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  1. Seriously they are. You should've been at the game when Tom Brady came off his suspension from the league a couple years ago.
  2. I'm gonna say it. It should've been said awhile ago. To this very day, Patriot fans are the worst in football and it isn't even close.
  3. Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.

    So we gonna have a center Sunday or is this a new scheme Freddie is bringing out. I feel it works if Watt doesn't line up at the nose.
  4. I got invited before @DawgX hahaha. Suck it fool.
  5. Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.

    I believe this is the game Garrett has 3 sacks, FF, FR for a touchdown and just blows up their entire offense. Browns 38- Texans 24
  6. A quick message to all in here

    Thought about authorizing and illistrating children's books. Lol (I definitely said that wrong I just know it.)
  7. A quick message to all in here

    I enjoy your posts so hurry back now ya hear. Life is overrated. Even more now that we have a franchise QB. Wouldn't wanna Miss that. In all seriousness hope you figure it out and are around more often.
  8. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Is it appropriate as a man to get "Mayfield" as a tramp stamp. Asking for a friend?
  9. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I see Colt McCoy is still a turd.
  10. Week 9 GDT Browns VS I don't think this will go well....

    Browns 23- KC 20 We somehow stop the unstoppable.

    I'm on boat for the young offensive guy as it seems most are. My dark horse is Arians gets his dream job.
  12. Haley ALSO Fired

    I just posted it I. The hue thread too lmao.
  13. Hue Jackson fired

    Apparently Haley got the boot too.