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  1. Minnesota 511: Rhodes closed

    man it's too early lol thanks boss
  2. Minnesota 511: Rhodes closed

    What's this I am hearing about Barr? Is he sitting out because of family/personal problems? Or is this a contract issue? Sorry been out of the loop.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    low key a good pick lol
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    This draft seems very experimental. I think this is the first draft we are really seeing Rick and Zim go outside of the norm a little bit. Selecting guys that they will need to groom and develop a lot more, but have worlds of potential. This could end up really great...or really bad. I don't see a middle ground.
  5. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

  6. Divisional Round: Vikings vs. Saints, Week 19

    Buffalo Right Seven Heaven
  7. Week 16: Other games

    Well, there is still hope the Eagles lose out. We need to handle our job next week either way. Which I am very confident we will do.
  8. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

    You can give me the 0-16 browns, holding an NFL team to 0 is no small feat. Esp two weeks in a row, well ALMOST two weeks in a row.
  9. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

    Maybe it's already been illustrated by another, but I am impressed that we almost pitched a shut out in two back to back games. If not for that meaningless Teddy INT late in the Bengals game, we might have blanked them as well. Our defense is real, folks.
  10. If the Vikings make the Super Bowl...

    Keep in mind that most people working at the stadium will likely be Viking fans, and likely be cheering. It's a once in a life time opportunity for a lot of people there. Are you really going to forgo cheering for your team because you are considered an employee that day ? I know guys that take on those jobs JUST to watch the game in person. So you add that factor in, along with people actually in the seats cheering. It would certainly have a home game feel to it. No matter the color of our jerseys.
  11. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

  12. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

  13. Week 15: Bengals (5-8) at VIKINGS (10-3)

    I disagree. I think Wentz is underrated for how much he has elevated players on that team since arriving. Their running game is choice, but their WR's are not scary.
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    My biggest worry with Russ is the fact that it's a divisional game. I expect the game to not only be tough, but points to be at a premium. But the way he's been playing as of late, it's so hard to bench him.
  15. Week 15 Other Games

    Ready to watch the refs/NFL walk the Packers towards a win today.