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  1. NFL News is a damn graveyard for players on IR. Makes me thankful we've only lost a few starters to this point. Hope that lasts.
  2. Did Adoree go on IR? If so, think the minimum weeks required is 3. I could be wrong on that.
  3. I'm kinda surprised we didn't sign Ansah the last week or two. He's not great, but surely would have been better than Beasley.
  4. Loving it so far. Camera can be a bit frustrating with Mario 64 though.
  5. Episode 5 was something else. This show just gets better with each episode.
  6. I'm on day 7 of 14 of hotel quarantine now that I'm back in China. I have not seen another human that wasn't in a hazmat suit since the 12th at 4 am. I've dealt with the worst Chinese food this whole country has on offer. I may not survive another 7 days. 😆The biggest thing I miss from the outside world is beer.
  7. Vought NEWS and the CNN version, NCC or whatever it is.
  8. Who is David Hookstead and why is he such a clown? His Twitter is something else. 🤣
  9. How's it going to work for bowl games and playoffs? Will the B1G have enough time to catch up? What's changed health/virus wise that has caused them to change their minds from before? Such a huge mess.
  10. Means none of his players can be tested for 90 days. I'm not convinced every coach in the SEC didn't find a covid patient at a nearby hospital and offer to pay their hospital bills if they'd cough on the entire roster.
  11. Man. Hope we don’t let that GW kick keep him on the team.
  12. First game. First game action. In Denver. It’ll get sorted over a couple weeks.
  13. Outside of the defense playing well, been a rough game. FGs, Evans, now Lewan. Tough go of it.
  14. That would mean the NCAA has to make a decision on something other than throwing darts at a board to decide who gets transfer waivers. Never gonna happen.
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