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  1. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Why would they want to? Brady and BB love The Donald.
  2. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Seems like front offices should have been looking for coaching candidates who were Facebook friends with Payton, not McVay.
  3. Bears to pick up Leonard Floyd's 5th year option

    This is an exciting development; I don't think many of us would have been thrilled at the prospect of picking up Floyd's option after last season. While he's never going to be a huge sack guy coming straight off the edge, he has developed into a very nice player (especially opposite Mac), which is exactly what a 1st round pick should do.
  4. Broncos bring in Ed Donatell as Defensive Coordinator

    Wish he was staying in Chicago!
  5. League 2019 off season

    He was terrified of being hit and pulled his arms down to protect himself.
  6. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    Cutler. Shanahan, Lovie, Trestman, Fox, Gase (indirectly), and a slew of OCs.
  7. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    At this point, with many of the candidates we'd mentioned earlier no longer available, the situation could demand that. The big difference between the two positions is that the OC is a Nagy puppet whose sole role is to offer ideas about play design. The DC will be autonomous and expected to hold down that side of the ball without oversight. Therefore, this might suggest someone with more experience. Who knows. I guess we'll find out at some point in the not too distant future.
  8. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    If you despise it, then I guess your allegiances are already well aligned indeed.
  9. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    @Ragnar Danneskjold Awesome screen name. Too bad your taste in lit / philosophy doesn't extend to football teams.
  10. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I agree that he could be soft; I was as frustrated as anyone when Mack or Floyd would be covering someone 40 yds downfield. However, no coach is going to be perfect, and Fangio's record speaks for itself. My original post was meant to address those that were saying that the D would be even better without Fangio. He built this D from the worst in team history, and included discarded (or nearly discarded) players such as Hicks, Prince, Fuller, while developing the unit's young players. I'm of the mind that developing a D isn't quite as easy as it's being made to be here; continuity on that side of the ball is still important.
  11. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    The only job for which I'd hire Rex is foot massager.
  12. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    This thread has the most meathead sentiments since when people were pounding the table for Mike Hass and Matt Jones. Yeah, let’s blitz and tear their heads off!!! Fangio is a historically great d coordinator and transformed this d to a historically great one. Sure, he played soft at end of games, but look at the Bears’ record. He’d rather the opponents take time off the clock than be beat with quick scores. (I sense that if people in here were the coordinator, cover-0 would be called every down.) The development of young players has been incredible, from Hicks to Fuller, etc, and guys loved playing for him, too. His departure is a significant loss. Re: Donatell, I don’t know anything about his stints as coordinator, but statistically they look OK. And, both the Packers and Falcons had records for team sacks during his tenures. Yeah!!!
  13. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Does anyone know if his contract has offset language? I guess it wouldn't really matter anyways because he's not going to receive a large contract from anyone else.
  14. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    First impression is that this season was a huge waste of a special d. For everyone saying wait til next year, that so rarely happens. They'll have a tougher schedule, they won't be as healthy, Vic might be gone, etc. What a waste. Cody should have been praying to Jobu; JC can't kick field goals.
  15. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    Haha, how many of us predicted that F'n Pakey would cost us the season. Pace has to fire him tonight.