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  1. I think we need to move up for a QB, as I don’t think we’re going to be picking this high next year. We’re getting a lot of people back from injury and our schedule is pretty weak for this upcoming season. Also, the 2022 QB class as of right now is lacking, so if we want a shot at a decent QB prospect, I think this year’s draft is it. Before anyone asks, no, I have no faith in Lock being anything other than a good backup.
  2. Man that's terrible. Imagine being a fan of a franchise that has siblings fighting over its ownership. Couldn't be me.
  3. I personally don't want Watson on the Broncos.
  4. The guy annoys me to no end. If you didn't know, he has a Broncos based radio show that basically functions as a glorified PR firm for the team. He loves to talk up Drew Lock and downplay any hope from fans that the Broncos replace him. I had to unfollow him on twitter because of the constant dishonesty.
  5. Does anyone else see Kurt Warner when they watch Mac Jones? I'm not a draft expect by any stretch, but that's who I immediately think of when watching Jones play.
  6. I mean, he's right about Mahomes, other than him winning a 2nd SB this year.
  7. I'm rooting against the Chiefs and they're getting hosed right now lol.
  8. Are the Rams ever going to pick in the first round again?
  9. I was on the fence for Stafford, but like other people in here, I think @Broncofan persuaded me. I would love to see Stafford here with the weapons we have.
  10. He hasn't shown the best judgement on and off the field so this fits.......
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