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  1. Saints sign PR Marcus Sherels

    We needed to improve our return game.
  2. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    About time we get some news about Cook.
  3. Saints nearing deal with TE Jared Cook

    I hope we don't pay too much, but we needed an upgrade at TE. Hopefully he can continue to play at a high level.
  4. Saints nearing deal with TE Jared Cook

    y u making threads about our FA!?!?!?
  5. Saints looking into Robert Quinn

    We would be giving away draft capital for an old, past his prime pass rusher who is currently overpaid. No thanks.
  6. Meaning he's coming off of a major injury and that's a lot of money to give an average player coming off of a major injury.
  7. He didn't play last year....
  8. The contract seems big for a guy who was injured all of last season.
  9. Nick Easton signs with saints

    This feels like a lot...
  10. Max Unger announces retirement

    John Sullivan?
  11. Max Unger retires

    Was just about to post this. Big loss for us.
  12. Max Unger retires

    Big loss.
  13. Saints sign Mario Edwards

    The Saints were very thin at DE, so they needed to add some depth. That's all this is.
  14. Payton to the big D?