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  1. NFL draft 2020

    You don't think they should find a way to keep Jenkins for another season? He played well for us.
  2. NFL draft 2020

    I think even more DE depth could be good for us. Maybe we don't acquire it in the draft and instead look to add more talent via free agency, but I think it could do us some good. And I didn't mention TE because I think Cook showed what his potential could be in the offense down the stretch.
  3. NFL draft 2020

    WR, LB, OG and DE are all needs. Possibly even CB.
  4. The Saints reverted back to what they were doing midseason: playing sloppy. We all figured they had put it behind them but I guess not.
  5. That's how I'm viewing it. Easier to handle a loss in the wildcard round. Always next year I guess.
  6. Good game, gents. We played a really sloppy game. Surprised we managed to keep it close. Good luck going forward.
  7. That's GGs. We played a really sloppy game. Surprised it was this competitive in the end.
  8. And Thielen keeps cooking Lattimore on out routes.
  9. Considering how long they've been on the field I would say they've been solid.
  10. I'm going to be honest, I'm not even disappointed. I knew the likelihood of us making the Superbowl was slim as it is. At least this exit will be earlier and easier to handle.