Chicago, his hometown. He will be able to bring other talent with him to the Bulls.
  2. As a Hawks fan, I am super happy to see us active out there. However, I am just not sure if I am seeing what they are trying to do. Seems like they are not going to resign John Collins which I do not understand. Rondo and Gallo are last pieces on teams that think they can contend. I don't think we are there yet which makes those signings very interesting to me.
  3. How did we hire a D guy in Quinn yet seemingly got worse every year on D? I don't remember a Falcon getting a sack since John Abraham retired.. I mean god.
  4. Braves fan from Atlanta here. Moved to STL last October. Drive past the stadium twice a day everyday. Such a cool view from the highway. I have been to one Cards game a few years ago and Busch Stadium blew me away. We sat pretty high up but it might have been the coolest baseball stadium that I have been to. Before Covid, my office building was a block away from the stadium and I was looking forward to catching a bunch of Cards games this year. Ballpark Village is a lot of fun too. Of course I move to a new city right before a global pandemic hits...
  5. This was only a matter of time, I am just surprised it happened with the team coached by Arians who I think was the only coach to say that he would not allow Antonio Brown on his team. I know that Tom Brady probably had the final say, but Arians was super vocal so I am interested to see how this all plays out.
  6. Someone will sign him and he will catch a pass for 15-20 yards and B line it straight for the sideline. Business decision.
  7. Alex Smith getting a starting job again due to the starters leg almost falling off is one hell of a story. *edit* is Haskins done done? Nobody on the Football Team seems to want him at QB.
  8. Definitely saw flashes of what made him go in the first round. Just not consistent enough. Disappears from games. And also he's not afraid to share his opinion with the media/public and I think that on top of lack of productivity plus his request for a trade just set everything in motion. I wish him luck but damn I hope he doesn't turn into the Takk we thought he would be for another team. How were we unable to even secure a late round pick for him?
  9. Are yall saying that he is "injury prone" or that he simply carries too much of the load when healthy and an injury is bound to happen?
  10. I still have no idea what Bill O'Brien was thinking even if DHop was asking for buku money. He's one of the few you write a blank check for. I still don't understand. You have a young Watson who is developing before our eyes, why take away arguably the best receiver in the NFL from your young QB who is still learning? I mean come on.. *edit* I know this is a David Johnson thread but I had to voice my thoughts. Also, I was one of those who snagged up Duke Johnson from the FA list thinking it was David and wondering why he was available. Two RB's D Johnson on same team is rough
  11. Hi yall. Long time no see. We are terrible. Well our defense is just as it has been every single season since I joined this forum in I believe 2008. 12 years on this forum and I feel like we have been complaining about the same thing the entire time... We simply cant figure out that side of the ball.
  12. Njoku is on IR, so I have either Rudolph or Hockenson. what do yall think?
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