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  1. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    I think Philly and TB makes the most sense for him. Unless he just wants money, maybe NYJ can offer the most.
  2. Worst Starting QB in the History of Your Franchise

    Broncos have had some bad ones.. this isn’t a list of 2010 and onwards
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I’ve seen a few mocks where Thompson is taken in the 20’s, one by us even. I think Thompson will be taken in the teens though but I also don’t think the Bears make the playoffs.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Bosa, White, Thompson. Can’t believe it’s even realistic. Brian Burns in the 2nd please. We can focus on offense next years draft.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    If we go the Carr route let’s just get Jonah Williams, AJ Brown, Irv Smith Jr., and Bryce Love. Defense?! Defense?!?! Just score every drive, we don’t need no defense!
  6. Nick Chubb

    You can only get them wrong for so long.
  7. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams @ Mexico City

    Mahomes is Super Saiyan Blue 2 Kaioken x50
  8. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams @ Mexico City

    Mahomes been trainin with Weiss all season bro
  9. How many wins will it take for the Chargers...

    Cardinals team this year is the definition of a zombie apocalypse.
  10. Keys to Gruden Success?

    Nah Weeks 1-5 we tried to win. Couldn’t finish in Weeks 2 and 3.. and Chargers beat us up in Week 5. We went from competitive the 1st quarter of the season, in games til the very end, to getting blown out 30+ every game.
  11. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams @ Mexico City

    S*** gets real when you do Goku training.
  12. Melvin & Snitker win manager of the year

    Yeah thats BS, I would of gave it to Counsel. The East sucked, Central was a rough division.
  13. MNF game moved from Mexico to LA due to field conditions

    The mission to overtake Soccer is a 50 year plan but we’ll get there.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    City of Oakland: Bob Melvin: Major League Baseball Manager of the Year Steve Kerr: Back to Back Championships Jon Gruden: Well.. let’s not talk about this.
  15. Bob Melvin Manager of the Year. Nice.