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  1. I don't see any justification for doing it this year. They've built a very good roster. Even an average QB keeps them in the playoffs.
  2. I don't know why you would hard reset. This team is very talented. If anything, Brees held them back. With an even average QB, Saints win 10 games minimum. If they bring in Stafford, or if Winston plays at a top 15 QB level they're SB contenders still. This is really the only year the Saints are in trouble, and its mainly because of COVID. The sky isn't falling.
  3. Cap situation really isn’t that dire. Saints might lose 1-2 guys they would’ve liked to keep, but the core will still be there for the most part. The Andrus Peat contract is tough.
  4. I don't think thats a bad ranking. The Saints biggest weakness in the playoffs was Brees ironically.
  5. To be fair, its partially Paytons fault he wasn't healthy all year. Thomas had no business being in the game that late.
  6. Agreed. Payton and Loomis will handle it if they feel he's out of line. Having Thomas for a new QB, Winston or a rookie, will be good for his development. We all saw the separation other WRs are capable of getting....none
  7. A lot of that is on Arians. Look at Brady early in the year before he essentially told Arians he was done running his offense. Arians entire offense is essentially heave it downfield and pray.
  8. I mean we know why Kira hasn't played, its not because he's bad. Hayes has a lot of upside, he's just super raw but he's a freakish athlete and has the upside to be a stretch 5 who can protect the rim. As a Utah fan, I thought you'd see the upside in a tall lengthy athletic C who is super raw. I don't think its a crazy haul by any means...but who's actually offering more? Denver might offer MPJ but other than that, what are the better packages?
  9. We'll see. Mitchell seems to have taken another step. I think they need a legit #2 to be considered a real title threat but they're a very good team.
  10. Might be the best constructed roster in the league. Lights out shooters and great defenders all over the place.
  11. They need a 3/D wing like Mikal Bridges in the worst way and they'd be fine honestly. The problem is the only legit shooter they have is a huge liability on defense. Reddick is a nice piece but he needs to play with good defenders and I feel like he plays with Hayes instead of Adams most of the time. They should start Bledsoe - JJ - Ingram - Zion - Adams and bring Lonzo off the bench.
  12. Kira isn't in the rotation because of how deep the Pelicans are at guard, not because he's bad. Hayes has improved and has looked better in his last couple games. Why are people calling a 20 year old a bust, the guy was raw coming out of the draft. The slow development should surprise no one.
  13. I mean 0% chance Zion is traded and at this point not a whole lot separates Beal from Ingram. I'd take Ingrams upside moving forward. Value wise I think the trade is okay, Wizards probably would like to get more but I'm not sure who's offering up more upside than that.
  14. Remember when that guy was trying to argue about how Kyrie isn't crazy and he just didnt want to be in Boston. Yeah, I memba.
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