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  1. And highly doubt we’d run with only 8 OL
  2. Top 3 corners of Malcolm Butler, Byron Murphy, and Darqueze Dennard is probably solid, idk
  3. Pretty meh on this pick. Board couldn’t have fallen much less ideal for us. Have a feeling we tried to trade back but there was no one for anyone to trade up for. Collins is solid but a lot of the reason why I’ve never fell in love with him is that it just feels like a Hasaan Reddick type pick again. That and I think I like Jordan Hicks more than the average Cardinal fan. We’ll see though. The potential is there, but that doesn’t always mean much to this team in recent years
  4. Don’t have enough draft capital to trade up
  5. You forgot to include my 3rd and 4th rounders 3rd: Deandre Hopkins 4th: Rodney Hudson
  6. Cardinals select: 0385 RB Stevie Scott III Indiana 0126 CB DiCaprio Bootle Nebraska
  7. Cardinals select 0029 Austin Faoliu DT Oregon
  8. Cardinals select 0247 Kayode Awosika G Buffalo
  9. Either am I but he was my BPA by a pretty solid margin. If the real life Cardinals got him at this pick Id be pretty stoked.
  10. Cardinals will take RB Travis Etienne Clemson @Deadpulse
  11. Sorry for no showing yesterday guys, honestly completely forgot I'd agreed to do this mock. However I will be here for the remaining Cardinals picks, and likely would have taken Farley anyways. So thank you
  12. I’d say best case scenario for him he’s a 1B. But more than likely I’d bet he does short yardage situations, and some other spot usage with maybe 5-10 touches a game. We’re pretty invested in giving Chase Edmonds a legit shot at being a lead back this year
  13. Hoping for Jaycee Horn, wouldn’t be mad about Farley, hope it’s not Newsome/would like to trade back in that scenario. I just feel like we’re poised to take a corner. But I’d also love if we took like Rashawn Slater and plugged him at RG. Think that kid could be a mauler on the interior
  14. Fully expect Chase to get the lions share of the carries but short yardage situations will for sure go to Conner. Good addition, especially because he has some of the things Edmonds doesn’t
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