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  1. Very pleased seeing the offense get opened up a bit more. Unlike against the Giants, we stayed aggressive with a lead. Hopefully we can get healthy and the offense continues to improve.
  2. Paulson Adebo. For a 3rd round rookie CB he's looked pretty good.
  3. Williams, Lattimore and Adebo on a cheap contract sounds like a damn good future to me. Gone are the days of Corey White being our starter.
  4. Josh Hart deal makes it seem like he's definitely being traded.
  5. Herb needs to move in with Fred next offseason and fix that jumper.
  6. Really digging Herb's defense and IQ. I really hope he develops a shot.
  7. Murphy might prove to be a steal at #17.
  8. Massive. He definitely could've gotten at least $10m/year. This was probably the best situation still available to him though.
  9. That's a really good deal for the Celtics. He's not worth $20m/year, but for $5.9m he's an absolute steal. Great signing by them. Still can't believe he turned down $84m from the Lakers though. Man lost out on $78m. Big oof.
  10. Murphy and Herb both impressed me. Murphy with his shooting was phenomenal. Hopefully that translates into the regular season. Herb with his IQ and defense. If he ever develops a shot he's going to be a good player.
  11. The Lonzo trade became official. It didn't turn into anything bigger. What a bummer..
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