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  1. Cardinals release WR Michael Crabtree

    Rumor has it he was outplayed by Keesean Johnson in practice and was kind of a loner in the locker room. Never found a group he fit in with. Kingsbury just wanted to wash his hands of him because he thought he might cause a distraction.
  2. Murray vs Rosen - poll

    In large part my posts during the draft were hyperbolic. That being said, Kyler's support has been far better than any game Rosen had last year as well. But Kyler has done some things that look borderline elite skill wise. My issues through the first two games have more been with Kingsbury thus far and hoping we will see that change. Kyler looks like he has the talent to be elite one day.
  3. Week 1 | Detroit Lions (0-0) @ Arizona Cardinals (0-0)

    I didn't know how I felt when I left the stadium. But a couple days after here's what I took away. David Johnson looked great, which is massive if we're going to have any success this year. Jordan Hicks was an absolute monster the whole game. Lord knows, we don't have the defensive line to stop the run, so he's going to have to be that the whole year for us to continue to have success. I thought the secondary did pretty damn good for being a bunch of 3rd CB options. I think that the final touchdown the Lions scored in the first half was largely due to the defense having to play the whole time and being gassed. If the offense can show up earlier in the game, that's only going to help the defense too. Chandler Jones and T-Sizzle looked pretty good on pass rush, but no surprise there. That's what I am for sure going to take away. Anything beyond that is too speculative. We saw two different Cardinals offenses there, and the Lions defense played pretty vanilla most the game too, very few blitzes. I'm guessing we're going to see a lot of blitzing this next week in Baltimore, which is good. Kyler needs to become more exposed to that. Kyler of course was deadly in that fourth quarter, but looked like a corpse in the first three, especially when throwing to Christian Kirk. We'll see going forward, but it's just tough to know what to actually take from a game like that.
  4. Steelers receivers coach Darryl Drake died early this morning

    Drake was a helluva coach too. Players loved him in his time in Arizona. Got a lot out of John Brown and JJ Nelson. A damn shame to see someone so talented go so soon. RIP
  5. Cardinals Training Camp Thread

    By the sounds of it, he's the greatest thing since sliced bread and we're going 19-0 Super Bowl champs. Local news guys have been drooling for days. I'm still picking us for 5-11
  6. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    Every single year Madden does this. They rated Chandler Jones an 82. The man has been a top 5 pass rusher in the league the last several years and he gets absolutely zero respect. The past few years this is where his sack totals rank 2018: 8th 2017: 1st 2016: 8th 2015: 5th And they make this man an 82, so incredibly disrespectful. Should be in the 90s
  7. Murray vs Rosen - poll

    I have a headache just thinking about it
  8. Murray vs Rosen - poll

    I swear I poke my head in just to tell this story every couple of months lol
  9. Murray vs Rosen - poll

    This has been denied at every single level, by teammates, media, and coaches. The only people who are saying this are national media types looking for a story. I felt that Rosen handled the situation with a lot of class. Unfollowing an instagram account (it was only instagram not all social media) is such a non-issue after you've been told you're going to be shipped out. That's not petty at all. I'd unfollow my business's twitter account if they fired me too.
  10. What are the smartest moves made to build your team?

    "How does one build a team?" -Steve Keim ... probably
  11. Falcons release OG Brandon Fusco

    Still would be better than trotting JR freaking Sweezy if I'm the Cardinals
  12. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    We went into the year with a bottom 5 offensive line and then dealt with 10 injuries and were signing guys on Monday then starting them on Sunday. From a pure numbers standpoint we gave up more QB hits than you guys. I can't admit to watching many Fins games this last year, but I've watched a lot of bad Cardinals offensive lines and this one took the cake. At the very least its a moot point as we're likely the bottom two
  13. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    Sad to see this all go down. I like Rosen and hope the fins give him an opportunity that we didn't. He dealt with the worst oline in football, shortage of weapons, countless dropped passes, midseason coordinator change, all as a rookie. No one could succeed in the position he was in.
  14. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    My point being that Rosen's situation was far worse than Tannehill's, and they still performed similarly
  15. Official: Dolphins trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

    Awkward moment when Rosen's pff grade is higher, as a rookie, in a new offense, with two different offensive coordinators, and a severe lack of weapons.