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  1. The Travel Thread

    Awesome. My girlfriend is from Cebu. My first out of country trip.
  2. Madden 19

    For those of you interested in simulation games, OOTP will be releasing their first ever NFL game. I will probably get it over Madden. I get the gane for simulation aspects, not so much to game. I'm a big franchise guy.
  3. Ill just think of this as a best of seven. 2012 49ers and 2001 Rams would win of best of seven against the Ravens and Patriots. I also think the Bills would win at least one Super Bowl.
  4. Madden 19

    #1 Portability You can bring the game anywhere you want and play it on any friends PS4. #2 Can Trade it back Even after the seasons over you can usually get $15 #3 Way less bugs in physical copy. I've had the digital copy twice and both times people who had the physical copy and people who had the digital copy couldn't play each other in CFM. A lot of times the digital copy would have to quit the league. They are the same price. It's an easy decision for me. Unless you're in the middle of no where and your drive is like 30 minutes, then yeah digital makes way more sense.
  5. Madden 19

    I think they made the standard edition cover so bad so people buy the HoF Edition. Good ol EA Sports...
  6. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Chicago for me. Not a believer in their young QB.
  7. Hmm.. drafted the same exact spot as Brady, kinda looks like Brady, pretty good in college but no athleticism like Brady. Interesting find.

    The A's sure hope so
  9. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    No one cares about the PED part. I would say more pro athletes take PEDs then those who don't. Just highly undetectable these days. And you can get a legal prescription for testosterone for "anti aging" in Tampa Florida. Why do you think WWE's second headquarters is there.
  10. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    I think a lawyer would kindly disagree with you. She wasn't squatting, she was in the official eviction process and still a tenant.
  11. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Uhh no. Even if he didn't tell the guy assault her, you cannot send someone to collect belongings from someone unless it is law enforcement. Doesn't matter that she was a squatter and didn't leave. He would still face charges if he sent the guy to collect the items. It doesn't matter if he said beat her or not.
  12. Oakland Raiders @ New England Patriots Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
  13. Madden 19

    While AB and AD were great last year they definitely didn't have anything close to perfect seasons.
  14. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    AJ Green is the third best receiver in this league IMO. He has had Dalton at QB (who is no slouch but no where close to elite) and has never had a great run game or great WR counterparts. Sanu.. c'mon. He had an ok season cause of Green. Personally I feel he is more well rounded than Julio. Although I'm not saying he's better than him.
  15. MMA Thread

    Cormier would annihilate Lesnar. It'd be like Lesnar vs Cain but worse.