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  1. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Buccaneers/Patriots Up)

    Awesome draft recap on Pats @CWood21 I find myself agreeing a lot. Love the versatile OL pick first and think Sony was a flashy unforeseen pick but felt there was better value at that point.
  2. Boston Sports Thread

    Price and his hand seem to become an issue during the bigger series, both this season have come against NYY. Definitely discouraging. Mookie, JD and a few others hitting the cover off the ball. Could we possibly run into less outs on the bases please
  3. Accepted. It’s April 9th and I have three 1st round picks and some very good talent I’m building around.
  4. Boston Sports Thread

    Why wouldn’t double Bogey play? huge series need to continue to have deep and efficient outings by the rotation
  5. He said up to three picks a year. If the first isn’t involved then this deal as a whole must be rescinded.
  6. I Get Sax receives: Vladdy Jr Seager Taillon 1st For BG82 receives: Arenado Knebel Senzel + my last pick
  7. Easter Bunny left us a blockbuster of sorts
  8. No worries it was fun
  9. Appreciate the honesty HZ.
  10. Absolutely love GVF
  11. Hindsight, shoulda blown all you suckas up at Wrigley
  12. Going: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Rock, Paper @domepatrol91
  13. Is your favorite fruit the bitter berry by chance kind sir?
  14. MyManDenzel.gif 3/4 Horseman still alive and well