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  1. I will eat crow, feed me. Still think Cowboys aren’t coming anywhere close to the playoffs though.
  2. Said McCarthy is trash and Cowboys will go 5-11 but nobody listen.
  3. Huh? He’s been pretty bad his career so far.
  4. All three look pretty horrible.
  5. Daniel Jones is terrible, Barkley likely out for year, and Giant Defense terrible.
  6. By far the worst teams in the league: Giants, Jets, and Panthers.
  7. May be worst team in the league along with the Giants. We will find out Monday how good or bad we are.
  8. Barkley done. 7th year in a row ive lost 1st Round Pick to season ender. Should I draft Jacobs next year?
  9. That’s an insult to Winston. Jones will never come close to 5,000 yards.
  10. Barkley down. Am I gonna lose my first round pick for the 8th year in a row?
  11. Rivers still an INT machine, arm velocity isn’t there.
  12. Tampas D is great. And Brady looks sharp.
  13. Two weeks in a row not a single pre game covid positive. NFL is doing a good job with rules, MLB/NBA not so much.
  14. You don't have to keep preaching to me, I don't like WR's in the 1st. This is Jon Gruden though, was just saying it's a possibility if all our WR's under perform this season and we pick 15 or later.
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