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  1. We established this like a year ago. Detective Ruskie on the case.
  2. So you were aware and just wanted to be a prick? Par for the course, I guess.
  3. The Jaguars had to take Lawrence...but playing him seems like a horrific decision. Same with the Jets and Wilson. I know coaches feel the heat but playing your young, raw QB with trash around them has basically never worked out.
  4. Maybe I couldve elaborated...I live in MA, so the Patriots games are on TV, so I got to witness that entire dung show from Lawrence and the Jaguars.
  5. Im going to need an explanation on how Austin cutting inside in front of Mosley...Leading Mosley to his left (the direction he was heading when he almost made the INT) would've created an easy completion? I don't think anyone would've blamed Lawrence for throwing it away instead of throwing an INT inside the 20. What ices the game more, a punt there or an INT? I know what I'd decide to do. I'm a Saints fan.
  6. If its not there just throw it away. Any good QB throws that ball away. We're giving him an excuse because his poor play helped lead them to a 34-3 deficit? lol Its crazy to sit here and defend all of Lawrences mistakes with "WR ran the wrong route". Mosley was sitting on that route, unless Tavon was supposed to run a curl to keep him farther left? If so, what horrific route design. Urban sucks but like others have said...With largely the same team, Gardner Minshew looked like a startable QB. Lawrence with all his hype has come in and completely floundered. I simply posted the INTs I foun
  7. People should be critical of Lawrence. Its very fair to ask, right now, did the talent at Clemson help disguise some of his issues? People been asking the same about Tua.
  8. Yeah Kwon tore his and looks every bit the player he did last year. Modern science is amazing.
  9. Yeah, you can't blame it all on Trevor Lawrence but if youre going to post this...Lets post this as well. Perfectly clean pocket, horrific read and throw. Again...Time to throw, throws it high and deflects off the HB hands for an INT. Probably should've been caught, but thats not a good throw. Another clean pocket, terrible read that should've been picked off. I'm not declaring him dead, its his first year in a bad situation but Lawrence does himself no favors. It's silly to just deflect all blame to coaching and receivers.
  10. Yeah we are guaranteed Rams in the playoffs if we make it. I don't love that matchup, would've much rather seen Arizona or Tampa. Would be nice to return the favor though...
  11. I don’t know how much we can blame on coaching here. Trevor makes flat out bad decisions and misses a lot of throws. Urban might’ve broke this dude lol
  12. If our OL gets healthy, and we make playoffs… we are a scary team in round 1. Under dogs, nothing to lose, elite defense.
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