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  1. Well time will tell a lot depends on how this coaching staff is going to use Parsons.
  2. It’s a good sign he wants to be a Cowboy. Lee was a really good unfortunately injured a bit to much hopefully this kid could be even better then Lee.
  3. Been to Vegas quite a few time never going back again lol.
  4. Ye I think he makes it as well. Based on what Mcarthy was saying they feel Ball has a chance to make game day roster from week 1.
  5. After watching tape on this kid I love this pick even more. Finally a linebacker that can cover.
  6. There is medical with him. He was projected as a first rounder in September.
  7. This is definitely a Quinn pick. We have had a few Marinelli picks and we all know how that turned out.
  8. Both could be really good players or busts as they both have character issues. Joseph is really smooth and does a good job of locating the ball in the air. Parson is super fast who is still learning the position but he was making plays all over the field for penn state. After the Gregory pick which I was really happy about but has not worked out I’m not as optimistic that both of these kids will pan out. Gregory at least looks to finally have turned his life around and at least he doesn’t have to worry about smoking weed anymore.
  9. Reading this kid had a groin injury which affected his play last season. Watching highlights he sure seems to have a nose for the ball. Walter had him as a first round talent before the season finished with a court round grade so he loved the pick.
  10. Thor Nystrom has a Ted Washington comp on this kid. That would be great.
  11. Nystrom had him in his top 100.
  12. They finally drafted a nose tackle. Hopefully he makes the team.
  13. This pick will be heavily criticized for obvious reasons. Good talent from what I’ve read who has hopefully turned his life around as some of the things I have read is really disturbing.
  14. Jerry never really cared about character issues so it what it is. Personally I would have passed based on domestic violence past.
  15. Ball another guy with major character issues but probably a top 100 player based on talent.
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