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  1. Not only that, he seems mentally strong enough to overcome Chicago.
  2. Pace's ginger fetish is dictating his quarterback signings. Too bad he didn't have a good quarterback kink.
  3. Athletes whose accomplishments might match Brady’s: Mikela Shiffren (still needs a few more years), Rafa at French Open, Phelps, Jordan.
  4. Total waste of a special career. Even more hilarious is that the fans sound exited by the prospect of moving on from him. They have absolutely no idea what they’ve been gifted for 30 years.
  5. Reading the Packers forum is delivering delicious schadenfreude; I highly recommend a visit!
  6. Greetings to all Bears fans in CO! I’m in the Broomfield area, too.
  7. I certainly wouldn’t want to stick around. He’d have monster numbers with a real team and QB.
  8. They’d seem far less problematic without him.
  9. The Bears trading up just to make absolutely certain they wouldn’t have to draft either of these two QBs is quickly ascending the ranks of worst all-time draft decisions.
  10. It’s now time for Mitch to throw for 200 yds and pad his stats.
  11. No judgement here! I usually have a dram only once a week or so, so no intervention needed here either. I do enjoy tasting and recording whiskeys, though. At the $30 level, Laphraig 10 (one of the greatest, IMO) can be found frequently around $34 - you have to like that style, though. Also, Old Pultney 12 is often around $30 and is awesome. Let me know how you get on with the GoT.
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