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  1. OT for me in 2nd round someone to replace mcglinchey when he leaves in 2022
  2. @Bucketheadsdad If you can name one player to accidently break someone's eye socket it have to be Hawkins so guess what he did to Steven May on the weekend. Other than Swans and Bulldogs anyone can beat anyone so far this season injuries have made a few teams like tigers and cats look average so far this season.
  3. O line or Corner for me preferable a trade down so we can spilt the pick and fill 2 needs
  4. See the proposal for 17th game. We get bengals away which shouldnt be too bad but the other nfc west teams get Steelers, Ravens and Browns away.
  5. Don't mind especially as my niners will play bengals but the other nfc west teams get steelers, ravens, browns.
  6. it has to be either fields or Lance if Wilson is gone i just don't see the need to trade up to 3 to grab jones earliest i see him going is 8 and thats if 4 qbs go before then.
  7. Jets need more weapons and o-line otherwise its another darnold situation a rookie qb with hardly any weapons to throw too. Setting him up to fail just like they did with darnold. Thats just my view,
  8. I honestly think jets aren't going qb. Thus we are drafting wilson,
  9. My Latest Mock on PFN Mock Draft Simulator 3. Zack Wilson QB (top 5picks where Jlaw, Fields, Wilson, Lance then Sewell) 43. Greg Newsome CB Trade Pick 117 and next Years 3rd for Pick 78. 78. Dillion Radnuz OT 102. Hamilcar Rashed Jr DE 155. Aaron Banks OC 172. Damar Hamlin S 180. Kary Vincent Jr CB 194. Jimmy Morrison C 230. Ben Skowronek WR
  10. The same wanted wirfs over Kinlaw and still do he be a perfect right tackle to replace McG who could of kicked inside to guard.
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