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  1. The OL has been fine so as long as Tua isn't a snail he should be fine. Regardless, Fitz isn't the future and we all know he was going to implode at some point like he always does. It's really not some crazy confusing move.
  2. SVG is a great coach, bad GM. I think he'll be a great fit in New Orleans. If they play even above average defense, they're probably a top 10 team with that offense.
  3. People are really shocked by this? It's been known since the get go that Fitz was basically just making sure the OL wouldn't get Tua killed.
  4. I mean Outpost obviously deserves the win over Mission, I got super busy and wasn't putting forth good effort. I did far more strategizing in my Survivor win. I will say, the length of the game really hurt activity I think. This game was crazy long lmao
  5. Yep. Second wave is here for sure, and it'll be bad. I've definitely noticed less people wearing masks in my area. Especially in the grocery stores, Wal-Mart etc. I think a big factor too is people are sick of arguing with people who won't wear masks. We've had sports for a month and a half and my AD is already saying she doesn't know how much longer she can argue with obnoxious parents about it.
  6. Also true. I just don't think Rings won in a different location really count. Like I don't think the LA Rams should be counting St. Louis Rams Super Bowls (Not even sure they've won any tbh)
  7. Oh someones feelings are hurt. Claiming the Minneapolis Lakers rings is just weird to me. I don't consider the SuperSonics wins as the Thunder. Its a weird thing to claim I think.
  8. Claiming the 5 titles the Lakers won in Minneapolis is kind of a weird move. Like do the Thunder claim the Sonics Championship? Because if so, thats equally weird.
  9. Literally no one said the Lakers wouldn't make the playoffs lol stop it
  10. Imagine claiming another teams Championships lol
  11. I think its more something to keep an eye on. If people start getting re-infected, thats very bad news obviously lol
  12. Congratulations to the 2020 NBA Champions*, the Los Angeles Lakers.
  13. Because they probably put that in specifically so people didn't have to wear masks while playing sports and get into a giant issue with the NFL. Like I don't know man, you asked a question you have a clear answer. What are you fishing for here lol
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