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  1. I don’t expect our pass rush to be a factor in this game. Similar to the Panthers, the Pats get the ball out quick. They don’t have the weapons the Panthers have though. So, I expect our defense to play better then last week. But I still expect Mac Jones to play well. On offense, the Pats will take away Corey Davis. This game is going to come down to our running game and whether or not Zach can see the field well enough to take advantage of BB taking away Corey Davis and disguising Blitz packages. That’ll decide the game. With our OL still figuring things out, it’s a bad time to play
  2. But in order to incorporate Mims, he needs to learn other positions. You can’t have two guys on the same spot on the field. I personally think they should put Mims at the X and play Corey Davis opposite him off the line. Davis is versatile and can handle it.
  3. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I took those comments differently. Mims is a backup and is unfortunately backing up our best WR Corey Davis. If Mims wants to get on the field, the best way is to learn all three positions that way he’s the first one off the bench. As it stands, he’s only going to play when Corey Davis needs a break. The alternative is to play Corey Davis out of position which is not a bad idea. I think he’s versatile.
  4. Darnold played well. We got a chance to see what he would have looked like with us if he had a good offensive coordinator and talent around him. And that Sam Darnold is roughly a league average QB and not a bust like he was with us. Does yesterday change my mind about our offseason? Not at all. Zach showed he has a higher ceiling. The only concerning thing about yesterday was the OL. I cannot wrap my head around the idea that we may have a bottom 5 OL. That’s on Joe Douglas. Hopefully they’ll improve with time, but that was scary.
  5. I don’t think he’s ignored the TE position because he doesn’t value it. It’s actually too early to know if he does or doesn’t. Joe D values the OL above all and all meaningful resources have gone to that. Now that we are healthy at OL, WR and RB, he should move his attention to TE. Unfortunately, he inherited a bad roster and you kind of have to pick and choose what to fix.
  6. Our TE situation is bottom 5 in the league. The cuts just revealed how thin we’ve been. Kroft has shown to be a good backup and Wesco a descent starting FB. Everyone else sucked. We really need a guy who’s a descent starting TE. Maybe also a guy who can compete with Wesco for the FB position. I’d trade for Ertz and pick up Ben Mason. Then I’ll trade Crowder for a draft pick. We should still draft a TE within the first 3 rounds next year.
  7. Crazy how much Herndon underachieved. TE position was/is wide open and he couldn’t take it.
  8. I think Saleh said it took Warner a year to get to the weight they wanted for him. So it’s going to take time for Sherwood and Hamsah to bulk up with good weight. Our run defense will be fine. Mosley, Foley and Q are great run defenders. We are just a bit thin on the run defense front behind them. I still see us as a 6-7 win team. We need guys to develop and we need to add more impact players on defense.
  9. Before injuries the Jets would have had one somewhat of an elite unit. Dang. Now I can’t even brag about any unit. QB: TBD RB: 5. Our OL has some guys that can create push up front. WR: 5.5. A little projection here. TE: 2.5. Anyone got some spare TEs laying around? OL: 5. We’ve come a long way. DL. 5. Would have been a 6.5 if not for two season ending injuries. LB: 4. Aside from Mosley, the other guys are young with potential but unproven DB: 4. I think most expect us to be bottom 5 but I think guys will play better than expected. ST scor
  10. We have ourselves a QB fellas/ladies. Zack looks like he did in college. That's all we can ask for at this point. More importantly, it appears as though we have a coaching staff that seems to have an idea of how to develop a QB.
  11. Hopefully it's nothing major. His reaction didn't look good though.
  12. So far in camp (based on reports) he’s been outplayed by Davis, Moore, Crowder and Cole. He’s still developing but right now, he’s likely the 5th or 6th WR on our team. Elijah Moore has been the best young WR on our team this camp. I don’t think he is at risk of being cut. We just have 6 good WRs on the team which is great.
  13. Pretty happy with everything. Zach looked good, running game looked good, defense looks fast, and play calling makes sense. We just need to figure out the TE and K positions. Aside from that, we look good. We’re ahead of where I thought we were.
  14. This is why it’s good to double dip at certain positions. If Mims doesn’t develop, it’s not crippling because we also added Elijah Moore. And Moore does look like the real deal. Davis, Moore, Cole and Crowder are very good. Not writing off Mims by any means. It’s just that, he’s not a critical player any more.
  15. I’m starting to get behind the total youth movement idea. We are not super bowl contenders this year or next. So why not just let all your young guys develop on the field? Then in year 3 and 4 of Zach’s rookie contract, fill in the gaps where the young guys weren’t able to step up. The exception to this is the OL.
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