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  1. Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots discussion thread

    That was NOT the right call. Was across the goal line with nobody touching. Ball CAN move when crossing the goal line. It's dead as soon as it touches the first centimeter of the white line. If this was the playoffs IMO it'd go down as a Top 2-3 screwjob of all time.
  2. Bitcoin

    Even if the price is somewhat of a bubble, it's still the future. Can't really see the price ever dipping below 6k again though.
  3. Bitcoin

    DataDash on youtube and Bitcointalk Forum.
  4. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    Dak has the best game of his career with 415 yards passing. That's a real prediction, not a sour grapes comment.
  5. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    Saturday Night and no GDT? Definitely a winnable game with our season on the line. We need to go 3-0 with a decent amount of help. I think our offense will come out and perform better but this defense will struggle. I'm gonna say 37-27 Cowboys get the win here. I see Dak and Dez both having big games.
  6. No idea why a director wouldn't do all three movies. It's like a different author taking turns writing the same book for a book series. There should be one director and neither of these two were the correct choice. Abrams is not creative at all but does direct everything quite well and a very solid director. But in a Star Wars flick you need creativity. Rian Johnson seems like he didn't know what he was doing... the pacing was all over the place and most of it was all filler just patched together. Can't put all the blame on them though. Most of it goes to Disney. I was afraid they'd play it extremely safe and they did. I didn't think they'd go to these lengths though.. literally a remake of A New Hope and no new ideas, creativity, or originality in this trilogy what so ever. They knew these movies would make billions and wanted to take the safest and least creative route possible to avoid any possible criticism.
  7. Saturday Night Football - Chargers vs Chiefs

    Why is everyone surprised? Theres been Saturday games Week 15 for like a decade or longer. It's a weird Week 15 tradition I like it. Tonight should be a fun one. This should decide the AFC West even though it's Week 15. Odds are a complete 50/50 pick em according to Vegas. Seems the public is highly on Los Angeles due to their momentum. However, i'm taking the Chiefs. IMO they are a better team and this forum really overrates momentum. However, if Los Angeles does indeed win, they could be a scary team come January despite their playoff history.
  8. Bitcoin

    To add onto this idea, you get the token by Mining just like crypto. Forum posts, referrals, etc will be considered mining. Prediction Markets for Crypto is something that can take off. This game can also show you whether you have what it takes to be a day trader and build your reputation. Plus supporting the overall crypto community. I know this may sound like a far fetched idea and not a good idea to others but I think it has potential. It would probably be mostly based off a Forum but not positive yet.
  9. RT is more reliable than CinemaScore. Everyone convinces themselves it was good until they have time to process it. All my friends thought it was good directly after and then discussing it we realized how much it sucked.
  10. Critics will all give it a good score. However most of the audience hated it. It's about 93% on Rotten Tomatoes with a 53% Audience Score. Usually these two scores go hand in hand. However, when they differ, the audience score is the true score and the critic score is hype/follow the leader.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Announces He's Medically Cleared

    What? What does Tom do better than Aaron? I think the correct word your looking foris Bradys had more success in a far better situation.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Announces He's Medically Cleared

    Even if they wim out, they need a lottt of help. Maybe a 20% chance IMO. Although if they make it in im not betting a single game against Rodgers.
  13. Episode 7 - A New Hope 2.0 Episode 8 - Rogue One 2.0 Ridiculous. Also felt like a total filler movie. Don't get me wrong, Episode 7 was extremely well made, and this one was visually stunning and had some good moments. But from an originality standpoint this is the worst trilogy ive ever seen. This is coming from a huge fan who has seen Episode 3-6 a million times. Force Awakens 9/10 This movie 8/10 being generous Originality for the trilogy? 0.5/10 Creativeness for the trilogy? 3/10
  14. Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Wrong thread
  15. Bitcoin

    Coinbase is the easiest way.