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  1. Lol. I usually fall asleep while we’re watching the movie. My kids like to make fun of me for that.
  2. Shoot got lucky and found it. It’s movie night with the family. So I won’t have time to punch the numbers in. But here it is. http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=439601
  3. I do remember that thread. I was able to find it a couple of years ago. I’ll see if I can find it again. It’s going to be on the old site though. I think the poster you are referring went by Waldo. I tried searching for Waldo’s formula but no luck so far.
  4. I’ve been torn on Maye as well. But I think trading him is the right move. I’m surprised to see he’s just a FS who is good at being that last safety net. I expected him to excel in that SS role. Since Davis is our FS of the future, we should probably trade Maye if we can get something meaningful for him.
  5. Agree with you and Bobby on Herndon. I want to see him with another OC before trading him. He showed flashes his rookie season. Huff has looked pretty good. Kind of excited about it. If Zuniga can flash, we may have a decent set of players on the front 7. Franklin-Myers, Q and Foly have played descent as well. We may just need to add 1 guy instead of having to revamp the whole unit.
  6. Oh yea definitely. The sample size is not big enough to say he’s the long term answer. But I’m comfortable enough to give him the job for this year if we are able to get a 2nd or a 3rd for Fant. We can then assess Edoga for the rest of year. I guess what I’m saying is that Edoga and Fant seem interchangeable for this season.
  7. Edoga has held his own at RT. If we can get something meaningful (day 2 pick) for Fant, I’m ok trading him since Edoga has been just as good if not better. Im not ok with trading Crowder. He’s a solid #2 option.
  8. Interesting comments on the 2016 coaching search from Connor Rodgers on a podcast. The Jets wanted Kingsbury but Kingsbury preferred Arizona because he got to pick Murray. The Jets were afraid of McCarthy because of his sour relationship with Rodgers. We already know about the Rhule situation and wanting to pick some of his coaches. No comments on Bieniemy and Monken. Sounds like our order was 1) Kingsburry 2) Rhule 3) Gase Key takeaway is getting the #1 pick will be a great marketing chip to attract a high quality coach. What coach wouldn’t want to coach Lawrence?
  9. Y’all are on to something. Start some controversies around some of these coaches. Then be like, “well if nobody wants you, fine come here Jim Harbough”.
  10. I read those statements when I was trying to see what type of coach he would be. He’s been at Stanford for a while. I know NFL teams have tried to get him in the past with no luck. I’m making that call though and, if he’s the guy, give him an offer he can’t refuse.
  11. One guy I’ve seen brought up by Jets fans is David Shaw from Stanford. He and Douglas were on the Ravens at the same time and likely know each other. While he grew up coaching on the offensive side, he’s very much a CEO type of coach. He seems like a Matt Rhule type of hire.
  12. As Jets fans, all we do is dream of better days ahead. Lol. Well on that note, I’ve been thinking about my ideal offseason. I don’t expect JD to go all out in FA but getting two solid additions on offense would be huge. I’m hoping we go the Arizona route and just focus on the offense first. FA: Juju, Thuney Draft: Lawrence and then go Offense with the next 2 picks. I’m hoping we can grab one of the three top TEs (Pitts, Freiermuth, or Jordan) with the Seattle pick. Then grab an iOL like Myers to push McGovern and a RB after that. We can go balls deep on Defense the rest of the draft. Seems light at WR but I think a trio of Juju, Crowder and Mims is solid. Assuming Mims flashes this year. Also the two Smiths and Berrios are solid back ups.
  13. He definitely deserves better. But he’s a really good slot WR. We need someone who can catch. Otherwise we are throwing yet another young QB to the wolves. Crowder is a building block and is only 27 years old.
  14. Good for McLendon. I hope all the veteran guys get a chance to play some where else. I absolutely do not want to see Crowder get traded.
  15. I think so. We absolutely did not plan to tank this season. We just suck. I think this latest lost pretty much put the nail on the coffin. Everyone is likely up for grabs except Quinnen and Becton. Teams have asked for Quinnen before and JD closes the door without hesitation. Players that might be able to help other teams: Maye, Williamson. Not many. I hope we do not trade Crowder.
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