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  1. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    Does anyone know where this guy is? Seems like nothing but trouble finds this guy. Shame as he's very talented.
  2. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Who knows if Collins even plays this season. He has broken his foot twice in 6 months. Im expecting a big seaso from Jaylon Smith
  3. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    If he's as good as Danny White most of us will be pretty happy.
  4. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    I was honestly really excited when Gregory got selected but the risk was definitely not worth it. Whatever he contributes at this point is a bonus.
  5. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    Don't get your hopes up. Even if he gets reinstated he will screw up again. This guy is a knucklehead
  6. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    More really good Rb's are found later in the draft the any other position. Not sure how you can debate that as the list is pretty long. They took Zeke i feel more because they knew he was perfect for there ball control offense to keep there defense off the field just like Murray was. Could thy have found a RB who could have been maybe not as dominate but pretty effective later in the draft probably considering how good there offensive line is. Nothing in the draft is a sure thing but with Dallas offensive line you could stick alot of RB's behind that line and they would have gotten 1200 yes. Geez even Mcfadden who is pedestrian at best got over 1000 yds. I remember bitching alot on this site after Zeke was selected. I also remember Blair Thomas being a sure thing as well. There is no sure thing in the NFL draft. Zeke did have character questions which they overlooked.
  7. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Well i didn't want Zeke either. I wanted Bosa or Ramsey but i get why they took Zeke as he fit perfectly to what they wanted to do. I am not someone who believes in taking running backs with high first round picks as you can find very good runners later in the draft.
  8. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    I'll take classic rock all day then that garbage they put on WFAN. As much as people hate Mike as he is super arrogant i respect his opinion on sports even if i don't agree with him a lot of the times. I tried to call in when Mike was killing Dak his rookie year but it's almost impossible to get on that show.
  9. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    Not gonna argue with you on the reasons Dak didn't play as well last year but this is a big year for him though. Im a big fan of Dak but what concerned me more then anything was he was not as accurate on the short or intermediate throws as he was his rookie season. Whether it was the play calling or lack of protection or a mixture of both I'm not sure. Im not gonna get into specifics as i can't remember now but Dak was missing open receivers a lot more last season then his rookie season. I will ask you this as you seem to know your football. Can Dak be a good QB if teams take away the running game?
  10. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Oh ok i must have missed it. I don't listen to the new afternoon drive show. They kind of suck. Listen to Boomer in the morning. I read the ny post so that explains that. I listened to Francesca a lot who always killed Dak so i probably will start listening to the afternoon drive again. I can't stand Michael Kay either.
  11. DAL trades WR Ryan Switzer for DL Jihad Ward

    I read that Ward did not really fit into the Raiders scheme. Cowboys seem to be pretty high on him so will see. Switzer is going to be a good slot guy just no room for him in Dallas with Beasley and Austin. Switzer does take a lot of chances a PR.
  12. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Hmm didn't know they were so high on Webb. I didn't hear or read that anywhere and i listen to WFAN every day. I still would have taken Darnold so i was kind of glad the Giants took Barkley. Being a Cowboys fan in Giant country is not easy at least for the last 10 years. The early nineties sure were nice.
  13. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    Dak got a bit exposed last season. Teams took away Beasley and his favorite throws. Im still a fan of Dak but he is never going to be a great downfield thrower. His accuracy in the short to intermediate throws was very good his rookie season but was not as good last season. This is a big season for Dak. I suspect teams are going to stack the box big time so he is going to have to show he can beat teams by throwing the football.
  14. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Im guessing Dallas had Hurst off there draft boards. Love the player but huge risk with heart issues. I too was hoping they drafted Hurst as well.
  15. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    One big difference is Romo could still move while Eli is a statue who has planter fasciitis issues. As i am from the NY area as well i watch the Giants as well. Eli can still throw the ball well problem is he has lost almost all of his mobility. He always is scared to get hit and either throws the ball up or into the ground to try to avoid big hits. .You don't see Eli stepping into throws willing to take hits like he used to. Drafting Barkley might help them short term but they are going to regret passing on Sam Darnold. If the Giants can't run the ball like Dallas can i don't think you will see a drastic jump in there offense.