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  1. NFC Playoffs gonna be so fun. It’s so top-heavy. Cardinals, Bucs, Rams are all fantastic, Packers are criminally underrated and can go toe to toe with anyone, and the Cowboys are a good team. That Cardinal vs Packer game on TNF next week will be a lot of fun. AFC might end up with a more balanced 7 teams, but not as Top Heavy. Bills, Ravens, Titans, Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders, Browns, Bengals, and Colts will all be in the mix until the end. 9 teams. Very balanced conference. Any of these teams can beat one another any given week IMO.
  2. I had no idea Downing was OC of the Titans. If it wasn’t for Derrick Henry running through brick walls, he would be near dead last in offense again. Julio and AJ averaging 50 yards a game. Tannehil in the second half of QB’s in YPA after being 1st in 2019 and 4th and 2020. Downing is check down garbage.
  3. Gotta give them credit. That crowd is LOUD.
  4. World Series really gonna be Braves and Astros? MLB Front Office is sweating bullets….. yikes.
  5. Sticking to my pre season prediction of this game. 34-6 Raiders. You heard me.
  6. BayRaider


    Nope, has nothing to do with regression dude. Was always a product of McVay. Yes like some random 20 something year old regressed. No. He was the product of an innovative scheme not seen before in the league, great talent, and had decent talent himself. Just can’t think for himself to save his life. Design it all up for him, this read that read, he’ll look good like any QB in the NFL.
  7. Well you probably make a lot more than “68k” gross consider most of your income is cash. For example, let’s say out of your 68k, 40k is cash tips, that 40k take home is like 60k gross for people. Therefore your more around 85-88k.
  8. BayRaider


    Goff has always been a below average, not terrible QB that McVay made look way better due to schemes. 2018 Super Bowl should of opened everyones eyes. Goff could not grasp Bellichick’s concepts, like you said, does not like risk/reward outcomes, and a horrible improviser… if the play is shut down, he shuts down.
  9. Fantastics instincts and very sticky corner. Great in zone if I remember to. Heard he is slow as dirt these days though and often injured. Speed at corner isn’t overly important in Bradley’s scheme though.
  10. Carr has certainly improved some things. When it comes to throwing the ball, he definitely is a lot more aggressive these days, and less scared to throw in a bit of traffic as well. His play extension has gotten better but I’d still say he’s Bottom 10 in the league in that. I also think Bosa’s comments are correct in that you hit him a few times and his mindset/psyche totally changes. With that said, he’s one of the most accurate QB’s in the league and has a solid arm. Those two things alone make him a good QB. No one is calling Carr terrible. He’s a good QB. And you don’t upgrade a good
  11. A HC will always say he wants to keep Carr, unless a QB better is there in the draft. We would have taken Kyler if he was there. We would have taken Herbert if he was there. Carr is not some great QB that you automatically don’t look for an upgrade. You still look for an upgrade, but Carr usually does just well enough to keep you out of reach. Have to give props on that at least. If we ever pick Top 5-6 and there’s a solid QB Prospect, he’s as good as gone. Luckily for him, we’re never that bad. And yes, I do realize he’s a big part of why we’re never that bad. He’s also a big part why we’re n
  12. “On to Philadelphia” Rich taking a page out of Bellichick’s book lol.
  13. Me too. And a lot of people defended him on here cause he was nice. He was not a good GM. Better G than Gruden, but not by much. Reggie fell in love with stories as well.. Ward, Hayden, many more.
  14. Swap Balt and LAR, and probably the same for me. 6th would be Green Bay.
  15. Yeah after this week not sure how anyone can say the Bills are better than the Cardinals.
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