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  1. Deonte Harris is a First-team All-Pro. Put some respect on that man's name.
  2. It's a shame he wouldn't just give us Watson for Warford.
  3. I understand all of that. I just think Peat is mediocre.
  4. Abused is an understatement.
  5. Still bothers me we extended Peat.
  6. Guy still has the speed. When he's wide open Brees usually missed him a little short, but when Brees put it on the money he usually dropped it. Frustrating player, but I think he added an underrated part to our offense. Best of luck to him.
  7. My man seriously wants to learn. Respect.
  8. They made him send video of himself running routes before the draft.
  9. Before the draft I thought the Chargers were perfect for him, but they drafted Herbert. Now I think it's either the Jaguars, Patriots or Redskins, but honestly none of them are great fits.
  10. Honestly don't hate it. Allows us to continue to use Taysom in his current role.
  11. I'm happy with our draft. Just wish we would've added a WR for depth at least. CB also would've been nice, but I trust the FO after the last few drafts.
  12. I don't think they trade him until camp.
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