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  1. Bold predictions

    Offense: Herndon catches 50+ passes Enunwa leads the team in receptions Anderson leads the team in receiving yards with 1000+ Defenses: Leo gets at least 10 sacks Jamal and Trumaine Johnson are in the Pro bowl discussion Lee records at least 5 sacks
  2. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    He’s a bit of an xfactor in ny. Only one day of OTAs were open to reporters. But apperently, he looked real smooth out there. Darnold took the most snaps (as he should) but he is currently behind McCown and Teddy in the depth chart. I think Teddy gets the week 1 start. But a lot can happen between now and week 1.
  3. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Not sure Darnold has the path of least resistance. Teddy is healthy. So Darnold will have to beat out Teddy and McCown. He certainly can do it but Teddy creates another hurdle for him. I actually think Baker and Rosen are the most pro ready giving their number of years starting. I went with Josh Allen. I just don’t see McCarron outplaying him despite the learning curve. Both are new to Buffalo and their system. And McCarron doesn’t have much NFL experience either. So it’s not like Josh Allen is competing against a 10 year veteran.
  4. What do you call a football game?

    I was watching a sports documentary and they covered the all blacks team briefly. They talked about how rugby is imbedded in the culture plus how they try and created a large pool of players at a young age. I forget the name of the game they have younger kids play, but they essentially said it’s a safer form of rugby. It is pretty consistent to other countries that dominate a sport like Brazil and Soccer. Although NZ with just 5 million people is on a different level.
  5. What do you call a football game?

    I think the issue we have in the US is that we have so many leagues. So we have to be more specific. I would say I’m going to “Team Name” game. i.e. Jets or Giants game, etc.
  6. Depends on the definition of a franchise QB. I believe he can be an effective QB in the mold of a Cam Newton but not as good as Cam running though. Cam is not particularly accurate but he is still a dangerous QB. So I see Josh Allen being a Wentz type runner with RPOs and stuff or someone who gets about 300-400 yards on the ground. And a Cam type passer. Or someone who is inaccurate with the ball but can hurt you once or twice a game downfield. I also expect Josh Allen to be a durable QB. Is that a franchise QB? I think so. The Bills can work with that.
  7. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Great point. One thing I just remembered about his second offseason (not his first) was that he had trouble breaking the huddle. After a year plus in the league, he had issues breaking the huddle. Everyone should pause and think about that when someone makes the suggestion he didn’t get a fair shake. An NFL QB couldn’t break the huddle.
  8. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Over the last two years combined, he got the most pass attempts by a Jets QB in preseason and last year he had the most. Using Fox Sports for stats, he had 121 attempts. Compare that to Goff 81 and Wentz 47 over the same time period.
  9. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    It’s definitely a shot worth taking for the Raiders. If he doesn’t look promising, cut him and you don’t even lose a draft pick. For the Jets, he was behind Teddy, Darnold and McCown. We have two QBs 25 and under that have more promise than Hack. No need to keep him around. In terms of how we handled him, Bowles gave him a chance to compete for the job like he does all his rookies. Some of his rookies end up playing early some don’t. They have to earn their spot. I just think Hack was way overdrafted. At best he and Petty are backup QBs. Petty has a likelier chance to stick as a backup. 2016 preseason attempts: Petty (56), Hack (47), Geno (32), Fitzmagic (29). Petty had some decent deep passes to Anderson and Hack didn’t play well at all. 2017 preseason attempts: Hack (74), Petty (48), McCown (12). The Jets gave their two young QBs every opportunity to win the job but they didn’t take it. Petty played ok. Hack played better than he did in 2016 but still worse than Petty. But both still got beat out by McCown. 2017 season: Petty got a 4 game audition and just didn’t play well. He blamed his bad accuracy on his feet. Hack didn’t see the field.
  10. Offseason news/rumours

    Our QB situation looks is great at the moment. Looks like Teddy is healthy and ready to ball out. Sounds like Darnold is out there competing and learning. He’ll go through a learning curve. I thought Darnold would start week 1 because I think he’ll be out McCown but I didn’t factor in that Teddy would be this far along. I think both will beat McCown and Teddy will get the week 1 start.
  11. Glad we cleansed the QB room before training camp. Petty and Hack didn’t have a future with this team. All reps should go to Darnold and Teddy. McCown doesn’t need that many snaps as he proved last year.
  12. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    This is a fair trade for the Jets and Raiders. The real losers on this trade are the Oakland Reporters standing on the sideline. He dinged a few in the head during his couple of off seasons in NY. If you are a reporter, keep your head up. His accuracy is a little shaky to say the least.
  13. I really thought he was coming around.
  14. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I agree. What we have at the moment is decent. I don't think it'll necessary stunt Darnold's development this year. But if we want him to excel, we need to surround him with higher quality players. Next offseason I will be hoping for a stronger o-line. And while I think our receiving unit and running back unit are solid, we need a go to offensive weapon. I don't necessarily think we need a ton of new players, just 3 or so higher quality players. Say Matthews/Lewan LT, Barr Edge, and draft someone like AJ Brown WR in the first and a guard or RB in the 3rd. Plus bring back Jets players that played well or a comparable player and we should be good to go for year 2.
  15. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I think the Rams are a reasonable trajectory to follow. If you look back at their team roster in 2016, these two teams are similar. Defense and Offensive line are about the same. The Jets are actually ahead at WR. And the Rams were ahead at RB because of Gurley. In 2017, the Rams revamped their WR by trade/draft/FA with Woods, Kupp and Watkins. And they strengthened their OL with Whitworth and Sullivan. They made a few tweaks to their defense but the main difference was the growth of Joyner and Donald. To follow the Rams, we need to strengthing the OL and find Darnold a big time weapon comparable to what they have in Gurley. Doesn’t have to be a RB though. We also need to see Adams and Leo become impact players and add an edge player. And we need to see Shell become an average starter. So I pretty much agree with the needs here: LT, OG, Edge and offensive weapon. If we can get those via draft/trade/free agency, we can continue on that Rams path as long as Darnold is who we think he is.