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  1. What age range is Moderna at currently?
  2. Yeah that was probably the worst comment I’ve read on this forum in a while… talk about premature judgment and not even knowing the guy, my goodness. Hope the Chiefs choke again this year just to ruin his day.
  3. No reason to say you can’t be cautious of all three and rush to making a decision. New studies come out daily. One for example, shows just the spike-head of the virus, with the virus absent, causes all the vascular issues, when it was originally thought that spike alone cannot harm you. And now NovaVax’s vaccine wants to inject a magnitude of lab created spike proteins of covid-19 with the virus absent, very interesting stuff to be honest.
  4. I see 4-13, and last year for both Jones and Gettlemen. So obviously I’m not too high on them… I just don’t see Jones as the guy, and their roster is far from good on paper. The offense as a whole and pass defense are still super-suspect.
  5. Completely disagree with this. Definitely a violation of rights. Every player should be afforded the same right as a normal job. Even nurses and doctors are not required to be vaccinated. Especiallyyy if the player has a religious or medical exemption. Even if they don’t though, I still don’t think they should be able to get cut for refusing vaccination. And it would be totally unfair to call them anti-vaxxers as well. These are not even FDA Approved yet with zero long term data.
  6. https://physoc.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1113/EP089481
  7. Happens every year lol. Most people predicted the Bucs as a wildcard team last year and 1st/2nd Round playoff exit. In 2019, most people predicted the 49ers to not go to the playoffs, or be a wildcard team and early round exit. In 2017, almost nobody predicted the Eagles to even make the playoffs. In 2016, most predicted Atlanta to not make the playoffs, or be a wildcard team with early exit. In 2015 before the season, no one had the Panthers in the Super Bowl, although many had them winning the division. Goes on and on.
  8. Looks pretty bad. I will watch it on DVD just like I did the first one, definitely not worth a theater trip. Although I actually enjoyed the first movie and found it a lot of “fun”. Not exactly a good movie, but it was fun.
  9. 100%. His own fault he almost got mauled. Tiger clearly sensed his aggression and overall threat to his life. There was legit zero reason to stand in the street, with a gun pointed at it. Stay in your car or house, monitor the situation extremely closely, and wait for experts to arrive. Heck I wouldn’t of even minded if he had a gun aimed at the Tiger from inside a vehicle. But he was clearly full of panic and fear and not thinking rationally at all.
  10. It all worked out in the end. I just find it odd some in here seem to think a Tiger deserves to die for the simple fact it is roaming around. It’s not his fault he’s roaming around, nor has he injured anyone or attempted to injure anyone that’s not threatening him. The solution is to monitor the situation until experts arrive. If the Tiger corners someone, or lunges at someone, sure, blow it to smithereens. However, shooting it out of pure fear and purely because it’s roaming around was my biggest issue here.
  11. You mean the guy putting himself directly in harms way for no reason? He should of monitored the situation while in his vehicle. He was definitely not trained on how to deal with the situation and it clearly shows on tape.
  12. It’s literally never two obvious teams. Maybe Rams/Pats in 2018 and Seahawks/Pats 2014. But 90% of the time it’s one obvious team, and one team literally barely anyone is predicting to make the Super Bowl. The Dolphins, Patriots, Raiders, Chargers, Vikings, Falcons, Washington, Cardinals, 49ers probably all fit this criteria.
  13. While we don’t know if he’ll regain his form, this is the first corner with a solid cover history we have signed in ages. That alone is something to be excited about. I think he’ll do well and win the outside job over Arnette. He also brings flexibility to play outside or inside just in case Arnette did win the job (which isn’t likely).
  14. When do the next games come out? Actually sold my Switch like a year ago cause I barely used it (actually got every penny back considering they were sold out everywhere). However, I’ll buy it again once another pokemon game comes out. Maybe the Lite this time, I rarely used the TV feature.
  15. Looks like the Tiger is safe reading further on it. Phew. That guy looked like he had a very itchy trigger finger.
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