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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Never played Diablo so this is fine by me.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    Funny to see the different types of videos and tweets shared between this thread and the Bucs thread. If I stayed in here, you'd think we'd owned them every rep. If you read the Bucs thread, you'd think the Titans didn't even show up.
  3. Board Games (Reviews, Rules, Regulations, Random)

    It's nice to lose every now and then. Keeps the game exciting.
  4. Training Camp Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24374687/new-york-jets-coach-todd-bowles-criticizes-terrelle-pryor-talking-reporters-injuries Looks like Vrabel isn't the only one not wanting to talk about injuries. Also, sounds like we dodged a bullet not signing Pryor. The mess those WA guys were talking and the way they were treating him in the joint practice....wooooof.
  5. Training Camp Thread

    You guys signed AJ Johnson today. Hope he can at least sneak onto your PS this year.
  6. Board Games (Reviews, Rules, Regulations, Random)

    Finally had a few free days to Gloomhaven. Trying to learn the Three Spears character after retiring my Scoundrel. Just happened to get the Greed is Good retirement card with the one starting character designed to hoover everything around her.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    As though @ragevsuall17 needed more reasons to think Jalen Ramsey was a turd, he goes out there and acts like an actual turd to the media
  8. Training Camp Thread

    Over/Under he shows up in a hoodie for the first game?
  9. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    DeMarco Murray is supposedly retired, but I'm sure he'd be willing to take a go at it.
  10. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct was wild. How is all of that going to fit on a cartridge? 70+ characters, 100+ stages, 800 songs......
  11. Titans sign Brandon Chubb LB----Release TE-Supernaw

    Time for Supernaw to go join Eugene Amano, Andy Levitre, and Lamont Thompson on the island of unwanted Titans. What are we going to do about that second ILB spot? Isn't Compton the only healthy guy on the roster now? Start Brown and Woodyard?
  12. DC Movie Universe

    I want to like it, but I can't get past that horrendous costume.
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Need to get Octopath Traveler now that I've beaten Hollow Knight with 107%. School starts back tomorrow though so gotta wait to figure out how much time I'll have to devote to video games.
  14. Training Camp Thread

    Let's not act like it's just during a Titans game.... I'm excited, but it's quite difficult to keep track of due to my timezone. Near impossible for me to avoid looking at the scores of games when I wake up too, so I always know the results of games before watching them.
  15. Most anticipated game this year?

    Spider-Man is my most anticipated. If I had any belief in the Nintendo online services, I'd say Smash for the online with friends, but that's a no go.