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  1. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    Vaccaro's ability to cover is way overrated. I'm glad we're letting him walk. However, Coleman is coming off of a down year and got paid almost as much as the top saftey on the market (Mathieu). His contract is terrible and we paid him too early. If he was coming off of a solid year then I could understand the overpay, but he was pretty bad last year for the Panthers and we still paid him top dollar. All that being said, I hope he balls out for us. If he doesn't then we should be able to cut him after this year without much, if any, dead cap.
  2. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    My gut says Rams. They offer a chance to win, elite talent to play alongside him, a good defensive coordinator, a good offense, and marketability. Oh, and they can pay him as well. They seem like the perfect choice.
  3. Matthews should be brought in as well. He can be a solid WR2 and is only 25.
  4. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    I think what I read a week ago was that the contract is essentially a one year deal, which is good.
  5. Rams 2018 offseason

    You guys feel like the clear favorite to land Suh, which is scary. Hopefully he hates the dinner because if not then the league in is trouble. That's going to be such an unblockable duo.
  6. Saints sign S Kurt Coleman

    Gosh did we overpay Coleman.
  7. Rams 2018 offseason

    Donald and Suh would not be fair to the league.
  8. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    Another update.
  9. The Offseason Thread

    This going to drag on forever...
  10. The Offseason Thread

    Yeah. If he is going to sign a 1 or 2 year deal then we are the better option. If he wants a 3 or 4 year deal then you guys are the better option. Plus you guys can offer more money. That seems like a real advantage. In all honesty, as cool as it would be for the Saints to land Suh, I just want an answer soon.
  11. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    Some more updates on Suh. Not sure what to make of this, but it does feel like this is going to drag on.
  12. The Offseason Thread

    I feel like he's choosing you guys over us, but I also feel like Seattle is going to make an offer late and win him over.