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  1. Jordy Nelson announces retirement

    He could've been a really solid option for the Saints.
  2. Apparently the fire alarms were malfunctioning in the stadium before the game and he got tired of it. He's definitely going to get fined though. No doubt.
  3. Week 10 GDT

    Seattle always has the ball at the end of games with a chance to win.
  4. Week 10 GDT

    He has never been good at those.
  5. Week 10 GDT

    One play can change an entire game.
  6. Dez Bryant Tears his Achilles

    There have been reports out that the Saints would be willing to bring him back next season.
  7. Saints Fear Dez Bryant Tore Achilles

    He said on Twitter that he would be back with the Saints next year.
  8. Week 10 GDT

    Shout out to the rest of the NFC South. We appreciate you.
  9. Week 10 GDT

    This doesn't feel like a 28-7 game...
  10. Week 10 GDT

    That trade never made any sense to me. Tate was Staffords guy.
  11. Week 10 GDT

    Yep. That's longer than he usually lasts.
  12. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    Armstead down. We all knew it was coming eventually.
  13. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    They're not even covering Mixon.
  14. Week 10 GDT: Saints (7-1) @ Bengals (5-3)

    I wonder if he has anything left in the tank. I mean.. Seattle cut him and they need playmakers badly.
  15. Dez Bryant Tears his Achilles

    Brutal. Not only was I looking forward to him playing, but we actually needed him. We have absolutely no depth at WR and needed all the help we could get.