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  1. Washington Senators sounds great to me. Nationals would also be good.
  2. Rank every division’s QB situations: AFC East

    Dang. I don’t even know how to go about ranking these guys. Way too many unknowns. Allen and Darnold have flashed but need to play more consistent. This year will be a big year for them. Tua is a rookie coming off major surgery and Fitz can be great or horrible (never anything in between). Cam Newton in a BB offense...hmm....I’ll believe it when I see it. My guess is that they will use him similar to how McDaniels used Tebow in Denver. Way too many question marks. I would probably go 1) Cam. They still have great coaches. Although losing their OL coach is a big deal 2) Darnold/Allen: I can’t decide. I think Darnold is better but Allen has better pieces around him 4) Fitz/Tua: I don’t expect Tua to play. And Fitz playing well is a coin flip. He was descent last year. So I’ll guess he’ll be bad this year.
  3. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    His contract demands started earlier this year. It probably feel like a long time but it has only been during the pandemic. Countries started taking covid seriously in February even though there were some Dr in China raising warning signs in December. Edit: So he was asking for a new contract in January. This seems like the earliest date. One more before the Covid became a serious thing.
  4. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    That would be a good trade. Them losing Deebo makes it tough for them to part with a WR though. It also doesn’t necessarily help them this year if the goal is to go all in. We’d likely have to throw in a mid rounder in that trade. Either a 3rd or 4th. Id do something like Adams and 4th for Ford and a 1st.
  5. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Ahh. Ok. Lmao. So basically this is a garbage report. Lol
  6. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Not sure I’m seeing the match with the 49ers. Looking around, seems like 9er fans think guys they could be included are Ford and Tartt. I don’t really know much about Tartt but we really don’t need to get a safety in return. They’ll likely pick at the very end of the 1st round which sucks.
  7. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

  8. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I agree 100%. Anything less would have caused additional controversy or caused us to lose leverage. Jamal is on his defense and will be asked to run through walls. You can’t **** on him if you’re his coach. Gregg Williams is awesome.
  9. If Ussain Bolt ...

    We will never know. What we do know is that to be at the top of your sport requires dedication and perseverance. Those character traits translate to anything in life. I don’t know about being the best ever, but he has the athleticism and character required to be good. I wouldn’t even say he needed to grow up in the US. Just get introduced to the sport at a relative young age. For example, Tim Duncan.
  10. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    I agree. A couple of years ago, Jamal was pissed with the losing. He would constantly say “I’m not from losing...”. It’s definitely about the losing which is why he picked the 8 teams most likely to win the super bowl. He should just come out and say that though. Saying it’s a contract issue is disingenuous. Saying it’s a communication issue is disingenuous. My understanding is Joe Douglas has talked to the main guys multiple times. He met with guys like Darnold, Jamal when he was first hired. He apparently had a presentation to discuss the direction of the team and the culture he wants to have on the team. He also met with Jamal after the trade deadline stuff last year. Personally, I’m not buying the lack of communication stuff. Every time I saw clips of practice last year, Joe D was on the field. Also, you hear from scouts and coaches that Joe D promotes communication across the organization.
  11. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    I’m actually surprised. Typically we are arguing with the entire NFL fanbase and the media. Most fanbases across the board think Jamal is in the wrong. The exception are Cowboy fans and Manish Mehta. Jamal will start using Manish to pump out fake news. He already put out fake news but there’s more to come
  12. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    It’s not all but I have had a couple young people at work act as though the world revolves around them. It’s shocking. Like you don’t know what it’s like to go through a recession. Put your head down and work. I graduated in 2005 and experienced the financial crisis up close. It was awful. The current recession is awful as well.
  13. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I agree. But players who are in that 25-27 range are now preferring shorter term deals so they can get another contract before they turn 30. Unless you’re a RB or Corner. Those guys need to just cash in. Should the Jets have gone with a 2 year deal? I think so. But I’m also excited to see Perriman. I think he will be a better match with Darnold. If Darnold’s deep ball accuracy doesn’t improve, having guys like Mims and Perriman who can go up and fight for the ball is a big plus.
  14. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Per Boomer, the Jets offered him a 4yr $40 mil contract. Robby preferred a shorter term deal. What’s not known is the guaranteed portion. But even if it was a low gtd, Robby’s current contract is a glorified 1 year deal.
  15. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    It’s the toxic slime spreading from Jamal.