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  1. Great teams find a way to win. Leadership starts at the top. Attitude reflects leadership. Losers make excuses. No I in team.
  2. Mine looks worse than it is because I’ve lost by double digits twice, including a butt whooping from you I believe and beaten some good teams by only a few points.
  3. Admit that you tied me like a man. Then and only then can you remain in the game.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot about your dog. My bad man, was messing around but clearly not the time. Apologies.
  5. You didn’t post 1 and then immediately follow that up by posting 2, so you to failed at the comprehension of the reading my self imposing wound amigo.
  6. He just clarified that rule which only makes this challenge even dumber
  7. Oh shocker, you going to rig that one so you can kick me out too? Thanks for admitting it publicly.
  8. Reaffirming my belief that this challenge was insanely stupid. Posting 1-35 in a thread isn’t a challenge.
  9. Yeah you won the dumbest challenge put into place to date tbh. At least the challenges I won required a strategy 🤷‍♀️
  10. Goodluck to my wonderful alliance. All of you other clowns are playing for last place.
  11. To be fair, giving no heads up on a game that requires dedicating hours of your day to it if done is a pretty ridiculous ask anyways. Some of us don’t sit at computers all day, Yeff.