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  1. Team with most above average players?

    I would say LAR, Atlanta, and Philly have a strong case in this conversation. If I had to pick one, I would say Atlanta.
  2. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    The coaching staff and front office saw him every day in practice. We also saw him in spring practices and saw him in preseason games. There’s nothing else we need to see. The Raiders cut him after 4 weeks. That’s all they needed to see to make a decision.
  3. Cowboys Extend Zack Martin

    Going to be intesting to see what happens with the tv deal. People are unplugging from cable left and right. I haven’t had cable in 3 or 4 years. But now that I am out of market, I can’t watch my favorite team as much. I have to go out of my way. I’m hoping they do something where you can subscribe to your favorite team and pay a fee for online access. Bespoke though. I don’t care to watch anything else. That’s the problem with cable. You pay for 100 channels when you only really watch 3-5 channels.
  4. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Definitely early especially because they are just in shorts and T-shirts. But promising nonetheless. I get the feeling Darnold is one of those guys that plays better when the pads are on. So I’m hoping he starts to pull away come training camp.
  5. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Yes sir. Sounds like he is balling out there. I didn’t think he would be this far along considering he just turned 21 years old. I’m surprised to be honest.
  6. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Anyone else starting to get really excited about this kid? Bowles is not the type to say anything good about anyone and he is speaking highly of him. When you hear Bowles say he is everything we’ve hoped, you have to be excited considering how highly they thought of him coming out. Then all the OTA’s clips show how accurate this kid is.
  7. Best UDFA that your team ever picked up initially

    Agree. I can’t think of a better udfa for the Jets than Chrebet. Hopefully Robby can pass him.
  8. Breakout Players 2018

    Can’t really speak for other teams since I don’t follow all the teams on daily basis. So I’ll stick to the players I think will have breakout years for the Jets. Leonard Williams. Currently there are those elite interior lineman like Donald and Atkins, guys that are close to elite and guys that are above average. Currently, I would put Leo in that 3rd bucket or above average category. I think this year he’ll be viewed as a close to elite player below guys like Cox, McCoy and Buckner etc. Jamal Adams is another player I think will breakout. He had a solid year in 2017. But I think he’ll be viewed as an above average saftety this year. Not sure if this qualifies as breakout though.
  9. The packers defense has some potential. Should be fun to see how it all comes together. For the Jets there are a few players I’m anxious to see (Darnold, Teddy, Trumaine Johnson, Shepherd and Herndon). All are have performed well this offseason. But it should go without saying that the guy probably all Jets fans are looking forward to seeing is Darnold.
  10. 4(107). Chris Herndon IV, TE, Miami

    I’m not going to let this put me down. I’m still excited about the season.
  11. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I agree. They are close. We have better depth at running back. So I think we have the edge at that position. Our receiving group is missing that one guy. My hope for this year is that at least 2 of Anderson/Enunwa/Hansen establish themselves as “stable” number 2s. Anderson and Enunwa have shown the talent to be at least number 2s. But they have injury or off the field risk to overcome. Then we can hopefully draft a potential number WR in the first (a few guys might have the chance including AJ Brown). Hopefully one of our TEs is decent and boom. I don’t think these are wild expectations. Pretty reasonable. I think that’ll do it for offensive weapons. Then just focus on the o-line.
  12. 4(107). Chris Herndon IV, TE, Miami

    I had the same reaction. This is comical. So sad.
  13. My assessment is on his decisions. Drafting etc. If you are going to go off prior performance, in the 5 seasons before Idzik, the Jets went 9-7, 9-7, 11-5, 8-8, and 6-10. There were 2 trips to the AFC Championship game in there also.