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  1. True. I’m just not the negotiating type. I’d be the type of GM that says, this is my offer and that’s it. I won’t low ball. I’d just offer what I think is a fair price. If they say no, I’d just move on. I think if he gets traded, it’s like you said, 3 1st. A bit dated since our Seattle pick settled higher but PFF analyzed past offers. They also don’t hold back on how important they think the QB position is to a team. Their hypothetical trade is 2nd, 23rd, 2022 1st and Darnold for Watson. More than the DJ hypothetical offer of a 1st in each of the next 3 drafts but in the ball park. h
  2. Dang. I love Watson but I’m not making that trade. Quinnen is a top 3 pick who is living up to his draft slot. If traded, he’d get two first. The 2nd pick can be traded and you can pick up an extra first. He’s like give us that and another first plus the 34th pick and an extra second. If that’s also what Houston management thinks gets it done, than Watson is not getting traded. No team can afford that or afford to trade that. There’s too much smoke for me not to believe Watson doesn’t want to be there. Remember, Jamal never really came out and said he wanted to be traded. He said it
  3. When we were shopping around Jamal, I kind of used this type of approach. I thought Jamal’s value was something like 1250 points on the trade value chart as this was roughly what the 49ers got for Buckner who I believed was a good comp from a value perspective to Jamal. We likely got more value than I expected, but not by much since both the first are likely in the 20’s. Should go without saying, but not all 1st round picks are created equal. For Watson, we don’t have a comp. But I think it’s something like 4,000 points on the trade value chart. So you can mix and match to see what it wo
  4. The key question JD is going to have to answer is how much are the Dolphins willing to give up. Are the Dolphins a QB away? I don’t think so. I have no idea how that roster won 10 games. Flores should have been coach of the year. So they may not go all in. Like us, they probably top out at 3 1st. Like some have said, the #2 pick carries a lot of weight. In relative to the 3rd pick since it’ll mean you may not get either of your top 2 QBs. Than it’s also figuring out what the minimum the Texans are willing to accept.
  5. I don’t mind us trading 3 1st round picks including the 2nd pick. If we can get him for less.... great. Anything more and I’d have to convince myself JD knows what he’s doing.
  6. I’d be worried as hell too. Lol. They’re about to lose their FQB. I can’t imagine having gone so many years without one, hitting on one and then losing said QB at age 25. So far, I only know what it feels like to not have a FQB. But Jets fans were on suicide watch for 2 days when we beat the Rams. And that was just on the potential that Lawrence will be a FQB. Watson actually is already.
  7. Yea this is on the Texans management. They told Watson he would be involved. Why they would do that, who the hell knows. Actually, the Jets had Sam interview Gase. Good times. Glad that **** show is over. Watson is a high character player. He will actually move our culture in the right direction.
  8. I agree that we are likely not high on his list. But I think relative interest is meaningless in this situation. It’s all binary. Would Watson approve of a trade to the Jets? Yes or no? If yes, then we become close to a front runner since we can offer the number 2 pick. This all depends on what Houston thinks of Wilson, Fields, and Tua.
  9. The 49ers are most definitely a destination for Watson. It’s just that y’all won’t be able to offer Houston nearly as much. The no trade clause can only go so far. SF is too far down. As far as I see it, Houston would be better off trading with Miami or NYJ. Then it’s up to Watson. The Jets #2 is much better than Miami’s #3 since Houston will be able to pick the best of the non Lawrence QBs. But if Watson says no to NY, then Houston is in a pickle.
  10. I can’t believe Houston put themselves in this situation. I equally can’t believe the Jets might be in the mix. But if true, getting g Watson would be amazing. The number 2 pick is a lot more valuable to Houston then the 3rd pick if they prefer one of the QBs in the draft. There’s no guarantee that guy would be there at 3.
  11. Yup. Thuney, or Linsley in FA. Likely Thuney since we know Douglas loves him. Add some depth in the 3rd or in day 3. I agree with you on Fant. A #1 WR is up there too though. They help a ton. OL as a unit is more valuable. But WR #1 is possibly the second most valuable position behind QB. They make life so much easier for a QB.
  12. Nothing too surprising but thought I’d share this article as we get excited about what could happen in the off-season. RB: Nothing too surprising but it’s interesting that they focus on guys with 40 times in the 4.4 or lower. Ty Johnson fits the bill. RBs with sub 4.4 speed are rare. I don’t think any of this years RB’s are expected to hit the mark. But we’ll see come combine. - Free Agents that fit the bill: Matt Breida, Jerick McKinnon, and Tyler Ervin. Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage have 4.45 speed. OL targets are pretty much the same type of guys we would target under
  13. We should start breaking the positions down now that we know our OC. Ideal WR, ideal TE, FB and of course RB. San Fran uses the FB position more than most teams. So, got to imagine we’ll do the same. But I’d also be curious to hear what y’all think about WR and the other skilled positions.
  14. Herndon did look talented his rookie year. Let’s hope for a resurgence as he kind of went MIA under Gase. Seems like only slot WR have success under Gase.
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