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  1. Bitcoin

    I'll definitely be buying if bitcoin dips below 5K. Probably 2-3K worth.
  2. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    Teams must be lining up for a chance to acquire Ryan Anderson.
  3. Ugh. Yeah that one really hurts.
  4. I looked at net yards and punts inside the 20. Valued inside the 20 higher.
  5. Janikowski is the real snub. Made more FGs than Bailey, albeit missed 2 (in the last game after being 100% all season 🙄) and Bailey missed 1, Seabass missed 1 XP while Bailey missed 2 and Seabass has 5 more touchbacks. One of the biggest travesties this league will ever witness. I demand JUSTICE.
  6. #TeamGlen. I shall bet one keeper tag on Little Rock.
  7. Played some great teams my man. Toughe r conference.
  8. Patriots release WR Malcolm Mitchell

    Didn't really expect this at all. Dude flashed a lot of potential. Injuries ruined his career here, what a shame.
  9. Beat him into oblivion. That trash teams luck has to run out soon enough.
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    To be honest, this is just another mark on Urban Meyers disgusting legacy. Dude's such a scumbag lol.
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Scandal

    I mean, Urban Meyer knew about the abuse. He knew it happened. Keeping a dude you know is beating his wife on your staff is morally wrong, and pretty disgusting. You're not winning a "wrongful termination" lawsuit when you have text messages of Smith admitting he strangled his wife on vacation. I can't believe the amount of Ohio State fans defending Urban here, honestly. Doing the bare minimum isn't enough here. Dude should've been fired immediately, I mean at what point do we value sports over a womans life?
  12. That makes sense... Could we possibly make a switch like this for the playoffs? Or would that be to complex? I don't mind the regular season but I would've put my run game at like 5 for this game if possible. His DL is absolutely insane and I knew he'd wreck my run game.