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  1. That sums it up pretty good. Other questions I can think of are Who’s the backup QB? (Not a big question) When will Q be healthy? Is Becton’s foot ready to go?
  2. Still hoping we resign Maye to a descent deal. 3 years $10m per year would be solid. If he wants much more than that, then I would just let him play on the tag as well.
  3. I got Elite: 1) AFC North 2) AFC West 3) NFC West Descent: 4) NFC North 5) NFC East 6) AFC East 7) NFC South Poor: 8) AFC South
  4. Excellent signing. Curious to see who wins the RG spot. I’ll be pulling for Fant. We will be able to run the ball well this year. That’s going to be a big deal against our divisional opponents.
  5. This is why I like how Joe D attacks the roster. He doesn’t put his eggs all in one basket. At WR, hes - drafted 2 WRs in the second - tried to hit on Perriman and Cole on 1 year deals - signed Davis to a long term deal He keeps taking shots from every angle as opposed to just hoping one guy does it. Even if Mims only becomes a solid number 4, chances are our WR group will still be good. I’m hoping he takes this same approach at TE. Get a veteran and draft a guy high next year.
  6. Mims being outplayed is concerning. I have high hopes for him. He’s not as far up the learning curve as I expected. Good thing we have guys like Cole, Davis and Crowder. And Elijah Moore sounds like he has the ability to be that alpha. Joe D’s first draft looks like it’ll be Becton plus 4 or so role players. Not awful and it’s still early, but it’s not as promising as I was hoping.
  7. Curious to read what others think. I’d say he’s a slight upgrade in pass protection but a significant upgrade in the running game. The running game impact to me is exciting because a line with Becton, AVT and Moses can open up some big holes. And considering the makeup of NE, Miami and Buffalo’s defense, the running game is going to be a big deal if want to have a chance in those games.
  8. Nice article on value of each position by age. We probably all knew this anecdotally, but it’s nice to have some numbaz. In summary, don’t sign RBs and CBs near 30. OL and DL are descent bets over 30. TE is in the grey area. Basically the further away you get from the ball, the riskier signing older guys get. This makes sense since the decline is usually because of lost of speed. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-top-5-offensive-linemen-break-out-2021
  9. Crossing my fingers. This would be a great signing.
  10. Reading the reports on how our DBs are playing has been exciting. What seemed like our weakest position group might just have some potential. Still probably the weakest group but guys are stepping up. I'm more than comfortable letting the young guys develop. Hall, Austin, Pinnock, Dunn, MC2, Echols, and Guidry all have potential. One of those guys (likely Guidry) will be cut unfortunately. The area that may need some attention in the TE position. Kroft is outplaying Herndon. Considering Kroft is a journeyman, that's not a good sign. We can't roll into the season with Kroft as our number 1
  11. I agree with Bobby, it'll be rare. But it's a possibility that seems somewhat possible for us. RB and Guard have a high hit rate and the early signs are positive for AVT and Carter. QB and WR are not as easy to hit on, but everything seems to be super positive about Elijah Moore. I think it'll come down to Zach Wilson. If we hit on Zach Wilson, this will be one of the best drafts of any team in recent memory. Not even factoring that 3 of the rookie defenders we drafted are already getting 1st team reps. Last year's draft class doesn't seem as good as it seemed last year. So, this thing ca
  12. The problem with this is that NFL teams don’t all play each other. In the NBA with such a long season, comparing records is more meaningful.
  13. I’m not used to this. The depth we have a WR is really. V Smith, J Smith, Cager and Malone are likely getting cut. The 4 of them would make a better WR group than we had 3 years ago. Im personally routing for Malone. I think he could be solid depth at X behind Mims.
  14. Glad y’all have been doing alright throughout the pandemic. We been fine as well. My wife homeschools our kids. So, our kids haven’t lost a beat in the education department. And I’ve fortunately have been able to maintain my income. The biggest issue we’ve been dealing with is our mental health. The fear around COVID really did a number on us. But we’ve been focused on righting that ship since January. I think we are back and have been enjoying our lives since that time. Took a family trip in May and will be heading to NY in July.
  15. Mims was not at OTAs. Neither were Crowder and Davis. Davis is nursing a shoulder issue. Crowder, I suppose, is contract related. They did not provide any details on Mims or Becton for that matter. I don’t know if Mims is hurt. But he wasn’t at OTAs.
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