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  1. Would be the first defensive coach we've hired in quite a while. Hopefully the Flip rumors turnout to be true
  2. RUMOR: Cardinals closing in on hiring Steve Wilks

    I know the rumor was that he would retain Bettcher and go after Flip as OC
  3. RUMOR: Cardinals closing in on hiring Steve Wilks

    VERY happy about this
  4. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    Even though Flip would only be a rental Wilks/Flip/Bettcher is such an attractive combo for me.
  5. Predict the Pick: 15, Cardinals

    I voted for Josh Jackson, fully anticipate Lamar Jackson winning this poll. I'd be happy with that pick if we also brought in a Bradford type to give Jackson some time to develop. Went with JJ because he would fill that CB2 need. Wouldn't hate going WR or OL here either
  6. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    Bettcher is reportedly still very much in the mix and has Mike McCoy and Chuck Pagano as his coordinators. Flores has Jim Caldwell as his prospective OC. This year I feel like is not nearly as much about the actual head coach as it is the coordinators. Anyone remember hearing DeFilippo's potential DC? I know he was rumored as Wilks' potential OC
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Aly Raisman is a hero, just thought that should be said
  8. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    I'm starting to get the feeling after we've said "next year has xyz QBs," there's a certain point where that rhetoric needs to break because QB classes always look better a year out.

    Fan Favorite: Cardinals Sub-forum: I mean I can try but the Cards forum is pretty dead. If I am asked to run another team I will 1. Cardinals 2. Browns 3. Raiders
  10. That's inevitable, might as well make sideline fueds between Haley and Saban to make it a little more entertaining
  11. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    Keith Armstrong and Steve Wilks are having second interviews
  12. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Falcons ST coach Keith Armstrong and Steve Wilks have confirmed 2nd interviews with the Cards
  13. Honestly I would love to have Haley back in the desert. Best OC we've had in the last 15 years hands down. Hell probably the best OC in our history
  14. My dream for Todd Haley would be for him to be the offensive coordinator at Bama under Saban. It won't happen, but I want it to
  15. Haley isn't exactly what you would call a "player's coach" just ask Anquan Boldin
  16. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    From what I've hear Moyes and the board are fighting on Carroll. Moyes wants him to stay, the board likes 20m for him. Believe I've read we'd like Batshuayi though too so it would be interesting to see if he comes into play at all here. Only striker (I guess I should say "striker") that we have that I can't see moving is Ayew
  17. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    I never really wanted Munchak but warmed up to him a little when I read he'd bring back Bettcher then have Haley as his OC. felt it was a good coordinator combo. But very curious as to why he'd turn us down
  18. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    I didn't really want Munchak but very curious as to why he'd turn us down. Not a huge fan of Flores as I'm not confident he'd put together a great staff
  19. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

  20. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Depends on who you read. Jurecki has been hard on Munchak being the guy the whole time, Somers is saying there aren't any second interviews scheduled at the moment.
  21. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    But you can argue with how much Haley's players have hated him
  22. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    He really hasn't been mentioned very much from the Arizona media. Of course he was interviewed, but not much has been said after that. Could be because he's still got another game to coach, but so does Shurmur and Flores and they've had plenty of rumors swirling around in our media. It seems as though our interest isn't there, could be totally wrong though
  23. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    With Shurmur going to the Giants, I have to think Wilks is going to be ours. I sure hope it's ours cause I just get the feeling that it's Munchak if it's not him
  24. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Gruden to the Raiders Nagy to the Bears Shurmur to the Giants Patricia to the Lions then McDaniels to the Colts My guess is Wilks to the Cardinals and no idea what the Titans will do
  25. Arizona Cardinals Head coach and QB

    There's been so many rumors with this opening that I don't seriously think anyone has any kind of inside track. Clearly Khodder and I disagree entirely on Bettcher although I don't want him as our head coach, he's a great option for our DC. The offensive staff is a total disaster however. I believe I remember reading Bettcher would plan on ditching the current staff if promoted, so that kind of points it out for you. BA suggested Bettcher, not Goodwin, for a reason. Don't see how you can trash our current staff and think that Brian Flores would put together one that's better though. The guy's been a position coach his entire career and has little, to no connections outside of New England. Would not be thrilled with that hire because, I don't think he could put together a successful staff. I personally want Shurmur. He's not the sexy hire, but I think he's the right hire. The type of offense that he would bring in would really play to DJ's strengths and limit our weaknesses. Of course his defense staff hires are important as well, and cooling off on him without Fangio's name attached is understandable. I for one though still believe that he is the best candidate Don't like Munchak, nothing about hiring him would excite me. Keith Armstrong is possibly the most random name on the board. Apparently suggested by BA, and we really could use a new focus on Special Teams too, but it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Jim Schwartz would be okay if the rumor that him and DeFilippo would come together turns out to be true. But him as a stand alone candidate is not the greatest looking option. John DeFilippo is kind of like just trying to see if we could find our own Sean McVay. He's done very well with Wentz no doubt but outside of that he really doesn't have that great of a resume I think Steve Wilks is a solid candidate. Nothing else to really say there. As far as QBs go, I don't really want to comment until we have a coach. Because my view on each QB could change immensely depending on who we hire.