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  1. Offense will at least be able to get first downs. That alone will help the defense. Offense should be much improved, we can’t throw anyway as no one can get open. Mobile QB at least opens something up.
  2. You’re worse than all 3 of those teams so I wouldn’t worry
  3. Lmao sorry. He’s just fully practicing. Should be ready for games very soon.
  4. It is what it is at this point. This team is missing it’s starting QB, WR, HB1, HB2, TE, LG, RT on offense. No team has the depth to handle that. The season was lost the second Winston went down but I’m still excited for the future. Our defense is very good, and we have offensive talent (when healthy). Let’s get a high pick and hopefully we can add another solid WR via free agency or draft. I wouldn’t hate drafting an OT or OG early.
  5. Imagine being wrong on how good Mickey Loomis is at his job literally every single year. Must be exhausting. Saints WR/TE core isn’t bottom 5 when Thomas plays. He’s a top 10 WR. Everyone else can fall into appropriate roles if he plays. They’re 5-5 because they’ve been hammered by injuries, not because they’re devoid of talent. You know it, so let’s not play stupid.
  6. It’s going to be two 2nds. Lakers didn’t make a trade with you, why would they lift their protections? New Orleans doesn’t even get it if it’s between 11-30. This pick was reverse protected. New Orleans only ever got it if it was top 10, and the Lakers certainly didn’t lift protections out of the kindness in their hearts… and we didn’t give the Lakers anything else to remove protections so I’m like 90% positive Memphis is just going to get two 2nds.
  7. No coach in the league is surviving the injuries we’ve had, not even Bill. Blaming Payton is just blaming someone because you feel like you need to. This team has been missing it’s starting QB, HB, WR1, WR2, LT, LG and RT… and you want to blame Payton? Lol. Come on man.
  8. I don’t think so. It’s protected 11-30 to New Orleans, so we don’t get it unless it’s top 10. If we don’t get it we can’t trade it to you, and it’s protected 1-10 to you. It’s impossible for you to get that pick unless I’m wrong here.
  9. Unfair to post his statistics when he's been dealing with repercussions from a serious concussion and foot injury. Last season he had almost 600 rushing+receiving yards 9 TDs and almost 1000 passing yards and 4 TDs. Is a good backup QB, good special teamer including KR, solid TE and goal line weapon. I'd pay 10M to fill all those positions...so why not pay one guy 10M who can fill all those positions.
  10. You shouldn't be worried about the Pelicans. When Zion comes back they'll be decent unfortunately.
  11. The Laker pick might actually be pretty good lol. They don't look great. The Westbrook move was terrible and Lebron seems to have more and more nagging injuries.
  12. This year stinks because I actually think this team could've been good...but this might be the best thing that could've happened to the Pelicans honestly. Jaden Hardy or Paolo Banchero would be huge additions to this team. Or you can use that top 3 pick (most likely) to make a move for a guy like Beal/Lillard. Worst case scenario...which might happen...is Zion comes back and the Pelicans play .500 ball or better the rest of the way. Just enough to miss playoffs and end up with a pick around 10-14.
  13. Is it? They built a roster around Zions strengths...and he isn't playing. This might not be a bad thing honestly. Add another, hopefully, stud talent for cheap. Gives the Pelicans a lot of flexibility to surround Zion+Ingram+High pick with good role players. Could also give them a huge trade chip for a trade.
  14. You think people would've learned after they blew the proverbial load over Taysoms last contract. This is a 4 year 40M contract. The only way he gets to 90M is if he starts a full season AND hits incentives, which he isn't going to do and if he did it would mean he started a full season and was very successful so he earned it.
  15. I'm obsessed. He's been so damn good defensively.
  16. I fail to see how you can blame Payton for this, even a little bit. The Saints offense is so devoid of talent its embarrassing. Outside of the Lions it is quite easily the least talented offense in football right now.
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