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  1. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    Ok we get it.. you literally HATE In N Out. It doesn't even seem normal at this point reading all of your hate posts in here.
  2. The Great Debate... Five Guys VS In-N-Out

    I've had both and In N Out is way better. Everyone that I know on the west coast, that has both places, prefers In N Out and it's not even close. Taste doesn't even compare. Yeah In N Out Fries suck but we're comparing burgers here. I feel like there is a lot of East Coast bias here from people who either A) Haven't tried In N Out and/or B) People tired of listening to the hype.
  3. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    Sounds like it'll be way better than the XFL.
  4. BUF WR Zay Jones Arrested in Nude(???) Meltdown

    Don't do PCP folks.
  5. Should The NFL Implement A Draft Lottery System?

    The first three picks only.
  6. 1st overall Pick: Jackson or Barkley

    Lol was this guy seriously trying to draft Lamar Jackson, especially in a 1 QB league where QBs are no where near as important as RB's and WR's, over a once in a lifetime RB prospect in Barkley?
  7. Bitcoin

    Have you tried Robinhood yet which is feeless? All these alternatives to Coinbase coming out is a great thing to see!
  8. Bitcoin

    At least back to 17-18k in Dec... some people think 60K BTC EoY but that seems really extreme. I never buy BTC though. Tons of solid projects out there that can 10-20x EoY.
  9. Bitcoin

    Buy the dips. December everything will 3x minimum.
  10. Bitcoin

    Investing in the three safest cryptos is hardly a portfolio. Where your risk?
  11. Raiders resign DT Justin Ellis

    Somewhat. First and Second Down Run Stuffer. Although I'd call him a rotational guy, a lot of times he doesn't start.
  12. Raiders resign DT Justin Ellis

    Did Justin Ellis really deserve a topic in NFL News?
  13. Bitcoin

    Why would anyone be in a rush transferring 70k? Feel sorry for him though. That's a lot of money.
  14. Bitcoin

    I dont even know how to do quarterly.
  15. Bitcoin

    Just make sure you a kewp a record of your trades somehow from decentralized exchanges for tax purposes.