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  1. I like it. Makes backup QB like a starting position.
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Chris Simms would laugh.
  3. Kareem Hunt Involved in Bar Fight

    We have no idea what happened. For all we know some guy confronted him about the DV case and threw the first punch.
  4. The Car Thread

    Yikes. I have a ‘17 Optima right now that I bought new. Put 45k on it so far and literally not one issue yet. Can probably drive this thing to 300k if I want. I’ve always bought Asian cars for their reliability. However, really want to own a luxury car once in my life and I absolutely love the BMW 4 and 5 series. My dream car.
  5. The Car Thread

    What do you guys think of a 2016 BMW 428i Gran Coupe M Sport? Was debating getting a CPO.
  6. Bitcoin

    Unfortunately I didn’t have anything in Bitcoin on this run. Have a little in alts though.
  7. NCAA football

    Exactly. Even a text based simulation I’d be happy. Gameplay and graphics is just a huge bonus.
  8. NCAA football

    Gotta start somewhere. If it’s $20 I’ll get it.
  9. Madden 20

    Wasn’t the year he was on the cover they lost the Super Bowl as favorites to a Nick Foles led team in dramatic fashion?
  10. Madden 19

    So basically the All Madden CPU QBs.
  11. NCAA football

    Agreed. However, I’m in the minority as I could care less about the NCAA branding, I care about the college football overall experience.
  12. NCAA football

    http://maxfootballgame.com College Football is back with Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 releasing in September. Apparently this was a CFL game by Canuck Studios the past few years. This year they increased their developers from three to double digits and have ditched CFL for College Football. I don’t think it’ll use real colleges but that’s fine with me. I play for the college-style setup of many schools, recruiting, etc. Graphics/gameplay I’m not expecting much but it should still be a fun game.
  13. Watches

    No I’m trying to resell as a business. Basically buy $10 watches and sell them for $150. How MVMT and Daniel Wellington both made 200M in 5 years from around $25,000 initial investment for each.
  14. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    Toss up between Packs and Vikes for me. Bears will regress. Lions will suck and MP probably fired.
  15. Watches

    Thoughts on these? After reading how MVMT and Daniel Wellington have made 100M+ in 5 years or so by private labeling from China, got me interested. So I'm looking at Chinese Manufacturers and these are my favorite so far.