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  1. Earnest Byner in "The Fumble" game. The Browns erased a 18 point deficit in that game largely on the back of Byner. He had 187 combined yards and two TDs leading up to that fumble. It's a shame that he gets most of the blame for that loss.
  2. Man Garrett Bolles' contract is a steal, though I wonder how long it's going to be before he holds out for a raise.
  3. For the Broncos, a lot of people potentially. Von Miller, Alexander Johnson, Kyle Fuller, Bryce Callahan, Tim Patrick just to name a few.
  4. This has been going on for a millennia plus. POC, women, LGBT, people with disabilities, etc have been historically discriminated against and marginalized based solely on the "group" they belong to. They've been told that they're less intelligent, not capable of the same type of work, deviants simply for being who they are. They've been killed, enslaved, beaten, denied housing and adequate medical treatment, among other things, just for belonging to a marginalized group. The effects of these current and historical practices and policies still have a profound impact on those communities today.
  5. If you truly "don't care", then why bother responding to the topic at all? Just ignore it.
  6. IF we get Rodgers, Jerry Jeudy will be the best WR with the initials J.J. next year.
  7. The 1997 Denver/KC AFC Divisional game had it all: HOF players on both sides, controversial calls, "greasegate", and the game coming down to the wire.
  8. AJ Brown has become one of my favorite players in the league solely because of this TikTok
  9. It's impressive how spectacularly bad your posts are.
  10. I'm a bit concerned about his length.
  11. Take out Surtain and I'll be fine with this.
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