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  1. Weekly Bets Thread

    "Will they mention that J.Garoppolo started w/Pats?" Yes -150 No +100 Thinking about slamming the yes on this. What are the odds they go an entire three hours without mentioning Jimmy was on the Patriots?
  2. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    Stay away from Love.
  3. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    Seen all since Super Bowl 31 Packers vs Patriots. That was my 1st. I’ve also seen all of the Raider Classic Super Bowls, 1994 49ers vs Chargers, Giants vs Bills, 49ers vs Bengals, and a couple others.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Come on man. His 2018 tape is really impressive. Yes, a lot of guys are open, but he takes deep shots to and can put it right on the money in stride just out of reach of the defender. Something Carr will not do under any circumstance unless he is wide open (Amari was always wide open when he threw). Love has really good accuracy with a laser arm. Good mobility. And unlike Carr, his pocket presence is superb. Yes, he has a lot of trouble reading and understanding defenses, and it’s easy to fool him, but he’ll have solid Raider coaching and shouldn’t step foot on the field in 2020 unless it’s Week 17. And Herbert over Love? Herbert had the best college oline in history and still underwhelmed. Even @ronjon1990 who has seen way more Oregon snaps than any of us has Herbert behind Burrow, Tua, Love, and Eason.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Tua, Derrick Brown, or Okudah would have to tumble or else there is 0% chance of the Raiders making that trade, and I think most here would agree with me on this one. Plus I don’t think the Cards would move down 4 spots, and out of the Top 10, for just a third rounder.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I’m all on board for Love at 12, but if we decide not to go that route, Javon Kinlaw and Patrick Queen makes us a very very physical team. Hopefully Mayock will be able to find a potential starting CB in the 3rd Round. The guy from Utah is pretty physical.
  7. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    The Bears? Zero chance. Brady probably does end up back in NE but if he doesn’t, it’s 65% Raiders and 35% Chargers. Day one of training camp you’ll see Brady in a Patriot, Raider, or Charger jersey.
  8. New Derek Carr thread

    This is a passive aggressive and beta male thing to do. Never once have I done this or else my post count would be double. Back when the Colts were on their high horse and 6-3 or whatever, everyone was calling them a Top 3 seed no question what so ever, Jacoby Top 10-12 QB 100%, etc. I said they’d finish 8-8 and Jacoby is Bottom 10 QB trash that is ultra conservative. I got mauled like 15+ quotes/attacks. Said before season Tannehil would take over for Mariota Mid Season, lead them to a 9-7 wildcard berth, win at least one playoff game, got called an idiot by most people including Titan fans. Did I go back and quote them? Hell nah. Accept that you were always right and move on like a real man.
  9. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    We are closer than anyone thinks, which also is what @OG_C2X is preaching. We won 7 games this year with the toughest schedule in the NFL. This year, our Vegas win Over/Under will probably be 7.5. We have two first round picks, plenty of cap room for free agency, and a Top 5 Offensive Line in football. You telling me with a Top 5 OL, a WR like AJ Green to go with Tyrell, Waller, and Renfrow, Two First Round picks used on defense for guys like Kinlaw and Queen, that the Las Vegas Raiders can't compete next year if they get a Top 5-7 QB like Tom Brady? 49ers Over/Under this year was 8. Eagles 2017 Over/Under was 6.5. No one thought those two teams were coming anywhere close to the Super Bowl. We are closer than anyone thinks we are. And the first thing Brady is going to look at is Offensive Lines. Raiders = Top 5 OL. Chargers = Bottom 5 OL.
  10. New Derek Carr thread

    He was making full reads, throwing deep, and throwing beyond the 3rd down marker. I’m not a “Hey Carr always sucks” or “Hey Carr is our QB no matter what” guy. I’m not a hater or a fanboy. Objectivity and no bias is a good trait to have. Carr played well at that time. Was technically the best QB in football during those four football games. Then he reverted right back to no progressions, throwing short of the chains, and playing completely scared. It was the same old Derek Carr once the Jet game started. And honestly, he was pretty bad against the Bengals as well. So if Derek Carr is doing what he is SUPPOSE to do for four games in a row, playing fantastic football those four games, I’m not allowed to like him? I’m not allowed to call him a Top 15 QB with that stretch? I’m suppose to still hate on him? I would of been labeled a hater if I said anything negative about him during that stretch and rightfully so. He had a great four game stretch, and I thought he had turned a corner. He didn’t. I won’t be fooled again. Basically saying pick a side and stay on one side and don’t look at things objectively? Makes so much sense!! Close mindedness and one sidedness, such an amazing trait to have! Such a smart one aren’t you? Carr was a completely different QB those four games. Wanna share any insight or opinion you’ve ever showed on this forum? Your entire post history is one sentenced passive aggressive statements towards posters. I may deliver controversial opinions on this subforum (and it’s only controversial in this subforum with people having tons of bias about Carr/other players) and that’s what they are, opinions, that can be disagreed with. At least I contribute to discussion unlike you, nothing but a passive aggressive troll with your one liners. You’ve never made a contributory post your entire history on this forum.
  11. QB Rankings

    Look at his 2018 tape. Did he struggle with those defenses then? Nope. He lost his entire coaching staff for 2019. Those new coaches had no idea what they were calling. A QB is only as good as his coach. Patrick Mahomes with a scrub NFL Offensive Coach would look miserable. Any QB would.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    @big_palooka Love is my QB3, his 2018 tape is phenomenal. He has a laser arm, pin point accuracy, A+ pocket presence, and solid mobility. NFL Draft Section seems to hate on him cause he threw so many INTs.. I keep trying to explain Loves INTs are not an accuracy issue, it’s reading defenses issue/poor coaching issue. Defensive looks are coachable. Accuracy is not all that coachable. We’ve seen it with Josh Allen. And I also don’t trust Eason/Herberts accuracy at the next level. Make no mistake, Love is a project QB but so is ever QB not named Tua and Burrow. I usually hate project QBs but Love seems like he can be a Top 7-8 QB with great coaching like Jon Gruden.
  13. QB Rankings

    Eason had both Washington and Georgia to shine. Look awful on Georgia and maybe a B- on Washington. Love would of tore it up at both of those schools.
  14. Tom Time

    Because it's only for two years? He's not retiring there. You can anywhere for two measly years. Plus there's plenty of shows in Vegas, plenty of restaurants, nice golf course, etc. But at the end of the day, if he leaves New England, he's going to whatever team he thinks can help him win a title between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He probably trusts Gruden a lot more than Lynn. Lynn is not even a Top 25 HC IMO. Also Raiders OL = Top 5, Charger OL = Bottom 5. Plus Raiders finished 7-9 and will be projected around 8-8 for 2020. Eagles were projected to win 7 games in 2017. 49ers were projected to win 8 games this year. With Tom the GOAT Brady, two first round picks, a ridiculous amount of cap space to sign someone like AJ Green, the Raiders can certainly contend for a Super Bowl. And I'm way more of a pessimist than a homer.
  15. How you guys passed on Wentz and Watson I have no clue. Mahomes was a bit of mystery so that can be forgiven.