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  1. The Browns got away with an offsides it looks like.
  2. There's no debate about the best QB ever, Troy.
  3. Bridgewater with his patented short-of-the-sticks pass on 3rd down.
  4. It seems like Fant has more penalties that catches this year.
  5. This is our only primetime game of the season and I think we may have got too many.
  6. At this point I'm just numb. Apathy has completely set in.
  7. I think we need to keep both Jeudy and Sutton, so that the next QB we bring in (be it rookie or vet) has a decent group to throw to.
  8. I think people are really underrating Sutton. The guy has produced like a top 15 WR in 2019 and currently this year with next to nothing at QB. He could've had near 200 yards receiving last Sunday if Bridgewater could accurately throw the ball. He's big, strong, a pretty good route router, and is much faster than given credit for. Case in point: Also, no drops this season thus far. I think he's absolutely worth WR1 money and IMO, would be a top ten WR if we had any sort of decent QB play.
  9. Man if we lose this game, just leave the entire coaching staff in Cleveland.
  10. I'm always amazed how fast Henry is for a guy his size.
  11. That was a forward pass, just like the other one.
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