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  1. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Don’t matter. Dolans wasted a tremendous pitching staff by not spending when the time was right. I’m almost positive our title window has closed. If not this is the last year for it.
  2. Who's the MJ of Football?

    It’s Jim brown. Absolutely dominated on the field. Had an impact outside of football and even had a movie career. Still to this day on any “best player of all time” list he’s top 3 depending on where it’s from. If that’s not good enough. Browns won the championship in 64. Their last one. He retired in 65. Weve been trash ever since. He literally checks off of the boxes. He even has a one up on Jordan when it comes to his involvement in the civil rights.
  3. Higgins

    So I saw an article on Higgins staying in Cleveland on bleacher report. Not sure how to post it. Anyways, it went on about how he was in the doghouse with kitchen and such and he turned down multiple offers that were more money to stay in Cleveland. I think him staying with us is a great thing. He said in the article it wasn’t about fame and glory or money. He wants to stay and win and basically loved the relationship and chemistry with baker. I know stef doesn’t run a lot of 3 wr sets but man you get a kid that’s hungry like that and chooses football first it can never be bad.
  4. (Polls) 2020 Draft In-Review: Berry and DePo Rise Again

    Going a different direction for a moment. Imagine being Aaron Rodgers at this moment. That’s gonna be an awkward meeting for sure. Grant Delpit: Ok we stole him if the reports of his ankle are true. My ankles would be what you guys would consider be “cheeks.” I’m not a D1 power conference all American Safety either, but I know what that injury does to someone. He still played great though which is crazy. I think we just got somebody who’s tough as hell and an actual impact player in the 2nd round. Definitely the steal of the draft in my opinion. - obviously love the Wills pick. - Elliot was a good pick in terms of depth and upside. Gonna need a nice rotation of DL for our division. - Bryant is really intriguing to me. OT in high school then moved to TE. Basically was his whole offense in college. I think we might of round a diamond in the rough there.
  5. Day three discussion

    It wouldn’t hurt for depth in the middle. Possible replacement for Tret
  6. Day three discussion

    I’m a little surprised no one has taken Biad from Wisconsin yet.
  7. Day three discussion

    He was taken by Minny in the 2nd
  8. Day three discussion

    Yeah played OT in high school. He knows how to block.
  9. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    I remember when people wanted Schobert cut when he played OLB for us when that’s what he played in college. We have a young LB core. We took Mack in the 5th round but our made of glass LB Kirko forced him into playing. Of course he was gonna make mistakes. Just let it play out. They like the LB who didn’t miss tackles and was super fast. I’m ok with it. It’s a late 3rd round pick. Good place to take a gamble. I feel they got a steal with the first pick in the 3rd at DT.
  10. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    Winfield better be there.
  11. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    Patriots bout to have a field day today one would think. The amount of talent still left is rare.
  12. (Polls) 2020 NFL Draft Round 2 and 3 Discussion

    Have to think safety is the first addition for us.
  13. With the 10th pick, the Browns select OT Jedrick Wills

    It’s hard to get overly excited of an OT. But getting this guy has me more excited than when we traded for obj.
  14. NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion

    After Bosa, DE wasn’t exactly a home run. They went for need and Ferrell played on that Clemson dominant DL. They could’ve went Allen for pure pash rush but Ferrell was good at both run and pass.