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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    That’s an interesting trade idea. Jenkins is a misfit in our D and now JPP is a misfit on their side. They have cap issues. So we give them a reasonably priced player who knows Bowles defense and we get JPP at about $12m per year for two years. He may actually be a cap casualty as they don’t get hit with any dead money if they cut him. Jordan Jenkins straight up might actually be enough.
  2. 1/17/19 Mock

    I don’t think it’s unrealistic. These are the areas we need to target during free agency. Also Gase keeps talking about utilizing free agency. My gut tells me we will be very aggressive this year. In reality, we may not get our plan A but there are multiple options at the positions you addressed. Edge: Plan A: Flowers, Plan B: Clark, Plan C: Graham (I don’t think guys like Lawrence will make to FA) Guard: Plan A: Saffold, Plan B: Spain Slot Corner: Plan A: Callahan, Plan B: Mathieu, Plan C: EJ Gaines Center: Plan A: Paradis Plan B: Morse RB: Plan A: Bell Plan B: Coleman Plan C: Ingram Im sure y’all can think of even more options. But long story short, I think your mock is the blueprint.
  3. 1/17/19 Mock

    Well done. I love the free agency. Bell, Paradis and Saffold should really help our running game. Bell helps Darnold have a a great check down option. He won’t feel forced to make hero throws. Bryce Callahan is a really good option as a slot corner. I love Trey Flowers. I’m not sure he’ll be available. Same with Clark. But there are other guys available like Graham if those guys fall through. I’m cool with the A.J. Green trade. We need another receiver that can step in right away. The draft. If Bosa falls to 3 I would run to the podium. I actually have Ferell as my number 2. But I can see why Josh Allen will be highly sought after. We would be playoff contenders with this type of offseason. We saw in December what Darnold could do with few weapons in a bad system.
  4. A Brown or L Bell?

    Going to jump in on this from a different angle. What group of skills position would y’all prefer? Bears: ARob, Taylor Gabriel, Tarik Cohen, Trey Burton, and Howard or the following which seems to be the preferred guys on this board Jets: Robby, Enunwa, Jamison Crowder, Herndon and Bell I think that’s fairly close one way or the other. Brown would give us the edge but we would still be solid if we get another second tier WR as long as we have a first tier RB. We are pretty much the Bears of a year ago. They were aggressive in FA.
  5. Jets officially sign Greg Williams as DC

    I'll take that. His contract is for 3 years. So, he probably knows he'll be looking to move on in 2 or 3 years. But that'll be enough time to get our team in order.
  6. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    I really like how focused and patient Gase seems to be in building his coaching staff. He was patient and waited for Gregg Williams. He could have easily moved on to the next guy. Dowell Loggains may not excite anyone, but that seems to be Gase's guy. He is waiting for him. I hope he gets him. Loggains seems to be a bright offensive coach. But he maybe one of those guys that's good Wed-Sat but not good on Sun calling plays.
  7. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    I say let those guys compete for the outside corner spot opposite of Trumaine. One is bound to step up. I dont trust those guys in the slot though. We need a slot corner.
  8. You're an OC. What kind of offense do you run?

    I’m lining my QB mostly in the pistol formation with 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 RB. I would run a lot of jet motion and RPOs. Route concepts would mostly be WCO with some Air Raid mixed in. I’d try and have a balanced mix of running and passing. We’d run a lot of no huddle also.
  9. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Miami could be holding things up. They likely want Brian Flores to decide if he wants to keep him.
  10. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    That hit he took week 1 after his int was rough.
  11. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    Definitely. I made the comparison more because of their body composition. They are pretty much the same exact size. Lee has the same athletism and what made Vilma great was his speed. I’m not suggesting Lee can play at Vilma’s level. Moreso that he might be able to fill a similar role.
  12. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Bryce Callahan could be a good option at slot corner. I don’t think we have a good slot corner on the team either. Roberts and Nickerson are better on the outside. I agree about the Sam position. It’s gone by way of other positions like FB. Teams just don’t use them as much because of slot receivers.
  13. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    He played some CB early in the year in place of Tru. He looked awesome at outside CB a couple of games. He then played safety at the end of the year and didn’t look too good.
  14. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    Just remembered that Vilma played MLB for Gregg in NOLA. He was a pro bowler under him. hmm. Could that be Lee?
  15. Jets to hire Gregg Williams as DC

    This is pretty much what I’m hoping for as well. 2 DE and 1 slot and call it a day. I’m realky intrigued with Shep playing the 1-tech. I know he came out and was labeled as a 3-tech, but I think he is strong enough and good enough against the run to play the 1-tech. Him and Leo in the interior could cause some damage.