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  1. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Looking ahead a bit. But we have a chance to win our next 3 games. If we do, huge if, that Thursday night game against the Ravens will be the most meaningful game we’ve played in a long time. Glad our team is showing progress despite being disseminated by injuries.
  2. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Would you try and trade Henry Anderson? He’s set to make $9 mil which isn’t bad. But maybe we can allocate that money elsewhere.
  3. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Remember when people were calling out Jets fans for being happy we traded Leo? Suggesting he was underrated and we were going to miss him. Good times. It was a great trade for us.
  4. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    +1. Their lack of tranparincy is an issue. Sometimes I feel like I watched a different game. I like Football Outsiders better. Their DVOA and QBR metrics aren’t perfect, but they’re transparent and limit any potential bias.
  5. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    JAMAL M'FING ADAMS. Golly. I'm sure Redskins fans are happy the Cowboys didnt trade the 1st and two 2nds we were asking for. They'd have to do deal with Adams twice a year.
  6. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I’ll have to rephrase my post. I’m agreeing with how quickly the NFL is moving.
  7. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Seems fair. The NFL shouldn’t leave this open too much longer. Decide on the exact length and any remaining fines by the end of the week and Move on. The worse thing they can do is let this drag through the rest of the year and into the offseason.
  8. Who do you have making the All Pro Teams

    On the Jets, just Jamal. No other player should even enter this discussion for problem let alone all pro. A player to keep in mind for the future is Foly Fatukasi. He’s been playing great for us this year. Mini Snacks Harrison or Kris Jenkins.
  9. The Myles Garrett incident

    I agree that what Pouncey did wasn’t as bad. And if he only gets 2 or 3 games, I don’t think anyone will blink and eye. However, he was kicking and punching a player who was being held down. The NFL comes down hard on those types of incidents. He was defending his teammate so we will see.
  10. The Myles Garrett incident

    I didn’t see this incident live, but from the videos the first thing that came to mind was the Albert Haynesworth stomping incident. He got 5 games for that incident. Since there’s 6 games left in the season, I think Garrett will be suspended for the rest of the season. Mike Pouncey started throwing bombs and kicks and should be suspended as well. I think he’ll be suspended for the rest of the season as well.
  11. Halfway Mock: "... we're in the endgame now."

    Was brainstorming mock ideas but stopped because it kept coming back to a mock similar to this. I think this is the ideal mock. It’s reasonable as well. Getting a veteran center is key because it seems like Gase prefers to have a vet in that role and he’ll also help Darnold read blitz.
  12. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Get players where you can to be honest. The only guy currently on the team I don’t mind starting is Lewis. Edoga, Harrison and Compton could form a strong depth. FA may have a few good iOL available. We’ll have to see. But I’m hoping we snap one or two and then snag a couple of tackles in the draft.
  13. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Robby catches that ball for sure. Smith slowed down when he looked back for the ball. Robby seemlessly tracks the ball in the air. Sam’s deep ball is not great though. So, I’m up in the air about resigning Robby. Smith can stretch the field even though he’s not on Robby’s level. And Smith brings other traits to the table.
  14. The Development of Sam Darnold

    The hope is that he comes out better after this adversity. He played solid yesterday. He threw the ball away when he needed to and made plays when he needed to. I personally don’t think investing big dollars or spending high draft picks on WRs is needed with Sam. When giving time, he’s had success with average guys. In terms of allocating resources, I think it’s best to truly focus on the OL (top priority) and defense (distant second). Sam’s struggles this year have come when playing from behind (a good D would help in this area) and when not giving time to throw (obviously an OL would help here).
  15. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    And Pitt has found their stride. Just two weeks ago, Miami looked like they were going to have the first overall pick and another top10 or so pick. Oops.