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  1. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    I actually was pretty happy with the overall effort. If someone had told me we'd be tied midway through the fourth quarter, I would have been elated. The defense played great. Spriggs and Patrick looked OK going against Mack & co. Pick up a couple of edge players and a safety in the draft. Re-sign Breeland. Get everybody healthy. And the D is going to be fine with Pettine. Use FA to pick up a G and a WR and offense should be good to go. Draft a Cohen type player for some speed on offense. And the O is going to be fine. With the right coach this team will compete next year. And I like Rodgers better than Trubisky.
  2. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Eddie Un-pleasant.
  3. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    We must be the worst tackling team in the NFL.
  4. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Things suddenly got much more difficult. D-line now is Lowery, and mexudhrbh. Bears come out in a T formation and run the ball 95% of the time?
  5. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Kenny Clark is inactive today. Katie bar the door!
  6. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Yup, passion. In education the number one thing that increases student learning is not clever pedagogy, or computer technology, or smaller class size, but rather the teacher's enthusiasm for the subject. Passion. Always passion.
  7. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Yup. I think we are in total agreement on this.
  8. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Regression towards the mean applies only to "noise" in random sampling. So, if we took your pulse, we might catch you at first right after exercising. But as we continue to sample your pulse rate we are more likely to catch you at rest. So your average pulse rate will regress towards the expected mean. The key to understanding this is to notice regression towards the mean is the result of randomness in sampling. It doesn't apply to sports teams' records, or teams with long seasons would all be at .500. That's not what happens. Also longer series, like 7 game series, would not favor the better team. Again, that's not what happens. Statisticians are adamant that longer series favor the better team. Bottom line, I don't think regression towards the mean is going to help the Packers on Sunday. Playing a one game series against the Bears will. Some unlikely occurrence that will help the Packers might happen. Whether that occurrence happens, and if it does, whether the Packers are good enough to take advantage of it remains to be seen. That's why I never bet on games.
  9. NFL News & Notes

    Very true. So skill positions one would want to keep 26 and younger, maybe 27 at most. So only rare skill guys should get a second contract. Linemen maybe into their early 30's. So they should get a second contract, if they're healthy. QB's seem to be able to adjust their game and go to 40-ish. Someone could make a living looking at production curves over time.
  10. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Might as well put David Shaw on that list. He will be hard to pull away too.
  11. This team needs a 2nd round WR/TE/RB or equivalent FA

    Yup, 2020 is the time to start thinking about a 2nd round WR. For next year we should be looking at a B-level vet WR. Either trade or FA.
  12. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Yes, regression to the mean is something to consider, but doesn't that have to do more with randomness? My stats knowledge is rusty. On the other hand, the better team is favored by longer series. The poorer team has its best opportunity of winning just one game against a better team than it does of winning 2 out of three or 3 out of 5. As the series gets longer, the better team is more favored. So one game on Sunday gives GB its best shot, but it will take some lucky breaks. Maybe that's where regression to the mean comes in. The Pack hasn't been very lucky with turnovers and penalties this year. Maybe they start getting some breaks!
  13. NFL News & Notes

    Thanks! Very interesting. Another thing I wonder about is the impact of "years of NFL experience" correlating to playoff wins. Do older, more mature players handle playoff pressure better or worse than younger players? In WW II men were not allowed to be fighter pilots past the age of 26. At 26 they began to think too much and hesitated before acting in battle, often with fatal results. This sort of information might be useful in roster building.
  14. NFL News & Notes

    Did you read a review paper on this?
  15. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    You answered your own question. Nepotism doesn't just run through the NFL, it gallops.