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  1. Had to think this was all planned out with the Malik Jackson signing. Essentially the same player IMO only way cheaper. Sheld was great for us but it’s all part of the business.
  2. I think they keep some development guys like Gustin or Jackson. If they go for Houston you have a nice rotation with him and McKinney
  3. I’m pretty sure they set it up so it doesn’t benefit you to tank anymore? Or is that a hoax? Cause Pelicans got Zion. They were not close to be the worst team.
  4. Yeah the injuries are definitely a problem.
  5. Yeah referring to not signing here. I guess an outside shot he becomes a better pash rusher but having a dominant edge setter against the run against Lamar wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.
  6. I saw we are interested in Clowney. Do we even want him? Personally I’m not interested because of the diss last year.
  7. Ok, well sorry I work numerous hours but have been around as long as you. Like I can’t help that. So good for you, you got the gravy since you wanna attack being present. Also it’s a forum so it’s all opinionated and I think your wrong. You’re a mod so I have to be careful on what I say or there’s a ban coming but what you said is dumb just now. Cause a guy has more time to post cause he coaches linebackers at a high school has MORE say than someone else on a forum page makes you dumb. Ban me Webby. That logic makes no sense. I’m sorry. I’ll use my breaks that I get and lunches that I get to p
  8. Cause they’ve been down this road. Go up and get quality. Lmao I got nothing else for you.
  9. Cause again look what KC did and GB did in our armchair mock draft.
  10. The goal is to win now with baker on a rookie contract..... why wouldn’t you trade up to get the stud you want with that mind set or are we lookin down the road? I liked the lb because I pounded the table before in posts to get one 1st..... do you need to be fired again or what other explanation do you need.
  11. No some of us. Aka me work nights. With work at lead times at 48 days. So we can’t be too involved. I see I hurt your feelings so you’re going on pro day evaluations which is always a good idea. I like the LB pick. But we could’ve had him potentially at the pick you traded up to get Travis Benjamin. On your analysis you based you picks on being athletic. Thats always a good idea. But at the Same time maybe we are splitting hairs because the draft is a crap shoot but we traded ourselves into a worse situation. Notice how KC traded up in the draft we are talking about... AND GB. Oh you forgot to
  12. I might tattoo this on my body. Probably on my *** while I moon them from behind home plate.
  13. I’m appointing myself as Haslam and firing the squad. Here are the reasons as followed. 1. We are not at the point of trading down as a team. WE TRADE UP FOR QUALITY. We aren’t rebuilding anymore and need quantity. I get it you’re use to it being rebuilding for 20 years. Party my fault but I’ve learned. 2. you used a 2nd round pick on a position that isn’t a huge need. Our Def couldn’t stop a high school fb team. And you take a wr?! Like you’re high. Not only that you traded up for basically Travis Benjamin... like you guys aren’t trying. I would guess you could’ve got fibula at
  14. https://youtu.be/5Nx57KONzVo I needed to feel excited about basketball again. This does it everytime.
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