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  1. His contract isn't tradeable this year. As much as I would like to be able to trade into the Top 3 to grab one of the QBs I don't think it's realistic. That and I still think he's a huge part of our offense. If there are any issues next season then it makes much more sense to trade him after that when his contract is more moveable.
  2. Hopefully we can luck into another franchise QB and hopefully we don't waste a large portion of his career with inept defenses. Hell of a ride boys.
  3. Game really changed on the Cook fumble. We were driving and then everything after that has failed.
  4. Defense as a whole has played great. The offense has put them in some terrible spots.
  5. Too many turnovers. Really wish we would've been able to put a defense like this around Drew before he got too old. It was a damn good run. Nothing but respect to him.
  6. He's got to be the most annoying player in the NFL. He just never stops talking.
  7. What a sloppy half by both teams. Hopefully we turn it around.
  8. They're playing great, but the play that are working for us are every play that isn't a screen. And I would be happy with just a 10-3 lead.
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