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  1. Tatum is so dang good
  2. None of us besides Rockets/Pelicans fans do. It was minimal contact, at best, and Harden is the one who initiated it. He completely altered his shot to get contact, thats not a foul.
  3. Sweet still shot. Jrue legit had his arm there the entire time and Harden contorted his shot to get the contact. Easiest no call of the week tbh.
  4. It absolutely does........because he hit Jrue, not the other way around. Whatevs though. Refs are calling every little touch on AD against the Cs right now, so Gentry's yelling clearly worked.
  5. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 6 POSTED!)

    Much needed W. Kirk really playing well these past two weeks. My pass defense has been UNREAL.
  6. Please, please, please try and argue thats Hardens natural shot. PLEASE.
  7. I don't see it at all. Harden clearly was going for a foul and the refs bailed him out. Again, whole thing is negated by the fact that Capela is clear as day out of bounds lol
  8. Jeez. Horford playing some great D on AD but that man is something else. He gets so elevated its impossible to defend him when he attacks. OH MY GOD. As I type this he just allyooped the soul out of me
  9. Please explain how the Celtics fan is biased against a call that hurt the Pelicans?
  10. Oh my lord...I'm a Celtics fan and the Pelicans already getting horrific calls again lmaooooooo
  11. Dude...That was not his shooting motion. He almost brings it up to the right to get Jrues hand on his elbow. Regardless, Capela was out of bounds first and Harden clearly had ZERO interest in getting an actual shot off. He freaking flops in mid air and jerks his head back at the end of his shot. You're rewarding a guy for literally looking for a foul and penalizing a player who played great defense and pulled back his hand immediately after realizing Harden was shooting. Thats 10000000% a no call. Absolute crap reffing.
  12. Harden extends to hit Jrues arm though. Jrue legit didnt move. Its like the Paul Pierce move they dont call anymore, its not a defensive foul if you lean to hit the defender.
  13. Also I legit laugh every time someone uses the "I was at the game" argument. Oh so you saw it in real time and maybe one replay while the rest of us saw it slo mo'd at 7 different angles? Yeah you definitely had the better view lol
  14. Harden went into Jrues space to draw the foul. Jrue legit didnt move his arm, its a completely bogus call and one they essentially removed with the "KD rule". Then you have Ian Clark essentially getting tackled that shouldve put the Pelicans on the line with a chance to make it a 2 point deficit, instead its a no call and Harden gets pinkied on the wrist and gets put at the line. Refs were atrocious. AD legit gets massacred on 50% of his drives and rarely gets a call, meanwhile a defender in the same area code as Harden is auto FTs. Gentry had every right to flip.