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  1. The ESPN average attendance is dumb anyways. It punishes smaller arenas. Based on percentage of tickets the Pelicans were 16th last season.
  2. Pelicans were 12th this year...
  3. Yeah I don't get the narrative that Presti is some evil genius, he's fallen into some ideal situations. Clippers were pretty much forced to give up whatever the Thunder wanted or risk Kawhi going to LAL. He got absolutely bent over in the Harden trade. He's acquired a bunch of late first round picks outside of potentially the Houston picks and even then the 2024 is top 4 protected and by 2025 I can't imagine the Rockets are still a dumpster fire. I just don't see what he's done in comparison to David Griffin. Both did the same thing, yet Presti is some mad genius? Griffin got praised for
  4. Oh I thought you were talking NSFL. Regardless of his struggles behind a terrible Raiders OL, I’d feel pretty confident saying he’s one of the top 12 backs in the sim.
  5. I have zero idea how my running game struggles behind the OL I’ve put together.
  6. Never mind, my phone had this as some Pelicans cap space tweet for some reason
  7. lol Seminoles is saying JV is a really good player, not Adams.
  8. Would easily be the best big on the Cavs 😂but anyways Pelicans got best player in the deal, dumped two bad contracts, and only moved back 7 spots and gave up a 2nd and pick next year between 20-30.
  9. Pelicans got the best player in the deal lol
  10. Lol they went from role player to… role player. It isn’t a big deal at all, nor does New Orleans need any more rookies honestly
  11. Love the move. Sign Lowry and then match Lonzo offer sheet. Playoff team if healthy for sure.
  12. Hayes obviously super raw. His jumper is smooth though. He took huge strides in terms of defense and handles the second half of last year. I think he’s going to be a very good big man but yeah Turner obviously helps more now but the Pelicans have screwed up every stud they drafted by trying to compete to quickly.
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