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  1. Good value for a part-time player. Hopefully more deals are coming, and the Joneses realize this club needs to be rebuilt (again!).
  2. That's true, but in 2019 the team was flush with cap space. In 2017-18, they had quite a few players on cheap, rookie deals contributing. Regardless, we all recognize that the Joneses aren't the best architects.
  3. We saw what kind of team the Boys could have when it had a QB making less than $3M - that was Dak on his rookie deal. The team didn't achieve much because the "architects" continually failed to put together a complete team. The problem isn't Dak and his contract. The problem resides in the Joneses and the coaches they've hired, and I know you agree with this. And as raised multiple times but you continue to discount (at least in this thread but not elsewhere), the big problems reside in the big contracts outside of Dak. There are numerous players who are taking significant chunks of cap space for little production. Making this team better isn't about getting rid of arguably the team's most important player; it's about cutting the fat that exists all over the roster. This includes Zeke, T. & J. Smith, Lee, Cooper, Poe, and many others. It also means not giving guys like Blake Jarwin $9.25M guaranteed. It means drafting better and committing to player development. It means finding bargains in FA. It means stop taking chances (i.e., using draft capital) on high-risk players, whether they're coming off a major injury or had troubles with the law and/or using drugs.
  4. Using win-loss record to argue whether a QB is good or not is as asinine as using W-L to argue a pitcher's effectiveness. It's a terrible stat to use on a player when discussing team sports. It makes sense when assessing a front office's and coaching staff's ability, but it's pretty much a useless stat for evaluating a player's performance since nearly 3/5s of the game is out of his control.
  5. Agreed on that point. Washington's defence is quite good. That said, the Boys had a lot of success against the Seahawks.
  6. Smith has only played 2 games this year, and the offence still produced when he was out and Dak was under center. Dak hid a lot of the team's protection problems with his quick release and mobility. Even with this makeshift OL, I think the Boys would have had more than 142 yards in total offence and ran more than 15 plays in Redskins' territory (four coming after Pollard's KO return and the Boys had only two other series where they got into the offensive side of half).
  7. The Boys averaged 2.6 yards per play yesterday. Yep, any QB could post great stats with the team's weapons. Sure the OL is decimated, but Dak played behind a ravaged OL all year. His ability to escape pressure plus his dual-threat ability were big reasons why the team could move the ball on offence. Dalton is a sitting duck in the pocket.
  8. With this train-wreck of a season, I might need to go back into hibernation for my own mental well-being.
  9. He might have hurt himself after spinning like a revolving door all night.
  10. The tone of your post didn't indicate you also playing around, but it is the internet and subtleties like that are difficult to pick up. The gif also looks like the guy is ready to brawl.
  11. It was pretty obvious that we were just having a bit of fun. We were clearly being facetious. Chill out, man.
  12. I'm all for blowing the whole thing up and biting the massive cap hits for the next two seasons. I doubt the Joneses would agree because they'll look at the five or six core players and think they can win with them, especially since the NFC East is so awful this year. I can imagine the discussions they're having right now - how do we get better to win the division because anything can happen come the playoffs and maybe the team gets hot (an unlikely scenario given the holes on the team). Tanking, too, should have started at the beginning of the season. It might too late now.
  13. Once again, your argument is full of holes, and you continue to ignore them. There's no need to go forward with this conversation because of your complete dislike and bias against Dak. The team is worse than last year because of a lot of issues that go beyond Dak. What you have described is the ideal football team. Every team aspires to have a great OL, stud WR, an effective ground game, and a great defence. As such, what's the point of that? Brady doesn't win 6 SBs without a great defence, especially three out of the six he won. Manning doesn't win his two without a defence. Brees doesn't sniff a ring without a better supporting cast. And teams don't win Super Bowls without great QB play. There are a few instances where teams have won with a so-so QB (like the Ravens with Dilfer and the Giants with Hostetler), but those are the exceptions than the rule. It's difficult to win a championship with just an adequate QB. But if you think the Boys would be better with the Tannenhills and Daltons of the world, you're entitled to that. History shows the opposite. Whether you think Dak is elite or not is also up to you. I think he's quite elite, at least not at the level of a Mahomes or Wilson, but he's well-above average. He still might end up great, much like Drew Brees, who was an above-average QB until he moved to New Orleans. Even then, he had similar struggles as Dak and couldn't get over the hump without a better supporting cast. There's only so much a QB can do to cover up his team's weaknesses unless he's able to play every single down on offence and defence.
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