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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Lifelong Duke fan.. but my favorite guy right now is Sexton.. followed by Bagley. - Do you guys think Porter goes into the draft after this back surgery, and if so, where could he go? - As a Hawks fan, I really hope we get the #1 pick this season.
  2. Vikings at Falcons

    I know this thread is coming way late.. we didn’t get the Falcons game up here in Chicago today.. what the hell happened? Just looking at the box score it looks like we were dreadful at everything today. Disgusting numbers..
  3. Joe Morgan is stupid

    He's always been a whiner like this.
  4. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash in Gulf of Mexico

    What videos??
  5. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash in Gulf of Mexico

    Maybe I missed it somewhere.. do we know what caused the crash yet? I know he was not a very experienced pilot.. but do we have reasoning for what happened?
  6. Scherzer HoF Chances?

    He's got crazy good stats.. for for me, IMO, I think he needs another couple of years at this level in order to be considered for a HoF bid..
  7. Stanton wins NL MVP

    I personally usually don't like someone to win the MVP on a team that didn't make the playoffs.. but this year is one of the few times I absolutely agree with the decision. The only thing I didn't like about this year for Stanton is that he strikes out wayyyy too much.. but 59 home runs and 132 ribs. I'd have liked to see the BA a little bit higher.. but you get what you get. Good for him, especially in a very tough year for the Marlins going through the loss of Fernandez. For the Marlins sake, I hope they don't trade him.. I just see no way that they will get equal value for him on the market.
  8. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    I'm really glad this happened. We needed to turn things around in many different areas, and starting with him at the top is where we need to begin.
  9. Altuve wins AL MVP

    Love this.. Altuve is personally my favorite non pitcher to watch play. This guy is just on another level. What a hell of a year for the Houston team and Altuve.
  10. If you could alter one event in history.

    Chris Paul or Deron Williams over Marvin Williams. This one still keeps me up at night.
  11. Jameis Winston Under NFL Investigation

    Lordy.. this guy having another off the field issue.. I know there are going to be a TON of people out there who won't give him the benefit of the doubt.. because of everything he's been involved with going back to his FSU days.
  12. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I don't know much of anything about this Anthopoulos other than a few short articles.. what about this guy made him so coveted? What makes him so hot?
  13. The Technology Thread

    What are the biggest differences between a Chromebook or a regular pc laptop?
  14. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    https://www.talkingchop.com/2017/11/12/16642338/braves-hire-alex-anthopoulos-general-manager Thoughts?
  15. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I wasn't saying I wanted him back, I was just stating thoughts of why the Braves may be interested.