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  1. I think there was a reason Gute selected three IOLmen in the last draft. If he hits on just Runyan, the line will be Turner (Bak starts on PUP), Runyon, Jenkins, Patrick, ??? With Stepaniak, Hanson, and others as reserve IOLmen, I'm predicting Gute will be looking at OTs early in the draft. Also Dillion was drafted to protect against the loss of Jones. Gute will probably be looking for depth at RB in the mid-rounds.
  2. I agree, especially about MVS. I'm on record on this site as saying that, if MVS ever learns to trust his hands, he will be a real problem for defenses. This year he learned to trust his hands. Sign him up for another three years!
  3. I agree. He would steal snaps from Runyon, Stepaniak, and some of the other young, promising O-line guys.
  4. Aren't you supposed to be asleep over there? There are other ways to manage the cap. Adams needs to be extended, for example.
  5. If they were going to cut P. Smith wouldn't they have done so when they cut Wagner and Kirksey?
  6. I'm sure part of that hard work will be getting a medical opinion of Watt's injury history. Gute has got to play this smart.
  7. Seems like a Hobson's choice of sorts. No good choice at all.
  8. Seems like he's a logical candidate for an extension. Lower his 2021 cap number for some financial perks later on when the cap numbers recover. Am I thinking about this right?
  9. Is it possible they put a franchise tag on Jones and then use that as leverage to negotiate a long term deal with cap friendly number for 2021 when the cap will be low? I'm not a capologist, but a curious fan.
  10. Two "no's" and one possible. I think I read read his tag price would be around $8 million. Not sure if that's accurate. They seem to want him back.
  11. Anybody think the Packers should use the franchise tag on Aaron Jones? I have no opinion either way, but am open to arguments on either side.
  12. Don't forget. The Packers scored three TDs and two FGs on that TB defense. THAT IS NO SMALL ACCOMPLISHMENT. And they did it with Wagner and Patrick starting on the O-line, and Bak on IR. Don't forget. MLF is only going into is 3rd year. What I like about him is he is smart and improves every year. Gute will bring in a RT and Bak will return before the playoffs. MVS has improved dramatically and we have Funchess coming back. Jenkins, Runyon, and Stepaniak give us a solid IOL group. Replace Jones in the draft, get that RT, and this offense is capable of dropping 30+ on that TB defense.
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