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  1. And let me guess... loved Jones last year too?
  2. Teven Jenkins is this years Joshua Jones imo. Joshua Jones was made a 1st Rounder purely by the internet. The guy fell to the 3rd Round (which is where he was originally ranked before the internet hype) and was beaten in camp laughably bad for the RT spot on the Cardinals by two other guys.
  3. I think there were a couple sites that had Jenkins around #30 before Kollman and other YouTube videos surfaced (which all seemed to surface about the same time....) but a vast majority of internet sites had Jenkins as a Mid-Late 2nd like you said, and he shot up after the Kollman video.
  4. Fully agree with you. Jenkins tape has a lotttt of red flags and he’s extremely raw. No sacks given does not mean a prospect isn’t raw. All the things Jenkins does technique wise are not gonna work in the NFL, at least not from the Tackle spot. I notice anytime YouTubers, especially Kollman, hypes up a prospect this forum gets all googly eyed. Kollman’s video was very bias and did not include a lot of Jenkins major flags. And Kollman has so many subscribers, that I guarantee prospects offer him $ for videos. Which is legal. Everything you see in the video will be true and a
  5. Wow what a way to lose a Perfect Game. Still can get a No Hitter though.
  6. Wow that's close... super close. I thought he was safe, but you absolutely can't overturn it. Perfect game lives.
  7. I don’t love it, but I like it. I like the trade down to 32 (although don’t like the player), love Campbell in the 2nd, like the Jamar pick, like the Werner pick, and Mayfield in the 3rd is super good value, even though I don’t like him much.
  8. Very solid Raider Draft. Love Darrisaw and Moore. We didn’t get a defensive player, but oh well, it happens. Moore at 48 is great value.
  9. Not the biggest JOK fan. Although nice mock and appreciate the time and effort.
  10. I like Barmore quite a bit, but in the 2nd Round. 17 is way too rich for my blood. He probably won’t make it to the Raiders 2nd Round pick, and that’s fine. Not worth pick 17.
  11. My Updated 1st Round: 1) LB Micah Parsons 2) OT Christian Darrisaw 3) CB Caleb Farley 4) S Trevon Moehrig 5) EDGE Ojulari/Paye (I go back and forth with these two) Obviously, included only realistic prospects that would be available. It’s possible none of those are there. I will post a Final Big Board the day before the draft for both pick 17 and 48. Probably 7 to 8 guys each pick.
  12. Well we agree on something today. Arnette is a Nickel in this league, and him starting on the outside this year would be just wasting time. I also absolutely love Farley as a prospect. My 9th player in the draft, farrrr and away the best CB in the draft as well. Not big on Surtain and Horn at all. However, definitely concerned about the injury for sure. To the point, I'm not sure if I'd actually pull the trigger. However, if the Raiders did pick him, I'd be totally ok with the pick. Sometimes you have to involve risk in the 1st Round.
  13. Agree you need to be way more than an exceptional athlete. I personally never understood the hype around Clowney's sacks in college. How you get the sacks, matters. Clowney almost always went completely untouched when getting his sacks in college, which simply doesn't work in the NFL. Same thing with Josh Allen, almost all of his sacks were untouched. Allen did put up 10 sacks his rookie year although he followed it up with a subpar 2.5 sacks in 8 games the following year. I think getting an "almost-sack" while destroying someone is always more impressive on tape than an untouched sack. An exa
  14. You need to be able to jam and arm length absolutely helps with that, also prevents quick-cut routes in the first few yards, and also when on the outside you are dealing with tall WR's. Good luck swatting a ball when a 6'2"+ WR jumps for the ball when your CB has 30" arms, odds are he isn't swatting that ball even if he's in perfect position. Although I'm sure @Rich7senacan elaborate on this better than I can, he's the CB guy around here, and also thinks Arnette is a Nickel. And the fact is, history doesn't lie. 30" Arms on the Outside is a historically super high failure rate.
  15. How many CB's are starting on the outside with 30" arms? 2% of the league? Casey Hayward the only man I can think of off the top of my head. And even if you look at the past, instead of current, the success rate of a corner on the outside with 30" arms is well under 5%. Arnette is absolutely a Nickel Corner. That was his projection going into the draft.... by literally almost everyone. If Arnette surprises and plays great on the outside this year... then great, I'd love to happily be proven wrong. However, history says otherwise. You cannot cover outside WR's with that arm length in most
  16. I do agree people look at things too simply in terms of Offense and Defense. Whichever is the worst unit, they want to draft that unit in the 1st. Personally I think RT would help us win the most games, followed closely by a DT and Outside CB.
  17. Even if it was a crapshoot after Okudah, you don't draft a CB with 30" arms in the first round. If you still think Arnette is an outside CB, I guess you will probably be pretty disappointed after this season (if Arnette even starts on the outside this year).
  18. He's Ranked 28-32 most place, which I 100% agree with, but as a Guard. And a lot of the sites you just listed have people on those sites who also think he's a Guard. It's not just his Arm Length.... he would have to clean up soooo much stuff just to try to play RT.
  19. Nope. It's probably an unpopular opinion on here but I think Jenkins is a Guard at the next level. He is being pushed up on the internet because of YouTubers.
  20. As for your guy’s Basham discussion, I’ve always liked him way more than most people, and have him #40 on the rankings I recently did. Which is way higher than most people have him. However, us picking him at 17? Hard pass.
  21. I don’t know if you’re agreeing with me or disagreeing.
  22. I hope this isn’t a real discussion. Vera-Tucker isn’t playing OT with arms that are barely 32”. Not even 32 1/2. I don’t think there’s a single OT in the NFL with that current length out of 64 starting OT’s. Vera-Tucker is a pure Guard at the next level (probably an All-Pro Guard). He may be able to play RT a game or two if you really need him to, but you wouldn’t want him starting more than that.
  23. I’d say make her a surprise entrant at MITB, someone gets axed right before it starts like Royal Rumble 2019. This way, you don’t have to put the title back on Becky right away. She’ll have the MITB Briefcase and you can milk her title shot. Because without MITB, WWE is gonna feel pressure to have her win the title extremely quickly.
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