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  1. I think Hayes has a higher ceiling than Turner, especially as a shooter.
  2. You had an opportunity to add some great talent...Now youll just be stuck with a mid round 1st. Punk.
  3. Same thing cost me a win in an OT game. Legit same thing. 1:30 left, at midfield in OT and I ran the ball twice. Its a miserable way to lose.
  4. Meh, not worth it. I won’t finish with the first pick so I’m not worried about it. Last playoff spot is obtainable with some moves.
  5. I just don’t know how else to prevent stuff like this. I don’t see any situation where running with 1:30 left at mid field in OT makes any sense.
  6. @TheKillerNacho Is this something that would fall under HC? Making dumb decisions like running it twice when you're close to FG range and letting the clock run out?
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