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  1. I don't see how any of those were shockers... 2005 Steelers were on a mission going into the playoffs. Chargers are the biggest choking team in Professional Team Sports History, they been doing it since the 60's. Rex Ryan always gives the Pats issues, definitely an upset in 2010, but not a shocker by any stretch. The 2011 Packers were definitely cooling down going into the playoffs and the Giants DL was randomly heating up like they always seem to do. As for the 2019 Ravens... a lot of people were picking the Titans in that game, it was a horrible matchup for the Ravens. I personally picked th
  2. The 2006 team is definitely underrated. An upper half Super Bowl team. You can make a case 2004 and 2005 were better, and it’s a solid debate, but the 2006 Colts were not far off from those teams + got it done in playoff time. I’d say 2005 was their best team, 2004 was Manning’s best year, and 2006 was still a phenomenal team. The 2003-2006 Colts were a phenomenal Super Bowl window team. 2007 was good too, but not on par with the others.
  3. Park and Rec but it’s close. Wouldn’t pound the table for either show to be honest.
  4. Yep. Only good playoff game was the first one, Bills/Colts. The rest were bad or meh.
  5. Raiders/Dolphins was meh but both Raider/Charger games were terrific, I agree.
  6. Agree Rankins isn’t a bad flier at all. Most of this board loved him coming out, and while he certainly hasn’t had a great career by any stretch, he’s been above-average most of the time.
  7. Unless Paye is at 17, no front-seven is really worth it to me. And I’m so tired of Mayock reaching. There is no DT worth it at 17, do not reach, please!! Honestly, I’d rather just cut Trent Brown, and draft a RT. This is a solid OT class. However, if Paye slips to us, or Farley, I’d scoop one of them up. Love those two prospects.
  8. Not a fan of the Carr extension or JuJu signing but I love the Darrishaw first round pick. OT isn’t on most fans radar, but honestly, it should be our 1st Round Pick. Trent Brown has to go (love this cut you made). And their is no defender worth picking at 17.
  9. I guess I’m a little more generous. I’d give Mahomes a 98 and Rodgers a 99.5 for their 2020 seasons.
  10. Like a 94 just for the Regular Season. Really under-appreciated season. 97 for the Regular Season and Playoffs combined. Defense was the main reason for the Super Bowl, but he still played incredibly well in the Super Bowl and was pretty good overall outside that horrendous Packer Second Half.
  11. Yeah I don’t trust Mayock and Gruden with 1st Round picks at this point. And if we can get a 1st for Carr, or use Carr to only have to give away two 1sts instead of three, all of this becomes a no brainer for Watson and Wilson. Carr’s biggest perk is his contract but with these extension rumors, I’m feeling a little uneasy his main benefit might disappear soon.
  12. He fits our scheme like a glove. McCarthy and Payton not so much.... good fit for Nagy’s scheme as well but does anyone trust Nagy at this point?
  13. Yes I’d rather have Watson because of the huge age difference, but Wilson should be cheaper, and they are about the same skill level. Both Elite QB’s.
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