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  1. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Achilles injuries are usually a death knell for WRs, especially older ones, and the 8 mil in cap savings would've been very useful. I had no way of knowing if he'd bounce back to this extent.
  2. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    Obviously Sanders looks good and I was wrong. I just don't think it was outlandish at the time to say that we should cut a 32 year old WR that's coming off an Achilles injury (on top of being injured the year before) in order to save 8 mil on the cap
  3. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    That would me. In my defense, he's 32, coming off an Achilles injury, and we would've saved a lot of money by cutting him. It's easy to look back with hindsight, though.
  4. Dak Prescott Jimmy Garapolo Andy Dalton Derek Carr Jameis Winston Joe Flacco Marcus Mariota Eli Manning
  5. Inject this into my veins.
  6. Why isn't John Elway on the hot seat?

    Elway has made a ALOT of mistakes, from the bad draft classes, to the horrible coaching hires and QB decisions, (Flacco included) but I've Iiked some of the decisions he's made over the past 2 years. The 2018 draft class looks promising, even though I would've prefer us drafting a QB in the first. I think Vic Fangio was a good hire and I like the offensive coordinator we hired from San Fran. I also liked our first 4 picks in this year's draft. That being said, one of my main problems with Elway is that he doesn't seem willing to rebuild. He trades for Flacco and claims that "he's just entering his prime", then he goes and sign a bunch of players in FA. Obviously, he expects us to compete this year, but I just don't think we have the talent for that. Can I also make mention of the fact that he signed a player (Kareem Jackson) to a deal much bigger than the one a player at the same position on our team (CHJ) has despite the fact that CHJ is much better and YOUNGER. This caused an issue and had to be rectified by giving CHJ a big bump in salary. (He's also on a one year deal and the raise included a no trade or franchise tag clause) I just don't know how the FO didn't see this issue coming. Imagine if we didn't pick Lock (or any QB) this year, which was a real possibility. We would've been stuck with Flacco as a treadmill team, basically not bad enough to be high in the draft to get a great player (franchise QB), but not good enough to be a contender, which is a terrible place for any North American professional sports team to be. People can quibble about Lock's first pre-season game and what that means for his career, but it's just nice to have a young QB with some potential. So bottomline, I'm still close to wanting him gone, but admittedly he has made better decisions in regards to drafting and coaching hires recently. One more thing, I wish he'd stop doing things like this:
  7. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    Same story for the past 3 years, but some fans have convinced themselves that Flacco is the answer, just like Case last year, and Trevor Siemian the year before. I still think it was a major mistake not to draft a QB in the first in 2018.
  8. Where did this come from? The guy hasn't even had enough reps to make a judgement on him one way or another.
  9. People forget that in 2008, we went 8-8 with quite possibly the worst defense in franchise history and all of the RBs going on IR. Cutler (along with a good offensive line and decent weapons) was the only reason we were competitive that year. If we can get the Denver Cutler (with a much better attitude) out of Lock, I'll be happy.
  10. I think 11 games is enough. IMO, Flacco plays like he has the past 4 years and we pull him for Lock after 11 games. We're not going anywhere with Flacco and we need to find out what we have in Lock sooner rather than later.
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I doubt even people in Phil Simms family would agree with this.
  12. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    Bradley Chubb has a 12+ sack season Courtland Sutton has a breakout year and puts up 1,100+ yards receiving Drew Lock starts at least 5 games and looks decent.
  13. Broncos nearing deal w/ CB Chris Harris Jr. (One-year deal)

    No odds, just straight up. It was 2 months for both of us. I foolishly thought that the Knicks were due for something to go right for them, but nope.