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  1. Cut Ekeler, Sign Kenyan Drake. Put Drake at HB2 and KR @TheKillerNacho
  2. Agreed. @TheKillerNacho please cut Christian Kirk, Patrick Chung and Jakeem Grant. Bench Matt Ioannidis. Start Damon Harrison and Adrian Amos, Lamarcus Joyner to PS.
  3. Chicago 1st for Amos, Damon and Toub
  4. Lebron went to LA and is more interested in hosting TV shows and starring in movies than playing basketball. Its amazing and hysterical.
  5. I like Howard. I also like Mathieu and Smith if we’re talking dirty.
  6. Looking for a #2 HB and a #2 CB. Would be willing to pay for an elite safety as well.
  7. Yeah you just keep making "Harp" jokes. It's obnoxious, I'm not oblivious, and I've asked you numerous times to stop. Thanks.
  8. Stop accusing me of being Harper41 and I'll be fine and dandy. I've asked you to stop numerous times.
  9. Tevin Coleman vs LeVeon Bell

    This is one of the best examples of "What have you done for me lately" ever.
  10. Thoughts on Cousins

    I still think Cousins is a top 10 QB. I'll give him another year in Minnesota to develop some chemistry with his receivers.
  11. Yeah, you're the model of fair and equality around here. I know what you were saying, I've asked you to stop and you continue. Real great modeling from the "leadership" on the forum.
  12. Maybe its because you guys are saying I made a stupid decision even though you guys made offers AFTER I had accepted an offer? Do you potentially see the issue with that stance? Hence the time machine comment.
  13. Imagine being a global mod and continuing to accuse a member of being someone else when they've asked people to stop numerous times. Imagine that?
  14. Again, answering the question. Why are you so sensitive? The collusion gang is coming at me for not accepting a trade offer after I had accepted a trade offer.