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  1. I wanted Slater who is an excellent player as well. Parsons though is a dream pick. H e can play the run well is physical and has elite first step as a rusher.
  2. Most here preferred Watt over Taco but Rod won that battle on the pick. I had no problem with the Parsons pick especially after the trade down. The cowboys had parsons as there highest rated defensive player. They could not have known he was this good of a pass rusher as he really did not rush the passer much in college
  3. Our last 2 drafts have been really good. Got 2 studs in Diggs and lamb. This draft we got another stud in Parsons and a good player in Osi.
  4. He’s very close to Von Miller. The LT comparisons are a bit over the top. He’s probably the best defensive player I’ve ever seen. Parsons is already an elite edge rusher and a very good linebacker who is really good against the run. Getting the qb is where most games are won and lost though.
  5. Kid is one of the best edge rushers in the league. That’s what he should be doing on most downs.
  6. So did a lot of other teams. If you remember Irvin was having quite a few off the field problems and Jerry was scared rightfully so of taking a kid who already had off field problems. Was it mistake yes but I understand why they passed on Moss.
  7. What was his character issues? Certainly has not showed any with the Cowboys
  8. They won the game that’s the most important. Offense was not good defense was excellent except for the first td the saints scored. Parsons is a beast. Generational talent in my opinion
  9. With the saints ravaged by injuries no excuses tonight
  10. I agree with this. I am vaccinated as well but will never get another flu shot again as I got really sick from the one time I took it. It should be a choice in my opinion not forced or bribed to take the vaccine
  11. Way less then 100 percent. Stats do show that vaccinated are still getting covid at a high rate. Stats also do show that people who are vaccinated have less symptoms or less chances of being hospitalized. Does the vaccine help against covid stats show that it does. Is there a big push to force people to get the vaccine for profit reason? Well you can look that up and see for yourself.
  12. Daniel Jeramiah said he can be a 20 sack guy in the nfl. Burst and twitch is off the charts. Can be all pro linebacker as well but he would keep Parsons on the edge
  13. Almost half of the ny islanders hockey team has covid and there all vaccinated. Not to difficult to figure out what’s going on here.
  14. I hope they leave Parsons at defensive end. He’s been great the last 2 games unfortunately mostly everyone else was pretty bad. The number one seed is probably out of the picture but they desperately need a win here. This team still has a chance to go to the super bowl as there is no great team but I would like to avoid the packers at all costs if we can.
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