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  1. Of the current lineup, I hope they keep Aquaman, Wonder Woman (but act like WW1984 didn't happen) and try like hell to keep Henry Cavil. Rest can go. Keep all this SS stuff for an alternate universe with no connection.
  2. Flash teaser was cool. Batman trailer was solid. I'm interested in what they choose to do with Black Adam.
  3. What in the hell was Dino Babers doing?
  4. I jumped in during a busy season in my life so didn't give it much time. The strategies and matchups are fairly deep though Nuffle's kiss can still ruin you if the dice decide they aren't going to be in your favor.
  5. Playing season 2 of Blood Bowl in a 12 person league. Used vampires last year and finished last in the league with a record of 0-5-7. Using wood elves this season and currently 2-0-0. Feels good to win. 🤣
  6. Needed to find something for cardio that was better on my back than staff basketball. Bought a bike last night and went on an 80km ride this morning with a group. Ton of fun. Just the right amount of challenging and competitiveness for me I think.
  7. It's impressive how much that season killed off excitement for a GoT universe as a whole.
  8. Has there been a bigger crash and burn than Steve Wilks since taking the Arizona Cardinals HC job?
  9. What's it like to have a QB that hits wide open deep throws?
  10. Shows a bit of what is coming next. Some people avoid that type of trailer like the plague though so I won't say anything about it.
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