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  1. NFL Players who like to spend money

    I know both gronk and Marshawn Lynch haven't spent any of their actual salaries from playing, so not them Darnell Dockett had bought some weird **** back in the day
  2. Tyrann Mathieu to Houston

    Not exactly, Mathieu played probably 75% of his snaps as a slot corner, which is where he plays best at. I'd call him below average when he has to play the actual safety position. He's a good slot corner though. Don't be fooled into thinking he's elite. There's a reason we were comfortable releasing him. 7M is about how much he should be worth, but he'll make that back for Houston in jersey sales. He's an exciting player but does get a bit overrated, that being said he's fun to watch and I hope he performs like he did in 2015 for you guys
  3. Texans sign S Tyrann Mathieu

    7M is about how much he should be making. Was incredibly overpaid with us. Hope he kills it in Houston though
  4. Cardinals sign Justin Pugh

    Much more confident in our line's abilities with him here. Signing both him and Andre Smith is definitely an improvement on whatever the right side of our line was last year Humphries-Iupati-Shipley-Smith-Pugh is so much better than what we had last year. Or swap Smith and Pugh, it doesn't even matter. Even though it might still be bottom 10
  5. Sam Bradford????

    I’m not sitting here trying to make Sam Bradford the next biggest thing, but to think that this team isn’t better off with him than without him is a bold faced lie. I’m not by any means a homer, I’ve called us out for bad moves before, this is not one of them. If we put the right team around Bradford we are a playoff team. Plain and simple. That’s been my narrative this whole time, and I’m sticking to it. He amount of downright terrible QBs that have made the playoffs is staggering: to think that Bradford can’t lead us there takes a certain amount of blindness that I will never be able to understand. You wanna know who was a winner when he came to Arizona? Buddy Ryan
  6. Sam Bradford????

    How dense are you? I'm telling you that a balanced attack is preferable to a pass heavy offense in the Vikings system. This isn't rocket science buddy, they're a ball control team who would rather run the ball than pass it. It’s clear that the issue in 2016 for the Vikes was not Bradford
  7. Sam Bradford????

    You mean the year Adrian Peterson tore his meniscus and their runningbacks were so bad (Asiata and McKinnon) they completely redid the entire backfield by bringing in Latavius Murray and Dalvin Cook the next year. There was a 700 yard rushing difference between 2016 and 2017, and a whopping 1000 yard difference between 2015 and 2016. Yes the supporting cast made a HUGE difference. In addition, just compare the stats of each QB outside of wins each year. Bridgewater 2015: 3231 yards 14 TD 9 INTs - 16 Games Bradford 2016: 3877 yards 20 TDs 5 INTs - 15 Games Keenum 2017: 3547 yards 22 TDs 7 INT - 14.5 Games Bradford was not the reason at all that the Vikings missed the playoffs that year. That was on the run game.
  8. Sam Bradford????

    I may not be the greatest at math, but 28 APY does not equal 24M APY and that's the APY before factoring in Siemian's contract as well. Bradford has also been on pitiful teams in St. Louis, and was with the train wreck that was Chip Kelly in Philly. I said that with the right supporting cast he can lead us to the playoffs and I don't think Bradford has ever had the right supporting cast. Yes, his health is an issue, but the upside to Bradford is far higher than the upside of any QB sans Cousins and potentially Keenum that was on the market.
  9. Sam Bradford????

    Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, and Blake Bortles lead teams to the playoffs this year, and Nick Foles won a Super Bowl. If you think that Sam Bradford with the right supporting cast can't lead us to the playoffs you're crazy
  10. Sam Bradford????

    Vehemently disagree. McCarron couldn't beat out Dalton, that's not just a shot in the dark. Bradford gives us a chance at making the playoffs IMO, none of those other guys do. As far as Glennon, its no secret that he's been Keim's man crush at QB for a while, but he's in that same boat as Gabbert. Badger likely isn't saved regardless of what happens, that contract is pitiful no matter how you look at it. I want to be competitive this year, and Bradford is a calculated risk that can absolutely push us into a wild card spot. Even if he only plays 10 games.
  11. Cardinals cut honey badger

    Dark horse, Jets could be his team. Bowles could be a difference maker, him and badger have a great relationship
  12. Cardinals sign Mike Glennon

    Still does not mean the Cards won't draft a QB. They've been saying they will carry three this year since the second Wilks walked in the door and that the plan was pick up a veteran starter and a rookie.
  13. Cardinals cut honey badger

    Bingo, needle on the head. He’s an above average player being paid elite money. Can’t have that. He’s going to get elite money elsewhere given how overrated he is, and will likely disappoint that contract as well. The Cardinals likely brine gets back Tyvon Branch and expand Budda Baker’s role. It won’t be hard to match the production Badger gave us. Now from a jersey selling standpoint that’s a totally different conversation
  14. Cardinals cut honey badger

    Was given the option pay cut or get cut. He made his choice. Was certainly one of the worst contracts in the league,
  15. Sam Bradford????

    No, I'm telling you those first six weeks are going to be great