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  1. Spent the last four years using YouTube videos to teach myself weight lifting. Never went consistently enough and had terrible form, I'm sure. Hired a personal trainer since I moved to Beijing. Amazing the difference in having a professional teach you vs a YT video. I'm already seeing growth I hadn't seen ever. I just assumed I couldn't gain muscle at all.
  2. Kirk Cousins FACTS

    Beat Brees, Rodgers, Brady on his way to a SB playing with a busted ACL, broken finger on his throwing hand, and Arthur Smith as his OC.
  3. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    It's kinda weird. He's like the sick love child of Ruskie and Rammy without any of their good qualities.
  4. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Watching the highlights video, Tanny had several completions to guys with 2 WRs in the same 5 yards. Obvioulsy isn't the whole story watching an 11 minute video, but what in the hell is happening on those routes?
  5. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Because they end in touchdowns for the defense..... Excited to wake up to a win today. Boxscore scouting says Tanny looked decent today.
  6. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I guess I could see it. It’s just a job and a grind to many of them. Same ole same ole each week and season so having someone to get your adrenaline up might be a thing.
  7. 2019-2020 NCAAB Discussion Thread 1.0

    I don't hate many basketball teams, but Memphis and every coach they've had I hate. They're all such twats.
  8. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Who says we can stand you now!?
  9. USMNT Thread: Wandering in the Wilderness

    How is the USMNT so bad?
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Why? What has Mariota shown in Tennessee recently to make you think he'd be good here in 3 years?
  11. Arthur Smith

    He needs to go and the OL coach needs to go. How many guys have we signed the last 4 or 5 years on the OL that were decent/good for their teams then come here and fall off the earth? Saffold, Jones, Levitre, anyone else?
  12. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | Opening night without Zion :(

    "Republicans buy sneakers too"
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Thought it didn't release until Halloween?
  14. NBA News & Notes

    Yeah... I dunno. Not a great look for Bron, not that any of this has been a great look for anyone outside Silver.
  15. Arthur Smith

    Think they flashed something on the screen in the Broncos game that Henry/Titans leads the league by quite a bit for runs for a loss.