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  1. I know it's one game, but Drew Lock has me worried. Listening the Cover2Broncos podcast, (via Mile High Report) they outlined a lot of issues with him, including some of the things you brought up. Bad pocket presence, lack of anticipation, not being able to see the entire field, bad deep ball accuracy, etc. His best plays came when Shurmur had him only look at one guy, or when he scrambled out of the pocket. He needs to play better if we have any chance of having a successful season. BTW, I'm getting annoyed at how other teams have rookie QBs that come in and hit the ground running, while we're stuck watching garbage. Something needs to change.
  2. Out of all the games this weekend, that was one of them.
  3. Come on Lock, that was Josh Allen-esque.
  4. Inappropriately touching a Butt is enough to get kicked of out most places.....
  5. Let's go broncos. Hopefully, I don't fall asleep during the game.
  6. The Jets will never prosper and their fans need to stop following the team.
  7. I guess Rams fans can respond to Cowboys fans with this
  8. Man these Rams uniforms are terrible. They look like dingy t-shirts. 🤢
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