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  1. Week 11 GDT: Broncos @ Vikings

    Hopefully more of this: and less of this:
  2. NFL Week 11 GDT

    Winston LMAO
  3. NFL Week 11 GDT

  4. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Courtland Sutton and it's not close.
  5. Who do you have making the All Pro Teams

    Justin Simmons needs to be one of the safeties.
  6. Biggest FA bust so far

    Thus far for the Broncos, Bryce Callahan and Ja'wuan James. We haven't gotten a full game out of both of these guys combined and we're in week 10
  7. Week 9 GDT: Browns @ Broncos

    All aboard the tank express!
  8. Week 9 GDT

  9. Week 9 GDT

    If you like the color orange, well then the game in Denver is for you.
  10. Week 9 GDT

    Laces out, Dan.
  11. Week 9 GDT

    I remember Kyle Orton doing it in the preseason against Seattle.
  12. Week 9 GDT

    That may have been the worst pass I've seen since the Brandon Weedon left handed INT.
  13. Week 9 GDT

  14. Week 9 GDT: Browns @ Broncos

    You can't understand why fans would want their respective teams to lose in certain situations? W/o us going 4-12 in 2010, we don't get Von Miller, and we don't win Super Bowl 50. I'm sorry but this view is myopic as hell.
  15. Trade Deadline Rumors

    CHJ is yours for a 2nd, Howie.
  16. Week 8 GDT

    Freddie Kitchens looks to be in over his head.
  17. I didn’t fist bump, but I’m glad we lost. We need to sell sell sell.
  18. Week 8 GDT

    Dude look at my post history. I was against the Flacco trade from the start. It was a lateral move at best from Keenum. Edit: And I wasn't being snarky. The LT actually has a learning disability.
  19. Week 8 GDT

    His left tackle does......
  20. Week 8 GDT

    Flacco has led us to 13 points today. This game is on the offense.
  21. Week 8 GDT

    Todd Davis couldn't cover a anyone in the cold with a blanket.
  22. Week 8 GDT

    Brissett almost had a Orlovsky moment right there.
  23. Week 8 GDT

    Rock Ya-Sin is getting rocked.
  24. Week 8 GDT

    Uh they actually won that game.