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  1. Damn I wish he would have sat out this game ! I’ve been saying for year King is the weakest link in the secondary
  2. We are sitting on day 3 of the nfl draft looking like great value 2018 Tennessee Titans and the nfc champs add a 7 time pro bowler to a offense that made C grade rbs look like berry sanders on us
  3. At this point im not investing anymore time and effort into college prospects in the offseason anymore the packers ALWAYS pick left field players and I end up disappointed and confused
  4. The sec tier of Wr free agents are getting very reasonable deals and it’s very bothersome ( Sanders, Anderson, T. Benjamin, Dorsett, Aghlor) .... Perriman and Taylor Gabriel the only thing out there
  5. Mannnnnne this one kinda bothers me cus we could have done that deal
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1239643638885474304
  7. 9ers trade Buckner to Colts but pay Armstead wtf .... but as a packer I like it
  8. WR Marquise Goodwin is a possible release candidate for 9ers what do you guys think of him as a possible addition to the wr core
  9. What is being talked about on the last 2 pages it’s weird as hell !!! Can we get back to the X-O’s of the game. Love you guys as a Packers family but some of you are creepy
  10. IMO the blue print for this game is the approach the falcons took I rewatched that game last night and besides execution they played with a will to want to win and no game than being 1 win from the SB is the best game to have the will/fire to want to win (The D had it the first 2 quarters last week) . But X-O’s like atl getting the ball out quick will be the key take what’s underneath to Jones and company , iso davante from Sherman (i.e. Julio had 13/134yrd). Graham has to make 2/3 plays and don’t abandon the running game, need the oline to give Rodgers and opportunity to let a play develop &
  11. Bak having a great game and keeping one of either Greene or Campbell in the box will allow us to beat Seattle
  12. The heart and soul of every defensive team is the LB and if your lb are slow your defense is slow period , Blake is a great Robin to a Batman which we are missing
  13. Put a legit threat on the other side of Davante Adams and this team could go to the super bowl .... it’s time to admit G Mo and Msv are good C grade WRs on there best days if someone became available at trade deadline like Tate & Cooper did last year I’d be all for a trade is the price is right
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