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  1. Favorite Team- Richmond Tigers Previous Picks- LAC. SF Week 3 PIck- Colts
  2. Got a weeks break then the finals. 1st Week of Finals Schedule Thursday, October 1 First Qualifying Final Port Adelaide v Geelong at Adelaide Oval, 7:10pm CST / 7.40pm EST Friday, October 2 Second Qualifying Final Brisbane Lions v Richmond at the Gabba, 7.50pm EST Saturday, October 3 Second Elimination Final St Kilda v Western Bulldogs at the Gabba, 4.40pm EST First Elimination Final West Coast vs Collingwood at Optus Stadium, 6.10pm WST / 8.10pm EST
  3. i know we got a good schedule to start the season but who did the texans piss off to get their schedule. Chiefs and Ravens to open the season is just brutal.
  4. Downloading the game now. Too bad about all the injuries but nice to get a win. Going to be a long year i think. Best decision i have done this year is not buying Gamepass this season not going to be a year think i want to get up in middle of night or early morning to watch the games live. With our rate of injuries is there even going to be a team in 4 weeks time to watch.
  5. Good first episode of the season. Made the hr long drive back from my dad's entertaining.
  6. Nice to have another fellow Aussie on the forum and in this thread. Even if they like nrl I like the saints in finals they have all the pieces just need to have a good run of form in the finals to make it all the way. This is the year i think any team that makes the 8 can win it. Reminds me of the year Western Bulldogs won it.
  7. Brisbane Lions must be hoping Collingwood beat Port so they can get top spot and avoid richmond in the first round of the finals. Just heard on the radio last time Brisbane beat Richmond in Queensland was 2004.
  8. Last week of the regular season is here. Finals nearly here. West coast win on thursday night but don't rest players so of course one of their most important players in Josh Kennedy does his ankle. Doubtful he is ready for first round of finals. I said it before but cameron should of gotten the boot at GWS instead of resigning him. GWS eliminated from the finals tonight in a must win game against the Saints they have their biggest loss of the year 52 pts in a must win game is terrible no desire tonight or winning game plan. They lost the last 3 games of the seasons which cost them finals against Crows, Demons and Saints. Crows bottom of the ladder no excuse to loss to them. Now some good news Eddie Betts has decide to play one more year so we have one more season next year of the excitement machine.
  9. Man Bengals are making sure Joe Burrow gets his throws 97 attempts in 2 games. 61 attempts vs Browns.
  10. I think all that bombed out in week 1 should get a do over. Damn you colts.
  11. Kinlaw isn't the worry on the d-line atm it's gotta be ford he looked slow and fat. Really didn't like the trade for ford at the time and starting to hate it more now.
  12. Some of us are way too negative after a loss. There are still 15 games to go the Ravens opened 0-2 last year and still ended up going alright. (they won the next 14 games and then did what lamar does best loss in the the playoffs) We are going 10-6 at a minimum and at best 12-4 from here.
  13. Our next 4 games are Jets, Giants, Eagles and Dolphins can't think of a better time to be banged up this year.
  14. Favorite Team : Richmond Tigers (not spiders) Week 2 Pick : San Francisco 49ers
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