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  1. Todd Bowles

    The only coach I can think of recently is Anthony Lynn. He was on Rex’s staff.
  2. Todd Bowles

    smh as well. But I think Bowles is gone. No way he can save his job. I guess there's a mathematical possibility. Say he wins out and goes 9-7. But that's so unrealistic. This team would need to finish 4-2 or better to save his job. It needs to be that stark for him to survive. And we don't have 4-2 in us. We'd be lucky to win 2 games the rest of the way.
  3. Todd Bowles

    Todd Bowles did a good job not hiring anyone that can take his job.
  4. Todd Bowles

    I like the idea of bringing in Mike Shanahan as a grand father type figure to guide this franchise. It's crazy but all these innovative coaches came from his staff from just a few years ago. He knows how to hire good coaches. Not sure about his credentials in scouting, but it seems like he knows how to hire talented people. So, I think he would do a great job putting the right people in place. Can we get him? Is he even interested in returning? It would be a VP of Football Ops. So, it won't have the travel demands and all that stuff.
  5. 2019 prospects and outlook

    This is a nice draft. I think you are right, the Jets can't afford to draft a LT early and let him develop behind Beachum. We need to get guys who can provide immediate impact. Harry in the first is solid. Do you think he is worth a top 5 pick though? It'll probably come down to his combine numbers. But if we are drafting 3-6, I would like the Jets to trade back to the 8-15 range and grab a WR in that slot. In theory, if the Jets draft 5th, we can drop back to 10th and pick up a 2nd round pick. We will then have 3 day 2 picks to grab a RB and 2 OL players. Our early 4th is essentially another day 2 pick. So, that could be a decent player as well.
  6. Todd Bowles

    He's terrible. Macc needs to go also. He's 2018 free agent class is a disaster. Tru, Crowell and Long are bust. Long is gone next year and won't hurt us. Maybe Crowell gets better with better blocking. We can also get rid of Crowell with minimal damage to the cap. Trumaine Johnson though. That guy is going to be here at least another 2 years. Why in the world is Buster Skrine still getting playing time? It's like we are not watching the same game. Daryl Roberts has been our second best CB this year and yet he is 4th on the depth chart. It's like the Long situation. Bowles lives and dies by his guys. Unfortunately for him, his guys never step up.
  7. Todd Bowles

    LaFluer is becoming my number choice for HC. He's been around a lot of offensive guys that have had success in recent years. And he is now having success with the Titans with a young QB. I haven't had the chance to watch the Titans, but watching the Rams offense, I think that system would work well for Darnold. It also the way I would like the Jets to play...fast, creative, etc. I mean the Rams actually run tons of Jets sweeps, misdirections. It's fun to watch. Coaching matters. Look at Robert Woods. The Bills gave up on him and now he is taking off. I think Enunwa, Anderson, Herndon and McGuire are keepers. We still need another WR and RB as well as a better OL though.
  8. Todd Bowles

    There's many reasons to not want to keep Macc, but I don't think you can pin Bowles' coaching staff on Macc. Bowles does not report to Macc. And Bowles gets to pick his staff. Kacy/Morton and all that stuff fall on Bowles.
  9. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Yup. Forgot about him. This was a bad FA class.
  10. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Might change my tune after today. In general, I don't want the Jets to build a great D, I just want a D that is solid. And I think this D with Barr is solid. I'm not expecting Barr to be all world. I think he will be our new Calvin Pace. And to me that's good enough for the D. Put all our resources on offense. A good coach will get more out of this offense but it is still lacking big time. We need to revamp the OL and we need a couple more weapons. I don't expect it to be done in 1 offseason, but we need to get as much as possible soon.
  11. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    This game was just a glimpse of what Darnold has had to work with. I've been on the fence about Macc but he needs to go. Tru was not a good FA pickup. Neither was Long. We will survive the Long signing but Tru will hurt this time for a couple of years.
  12. 2019 prospects and outlook

    2 WR's the Jets could target if they trade back in the first round. N’Keal Harry WR, Arizona State JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR, Stanford Both have excellent body control and can catch contested passes. Both compliment Anderson and Enunwa well.
  13. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    I'm interested to see how McCown plays. The Bills D is solid. It'll allow us to see if the issues on offense are Darnold related, Bates related, or supporting cast related. One game won't tell the story but it'll give us an idea of how far Darnold is in his development. I'm looking forward to seeing McGuire and our secondary play.
  14. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I’m excited to see what this secondary looks like now that they are all healthy. I want to see Roberts in the slot. He’s been really good when giving playing time. Hopefully Bowles doesn’t favor Skrine over him.
  15. 2019 prospects and outlook

    My get Darnold help ASAP mini mock. Free Agency: Paradis C, Levitre LG, Coleman RB, T Williams WR and Barr Edge Major Resigns: Enunwa WR, Anderson WR, Claiborne CB, Myers K, Roberts CB Draft: 1st Round: Jonah Williams LT 3rd Round: Garrett Bradberry C, KJ Hill WR