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    Looks like Campen is coming to the browns as associate head coach/oline
  2. WEEK 16 GDT: PLAYOFFS!?!!????!!??

    I'm being a Baltimore fan for a week sorry fellas. I wanna hear the Steelers ***** for an entire year. 😂
  3. Josh Gordon Stepping Away from Football

    "WE GOT HIM FOR A 5TH!" - every Patriots fan ever. As a browns fan I don't feel bad for him. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me 3748595 times....
  4. Rosie Jones Thread

    Anyone else still at 6 to midnight?
  5. Rosie Jones Thread

    I'll try to get tapes from the bar.
  6. Rosie Jones Thread

    Got in a fight with a broncos fan while visiting a concy fan. Left him like keenum on 4th down. We are back baby
  7. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    They are 2 different players entirely. It's comparing LeBron to Michael. You're right it's nonsense. Jarvis will be a HoF for different reasons than T.O. "IF" Jarvis has the career to consider it.
  8. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Ok, what's our record without him?
  9. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    It looks like 15 million a year to you is all about production on the field which is fine if Tyrod isn't your quarterback and Hue Jackson and Haley aren't running your offense with the personnel you have. Kitchens set Baker up for success and is using EVERYBODY on the field. Jarvis has sent a message to that locker room and is displaying it every day. Making all the tough catches, fighting every play and thru injuries, being a true leader for the young core which we desperately lacked. Even thru the tough part of the year. He still has a shot at being over a 1000 yards and if he goes off a couple of these last games he could go for 100 catches. And yes tretter has definitely earned his paycheck and more. I won't take that away from him. Especially since we only allowed 4 QB hits in the past 4-5 games.
  10. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    I think a point that was missed was he showed up on the injury report a few times but toughened up and still played. I'm pretty sure they were talking that one game he probably shouldve sat out. That right there tells me he is worth it. He's going to work every day and giving his all. Sure he's not a burner but he can catch a cold in the desert.
  11. Seriously they are. You should've been at the game when Tom Brady came off his suspension from the league a couple years ago.
  12. I'm gonna say it. It should've been said awhile ago. To this very day, Patriot fans are the worst in football and it isn't even close.
  13. Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.

    So we gonna have a center Sunday or is this a new scheme Freddie is bringing out. I feel it works if Watt doesn't line up at the nose.
  14. I got invited before @DawgX hahaha. Suck it fool.
  15. Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.

    I believe this is the game Garrett has 3 sacks, FF, FR for a touchdown and just blows up their entire offense. Browns 38- Texans 24