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  1. Week 14 GDT

    Um he's 89 years old? If anything he looks good for that age.
  2. Week 14 GDT

    Iowa TEs are just owning today.
  3. Week 14 GDT

    Ugh come on Lock, you can't make that throw.
  4. Week 14 GDT

  5. Week 14 GDT

    Drew Lock and Kareem Jackson happened.
  6. Week 14 GDT

    Yeah I am a Drewsexual now. Respect my lifestyle.
  7. Week 14 GDT

    Did the Texans play their superbowl last week?
  8. Week 14 GDT

    Kareem Jackson came to play lol
  9. Week 14 GDT

    I don't even care about draft position right now lol. I'm just happy to see the Broncos playing well.
  10. Week 14 GDT

  11. Week 14 GDT

    Drew Lock looking nice early.
  12. Week 14 GDT

    That was a block in the back on Bolles? What a joke LMAO.
  13. Will jets get rid of Bell after the season?

    People defended the Broncos trading for Joe Flacco.....
  14. NFL Week 13 Sunday GDT

    LMAO The CHargers lose in the most Chargers way.