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  1. Team Needs

    Plus 1. These are our 3 biggest needs.
  2. Seems about right for the Jets. Our season goes as Darnold goes. If he only shows a slight improvement, than 6-10 makes sense. Year 2, QBs can see significant improvements though. So, the 25 range is likely closer to our floor.
  3. Herndon Suspended 1st 4 games

    She also reported her injury after the fact. The driving 100mph is the offense not some girl saying she got scratched to get money out of the situation.
  4. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Gase looks like he loves coaching. He definitely needs a Gregg on the defensive though. He’s all about the offense. Haha. I’m digging it.
  5. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Right. I don’t see it any more. I was looking at the Browns and Colts as recent examples of GMs who stacked their front office. Dorsey hired 3 respected FO personnel: Wolf, Highsmith, and McCouglan Ballard hired 5 Decker, Hogan, Dodds, Brien and Rogers. We’re at three at the moment.
  6. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    I’m not sure. I don’t know what’s customary. As a fan, I wouldn’t see a problem with it. These guys move around. Hogan was with Ballard for just two years.
  7. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    There’s no reason why Kelly couldn’t come and then leave for a GM job after a year. Either way, he would have been fine.
  8. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Ballard and now Douglas pouched him. That should tell you enough.
  9. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    I thought Champ Kelly was coming as DoUglas’ number 2. This is the Browns model. Just bring in every good person you can and hand our titles later.

    Concern is probably more appropriate. That’s a good point. To your point, another reason why he’s an upgrade is that he will actually build a team as oppose to compiling pieces.

    It was a red flag for me as well. Philly has a similar draft history while Douglas has run the draft for them. They have high success in round 1 and bottom of the league after that. The reason why I’m excited about Douglas is because we have a QB in place. That’s half the battle. What he brings to the table that Macc didn’t is - Will have a deep staff. This is tbd but it’s what I’m expecting. One man can’t do it all - Will work with the coaching staff - Will focus on the OLine
  12. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    I agree. Same with Robby under Gase. That’s why I’m hoping we extend both of them now. Give Robby an Enunwa type contract. Extend Leo in that 12-14 range per year.
  13. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Hearing some of DoUglas’ comments on Philly when he first got there and the similarities to the current Jets situation, wouldn’t surprise me if we extend Leo and Robby this summer.
  14. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Douglas’ take on Jets roster: - Likes Darnold - Likes the skilled players especially Robby - Thinks the defense is strong up the middle. Seems to agree with Gase about Leo. Noyhing surprising to me. I pretty much agree with what he said. He didn’t comment on edge, corner and OLine. But I’ll take his silence as a sign that those are the areas we need help. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/06/17/joe-douglas-new-york-jets-gm-general-manager-sam-darnold-christopher-johnson-adam-gase-woody-johnson
  15. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    You can tell by the questions they ask that these press guys are trying hard to poke wholes in this organization. They're trying to create headlines. You can hear it in the questions they ask the players, coaches and front office staff. Nobody is budging. Joe Douglas gets asked a questions about Woody coming back...doesn't create a headline. Vitt on his relationship with Gregg...no headlines Gase on back stabbing Macc... no headlines All players and coaches on Bell not showing up for voluntary practices...no headlines Gregg gets asked about Vitt...no headlines. Just on and on and the team keeps shutting it down. Love it. Reporters should now focus on reporting about football stuff. It's going to be a big change for them.