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  1. John Elway's Approach to Protests

    NFL teams and the NFL itself are private entities. They have the right to not allow players to make political and/or any of kind of statements that would affect their bottom line on their own platform. Now thankfully, owners and commissioners have not put a stop to it because I think something positive have come out of the all protests. And their are legitimate reasons (both current and historic) behind the protests. However, this is not and never has been a free speech issue. No one has threatened to jail NFL players for speaking out. They have freedom of speech, just not freedom from consequences of free speech
  2. UPDATE- Boldin Retires after 2 Weeks with the Bills

    Well it does help in their quest to tank......
  3. John Elway's Approach to Protests

    If Elway did that he would've got major backlash. Earlier this year he lobbied for judge Neil Gorsuch with a letter using the official Broncos letterhead. He also attended Trump's inauguration. He would look really hypocritical and partisan if he didn't let players express their beliefs.
  4. Broncos QB Battle

    Lynch is looking more and more like a sunk cost
  5. Broncos @ 49ers: Week 2 GDT

    Lynch looks like Tebow w/o the "it" factor. Siemian is our starter by default.
  6. We spent a crap ton of money on defensive free agents in the 2014 offseason, (Talib, Ware, and Ward) and we ended up winning the superbowl due in large part to our defense a year later. There is more than one way to build a team.
  7. Thursday Night Preseason Games

    It's time to put down the Bortles, guys. Maybe try the Henne.
  8. Seahawks sign former 49ers CB Tramaine Brock

    Yeah let's see if the NFL spends a year investigating his case.
  9. D82's 4 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    Nope, not even going to try to debate this with you.
  10. Aaron Donald's holdout

    I'm always going to side with the players in these situations in football. Even on my team, as Von Miller should've been paid long before the deadline last year. The injury rate is high and the contracts aren't guaranteed. NTM teams cut players who under perform on contracts all the time, so I don't see why the reserve can't happen. And I despise teams using the franchise tag like you're proposing. If you're not going to pay the guy then trade him or let him go, instead of holding a player hostage for multiple years.
  11. Aaron Donald's holdout

    All of this is nonsense. Pay the man what he has earned, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  12. D82's 4 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    You can't possibly believe this..... Edit: I just saw that his mock has Darnold going back to school so it's arguable I guess.
  13. Broncos QB Battle

    Where did you hear this from?
  14. Broncos QB Battle

    This is encouraging.... From 49er beat writers and reporters
  15. Does LeSean McCoy have a chance to at the HOF?

    Going based off talent alone, I'll take Shady over both of them. He just need a few more healthy seasons to pad his stats and he'll get in, IMO.