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  1. Saw Cooper and Harrison putting the full court press on him. Here's to hoping.
  2. Now if only Tate Ratledge would join him....
  3. The Travel Thread

    I will say, as a person that refuses to be at the airport less than 3 hours before my flight, I love the tiny airports where I can get there 90 minutes before and have 83 minutes to relax at the gate.
  4. The Travel Thread

    I was blown away at how awful the Vegas airport was. I figured with how popular of a destination that is, it would have an incredible airport. Maybe the worst in the US that I've sat through. Having lived in Manila for four years, Manila's airport is the worst in the world. It's also often ranked the worst in the world by pilots and travelers. I hate that place with a burning passion. 4 Terminals and all 4 are absolute dog dook. If we're ranking US airports (not small ones like McGhee Tyson in Knoxville or Chattanooga's sorry @theJ), some of my faves: 1. Nashville, TN (I just love tennessee brew works being everywhere) 2. Minneapolis, MN 3. Denver, CO 4. Bozeman, MT The dregs of airports in no order: -Chicago O'Hare -Vegas, NV -LA, CA -Charlotte, NC -SeaTac (mostly because their international terminal getting in and out is a freaking nightmare, especially if you don't have their passport control app)
  5. Can Ryan Tannehill be THE GUY for Tennessee?

    You. I like you.
  6. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    We could win the Superbowl and I'd still not be ready to believe.
  7. Board Games (Reviews, Rules, Regulations, Random)

    Forbidden Desert/Island might be fun for him.
  8. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    I've never clicked a football harder or faster than your posting of this tweet.
  9. GDT: Titans -2.5 (7-5) @ Raiders (6-6)

    Are we good!? Woke up for work and threw on the stream just in time to see us give up a touchdown and miss a FG. Closed the computer to finish getting ready and head to work. Open up Gamecast and see 42-21. Wild. What were the injuries from this game?
  10. Penn State gives James Franklin six year extention

    Fsu out here getting everyone paid.
  11. College Football 2019-20 prospect related

    I doubt we'd have to spend a premium pick on JJ.
  12. Black Friday Deals - 2019

    That's basically the same in USD.
  13. College Football 2019-20 prospect related

    If we're taking a WR this draft, my heart wants Jauan Jennings. Maybe my favorite VFL since Chris Lofton.
  14. Black Friday Deals - 2019

    Any cyber monday things worth looking at?
  15. 2019 Transfer Thread

    You can have whichever of the 3 QBs likely transfers from Tennessee (Probs Maurer), assuming Harrison Bailey stays committed.