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  1. They have stopped him running because they don’t respect him passing. He simply has not shown the ability to take over games passing when they take away his legs.
  2. Yes the D sucks. We know the D sucks, and Gruden knew the D sucks. We all knew one FG would likely lose the game. We knew going IN to this game the Chiefs were gonna score a TD on 95% of their drives. This one is on Gruden. Am I excusing our pathetic defense? No. Terrible game, and they are atrocious. But we knew how they were gonna perform going in. Gruden’s decision cost us this game.
  3. We all said don’t take the FG and Gruden took the FG.
  4. Said this kinda backwards, but you get the point
  5. 1:43 for Mahomes is like 5 minutes for a normal QB. Gonna be a nail biter guys....
  6. Love how Carr stayed totally calm. There was nothingg at first.
  7. Not over yet guys!!!! Plenty of time, let’s end this the right way and wipe the smug look off Mahomes face with another turnover and a loss! Let’s go baby!!!
  8. Heart hasn’t raced this fast in a while.
  9. Mannn that Chief P.I. In endzone will cost us the game if we don’t score here. Clear cut P.I. on purpose to prevent the catch.
  10. This is what footballs all about. All or nothing on this drive.
  11. We need a TD, and leave less than a minute or so.. both of those.
  12. Gruden wasting timeouts cause next drive is 5-6 minute TD drive (which is plenty of time) or go home.
  13. I’d be delighted with holding them to a FG, but realistically, chances of that are slim. Either way, we need a long time consuming TD drive after this.
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