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  1. I'm getting steamrolled by the first major boss in Nioh. I may not touch this game again if I die again to this giant oaf.
  2. I don't have much of an opinion for the franchise either way since that is the only one I've seen. I'm more surprised they keep bringing Ford back and not just rebooting the entire thing. Drunken me did not articulate myself well last night likely along with knowing it would annoy people that I've only seen the last one. I was quite shocked to wake up to so many notifications on here 😆 Though my original question was legitimate. Do enough people care about IJ at this point to bring back Ford for another go around? Seems weird that what I assume are supposed to be action-adventure movies a
  3. Haven't seen them so I wouldn't know. Though those movies feel far less driven by a single character/actor who is pushing 80 than Indiana Jones.
  4. Do people still care about this franchise? I’ve only seen Crystal skull so maybe my views toward this character are skewed.
  5. I’m enjoying this show quite a bit, but the plot has been as predictable as they come. Which is fine. Just a big shift from WandaVision.
  6. Getting the SinoPharm round 1 next week. School is paying for it so that's cool. Was going to wait to see if the US Embassy or AmCham would provide the Pfizer or Moderna but there's been zero word on that front so just going with the Chinese one.
  7. It's.... fine? I couldn't finish it. The story is ****e and the whole point of having 8 characters to go out and find seemed great, but there's so little interaction between them in the world and in battle that there was little point to the game's party.
  8. Both Springer and Keon Johnson to the draft. Sad face. Get it for Johnson. Springer didn't seem that impressive most of the year though.
  9. @The Gnat Have you posted a photo of you BG storage? Do you keep them all on shelves, in a closet, or multiple places? You must live in a mansion to house all the games you've got. 😆
  10. Who is Sharon? Is she a TV character? If she's from a movie, I have zero memory of which one.
  11. Sounds like a Rick Barnes player to me.
  12. I don't care much for her, but my wife has loved every moment she's on screen. Though that scene in the jail did take up a bit too much time. Is Winter Solider this brooding in the comics?
  13. Prepubescent me thought Sub-Zero on the N64 was great. Would probably be like a DBZ: Kakarot.
  14. What a weird thread to wake up to this morning. Was not expecting this in the least. I didn't think we could surpass last offseason in ineptitude but Vrable and JRob are giving it a run for its money.
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