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  1. I would love to somehow get just Turner without giving up Jrue.
  2. I don't love it, but it's better than Kidd.
  3. I would do that if I was the Pels.
  4. I would love for the Pelicans to try and pair Myles Turner with Zion. Not sure what it would take to trade for him, but a stretch 5 that can play some defense next to Zion would be amazing.
  5. Someone out there has got to be willing to give a 2nd for him. Maybe even a late 1st.
  6. I definitely agree. It's a coaching/scheme issue. I really think Sean pushes for us to be a blitz heavy/man to man team in an effort to force turnovers.
  7. I really hope we don't pay Lattimore. He has all the talent in the world, but he plays mediocre most of the time. I hope we trade him instead of giving him the massive contract he's going to ask for. I'm sure after we trade him he's going to become a stud with better coaching and a better scheme, but for some reason CBs just regress with us.
  8. @tyler735 Brees did not look great tonight.
  9. Entertaining game. It was a great watch.
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