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  1. Curious Case of Mike Mularkey

    I dont know man theres more to it than just the 9-7 and a playoff win...theres Jon Robinson being a solid GM so far...A big part of it is control. Jon Robinson not in danger of losing his job or having his role diminished. So for a guy like McDaniels who most likely wanted to go to Indianapolis because their GM is basically just a "figurehead" at this point...he will have more control. Which actually works out good for us because even though hes a good coach...as the guy calling all the shots I think he is a little too wild for my taste. At least I know thats how people in Denver felt about him when he was there. I thought for us in a strictly coaching role McD could improve our offense and have success but I think in Indianapolis it will be similar to how it went in Denver. Im not familiar with Detroit or the Giants GM situations moving forward and how much control Patricia and Shurmur have in those towns but I doubt they have a trusted GM like we do in Jon Robinson. if we are talking strictly about results we had pretty high marks this season and Mularkey was still fired. I dont think a coach coming in here going 7-9 but having a top 10 offense will make people happy. At least I hope it wouldn't. And Im not saying that like its a bad thing I actually think it works better in our favor...high expectations are good in general. And I only meant that the top tier coaching names wouldn't want to come here...guys like Gruden, Patricia, and McDaniels. I think all the other candidates dont care about that and will be happy to come here. Tennessee is a great franchise and city to coach in...its got a decent fanbase and the media isn't as problematic as it is in other cities. To be honest I wasn't that crazy about Patricia and Shurmur...I was intrigued by McD working with Jon Robinson but its not keeping me up at nights that he is going to go to Indianapolis. I really want Frank Reich...but Im sure there are plenty of guys out there that would be great. To be honest I know teams kind of rush in to picking a name because they want to get a head start on the competition but I think theres also benefit to taking your time to do your research and find that diamond in the rough who you are absolutely positive was the right choice. Two different schools of thought but both I think have advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Curious Case of Mike Mularkey

    Not many guys are going to want to come here if given other opportunities....the only way before was with New England and the Jon Robinson connection....but that turned out not to be true. The facts are expectations are going to be extremely high in those 1st two seasons...no real opportunity to build anything long term if your not able to deliver immediate success...sure the team has a solid core but players come and go. I really want Frank Reich...if we are serious about helping Mariota he seems like the guy.
  3. Curious Case of Mike Mularkey

    I agree with this to some extent...but the part about us playing with a lead...every time we got a lead this year the defense gave up a TD. Their was also the problem of predictable playcalling...specifically...2 runs and a pass on 3rd and long. Mariota doing the math and realizing he needs to make a play and throws a pick at the worst possible time. It could have been and most likely was Robiskies fault...but it also could have been Mularkey being stubborn...so either way it falls on Mularkey
  4. Mularkey Fired

    FRANK REICH...how can we not offer the job to Frank. I liked Frank before this Eagles team went on a run. Hes familiar with the position of QB and offense in general...and he also has many areas to pull coaches in...
  5. The play Henry bounced to the outside he literally had no other choice...they were all over that play. Playcalling was atrocious...but either way our O-line needs to improve bottom line. Its been the one thing all year our success hinges on. I see the merit in drafting a RB but thats only because I see a team like the Eagles with 4 RBs Ajayi, Blount, Clement, Smallwood. Clement would be there 3rd RB...and the guys been out there making plays all year for them. We have Fluellen. Dont really know much about him because we never use him.
  6. If it genuinely was his quad I am wrong...if its the same hamstring...either way its a long season your bound to get banged up...thats not what cost us the game.
  7. No not injury prone you act like these are all new injuries every couple weeks...in reality he is aggravating the same hamstring injury hes had since the first quarter of the year...really what your doing is criticizing him for being a warrior and not sitting 2-4 weeks to let Cassel play. lets not act like hes made of paper because he aggravates the same injured hamstring. He'll be fine...hell rest it and it wont be a problem. We couldn't afford sitting him to let him heal it.
  8. I dont think its a huge concern hes had that hamstring all year...we had that string of really hot games...and Corey Davis had one and I Matthews had one...the only difference is Mariota played through his and we let the other guys rest.
  9. Well Im done with the NFL for this season...wont watch the Super Bowl...boycotting...back to researching aliens and paranormal for me.
  10. I thought Marcus played well...I thought the oline played trash from the start...wide receivers didn't do so terrible actually played well in my book. I want to know who gets replaced in the interior o-line. If Im picking in this draft I go interior o-line...and I try to look for Cypriens replacement - or a beast of DL - or a beast of a LBer.
  11. 2 TDs vs. the Champs to boost your confidence for a big sophomore year.
  12. So who goes on offensive line? Spain....?
  13. Man all year long nothing goes our way and to finally be in position up 7-0 in the first half...and you say to yourself man either way this will be a good game...win or lose...for it to end like this just sucks.
  14. being 100% honest...and I never really like Romo but I would bust out the checkbook to bring him in a QB Coach...maybe even as offensive coordinator.
  15. Man how awesome would it be if we just put on a clinic and had an epic comeback to end the Pats...