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  1. This is something you post in NFL General. Go away.
  2. Peat just got pancaked. Yeah, let's resign that.
  3. NFL draft 2020

    Resigning Peat would be a mistake. Let him walk and sign/draft his replacement. The dude is going to get paid a lot of money because he can also play tackle, but he is an average to below average starter. It would be one of our dumber personnel decisions to resign him to a large contract. Use the money we would spend on him to retain Eli Apple. Keep the secondary together.
  4. NFL draft 2020

    He does not impress me at all.
  5. What players have you noticed on your team (or others) that have been outperforming their draft position? Doesn't have to be a late round guy. Just someone who should've been drafted earlier based on their performance so far this season. For the Saints: CGJ - he has started the last two weeks for us in the slot and I don't think hes giving that spot up anytime soon. He plays with a lot of passion and is an excellent open field tackler. Great value for a 4th round pick. Outside of the Saints, I've got to go with Garner Minshew. 6th round pick that could potentially be the QB of the future. And who doesn't love a good mustache?