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  1. Apparently JOK had a heart issue. Still would've loved to see us trade up in the 2nd to snag him, but I guess I understand why they passed.
  2. Jabril Cox from LSU would be great next to Demario Davis.
  3. If we trade out 1st and 2nd round picks to move up to take an injury riddled CB I would be pissed.
  4. If all we have to do if throw in one of our comp picks to move up and get him I'm all for it, but we should definitely look to sign a veteran to play while he gets up to speed.
  5. If the Knicks throw 22m/yr at him then he's gone. I think that would be a mistake on their part, but we'll see what happens in the offseason.
  6. Ah, I totally forgot about that. I'm not sure which superstar will be available in the next few years. Beal, maybe? But does he raise the level of the team enough to actually make them a championship contender? There has been talk about them offering Lonzo a mega deal in the offseason, but he doesn't elevate the team to a championship contender.
  7. What y'all need to do is keep your books open and make a trade for KAT in a year. Barrett, Randle and KAT would be a real solid trio assuming RJ continues to develop. Not sure if it could win a title, but you never know.
  8. Honestly, same. I hope we sneak into the Top 8 so we have a chance at Moody. Ever since I read that he projects to be a solid 3&D player Day 1 I've wanted the Pels to draft him. 😂
  9. I'm less concerned with if our center can shoot and more concerned with him being a good defender. Hayes has shown flashes of being good at both, but I think a defensive anchor at the 5 spot would do wonders for this team. Him being able to shoot is just a bonus.
  10. Moses Moody in the draft would be fantastic. Already projects to be a good 3&D wing at the next level. Add another good 3&D wing to replace Bledsoe and we should be good, but if we decide to move on from Steven Adams already then I would like us to make a run at Myles Turner. He can knock down the 3 (only a 34% shooter, so not great) and he plays great interior defense.
  11. I would prefer Farely in this first for the Saints if he falls that far. CB2 is our biggest hole currently and if his medicals don't scare the Saints away I think they take him. We could fill our hole at LB in the 2nd/3rd with someone like Jamin Davis.
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