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  1. The Bucs just keeping their guys was a homerun. They were at risk of losing key contributors and managed to keep them all.
  2. Lol. Just ignore people who talk out of their behind. Douglas has had two drafts. Like you said, first two non-QB picks in each draft were OL and WR. Macc put us in a deep hole. We’re at the point where we can see the light. But we’re still in the hole. Macc deprived our OL so much that we legitimately may still need to draft another OL in the 1st or 2nd round of next year’s draft. That’s so wild to me.
  3. Our roster is looking alright. Bravo Joe D. Next year might be the first year we don’t make major FA signings. Our biggest needs going forward are likely outside corner and edge opposite of Lawson. Those are usually best addressed with premium picks. And we just happened to have two 1st round picks. Aside from that, we really just need to kept securing the OL and adding some complimentary players here and there.
  4. Cleveland is my benchmark. They done a great job. I think we are right at where Cleveland was in 2018 who were q slightly below average team. Maybe slightly worse than that. Cleveland had a coaching problem. But otherwise they would have been a borderline playoff team in 2019. If we have another good offseason next year, I’m hoping that’s where we are. We definitely have the resources.
  5. I’m definitely nitpicking as I still think the draft was an A. Wesco could definitely carve out a spot but I think some competition would have been good. I probably fill more strongly about changing the Nichols pick then the Sherwood. Our LB depth was bare. Now we have guys. Like last year, it’s hard to criticize Joe Douglas. He clearly has a plan.
  6. During the draft I wanted us to draft Brevin Jordan. But it seems like there maybe some character issues with him. The one change I would make to our draft is the Echols pick. We already have Guidry and just drafted MC2. Didn’t think a 3rd Nickel DB was prudent. Trey Smith would have been a good option there. I get the medical issues, but by the 6th, pros far far outweigh the cons. I also like Sherwood and it’s a bit in hindsight knowing that we got Hamsah, but maybe Ben Mason at that spot. So only two changes for me: Echols pick to Trey Smith Sherwood to Ben Mason
  7. Man. That’s got to be a last name you change. Some commentator is going to get fired. Just call him by his jersey number. There goes number 85 again.
  8. Haha. When you put it that way, you're probably right. Our fanbase could revolt. Although we were pretty patient with Sam Darnold. So, if the organization comes out and says Wilson sitting is in his best interest, I think our fanbase will support it. We're desperate for this thing to work out. And Saleh and Douglas have our trust.
  9. Not too surprised. I was watching their broadcast and they loved pretty much all our picks. The only reason why I doubted they would have giving us an A was because of the AVT trade up. Aside from that, they hardly had anything negative to say. Robert Saleh's comment on Jason Pinnock was pretty interesting. Seems like analytics played a big role in us liking him. The PFF guys thought he was a great fit for Robert Saleh's defense. Seems like we are using analytics pretty heavily to support our scouting process. Basically if you look at our draft, the analytics suggest all these guys f
  10. Got off to a good start and then fell off a cliff. I chose the wrong Moore. Luckily, Joe Douglas got the right Moore.
  11. I think it was an A. We took the best QB available. We then took 3 players on offense that will be able to support Zach right away. We could have easily falling into the trap of thinking Zach will uplift the team. We then used day 3 to take shots on guys who also can provide help on special teams. My expectation for day 3 picks is a backup who can help on special teams. We got those guys. While I would have drafted another OL, a TE and a FB, this was still a great draft in my book.
  12. I think we will sign a vet in the next couple of weeks. We had met with Brian Hoyer a couple of weeks ago after the Darnold trade. Just my guess of course, but I think we will sign him or someone like him in the next couple of weeks.
  13. The concepts they run at BYU (pretty much the WCO) are similar to the concepts Mike LaFleur will run with the Jets. I think Zach Wilson will pick up the playbook pretty quickly because of that. So, he should be ready week 1. With that said, we've met recently with Brian Hoyer. So, I could see us picking him up and letting Zach Wilson sit until the bye. Trevor Lawrence - Week 1 Zach Wilson - first game after the bye ( I suspect they will handle him really carefully) Trey Lance - 2022 Justin Fields - first game after the bye Mac Jones - week 14 once NE is mathematically
  14. Agreed. The great thing about some of our offensive picks is that they have high floors. Alijah Vera-Tucker and Elijah Moore have high floors. Hard to see them not be at least average starters.
  15. Do y’all think there are positions where we may sign a veteran or two? I was thinking we’d go through free agency 2.0 after the draft. But I’m looking at the depth chart and thinking we should just roll from here.
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