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  1. Draft Grades

    Agreed. The concerns are absolutely still there, especially the arm length issue which is much more worrisome to me than 40 time or maturity issues (and those are still issues too).
  2. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    I forgot about these. Always nice.
  3. Draft Grades

    This is my pet peeve too. You can’t fall in love with players, especially outside of the Top 10, the draft is about maximizing value. We got no where close to value with the Arnette pick.
  4. Recapping the first Las Vegas Raiders Draft

    The same argument could be made for DHB/Al Davis as well though. DHB was consensus around #30 and went #9. Al was criticized to no-end for the reach. Arnette was averaged out to around 45-50 if take majority boards, and he went 19. From your approach, basically nothing ever can be a reach, because we don’t know where he would of went. You have a point absolutely, but it’s also fair to note that it “probably” was a massive reach where he didn’t maximize his value. I’m still on the Mayock bandwaggon and like Arnette. I praise Mayock more than anyone, and I’ll never fault Mayock unless the draft picks don’t pan out. However, I think it is really fair to say that he’s coming no where close to maximizing his value.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Ok boss, have a good night. Hope you can sleep after I disturbed you so much.
  6. Recapping the first Las Vegas Raiders Draft

    Because he has 30” arms and ran 4.56. Not to mention only one great season. Those measurables for a CB never go in the 1st as they almost always end up as a NCB. I find it really, really hard to believe he goes before 40 and saying “we don’t know that” is letting Mayock off the hook too easily imo. He needs to look at consensus to ensure value. Doesn’t mean he has to take those players, but maneuver around to get his guy. 21+ spot reach for any Non-QB is too much (although going 40+ is speculation on my part).
  7. Draft Grades

    It’s very likely Arnette goes 40-50 as well though. Although we can never prove that. Same thing with Ferrell last year. Probably 16-18, although we can never prove it. Mayock doesn’t take consensus into account, not even to a minor degree. He should though, because that’s how you get value.
  8. Absurdly Early 2021 Mock Draft

    I agree actually. I regretted it right away. Went too need-heavy on this.
  9. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    I didn’t even have to prove it myself lol. Another person who just literally cannot control their emotions with non-stop insults/have no idea is allowed to post here. Not my call though.
  10. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    The only one crying and animated right now is you, just sitting back and enjoying the show. Anyone who reads this convo can easily see I’m not upset in any way and completely calm throughout lol. You get upset over everything tbh. You might want to try controlling your emotions better, Jim. Edit: Insane emotional post dropping in 3....2....1
  11. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    So easily triggered. Look how upset you are.
  12. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Why would I go through all of them when the second example out of 10 was done on your part with zero research? You just tried to paint a fake narrative and I stopped after that example. Newton hadn’t even played yet, and not even graded a 1st Rounder by most. I believe Mayock had him like #30 in his pre-season rankings. The original point was, Lance can absolutely excel into the Top 2. Happens all the time. None of us know who will be the Top 2 QBs will be after the season concludes. Here we go... you resorting insults when I’m calm as can be. Yikes. Have fun.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    A lot of this is not true. Cam Newton was the 4th or 5th QB draft wise going into that season. He hadn’t even played yet bro.... Edit: I think you misunderstood what I meant. The top two consensus QBs from the start of the season before the college football year, has never, or rarely went 1-2. I’m not talking like draft season, obviously.
  14. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    How about you read the part the top two consensus QBs has never actually been the top two consensus QBs. There is no such thing as a edge take 365 days out. 50-60% of any players you see in any Top 32 Rankings, probably won’t go in the 1st Round. The Top 10 will be completely different, etc etc. We also have no idea how QBs will perform. Joe Burrow went from 5th Round Pick to #1 Overall. Not much of a crazy take at all saying Lance could have another great season and go ahead of Fields. The guy had 28 TDs, 0 INTs, can be a dual-threat like Fields, and NDS has a solid track record of putting out great NFL QB’s. Ohio State hs a track record of putting out horrendous NFL QBs.
  15. Pick #19 is in: CB Damon Arnette, Ohio State

    They play differently but here’s basically a carbon copy of Arnette athletic wise: Byron Murphy 5’11” 30” arms 4.55 40 time He was pretty below average on the outside this year, although great in the nickel, and Arizona is moving him to the Nickel this season. Hope this won’t be Arnettes fate in 2021. Especially with the drafting of Amik.