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  1. LB Vontaze Burfict reinstated

    His hit on Doyle would have been a fine for most people. But given the piece of **** that he is, he was suspended. Over/under 2.5 games before he's suspended again.
  2. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I signed Tony Jefferson... I like Tony Jefferson.
  3. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Spin zone can mean whatever I want it to
  4. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Another pretty simple wave of signings here. Domata Peko had a little bit of an off year. We pick him up here as a depth signing behind Corey Peters. Peko gives us solid depth and rotation behind our current starters. Suh, Peters, Gunter, Allen and Peko is a significant improvement on the replacement level players we had last year. DJ Foster has been a solid contributer on special teams for us in the past, bringing him back behind Chase Edmonds and Peyton Barber. We will probably look to add one more body to this backfield, either through the draft or free agency. We chased Marcus Gilbert. The idea really is to horde talent on the offensive line. Injuries happen and adding someone like him to the right side of our line with Fleming, Sweezy, Cole and Murray. No such thing as too much depth. We won't be forcing any more deals. Obviously we might've overpaid on Fleming already. There might be a couple more deals we will look to make. But we are generally very satisfied with the offseason we have had and are looking forward to the draft.
  5. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    Don't see the Cardinals passing on Brown. I also don't see them going CB in round 2. Just took Byron Murphy last year and we will have Robert Alford back from injury.
  6. Three rounds. Always updating.

    Have a tough time seeing the Cardinals pass on Derrick Brown

    Why do I feel like this mock is yelling at me
  8. 2020 Arizona Cardinals Off-Season

    For me, if Derrick Brown is sitting there, we have to take him. Huge need on this defense to have a stabilizing presence up front. After signing DJ Humphries, I would kind of like to trade back if Brown isn't there.
  9. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    So this last round was mainly a depth building round. Since Brett Hundley was already signed elsewhere, I went ahead and brought in Geno Smith. Kyler's back up needs to be an athletic type QB, Geno has the ability to scramble and is probably a better fit for the air raid than most other offenses in the NFL right now. I know he's not good if I'd have to trot him out there for more than like 3 games, but that's also how most NFL backups are so whatever. Brought back Brooks Reed, he's solid to put in a platoon with Bruce Irvin. Brooks is a little better on rushing downs, where Bruce is the pass rusher. I don't know, not much to say about that one Then we also brought back Charles Clay. Down the stretch, Kliff really started to see the value in tight ends. We were using the position rather frequently. While Maxx Williams was our main tight end. Clay got a decent amount of time as well. Maxx and Charles are a solid duo for two tight end sets as well, and Dan Arnold looked to be a solid project at the end of last year at that position. So we're glad to retain that whole room for next season. We lost out on Damiere Byrd. Byrd was a target that Kyler grew to like when he was healthy last year, but this isn't the worst loss in the world. Hakeem Butler returns from injury and hopefully Andy Isabella or Keesean Johnson can take the next step towards being a reliable target that Kyler needs.
  10. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Yeah I'm in favor of that
  11. Cardinals Resign LT D.J. Humphries

    This is a great deal. DJ isn't a top 3 tackle, but I love that it's only 3 years. He was outstanding last year, and the whole offensive line really improved a lot. While the stats show us as having a pretty bad offensive line, that was bogged down a little bit by Kyler's indecision/receivers not getting open. He's been injury prone early so I'm glad we didn't give him a ton of term. Plus with guys like Bosa, Matthews, Aaron Donald, Clowney twice a year, I don't want to trot a rookie out there to protect Kyler.
  12. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Definitely feels good seeing that my contract for DJ Humphries APY was very close to the one he just got in real life. I definitely feel like that’s one that people outside Arizona may not have understood. Hump had an outstanding year last year, and our offensive line was pretty solid last year. The metrics may not show it because Kyler went through a period where we was very indecisive and the OLine’s numbers certainly suffered from it. I’m not saying they’re top 10 by any means, but we are going to be returning a middle third offensive line, plus the added depth that Fleming brings. Very happy with the offensive line I’ve built even though it’s by no means sexy
  13. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Trying to find a player worth picking up this round of free agency
  14. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Pretty happy with this haul this round. Peyton Barber isn't exactly going to wow anyone, but he's a guy who I think is brilliant to put in a duo with Chase Edmonds. I don't need a bell cow, I don't need a receiving back, I need someone who is reliable. Barber is a guy that I think can give me 500 yards. He's not going to give me exactly what Kenyon Drake would bring, but I think him and Edmonds collectively can give me just that. Cameron Fleming is a flyer that I'm taking. He struggled in a run heavy offense in Dallas, but he did well in New England, which is more of a pass leaning offense. We're giving him a one year deal, simply betting on him benefiting from the change of style. We have solid depth, but the hope would be for him to be the starting right tackle and to beat out a few players. This makes my offensive line DJ Humphries-Justin Pugh-AQ Shipley-JR Sweezy-Cameron Fleming. Mason Cole has the potential to really push any of the interior linemen out, Justin Murray provides decent competition for Fleming at right tackle, and I would not be surprised to see Murray the starter. This also improves our depth at left tackle as well. DJ has had injury issues in the past, and Fleming is certainly better than anyone we currently have to back him up. I believe we have been successful in achieving one of our goals this offseason to improve our offensive line. Mychal Kendricks will be playing ILB next to Jordan Hicks. That's a position we certainly needed to improve. Haason Reddick really hasn't been good, to the point that we have moved him to OLB. Kendricks had a decent year coming off of injury. Bringing him in should give Hicks a decent partner, so he shouldn't be leaned on as heavily as he was this last year. We should likely look to add one more linebacker, but this undoubtedly is an improvement on what we had before.