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  1. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    The Eagles played at home on Thursday. So our 11 day stretch is tougher.
  2. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Shoot. Nice info. So the Eagles won the season opener on Monday night. Then they took an L in a tight game in week 2. Followed that up with an L on Thursday night. That’s bad news for us. The good news is that they went 10-6 that year after starting the year 1-3. Not that I’m expecting 10-6. Just that all won’t be lost in the first 4 games.
  3. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    In 5 games over the last three years, Tyrod Taylor has averaged 6 carries and 32 yards a game against us. Not insignificant, but not a game changer. It all depend when those runs come. Tannehill killed us when it mattered most. Not many people picking the Jets. I see a similar game to the Miami game, a couple plays here and there will decide this game.
  4. Mid-season extensions

    Same. I really like Barr’s game. He was a double digit sack guy in college when he played edge. I’m a fan though because he can also cover and help against the run. Plus he is a high character guy. Jets shouldn’t be shy about overpaying for those guys either.
  5. Mid-season extensions

    +1. We have a path forward to be competitive next year. Long, Winters and Shell are good. It’s that left side that needs to be a priority. If we can come out if next offseason with Marpet, Barr or Fowler,Jonah Williams in the first, Funchess, while resigning our main guys, that’s a team that should have playoff aspirations.
  6. Yup. It’s been fun watching him grow. He’ll take his rookie lumps for sure. Especially since he is 21 and this is like his 4 season starting at QB at any level. But he’s definitely at FQB.
  7. I think both teams will struggle to run the ball. So this game comes down to the QBs. We know what Tyrod is. I don’t see him winning the game for the Browns. So really this game comes down to Darnold. If he plays well, the Jets win. If he makes a couple rookie mistakes, the Browns win.
  8. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    49ers Cowboys Packers Giants Steelers Dolphins Bears Raiders Vikings Pats Top 10 in no particular order.
  9. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    I started watching the NFL in the late 90’s. So my view of the Dolphins is a bit skewed. But only 2 losing seasons in 33 years is bad a**. Including an undefeated season.
  10. 1) Wentz 2) Darnold 3) Mahomes (could be second or first but I know Wentz can play at a all pro level for an entire year and Darnold fits what the Jets need on multiple levels) 4) Baker 5) Goff
  11. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    I was cautiously optimistic about our OL after the first game. But I think today was more of what OL will be throughout the season. The good news is that we have our franchise QB. Also, there aren’t any unexpected weaknesses on this team. We knew about the OL and Edge. Although Luvu and Copeland are better than I expected. But consistent pressure off the edge is still a weakness.
  12. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    This is pretty much how I feel. We weren’t overmatched. Unfortunate errors cost us the game. I still feel this defense is above average and Darnold is the real deal. This game doesn’t change my mind
  13. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    They have a stronger defense but our offense is better. It’ll be another tough game
  14. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    lol. You’re probably right.