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  1. No that doesn’t matter still rather see them win and make the playoffs then lose. If they win and don’t make it so be it. Don’t think that has any impact for next season.
  2. Credit to this team for not giving up and playing hard after some performances where they clearly dogged it. Red rifle with clearly his best game and the defense played well after the first quarter.
  3. Nah this guy is on a different level. Right there with manning elway luck when they came out.
  4. He reminds me so much of John Elway. To bad the Cowboys won’t get a chance to draft him. Generational talent!
  5. This draft at least is turning out some good players. Diggs had some up and downs but made big plays something we have not seen in a while from a Cowboys corner. Lamb is a future number one receiver. Badass looks to be the center future. Made it to pff best 5 lineman halfway through the season. Gallimore impressed finally getting lots of playing time. 4 starters for the future that’s a really good draft.
  6. If they get the number one pick I would be shocked if they don’t draft Lawrence. If he’s as good as Elway as a prospect which most scouts say yes then you don’t pass that up.
  7. If the Cowboys Jets and Jaguars finish at 2-14 who get the number one pick? If the Cowboys get the number one pick they are gonna take Lawerence. Elway has the highest grade ever for a draft prospect I believe Lawrence will be Rated pretty close to Elway.
  8. Zeke pretty easy. Pollard is a good back and you can always find good running backs in the draft.
  9. Good effort by the team at least. Gilbert played a lot better then I expected. Gregory and Gallimore had good games. In the end I’m glad they lost as I want a top 2 pick. Right now there number 3.
  10. Great rush by Gregory there. To bad Randy couldn’t stay off the weed. Really talented pass rusher.
  11. 2-14 with hopefully the first pick in the draft.
  12. Next Romo baby come on. Oh wait he never won a big game never mind.
  13. Hail to the Redskins I mean football team sorry.
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