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  1. Fine with either team who takes this, nice to see a fresh finals. Rooting for the Suns though. That city/state deserves it and so does Chris Paul.
  2. Renegades and Monarchs are “ok”. I don’t like or dislike them. The other three are awful though.
  3. They claim to have fixed draft logic, perhaps I won’t have to control all 32 teams anymore just so one team doesn’t draft a QB first 3 rounds.
  4. Paraphrasing, basically said “in theory” it should be fine but do what your comfortable with. Basically very strategically worded his words. These doctors do not want a malpractice suit by advising against the vaccine, but they also can’t guarantee safety if you have some strange thing going on. So he worded it in a way that covered him both ways.
  5. Sounds similar to me. I cannot put anything foreign into my body without repercussions. I have an unknown autoimmune disorder that causes my immune system to be hyper active. I basically react to everything and have a very bland diet as a result. I especially react to medications, even antibiotics, they are surely going to put me in the hospital. I’m fine like 98% of the time now (which I’m very blessed for) because I have figured out all of my triggers that sends me into a flare up, but this was through many years of trial and error. As for the vaccine, I have played it safe and have no
  6. And they have been building on 13 ever since. It’s still the same dumb RPG engine for Franchise. I don’t like the RPG stuff in a sports game. It’s dumb.
  7. First time I’m gonna watch the Homerun Derby in at least four years or so. Seems they’ve really hyped up the event this year. In my bracket, I have Alonso over Gallo in the Finals. However, I’d rather see Ohtani vs Olson with Olson winning.
  8. First time I’m gonna watch the Homerun Derby in at least four years or so. Seems they’ve really hyped up the event this year. In my bracket, I have Alonso over Gallo in the Finals. However, I’d rather see Ohtani vs Olson with Olson winning.
  9. When we drafted Max Muncy “again”, cue the meme with the question mark bubbles, that was my reaction. I know it’s a different guy but my initial reaction was pretty confused lol.
  10. Yeah M13 was the downfall. M10 to M12 on PS3 were alright and heading in the right direction (although 11 was full of crazy bugs and glitches, had one guy in my league do the same hail marry glitch until I booted him, not to mention tons of other glitches. M11 is basically M10 broken). I enjoyed all the PS1 games. Enjoyed all the PS2 games. Enjoyed most of the PS3 games. (although a step down from PS2 for sure). Sucks what it has become. I’m not even a video game person but Madden use to be one of my main hobby’s when it was a fun game.
  11. Ehh not sure I’d say Conor is on a “downslope”. He’s always been a borderline Top 7-8 LW and not dominant like he was at FW. Conor is still competitive in all his fights. Tony seems to lose every second of every fight lately.
  12. Could of been one of the best P4P ever actually if he stayed at that weight. Hollaway would have never beat Conor, nor would have Frankie Edgar. Conor’s skillset is a nightmare for both of them. Aldo would of been interesting again if he focused on the ground, but likely another Conor win. I also think Conor would of destroyed the current champ Volkan with not much effort.
  13. No way that was a 10-8 round. Like, no way at all. Conor was on the offensive the first couple minutes controlling the fight and landing more shots. And he had a guillotine choke on the ground for a bit. Not to mention, the fight was never in danger of being stopped. Conor was intelligently defending himself the entire time until he broke his ankle/leg. Dustin clearly won the round. However, it was clearly a 10-9.
  14. More muscle mass is always less cardio. No question Conor’s arms started looking like tanks once he decided to not fight at 145 anymore, along with putting on other muscle. When he fought at 145, he probably walked around at 170. I bet at 155, he walks around at 180. Too much muscle for his frame. Net 10 pound increase, at least. He’s much bigger in every day life than he was at 145.
  15. I will leave food for thought that Tom Brady went 10 years without winning a Super Bowl and then eclipsed 4 more, more than his previous 3. Obviously team sports and tons of differences but you get the point. Hopefully Conor comes back and is more focused than ever. Although, I don’t have my hopes up. Personally, the guy is best at 145. He is unstoppable at that division. 155 he sacrifices too much speed and cardio. 145 people forget Conor actually did have cardio, 3 rounds no sweat at all. He did have to almost kill himself to make 145 but it would be nice to see
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