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  1. Ramsters Gallery..

    Remember when you making me a Paul Pierce sig was part of our deal for Big Ben AND YOU STILL HAVENT MADE IT. How do I give this fool a -1
  2. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    Ok so you just worded it oddly. Yeah, drafting Aguayo in the 4th would've been fine IMO. What the Bucs gave up for him is what makes this such a disaster.
  3. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    You just said drafting him was 110% the right call. You took him in the 2nd round and that was apparently the right call, so I fail to see how you aren't saying that it was a good idea? Regardless, good Ks come out of every nook and cranny every year. Taking one that high can never be justified.
  4. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    Bucs fans are stretching big time. You don't take a K in the 2nd round, you just don't. You certainly don't give up a 3rd and 4th to take a K in the 2nd round. The Saints got their K of the future in UDFA last year with Will Lutz, plenty of good K options in free agency every year. Absolutely no way to justify this horrific move by the Bucs.
  5. Visiting New Orleans

    Yeah we're definitely going to check the WW2 museum out, he loves history so that'll be fun. I really appreciate all the help guys! WhoDat!
  6. Visiting New Orleans

    If you get to the games early is it common to get autographs? Do they allow fans to move down to the first row until it starts filling up?
  7. 2017-18 Offseason Talk

    I just can't ever see Melo actually playing as a 3rd option. I don't see how anyone is this confident in it, honestly. He's a high usage player, who plays horrid defense. I personally think the Rockets should see what they can do with their current roster, trading for Melo seems like trading just to trade.I give it about a 0% chance that New York accepts Ryan Anderson for Melo straight up.
  8. 2017-18 Offseason Talk

    Rockets would ruin a real good thing by trading for Melo. What a disaster that would be.
  9. Well, its been real boys! This long break is going to suck.
  10. So based on Nachos post in the other forum, rosters are locked right?
  11. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Baseball is essentially a game of streaks. Gallo has been taking more walks and hitting the absolute piss out of the ball. Is it possible that maybe...just maybe...He's improving with a full season under his belt? Or are we just going to pretend thats impossible because we dislike most of DCRs takes?
  12. Visiting New Orleans

    Wow! Even more info than I expected. I appreciate all the tips and advice, I'm sure we'll have a great time!
  13. Visiting New Orleans

    Hello Cajuns! Me and my younger brother, who's enlisted in the Air Force and is leaving late September, are going to the Patriots-Saints game in New Orleans as a good bye. I'm hoping to make this a memorable trip so if you guys could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm looking for a nice, but not crazy expensive, hotel in New Orleans. We'll uber most likely so it doesn't need to be in walking distance of the Super Dome. I'd also love some tips on where some must eat and must see locations are in the are! Thanks guys
  14. Got Fairley and Wake.
  15. Chris Harris Jr. [16 GS]: 65 tackles (3 stuffs), 60 coverages, 6 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles. A.J. Bouye [16 GS]: 73 tackles (2 stuffs), 62 coverages, 1 sack, 6 interceptions, 1 forced fumble. 2 more coverages, 1 more sack, same INT, 1 less FF. Feel like Bouye deserved the nod here but not a huge gripe. Glad Fairley didn't get robbed, was worried he would.