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  1. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    I didn't know NFL Season Ticket Holders get Gamepass for free. Pleasant surprise. Pretty stoked.
  2. Coke Zero Replaced by Coca Cola Zero Sugar

    Gave up sodas years ago. Only drink water, coffee, and sometimes almond milk now. If I did have to drink soda, id drink regular over diet. Sure it's calories but the chemicals in diet soda are way way worse for you than any calories.
  3. Dogs

    Owned a few pitbulls throughout my life. Thinking about owning another one once I figure out my long term living situation.
  4. Madden 18

    Hilarious. I know a lot of Madden employees are Buc fans due to location and just a friendly jab at their former kicker.
  5. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    No he's not. He was our worst corner last year and burned for huge plays constantly.
  6. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    I work Sunday mornings at a casino where like 30 TVs of football are in my face.
  7. Mayweather vs McGregor

    What's more valuable to Floyd, 50-0 or another $100M he bet on McGregor and a rematch with another $150-$200M? Very unlikely he would throw the fight but anyone betting their entire bankroll on Floyd trying to get a free payday is a moron.
  8. The Poker Thread

    First play for free online. Not zyngha where no one plays serious but try Replay Poker. Once you feel confident google some Poker Rooms near you and start playing cash games/tournaments.
  9. Devonta Freman - 5/41.25

    Coleman is gonna be a beast in this league.. some team will get lucky and find a gem once he gets out of Freemans shadow. To be on topic, congrats to Freeman. Well deserved payday.
  10. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    What spoilers? What has been spoiled in this thread? Am I capable of empathy is a pretty dramatic response to try get your point across. As Forge said, theres no point in creating a thread that would last 2-3 days.
  11. The Poker Thread

    The Online Poker sites were raking billions and the government wasn't getting their cut. That's all there is to it. Online Poker will be legal in all 50 states in the next five to ten years once the government regulates their cut. Same thing with marijuana (not that I smoke or anything).
  12. The Poker Thread

    Wow, you are a pretty solid player. Definitely inspiring. Yes, I know you probably don't consider yourself great or anything but you know how to win and be respected. That's my goal. Not trying to play professional poker. Just become respectable, have fun, maybe make some side money.
  13. The Poker Thread

    Before a Mod of anyone gets confused and tries to lock this for "gambling". Poker is not gambling. It is legally considered a skill game just like daily fantasy football. Live in person poker is legal and available at poker/card rooms throughout the country. Only Online Poker is illegal.