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  1. FFMD

    As someone from one of the least active boards on here, I would like to echo some of the sentiment here. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who's been the Cardinals GM for the past like three or four years in both FFMD and Total Control, except the one time that I pretty much boycotted. There's no fun in FFMD if I have to run it with my board because, well, the Cardinals don't have much of a following on here, and no one wants to join them. I quite honestly don't have the patience to run an FFMD team when it's me and two other people who come onto FF once a day, because what ends up happening is I try to get them involved, they aren't there, I make an executive decision, and then someone gets upset because they weren't online for 24 hours. It's why I prefer total control because I don't have to have the other people's input without being seen as a dictator. FFMD is dead, IMO, due to the lack of following in the smaller forums on here. It makes it tough for some people, because we can't be here all the time. And it's a pain for the mods who run it as well, which I understand. So just kill it then! There's no use to running something that some feel is more of a burden than something for fun.
  2. Anyone have suggestions for someone trying to gain weight and bulk up? I'm the type who's metabolism kicks *** but all prevents me from gaining much muscle at all. I workout 3 times a week, and have tried force feeding to no avail, any recommendations if anyone has had any experience with this?
  3. I honestly don't remember anything about my alliances this game outside of not like ET. But congrats anyways Whicker
  4. He's always been a b****
  5. Idk, have a date with Jackie Bradley Jr once this picnic she's at is over though so I'm hoping for a good night
  6. The 2018 MLB Draft Thread

    We're really good at being really bad. I mean one of them has to work out right?
  7. ARI Rookie WR Christian Kirk Arrested in Feb at Phoenix WM Open

    ICYMI: The charges against Kirk were deemed baseless and were therefor dropped
  8. Teh Mafiaz (jfin's Revenge) - WHICKER WINS!!

    You got me back this year anyways. So it’s all good
  9. Teh Mafiaz (jfin's Revenge) - WHICKER WINS!!

    I've ****ed you over? That's wild man
  10. Carlos Beltran is definitely one. I thought about saying Grienke, but without trading him there's no World Series. Hosmer is one for sure too, but I understand why he left and why we let him go. The next is just like Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, James Shields, Lorenzo Cain, Wade Davis or really any decent player we've had the last 20 years and lost
  11. Browns finalizing trade to send Jamar Taylor to Cardinals

    I'm used to trash playing across from PP so regardless, he can't be much worse than our Brandon Williams, Marcus Cooper, and other experiments
  12. Browns finalizing trade to send Jamar Taylor to Cardinals

    I see pff has him as a pretty solid 74 last year. Anything across from PP that can play decent is welcome. Anything I should know about him Browns and Dolphins fans?