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  1. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Yeah how that P.I. wasn't called is beyond me. Dude was pushing Cook down way before the ball got there. No Chief fans should be complaining about refs. Questionable calls and no calls went both ways.
  2. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    No real fan would not know the game is on Thursday.
  3. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Of course, players get hurt every play. Amerson was benched because he sucked. Stop defending poir performance. I could see you as a guy defending JaMarcus back in the day.
  4. Shameless (Showtime)

    The first two seasons if this show were legendary. Wasn't that great after that though.
  5. Stock Investing

    Wow that's fantastic.. my employer only does 50% up to 6%.
  6. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    As I said in the Raider forum, im actually glad Lynch got ejected. He is our third best RB IMO. I would like to reduce his workload and save him for the playoffs. I would trust him more in a playoff setting than Washington and Richard. Our secondary is still garbage. Nelson and Smith need to go after this year and Amerson as well. Amerson is too inconsistent. One game he'll look like a Top 5 CB. Other games he looks like he has ADD. Other games he gets burned every deep pass. The future at secondary looks bright with Gareon Conley and Karl Joseph and I would like to try out Obi at corner next season. I think it's a better fit for him then safety. I wasn't expecting much of Bowman his first game and only on what.. 2 days notice? He looked absolutely fantastic. Instantly way way way better than anything we had at ILB before. It's about time the Raiders get Cooper more involved. His route running is so beautiful. Nobody runs a better route tree except for AB. (Frickin legend with his routes). He still drops more than he should but he is still young and still learning. Another thing that concerns me is Alex Smith had all day long to throw. Mack was doing a great job all night but the rest of our front seven couldn't get pressure to save their life. Overall a solid game by Oakland but a ton of things we still need to work on. Winning in Miami will be tough next week. Such an underrated defense this season. They are really really good.
  7. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    Wow I may have nailed this series, said every home team will win except Yankees win Game 7. A Yankee vs Dodger World Series the ratings would be insane.
  8. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Perhaps.. but Richard and Washington are clearly better at this point. I would definitelt reduce Lynch's workload. Which would be a good thing if we make the playoffs. I would trust Lynch more in a playoff environment than those two.
  9. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    You predicted against Oakland on the road, 12 points over the spread, with absolutely no basis except probably past games. No, I don't think you're a Raider hater. Just not very good at picking games. Bold prediction.. ? More like blindly picking the favorite to crush the underdog with nothing to base it on except past games and doing absolutely zero research. This forum does it a lot. A lotttt.
  10. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Apologies to both you and hunter. Just kind of slipped.
  11. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Predicting KC to win by 15, when the spread is 3, on the road, is either A) Just pure hater or B) Complete moron basing picks purely on teams past games this season. And even then 15 is ridiculous.
  12. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Shout out to all the haters on the front page who acted like this was an easy Kansas City win. Please never bet on sports if you're gonna always think the favorite is gonna crush it based purely on both teams past performances. This was a good matchup for Oakland and I knew the crowd would be historically loud tonight.
  13. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Probably a good thing Lynch got ejected. Honestly not too sure we would win with him in the game. He's been a steaming pile of hot garbage this season and clearly our third best runningback. Also props to our coaching staff for benching Amerson. Usually they would leave our corners out there no matter how garbage they are. They finally made an adjustment. Smith has to go next year and this game made it clear Amerson has to go as well. Gets burned deep and has frickin ADD. I would love to try Obi at corner.
  14. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Bowman was excellent. Absolutely fantastic. Might not be our future due to injury concerns and age but the dude is easily 15x better than Lee or James.
  15. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    What a game guys! I knew Derek and Co. would come through. NEVER count Derek out with the game on the line, ever! Great effort by the whole team. Especially Cooper. What a beast. On my way home now. My voice is completely gone. Loudest + most exciting football game ive ever been too.