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  1. Titans Hire Mike Vrabel as Head Coach

    Got to get a good young OC to pair with Marcus
  2. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I like that Miami deal a lot.
  3. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Chop on, my friends. Free4MVP? Looks like we are going to keep Adams. I like that. http://www.espn.com/blog/mlb/rumors/post/_/id/35689/rumor-central-braves-wont-trade-matt-adams
  4. 2018 Tank Watch

    I want Bagley in Atlanta. Period.
  5. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Anyone want Dennis Schroder? I can't stand him. I don't see him as someone you can build around.
  6. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    I like this a lot for Luck
  7. In Kirby We Trust... 2017 Schedule Sat, Sep 2 vs Appalachian St 6:15 PM ET ESPN Sat, Sep 9 @ Notre Dame 7:30 PM ET NBC Sat, Sep 16 vs Samford 7:30 PM ET Sat, Sep 23 vs Miss St TBD Sat, Sep 30 @ Tennessee TBD Sat, Oct 7 @ Vanderbilt TBD Sat, Oct 14 vs Missouri TBD Sat, Oct 28* @ Florida 3:30 PM ET CBS Sat, Nov 4 vs South Carolina TBD Sat, Nov 11 @ Auburn TBD Sat, Nov 18 vs Kentucky TBD Sat, Nov 25 @ Georgia Tech TBD
  8. The Official Recruiting Thread

    I've been a bit out of touch
  9. 2018 Offseason thread

    I wish we dumped Sark. Ya'll see Lane Kiffin hired 24 year old Weis Jr to be their OC?
  10. The Official Recruiting Thread

    With the season Fromm just had, it makes me wonder if Fields would sign elsewhere, even though he's from Georgia. Any rumblings on him?
  11. Awful news. Prayers out to the family.
  12. Georgia Bulldogs Thread

    I love it. I know Fields is from Georgia but you think after this year with Fromm he might want to go elsewhere. More the merrier for us though.
  13. Georgia Bulldogs Thread

  14. WEEK 9 -- Falcons @ Carolina --- Pretty crazy that this is our first division game of the season.. and it's Week 9. Not sure what exactly is going on with Carolina.. they traded Benjamin right at the deadline.. and even though he has had an up and down career, IMO he was their best offensive thread not named Cam Newton. As a rookie, Benjamin looked as if he was going to be a big time threat and would keep getting better and better.. unfortunately for him and for the Panthers, he has looked worse and worse as his career has progressed. I will give him a little pass because of the injury that sidelined him.. but that pass is almost up.. when those pictures showed up of him reporting back to the team.. I'm not here to body shame a guy.. but he looked a lot heavier than he ever did through his career at FSU and how he looked with Carolina. Ever since around that time, it seemed to just get worse and worse for him. SOOOO.. sorry for that little rant guys. From the second that the Panthers lost the Super Bowl, Cam has not looked right. Seems as if they maybe botched his shoulder issue.. not as bad as the Colts seemingly did with Luck.. but something just doesn't seem right. Their starting RB is on the wrong side of 30. McCaffrey, their first round pick at RB/feed him the ball.. the offense doesn't seem to know exactly what they want to do with him yet. Just from the eye test.. guy looks really fast. Looks extremely quick.. pretty much as advertised.. however he does look pretty small though. If someone can square this kid up and legitimately lay the wood on him.. looks like he may snap in half. McCaffrey looked to be their best WR before Benjamin got the boot.. and McCaffrey seems as if he will still be their best receiver on the team.. which is not good for their offense. As actual WRs go.. they've got nobody. - I could keep going on and on about their offense. Now, their defense reminds me of their great D's of the past. Front 7 always loos good and stout. When it comes to their D, I still think letting Norman go was a bad idea. The D has been good without him.. but without him, the D can't be on that elite level. They need studs on the back end, badly. Still a good D, but just not what it could be. -- I'll probbly add something here and there before the game starts. Let go Falcons. Good luck, Carolina.
  15. If there already is a Blackhawks Thread, I must have missed it. Couldn't find it. So, my NHL allegiances lie with the 'hawks.. my family have been fans of the Blackhawks for generations. I'm from Atlanta, and I was a fan of the Thrashers when the team was still in Atlanta and before they moved.. it was hard for me to follow them when they switched cities, especially when they switched to a city that was so far away and I couldn't relate to at all. My mom's side of the family all live here in Chicago, and I myself have lived here in Chicago since June of 2015.. so because of my family ties, the Blackhawks went from "my families team" to my team full time in 2015. I wouldn't consider myself a bandwagon fan.. I'd still be following them even if they weren't a really solid franchise who has won multi Stanley Cups over the last few years. I'm a bit nervous about this season.. I'm still upset that they traded Panarin to CBJ.. The Bread Man had been an absolute STUD for the Hawks and easily is becoming a young superstar. I understand that they got Saad back in return as part of the package.. but Saad was traded away from the Hawks before I moved up here to Chicago, so I am not familiar with him as much as I had been familiar with Panarin. I personally would rather have had Panarin.. but there are A LOT of Blackhawks fans up here that do not agree with me.. they had no problem getting rid of Panarin and bringing Saad back. It's still early in the new season.. but I definitely miss Panarin. I'm hoping Saad shows why all these Chicagoians are happy with that move. Hawks are 5-5-2 going into tonight.. it is still way early on in the season, I think they will end up with roughly 40 wins.. maybe 3-5 seed going into the playoffs. Interested to see how this year plays out. Do we have many fellow Blackhawks fans here on FF?
  16. Vikings at Falcons

    I know this thread is coming way late.. we didn’t get the Falcons game up here in Chicago today.. what the hell happened? Just looking at the box score it looks like we were dreadful at everything today. Disgusting numbers..
  17. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Lifelong Duke fan.. but my favorite guy right now is Sexton.. followed by Bagley. - Do you guys think Porter goes into the draft after this back surgery, and if so, where could he go? - As a Hawks fan, I really hope we get the #1 pick this season.
  18. Mr. Robot - Season 3

    I feel like Mr. Robot deserves it's own thread.. season 3 premiered last night.. and damn. I won't go ahead and post any sorts of spoilers from last nights episode, especially with this being the first post in the new thread. http://www.usanetwork.com/mrrobot --- Do we have any other Mr. Robot fans?
  19. Joe Morgan is stupid

    He's always been a whiner like this.
  20. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash in Gulf of Mexico

    Maybe I missed it somewhere.. do we know what caused the crash yet? I know he was not a very experienced pilot.. but do we have reasoning for what happened?
  21. Scherzer HoF Chances?

    He's got crazy good stats.. for for me, IMO, I think he needs another couple of years at this level in order to be considered for a HoF bid..
  22. Stanton wins NL MVP

    I personally usually don't like someone to win the MVP on a team that didn't make the playoffs.. but this year is one of the few times I absolutely agree with the decision. The only thing I didn't like about this year for Stanton is that he strikes out wayyyy too much.. but 59 home runs and 132 ribs. I'd have liked to see the BA a little bit higher.. but you get what you get. Good for him, especially in a very tough year for the Marlins going through the loss of Fernandez. For the Marlins sake, I hope they don't trade him.. I just see no way that they will get equal value for him on the market.
  23. John Coppolella To Resign As Braves GM

    I'm really glad this happened. We needed to turn things around in many different areas, and starting with him at the top is where we need to begin.