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  1. yeah if thats the case do it now. Love to get staffold and keep our 1st round pick but thought it was a pipedream
  2. Starting to get the feeling all top 4 qbs are gone by pick 8 at this stage let alone the 3rd best after JLaw and fields lasting to us a pipe dream. Adam Schefter is predicting the most ever qb changes i tend to agree with alot of teams needing a qb and so many options for once.
  3. I say colts his best chance at superbowl for me
  4. Look at their division I think the chiefs might become the Patriots were they basically had the division owned for next decade. Patriots during Brady’s time had a good jets team for a few years but otherwise that division hasn’t been good for a decade but the patriots Raiders only good for first half of the season the rubbish 2nd half last two years until they sort that out not challenging Broncos need to sort out QB and replace some aging defenders before there a .500 team let alone challenging chiefs Chargers have brightest future but still have see another good year
  5. Love to get Rogers but no way he gets traded to us. With us passing on him for Alex Smith I don’t think he even sign with us if he was a free agent.
  6. Couldn’t think of a worst result than another Super Bowl with Brady in it. It’s been done to death kinda how I feel about lebron these days let someone else have a chance. Hope KC has game wrapped up by quarter time. Actually going to miss the game first time in 32 years and take the kids fishing Instead.
  7. Couldn’t think of a worse result than another Super Bowl with Brady in it. So I am taking my kids fishing that day instead be first time in 32 years I haven’t watched the game.
  8. Depends on the team i can see him improving a team enough to be finals bound that already has the pieces to be be successful but dont have a good qb like colts, steelers (if big ben retires), 49ers (if they stay healthy), redskins. His not good enough to make a team like jets playoff bound. How he plays in playoffs is a different story his only been to postseason 3 times in 12 years and lost all 3. Is he going to be good enough to get u so a sb i just dont know. Saying all that i would love him on my 49ers he is a huge improvement over jimmy g and it be worth the risk if the cost
  9. True that's one of my worries too him breaking down or doing a luck and calling it a day to look after his ailing body.
  10. If its more than pick 12 i want nothing to do with with this trade. We have so many holes to fill and hardly any cap space not willing to give up more than 1st this year. And i love stafford but when it gets too expensive just walk away from the trade. I feel like his colt bound anyways they need a qb, out of the conference and they do trade the picks for player like buckner last off season.
  11. Is there any player not a qb that you would be happy to trade up for ? If front office thought Williams was gone I be ok with a trade up for Sewell if it wasnt much of a trade up.
  12. Got love the new rules for hires. Extra draft picks are always good
  13. Phillip Rivers retiring so that’s another team looking to fix there about spot.
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