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  1. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    Ultimately our defense is going to be very switchy. Lots of guys comfortable in coverage or to stay in the box and rush the passer. We might see a package of Chandler Jones, Devondre Campbell, Isaiah Simmons, and Devon Kennard at certain points in time, especially on passing downs. Obviously Jones will be rushing the passer, but the rest have the ability to cover or blitz. It's a defensive coordinator's wet dream to confuse an offense and we have an opportunity to confuse a lot of offenses with the personnel that we have. The biggest hope that I have is that Phillips is the real deal. If he can be talented enough to at least consistently win one on ones. That opens up the entire defense. The offense is going to score, its just a matter of the defense holding their own. 9-7 is my prediction.
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    tbfh I live in Arizona now
  3. NFL Post draft 2020 season predictions

    I’m trying really hard to not get myself more optimistic than 8-8 It’s tough though when pretty much every move we’ve made this offseason has been a for sure improvement over what we had, even if it doesn’t work out as planned.
  4. 2020 DRAFT PARTY!!!

    Gotta say, I could not have envisioned this draft going much better for us.
  5. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    I believe Sweezy is back. Not that I'm saying that with a ton of confidence, but he had a solid year last year. Particularly in run blocking I remember him being rock solid. Right now we would trot out a line of Hump-Pugh-Cole-Sweezy-Murray/Gilbert. Which isn't bad, not good, but we've had a lot worse. I think Wirfs would make the most sense though. While I'd love to see us get Ceedee, I think we gotta go either OL or defense.
  6. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    The Cardinals throughout my life have always been able to pull my back. When I was a little kid though I was a Raiders fan, hopped off when Tim Brown left though. Became a Cardinals fan after that and never looked back. There's been some rough times, but I love this team. As a Royals, Suns and Coyotes fans, as well as Nebraska football and Creighton basketball, I've seen lots of valleys for each of those teams as well. Never wavered though. The Suns have came the closest to making me jump ship out of all of them, but their incompetence has more just lead towards me not being as interested in the NBA in all honesty
  7. Chiefs sign TE Ricky Seals-Jones

    Always liked him with the Cardinals, just lacked consistency. Probably an ideal #2 tight end
  8. Cowboys sign Aldon Smith

    Doesn’t take away from the fact that he was an incredible player 4 years ago. It’s very obviously low risk, but if he can even be a shell of his former self and get 7ish sacks, that’s a massive reward. Always rooted against him for the 9ers and while I’m not fond of the Cowboys either, I’ll be rooting for him here. It’d be a great comeback story
  9. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    Gilbert I think just gives us the flexibility to go BPA. Going into the draft with only Justin Murray at right tackle might cause a reach. Murray and Gilbert gives you more room for BPA. I’d still like Brown most simply because I don’t think that we will get consistent production from Phillips and Allen on the DL, so being able to rotate Brown in would be ideal. But I’m under the assumption that Simmons and Okudah likely won’t be there at 8. (Although it is starting to look more possible)
  10. Brown Wills Kinlaw
  11. If the Cards pass on Brown, Okudah AND Simmons, boy I’ll be pretty upset.
  12. Cardinals sign LB De'Vondre Campbell (One year, up to $8.5 M)

    That’s literally all I’m saying. And making a jump from bottom 5 to an average defense is reasonable. While yes I’ll concede that a sophomore slump for Kyler is possible, Kyler did a lot with very little last year. I don’t think I need to explain what adding Hopkins does for our offense. Are you suggesting that thinking we should push for a playoff spot is unreasonable? I understand how difficult the NFC and especially NFC West is but that isn’t unreasonable at all
  13. Cardinals sign LB De'Vondre Campbell (One year, up to $8.5 M)

    Phillips is a major upgrade on the likes of Clinton McDonald and Captain Reid. Devon Kennard is absolutely an upgrade on the corpse of Terrell Suggs Devondre Campbell is much better than Joe Walker/DJ Swearinger/other random dog crap Then you factor in Patrick Peterson not having to jump into the defense cold in the middle of the season, and Robert Alford coming back from injury, this defense has massively upgraded their talent. Now I’m not saying that this is all of a sudden a top 10 defense, but it could be an average NFL defense. Couple that with the Hopkins addition and Drake’s likely retention, we should be challenging for a wild card spot.
  14. Cardinals sign LB De'Vondre Campbell (One year, up to $8.5 M)

    Adding three average players to a pathetic defense goes a long ways
  15. Cardinals sign LB De'Vondre Campbell (One year, up to $8.5 M)

    Can’t wait for the Rams to finish last in the division lmao