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  1. Team is going nowhere but that call awful. Sad thing is clueless Jerry will still back him.
  2. I can’t stand Garret. 4th and 1 and you punt from the 40. This idiot should be fired right after the game.
  3. Is Earl Thomas worth #50?

    Dam Thomas flipping the bird to the Seattle medical staff.
  4. Lions at Dallas: GB's and Clappers

    Tough to fault Chido on most of those catches. There was one where he lost track of the ball but it was still a great throw by Stafford
  5. Is Earl Thomas worth #50?

    Dallas needs a lot more then Earl Thomas to be Super Bowl contenders
  6. It’s funny how Buck is blaming everyone else for Dallas problems but Dak
  7. Fitting end Dak with a terrible throw Thomas int
  8. Let’s face it Dak is not the answer.
  9. Dak

    Dak can only dream to make the throws Romo did down the field.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I hope there is some good qbs coming out
  11. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    Awuzie and Heath missed tackles on the punter LOL
  12. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    This is going to be a long season
  13. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    The tackling this first half has been a disgrace. Even Lee is missing tackles
  14. GDT: Week 1 @ Carolina Panthers

    Looks like you were right about Dak. He can't throw the ball down the field with any accuracy