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  1. Sometimes it sucks to suck
  2. Oh that final two is going to be glorious
  3. Seems like a game for those who never leave this thread. Kudos to y'all
  4. By nature of being one of the more veteran players in the game, I definitely expect to be targeted. It's the nature of the beast. I made it very well known that I was targeting ET, I got ET out, now I feel much more comfortable about the setting that I find myself in. I have made it clear to a few of ET's former allies as well, that I am not going to hold that against them. My target was ET, not them. It doesn't surprise me that people I have conversed with throughout the game may be targeting me. I get it, it makes sense. But to come after me while I do not have anyone that I am explicitly targeting is not smart.
  5. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    You and me must be watching a completely different player my friend. You're acting like LJ is some kind of guarantee and he is far from it
  6. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    Yes I have watched the film, and from what I've seen his lack of being able to pass to the sidelines is going to get his receivers killed. You can't be so one dimmensional in your passing in the NFL. I've also seen him airmail the ball over his receivers plenty of times. Athletes can throw the ball a long ways. Right now, he cannot pass the ball at an NFL level, and I have serious concerns that he ever will.
  7. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    This is far more easier said than done. This isn't the same process at Watson. Watson was much more refined than Jackson is, and not only that but Watson was a proven leader with championship experience. (Your also on crack if you think he could've won the MVP) Jackson is just pure athletic talent that you are drafting him off of. You not only have to completely change his throwing style, but you have to add in injury concerns with a small body frame, and general dangerous style of play. Now that being said, the reward is incredibly high if it pays off. But I don't think Jackson is anywhere close to a sure thing, and reports have said that the Cards agree with me.
  8. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    Dude can't hit a 15 yard out route. Can't use #15 on that, way too early for him. If we are that honed in on him, I'd expect a trade back

    It is incredible how bad the Royals bullpen is. That's a sentence I couldn't even fathom saying just two years ago. I mean the team has a whole sucks but the bullpen just takes the damn cake
  10. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    Ridley is definitely my first option. Alexander is option #2. I don't consider, nor do I think the Cardinals will consider, Lamar Jackson at 15
  11. Thoughts on ILB Deone Bucannon?

    Sorry for the late response, but yes I expect Bucannon around this year, and it's likely a prove it year for him under Wilks
  12. @EliteTexan80 you were a formidable foe, quite possibly the toughest hurdle I've ever had to overcome in my four seasons (Four? maybe three? I don't know). You've came to the same fate that a lot of ring leaders generally come to. There's a point when power in the house is feared, and you passed that point. Safe travels my friend
  13. All I have to say is wow. Truthfully expected to go home here. @Whicker that was an incredibly ballsy move. Let the record show that we haven't spoke once this game. But putting up ET was an incredibly ballsy move. Once again, thanks for keeping me you guys. I need a new enemy now
  14. @Whicker these are great nominations. It's what everyone should strive for in their noms
  15. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    If Bettcher turns the Giants D into anything respectable, I'd be he gets a HC job
  16. First time I've ever been called good at comps tbh. So I guess thanks.
  17. @JBURGE25 has always been a friend of mine (well except when he kind of humiliated me that one season, but lets not talk about that) You're one of the best this game has. Sad to see you go, but thank you to everyone who voted to keep me around. Your support is much appreciated.
  18. I get a unique opportunity to be vulnerable in front of the camera. I'll take it
  19. It's a numbers game. In a split house, I've found myself on the wrong side, with the wrong allies. Very bluntly, myself and my allies have not been strong enough. And ET has played a better game than everyone. Even if you are allies with ET, if you don't consider him a threat then you are blind
  20. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    When you re-sign the best goalie since January 1st
  21. I'm mainly joking, my job just doesn't have me around a computer too often. If I'm in class or at home though I'm generally glued to my computer. I'm trying to do accounting stuff right now but you know how it goes
  22. Don't y'all have like, jobs or responsibilities though that keep you from a computer for a little more than a half hour at a time? Or do you guys just all work at a computer