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  1. Eh hard disagree. I think megatron made him look better that what he really was. He can make throws but that whole chuck it and we will win thing didnt even work for him.
  2. My order of true art. 1. Sistine chapel. 2. Picture above. 3. Mona lisa. Just a thing if beauty.
  3. Ok you win Teller. You're my favorite player now. Lol
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/uhjeGdJbWH9L4U187 Whenever this happens you can compare them. Dude was on a different field than anyone I've ever seen. It's not close.
  5. No. In what world is Sexton or Garland starting over KPJ. No again.
  6. I saw Teller graded at 96.4 against the Texans. Good lord.
  7. Watching tonight I think the ravens might crash.
  8. All I know is if I ever see a Dolan in the street, I'm decking them right in the mouth. Quote me on it. Lol
  9. Vice beasley being released by titans. Do we go for it?
  10. The point was it was hard to draft defense in the 1st when our offense could never move the ball. It's a double edged sword. Now that our offense can be capable I think they hit it hard on D.
  11. I will say this though the steelers and ravens both had capable offenses for about a decade. Call Flacco a fluke but he was very capable for many years and carried the ravens to a superbowl ring that one year.
  12. If he performed at half the level of that year he would be 2 steps ahead of taki and goodson.
  13. Parkey going full downs. lol did you not see carlson kick that way in the first half? idiot.
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