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  1. Suns fire Earl Watson

    Don't think Thunder Dan is gonna be in play until after the season. (But Lopes up) We shouldn't be getting beat this bad, writing was on the wall for Watson
  2. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    Thankfully Bill Bidwill is our Owner in Name only at the moment. Once we moved to U of P Stadium he essentially handed off all owner duties to his son Michael Bidwill, who has done an outstanding job taking this inept franchise and making it something of worth. Again, we are the worst franchise in football. But we also have a chance at correcting that thanks to Michael
  3. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I wish I could explain why Hos is the way that he is. I me even look at his splits this year. If he wasn't certified dog poop at the start of the year he might have been in MVP contention. Sometimes when he's in a rut he just starts swinging as hard as possible and hits a dribbler to first every at bat. His inconsistency has always confused me. I know in 2014 he broke his hand and kind of nagged him the whole year. 2016 the entire team was hurt so there was a little lack of effort there IMO. 2012 was a stereotypical sophomore slump. Wish I had a better answer but that's all I got
  4. John Farrell out as Red Sox manager

    Would love to see Varitek as a manager
  5. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Went to high school with Stick. He's an insane athlete. Great arm, I personally think NDSU runs with him too much, but that's just me. He's been incredibly efficient this year, completing about 70% of his passes. Don't know about his pro potential here, cause clearly I'm gonna have a strong bias here
  6. Coaches on the hot, hot seat!!!!

    Wisconsin's a good program. They piss me off because they're what Nebraska should be. But I wouldn't expect them to perform the same if you plugged them into the SEC West. If we plugged Arkansas into the B1G West, I think they'd be second to Wisconsin, but that'd be a dog fight. The SEC is just a monster that's really hard to gauge, especially vs. B1G. Both offer totally different cultures and brands of football. And that's just as much of a Southern vs. Midwestern mentality thing as anything.
  7. Adrian Peterson traded to ARZ

    It won't work because our offensive line sucks, but adding one more player to retire a Cardinal this year is cool I guess. We'll be sending Arians, Palmer, Fitz, and now AP out into the sunlight this year... and sent CJ2K early. Over the hill gang anyone?
  8. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    As a Cardinals fan, it's the Cardinals. Longest title drought in all of sports right now speaks enough. We're in a better place now, but history wise we are the worst
  9. Week 5: Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Defense has given up. Offense can't do anything right. I can't keep watching
  10. Week 5: Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Seriously how does Amos Jones still have his job
  11. Week 5: Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

    I always forget how much our special teams sucks and always hurts us
  12. Coaches on the hot, hot seat!!!!

    I like Frost's chances though if we bring him in. He'll get a few extra sympathy points for being who he is. Fans should hopefully understand we're rebuilding. Plus if we bring him in I hope we would keep Diaco and that would be a good pair in my opinion. I like Riley but with bringing in a new AD, that's just how the business is. I'm sure it will be Miles' last year with the basketball program too, barring some ridiculous season. I just expect this new AD to clean house with all the "underachieving" programs.
  13. Coaches on the hot, hot seat!!!!

    At this point Riley's probably gonna get fired at Nebraska. Unless if he pulls an Ohio State or Penn State win out of his rear end, the new AD's gonna want to bring in his own guy. Or the only guy that Nebraska fans will support AKA Scott Frost
  14. Week 5: Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Palmer has also been sacked a league high 17 times and hit a league high (by 9 hits) 43 times. The offensive line is the problem, not Palmer
  15. Markus Golden To IR after tearing ACL

    I take it you haven't watched the last two weeks. Palmer has not been the problem. He came out rusty week one, got better as the game went on in week 2 and has looked pretty good these last two weeks. The problem has been injuries to the offensive line that have given Palmer zero time in the pocket