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  1. Anyone else excited to root for a poorly ran franchise to hopefully get it right in the draft? Me too. Almost kidding. I’m pretty excited about Mobley personally. The fact that Green doesn’t want to come here says a lot because he would be probably the perfect fit. Suggs is my crush because of his heart and desire to win. I very obviously want Love gone and I feel he and sexton could bring us something more useful. I don’t hate sexton but you’re an undersized guard that isn’t Damien Lilliard. Sorry not sorry. If you offered the same I say keep him but he doesn’t. Very movable piece f
  2. I agree in a sense. The way our team is constructed you need Allen. 2 small less than good defenders. Nance is ok at D and well we don’t even have to discuss Klove. Obviously things will probably change where Allen won’t be a huge need but it’s the way it is. side note: how do you sit out half the games with injury then be a total punk then decide to join the Olympic team. Talking to you Klove.
  3. I’m about 75% percent sure it’s gonna depend on if we win. No hiccups. Just consistent winning cause at that point you force the hand cause other good players are going to want to come. But he’s had nothing but losing between us and Miami. At this point he’s made the money so I don’t see why he wouldn’t but hey money changes people.
  4. Long term I expect Jarvis to take less IF we win it all to stay. But he is worth that contract to us now and we can afford it no problem here in 2-3years when the salary cap jumps. And he will be 30 then. His bulk stats are a great indication on why he’s getting paid what he’s getting paid. Same thing with Odell. Edelman took less just like every player on the patriots it seems like. That’s a team 1st mental over there.
  5. Oh I totally agree. He is worth that contract. Everybody who doubts it needs to check themselves at the door. Lol on pace for 1000rec and 10000 yards too. Like it’s crazy when anyone says we need to look to get rid of him and the contract.
  6. Julian Edelman. 11 years. 620 rec 6800 yards. 36 TDS. Played 16 games only 3 seasons. Jarvis Landry. 7 years. 636 rec 7000 yards. 35 TDs. Missed 1 game. Was forced to miss that game to. Lol its not even a comparison on who they are as players and what they actually deserve in terms of money.
  7. I literally would have to defend the browns to other people by saying it truly started with Lerner not wanting the team for along time. Haslam might be a goof but he wants to win and will fire your *** if you don’t deliver. It starts up top. Before it gets to the players. So we have a hungry owner and now have continuity in the front office. The dominoes usually fall after that. Getting a hungry QB usually helps too. I was wrong about Mayfield and I’m glad I was.
  8. What’s most important I think is they are on the same page. Allowing analytics with football knowledge itself. Like when Dorsey was here all football no numbers or the will to adapt. That and he put his eggs in a very inexperienced HC candidate and lost poorly. Depo + Berry + Stef is a very calm but very direct approach to the front office. Recipe for success. Also very smart. Berry is head and shoulders above sashi because of his ability to find talent. Granted not one of these guys has played a down yet but our D was trash and he attacked it in FA as well as the draft. It’s a nice
  9. Melton has Greg Little Vibes. Probably just a ST.
  10. Pick 199 has become the most annoying pick in the entire draft now. Thanks Brady.
  11. We run the 2TE set soooo much. So both Njoku and Hooper essentially are starters. Well the number 1 and 2 TE should be considered starters in our Offense.
  12. Wade going to the Ravens is one of the few teams that made sense cause he has no choice but to play inside. He is absolutely trash on the outside.
  13. Right. It’s still hard to determine that kind of thing cause the NFL speed is just different on all 3 levels. There’s been plenty of speed that’s never panned out.
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