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  1. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/01/denver-broncos-undrafted-free-agent-tracker-1-player-has-agreed-to-sign/ 1. G Nolan Laufenberg (source) Air Force2. FB Adam Prentice (source) South Carolina 3. OT Drew Himmelman (source) Illinois State 4. WR Branden Mack (source) Temple 5. LB Curtis Robinson (source) Stanford 6. TE Shaun Beyer (source) Iowa 7. CB Mac McCain III (source) North Carolina A&T 8. OLB Andre Mintze (source) Vanderbilt 9. WR Warren Jackson (source) Colorado State 10. TE Landon Rice (source) Jacksonville State 11. WR Devontres Dukes (source) South Flo
  2. Anyone know anything about our last DE pick?
  3. Good special teams player or hoping one of the two Safeties is a hit is my best guess.
  4. Another Safety? He is a good one
  5. Depends on reason for clots. If Sickle Cell or Trait, wouldn't do; however, it not, less of a concern.
  6. A couple of good OG prospects, perhaps Risner does go to OT? (Brown 'Bama and Smith Tenn)
  7. Per the ESPN initial analysis.... Sterns has above-average instincts, longer arms and outstanding top-end speed. He tracks the ball well and has solid ball skills. Sterns has average size, does an adequate job of getting off blocks and is a functional open-field tackler. -- Steve Muench
  8. Wouldn't be opposed to flyer on D Moses... has a lot of tools for Vick to work with
  9. https://relativeathleticscores.com/2021/01/23/2021-draft-class-ras/ Big Board-Looking at Relative Athletic Scores at positions of potential need and best available. OT Doyle (Miami OH) 9.9 (may be OG), Landon Young (UK) 9.18, Dan Moore (TA&M) 8.98 DE Kaindoh (FSU) 9.59, Toney (PSU) 9.47, Robinson (FSU) 9.33, Bradley-King (Baylor) 9.18 DT: Marshall (Arkansas) 9.99, Brown (TA&MU) 9.82, Togai (The OSU) 8.58, Nixon (Iowa) 8.38, D Stills (WVU) 8.16 Safety Coyle (Purdue SS) 9.83, Wiggins (Cincy FS) 9.7, Forrest (Cincy FS) 9.69, Sterns (Texas FS) 9.59 I am
  10. Could totally live with Browning... good pick.
  11. I liked Surratt (cerebral ILB) but still learning the position.
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