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  1. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    I was thinking about Delanie...after reading his self-proclamation that he is the best tight end in the league I realized that its not a stretch to say that he is. If not hes definitely in the Top 2-4...but the thing I wanted to focus on was looking back I remember always thinking that he was a great signing and I dont really ever remember doubting him. I guess what im trying to say is I always expected him to be good...but looking back he was far from a sure-thing....I dont think anyone can say they knew hed be an All-Pro player for us for years. Hes been one of the greatest free agent signings we've ever had all time.
  2. Titans select Dane Cruikshank, CB/S - Round 5 - 152 Overall

    Why is he only a 5th rounder...lack of production? Inconsistent? Everything I hear about him screams 3rd round pick...he picked off Darnold and Rosen! Idk theres gotta be something people dont like...maybe hes just super raw.
  3. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Harrison could have a better career than Minkah and thats not a crazy statement to make...its unlikely but we've seen much stranger things happen in the NFL...its a crapshoot. Ronnie Brown had a slightly better career than Cadillac Williams...Cadillac was by far the better back. Its all debatable though.
  4. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

  5. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    I am getting a Jon Robinson jersey.
  6. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    He definitley fell for some reason...Jon Robinson said they thought about taking him at 25...idk when that was exactly....BUT like I said before if the player tries to downplay an injury that will raise red flags this high in the draft with all the dollars and roster spots on the line...my feeling is you can never have enough pass rushers. Look at the Eagles last year they had a stable of guys to constantly pressure players and it ended up winning them a championship with that strip sack. If the league trends toward that than Landry being injured we could limit his reps and let him take his time with it. I really like this pick. Id be interested in who the pick at 25 would have been Landry or Evans without whatever caused Landry to slide?
  7. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    I hate to say it but if hes got some kind of lingering injury I think thats a good thing for us because we would have never been able to get both him and Evans... and the most basic injury can scare people away when your talking about picking that high. You need a sure thing...so theres a good chance he will just need some time to get healthy if thats the case. And is it safe to say some of the guys who were slightly dissapointed we picked Evans weren't bummed because of Evans...but because we didnt get Landry...and now we have them both...I dont think there will ever be a more rewarding draft for the fans. Jon Robinson and Mike V really delivered.
  8. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Evans highlight reel almost every hit has a car accident feel to it. Its like watching old school NFL films videos. We need to come up with a cool nickname like "Tombstone" or "Hammer"
  9. 1st Round Draft Talk

    So is Evans a day 1 starter or is it going to be a week by week thing...
  10. 1st Round Draft Talk

    NEW England was gonna get him.
  11. 1st Round Draft Talk

    That was me...I was basin that purely on Jon Robinson feeling we are very close to being a complete team and being okay with giving up the picks to get his guy...also I think hes more aggressive than people realize...yeah he likes draft picks but who doesnt...
  12. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Hernandez maybe
  13. 1st Round Draft Talk

  14. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Thats what I was hoping we got from the get-go...I wonder if they would consider moving Ben Jones or if theyd cut him.
  15. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Im really interested in how this Lamar Jackson situation shakes out...I think with all these aging qb's in the league some teams like Baltimore New England NYG New Orleans could draft him and for QB let him do an Aaron Rodgers learn the playbook etc. and in the meantime you have an extra playmaker at the WR position. I dont know if hed be willing to learn both spots and split time...Kordell Stewart...although Kordell switched positions this would be more of a splitting time thing. IDK but either way its intriguing.