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  1. Pretty sure even Michael C. Hall said they were all running on fumes at the end and just wanted to get it over with.
  2. Finally getting around to Spider-Man on PS4. Is the DLC worth it? Read mixed reviews on it so far.
  3. Thank you both. Just doing what I was doing with the trainer before and substituting with what's available in this gym. I'm usually the only one in there so avoiding injuring myself is mostly the name of the game 😆 T: Chest/Tri Th: Back/Bi Sa: Legs/Shoulders with staff basketball on the days in-between. I've stalled out on noticeable body differences. Need to figure out some way to lose this last layer of fat, but I'm going to assume that's mostly diet.
  4. My PT left Beijing for a few months so I’m on my own using my apartment building’s gym instead of his. Any idea what these things are for? I’m basically a gym newb minus what I’ve learned the last year with my guy.
  5. If you don't have a gaming PC, would this be a worthy purchase? I also saw you can only order 1 per customer and you had to have a steam purchase by June 21 to be able to reserve it.
  6. I saw the title of this thread and was going to post The Legend of Dragoon. Wild. Other than the ones already mentioned, my top 3 would be: -Diddy Kong Racing -Tales of Symphonia -Timesplitters 2 Of those three, I would probably choose Tales.
  7. https://www.cbr.com/what-if-mcu-connection-tom-hiddleston-confirms/ Seems Tom thinks it will connect to the MCU.
  8. My brother is a dispatcher. He's a jackass to people that call. Granted, they deal with an inordinate amount of stupid people from coworkers to callers. Kind of shocked about Sherman. He seemed like one of the better dudes in the league off the field. He might be a late playoff push signing now.
  9. Lotta talking in this finale. Having zero knowledge of the big bad reveal's character, was he true to form? Guess you couldn't go with the same type of menacing threat that Thanos was.
  10. Man... that was a much more brutal movie than I was expecting from an MCU affair as far as language and fight scenes. Thought it was good. Would have loved to have seen it in theaters.
  11. I saw something on reddit about a 200 foot shot that forced a playoff. Was an insane shot. I want to get back into DG but there aren't any here in Beijing.
  12. Probably favorite episode other than episode 2. CGI cloud monster was meh at a few points. Classic Loki was great.
  13. There's also been rumors they are going to work on multiple series of PR geared towards adults and children.
  14. What about a Soulsborne show? Though I'm not sure where a show could even start.
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