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  1. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I agree, but if we use my suggestion, then only 3 should have to be under as you don't want to land both contracts A and B
  2. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I was just making sure we aren't just talking about resignees like the reserve bids are.
  3. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Was hoping we'd land him in Arizona as he wouldn't have had to call the plays. I think he's a talented coach, but as a play-caller pretty limited. Hope he does well though as I've always rooted for the Jags
  4. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    As long as it applies to all free agents. I know that I would utilize this in free agency. Coming away with position's I want in free agency gives me a lot of flexibility for the draft which is what I want
  5. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    Devine Ozigbo, kid had a ridiculous senior year.
  6. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    What I would like is if there was a way we could do a priority. Like only attempt contract B if contract A was not successful. That way we don't end up with someone signing two players when they really only wanted one. The Solder contracts of the world don't bother me. It's when Solder and another FA end up on a team with 3 starting LTs that bothers me.
  7. DeFilippo, Mcadoo, and Cooter is all who I have seen. Sark would've been the choice had he not bolted for, and I like all three of those choices better than Sark. Haven't seen anything on Philbin
  8. #1 pick - who do the Cardinals draft?

    Hi, Cardinals fan here. Bosa or trade down please
  9. I've really liked a lot of the assistants we've brought in. Kugler has a lot of experience and Raih from what I've read is pretty well regarded. Vance Joseph isn't my first choice but I still like his hire. Billy Davis is a terrible DC but I'll trust he's good as a LB coach. ST were pretty good last year so I like hiring Rogers Avoiding the Sark hire is awesome too.
  10. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    I've liked a lot of the assistants we've hired so far. Kugler has a lot of experience. David Raih is a pretty well thought of assistant for the WR position. Vance Joseph is an above average DC hire, along with Billy Davis (who I hate as a DC) but has a lot of experience as well. Then retaining Rogers as our ST coordinator. It's been a lot of experienced assistants which is what we need to pair with Kingsbury. Plus we dodged the Sark bullet, so I'm impressed
  11. Cardinals to hire Vance Joseph as DC

    Don't believe Sark has been confirmed yet, so I'm going to hold out on that one until it is. But VJ isn't a bad hire. Would have preferred Pagano, but Joseph isn't a bad go to either
  12. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    From what I've read, the three guys that they are targeting for DC are Chuck Pagano, Mike Nolan, and Dom Capers. Pagano obviously by who I would like the most. Nolan next up with Capers about a couple dozen miles beyond that. Pagano was close with Arians, who I know remains a good friend with Cardinals owner and GM Steve Keim so I'd like to hope that the connection there could help bring him here. He would certainly help Kingsbury put forward a worthwhile NFL staff.
  13. BA also tries to set up his assistants as best he can to further their careers. It's really one of the more unique things I've seen. I remember him stating one time something simple along the lines of I want my position coaches to be coordinators and my coordinators to be head coaches, and I'd never really heard a coach say that before so I thought it was really cool. I know a lot of people in the organization praised Leftwich and they felt he was going to be a head coach some day. Harold Goodwin had reportedly seen some college head coaching offers while he was our OC. Obviously Bowles took the HC job at the Jets (Which I for one don't think anyone could've succeeded in and think Bowles will be an awesome head coach some day). The issue came when we missed the playoffs the last two years of his tenure because we had the worst special teams in the league by a wide margin and wouldn't fire Amos Jones. I can think of 4 games in those two years where special teams cost us games. So it's definitely promising that he didn't bring Amos with him and got Armstrong for you guys. I also remember that Arians had suggested Bettcher and Armstrong for our head coaching position last offseason, oddly enough. Anyways, once again, home run hire. Going to be very interested to see how y'all do next year as I have a lot of love for Bowles, and a good amount for Arians too.
  14. Arians was a tad complacent towards the end of his tenure with us. But I think Bowles had originally kept him from getting there. The Arians-Bowles duo is truly as great a combo as you guys can hope for. Congrats on the home run y'all. Leftwich was at the very least a better playcaller than Mike McCoy for a pretty bare offense too, low bar I know but that's really all the analysis I can offer on him
  15. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    OR he just wanted the rules to be followed considering he was transferring within the conference. Spin zone at its finest