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  1. Finger Pointing to the Future

    I thought it was decided that we hired JRob because he was the only decent GM willing to agree to AAS's terms of hiring Mularkey? Pretty sure there were several people here linking to that and saying he's likely to fire him the first chance he gets.
  2. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    The gif of the place made r/wtf on reddit. Just wild to see.
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Wow... hit the dude in the back of the head while he was jawing with another person.... Glad to see they're as classy as the rest of Florida!
  4. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Finished watching highlights of the second half. Both of those 2pt conversation plays were terrible.
  5. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    What is he doing? If the first guy didn't tip it, the guy behind him was.
  6. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Weird. We blitz and they pick everyone up. They rush 4 and we get no time.
  7. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    How many times these guys gonna call us out for constantly running on first down and only letting Marcus air it out on third down?
  8. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Deciding to stay up for a bit. First live game this year. Glad to see the boys are making it worth my while...
  9. Week 7 GDT

    Least you get a sweet shelf you can try to put together?
  10. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Philippines until end of May. Then Japan, Korea, Russia, China, or Vietnam seem to be the most likely destinations with outside shots at Poland, Croatia, or Romania after that.
  11. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Wish these last two weeks hadn't happened. I'd be much more inclined to stay up until 9:30 pm to see the start of the game.
  12. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    UT lost which, if I'm doing the Tennessee sportsball god calculations correctly, means the Titans are allowed victory this week.
  13. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    Probably not many college safety his size and speed. God, he'd cure all of our TE-coverage woes.
  14. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    47-23 Titans. We have a thread by Tuesday on if Marcus is a top 10 QB.
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    Does it really affect the flavor that much? I can't imagine that it does.