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  1. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    Sounds like you should be a fan of Terry Goodkind.
  2. NFC North Rivals 2019 Talk

    I'd argue that he hasn't run it to perfection. In fact, I'd say he wasn't even running an offense outside of "I'm going to run around for a while and then throw it to a scrambling WR." Playground 101. Luckily, it's this nonsense that has prevented them from winning another championship. As Rodgers' ever-increasing ego has caused him to move farther away from operating in a fixed system, the less successful they've been.
  3. Random Thoughts for May 2019

    I'm also appreciate of Soul's efforts. I enjoy seeing new posts daily.
  4. I think that the numerous players who are primed for growth this season is an exciting proposition, and a reason to think SB this year. In addition to your list, I'd add RRH and Miller. And, of course, Shaheen if he's healthy (as you noted). Overall, the potential for offensive growth is thrilling. If the O-line is healthy this season, they're going to be dominant; coupled with the revamped RBs, the running game should be dynamic. Plus, Mitch's continued development, coupled with AR + Miller being healthy, could lead to an explosive O.
  5. 3...2...1... for a smegmahead to dispute this.
  6. Pre Snap Reads: Trubisky analysis

    I would posit that a QB that’s both really good and really bad would be a medium QB- like many QBs in the league. To say he’s going to be bad is 1) suggesting that Mitch is going to regress 2) a disservice to those QBs who actually are bad. Cutler was good / bad, and ultimately a middle-of-the-pack QB. Rex was good / bad, and ultimately a below-average QB who led a team to the Super Bowl. Your post makes it sound as if Mitch is worse than those two. Im not sure what the straw was that broke your back, Windy, with regards to Mitch. This irrationality is unlike you.
  7. If offered the chance, I’m not sure that I’d take any of the higher ranked players before Ro. Like Heinz, I think he’s going to be a huge star. If we had an outrageous prediction thread, mine would be that Ro will be defensive player of the year.
  8. Ravens re-unite with Pernell McPhee on 1-year deal

    I'm not sure what he did in WAS last season (doesn't seem like much), but his body had already failed him in CHI.
  9. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    Oh, and the Bears had 8 players in the pro bowl last season. And, multiple all pros. Pace acquired all of them.
  10. Is Pace Trubisky Proof

    I’m not sure what’s bad about “the Trubisky situation.” He’s a talented young quarterback who’s already a fearsome running threat and is a rapidly improving passer. I’d take him over Watson now (I would have taken Watson before Tru in the draft). As mentioned above, KC would have taken Mitch, if he was available, before Mahomes. Mahomes also had the benefit of learning from an all-time great qb mentor and having the time to develop in a less harsh environment. Added to extensive college experience, his performance advantage to Mitch is understandable. Lastly, I doubt that ANYONE knew for certain that Mahomes’s playing style was going to translate to the NFL. If Mitch is good enough that the Bears can win a bunch of games, then it was a great pic. (Spoiler alert: he is.) The trade up was meaningless - see: Eagles, Rams, et. al.
  11. He probably lost his grip on the wheel.
  12. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    This could be exciting. Hopefully people now will stop clambering for Gould. Pineiro will, unfortunately, have to hit 5 consecutive 80+ yarders for that to happen.
  13. Nagy on rookie minicamp

    The PK position seems to have become a complex for the team. To me, it seems that the Bears have severely mishandled the situation; they could have said that they realize it's a problem and it will be fixed. Instead, we have these kicking shenanigans at camp and an airing of dirty laundry. Obviously, the press corps smells blood, as is evidenced by the questions today and yesterday and the day before that. For every missed kick this season, we can already write the story: "Pace could have traded for Gould." Unless the team takes the kicking situation in-house, then I could imagine this derailing the season. What a cluster.
  14. Earl Bennett Interviews Kyle Long

    I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.