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  1. If I made a thread to discuss how the Earth is a planet it would also be an echo chamber, but the people agreeing would still be correct😊😊😊
  2. Bottom photo very clearly had some editing done to it. Also, he has a broken foot lol of course he’s not in shape. He can’t run.
  3. Ignoring all of the other ridiculous fluff you posted, did you just say the vaccine is dangerous because your Dad had side effects? Lol wait until you hear about COVID side effects!
  4. That analogy is actually incredibly inaccurate and makes legitimately no sense. Its a horrible comparison. It's very simple, and Im just going to use random percentages so please don't try and pull up some study to prove my numbers wrong. Me Vaccinated + You Unvaccinated = 70% chance I don't contract COVID Me Vaccinated + You Vaccinated = 98% chance I don't contract COVID Again, completely made up numbers. The problem with your analogy is you aren't giving your allergies to anyone. If you have bad seasonal allergies, you being around me won't give me seasonal aller
  5. Or Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen on Facebook. They uncovered the truth.
  6. Can we go back to the days where we trusted Doctors and Scientists please?
  7. I don’t think this can be understated… we’re adding significant talent after this bye week
  8. We need to go back to Kamara getting 10-12 carries and being far more involved in the passing game
  9. 100%. Jameis looked fantastic, you have to let him roll. You killed the momentum with the Taysom INT and then you almost punished Jameis for it and took the ball out of his hands. We are living and dying with Jameis this year. Let’s get an accurate view of what he is! You won’t know if you have your franchise QB if you baby him all year. Is he the same Jameis or has he actually improved?
  10. The Saints biggest issue right now is the painfully obvious lack of trust Payton has in Jameis. He played the end of that game to not let Jameis throw the game away, which in the end cost us the game. Payton needs to get over it, Jameis is our QB. RIDE WITH HIM. If he throws picks, he throws picks. He was playing some great ball though and you took the ball out of his hands.
  11. You don’t have to “sling it around” but it’s very obvious Winston is playing scared and I think that’s an outcome of Payton. They aren’t opening the playbook up and he’s holding the ball too long in fear of throwing INTs.
  12. I was at the game, what a blast! They need to take the band-aid off Winston. When they finally opened it up for him on that last drive the offense looked phenomenal. Hes going to make mistakes, but you can’t play a scared offense all year. Also, I played Kevin Gates “Black and Gold” the entire way out of the stadium.
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