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  1. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Sit around angrily seething over that unfortunate and let several picks pass in order to save a few bucks on the rookie contract.
  2. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Damn near tagged you in my post when I wrote that 😂
  3. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Unless it's a more serious condition than anybody is letting on -- and I kinda doubt it, given that they let Sweat continue his workout at the combine instead of being sent home like Maurice Hurst was last year -- his slide should stop with us. We need a long, athletic pass-rusher on the edge in the worst way. Watching this guy play, you see the elite ability flash in the way he turns the corner and closes down on the QB. Once he gets more coaching in terms of using his hands. his ludicrously long arms will become even more of a weapon. Pass rushers always come with risk. But this guy is a better prospect (in my book) than Marcus Davenport, who went #14 (following a big trade up) last season. If we could get him at #15 due to this heart condition news, that would be great for us. Hopefully the kid is okay, and will remain okay -- but that would be a very fortunate turn of events for us.
  4. Post cromartie mock

    Entirely possible. I’m not sure that answers my question though. My point is that I believe the WR crop is devoid of sure-thing elite prospects, but there a lot of good to very good prospects — guys with either high ceilings or high floors, but perhaps not both. In other words, I think the #1 WR on the board is not much better than the #6 WR prospect. DK Metcalf AJ Brown Marquise Brown Hakeem Butler N’Keal Harry JJ Arcega-Whiteside Parris Campbell Deebo Samuel Kelvin Harmon Riley Ridley Everyone has a different order of these guys, but pick your top 5 guys off that list. Then compare #1 to #5. Does he really have a “much better likelihood” of being an impact WR? Metcalf compared to Butler? A.J. Brown compared to N’Keal Harry? Hollywood Brown compared to any of those others? It’s a big toss-up to me. So I’d rather have #4 or #5 on that list plus a 3rd rounder to use on a potential starter than just #1 on that list.
  5. Post cromartie mock

    Out of curiosity, is there any reason other than the obvious (more players available at 15 than, say, mid-20s) that you say that? Who do you expect to be there at 15 that has a much better likelihood of being an impact receiver than players still on the board later in the 1st?
  6. Post cromartie mock

    I’m not a big fan of Hakeem Butler as a 1st rounder. I just don’t see him getting open on film. They started using him on a lot of crossing routes as last season went on, and that was pretty effective. It was a nice way to take his “vertical” skills (long striding speed and exceptional length) and make them useful horizontally. But you just very rarely see him uncovering or breaking away from his defender with anything other than a straight line run. His hands are also really inconsistent — I would have liked to see a lot more dependability out of his mitts, especially since his game is so heavily based on making big plays on the rare occasions they’re there. Can’t afford drops when you might only get 3-4 open shots a game. If they took him in the late 1st like this, I could live with it. The size, speed, and run after the catch ability are all rare and worth gambling on at some point. But it wouldn’t be my top preference, and I absolutely wouldn’t be considering him at 15.
  7. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I agree with that, for the most part. They’ll probably pick him based on his lack of “total bust” potential. With that said, though, I don’t think there’s any other position (aside from special teams) that has failed to produce even one star player in the 1st round for a full decade. Maybe that’s changing, with the recent re-emergence of TEs in the 1st round mix. But even with the 2017 trio (Engram, Howard, Njoku) looking promising — and the 2018 guy (Hurst) not so much — I’m not sure they’re better than the cohort of later round guys like Kittle, Andrews, Goedert, Chris Herndon, Ian Thomas, etc. If they take Hockenson at 15, I won’t revolt. He’s a great TE prospect, one of the best and most well-rounded in recent memory. He and Reed would make a nasty combo that would put any defense in the league under the gun. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d be better off looking at a more premium position earlier on and then trying our hand with a guy like Josh Oliver or Foster Moreau or Jace Sternberger in the early Day 3 range.
  8. Post Keenum Mock Draft

    He’d be in there around that ballpark. I have him below Greedy and Baker because I’m not sure he will be able to play outside in the NFL. Greedy has the size to control a lot of outside receivers and Baker is just a supremely gifted cover guy in my book. Murphy kinda reminds me of Kendall Fuller actually — which is a good player, but a little limited in terms of high-end impact. Good short-area quickness, great instincts, obviously really good balls skills with all the INTs, tough enough to stick his nose in there. But a guy who may be just a slot CB (which Fuller himself has now sorta proved to be) isn’t nearly as high on the positional value chart for me. If he was still on the board in early round 2, maybe even very late round 1, I’d be all over him. EDIT: Now that I think about it a little more, I’d probably have Baker over Greedy for the Redskins. Just because we have Dunbar to tangle with the guys who would overwhelm Baker with sheer size and strength. I think Baker is the more natural pure cover guy, and I’d really like the fit with him and Dunbar over the next couple seasons. Baker could step in and play nickel for a year if they decided to keep Norman around.
  9. Post Keenum Mock Draft

    I think it’s all a moot point, because I’m not sure I see a guy teams would trade up for. Maybe a possible LT or one of the 4-3 DEs (Ferrell or Gary if he was still there)? Maybe Hockenson, I guess Pittsburgh might bite on him as an instant weapon to plug in and take some pressure of JuJu?
  10. Post Keenum Mock Draft

    Yeah, I definitely would. I like lots of those players — I don’t love any of them, for various reasons. If it was possible, I’d rather move back into the 19-22 range, hopefully still be able to grab one of those guys, and pick up another mid-3rd in the process. I think that would really put us in the driver’s seat on Day 2 (with 4 picks), which is where I think the depth of this draft will really show up. If Bush and Burns weren’t undersized, I’d go with them over a trade down. But I think Bush would have some issues playing ILB behind a one-gapping 3-man front like ours, just in terms of having to take on blockers more than you’d really like to see a smaller guy have to. And I think Burns probably starts out as a situational pass-rusher until he bulks up enough to play 3 downs. If there was a WR that I really liked, that would be a good option too. But there isn’t. I think Metcalf will be the first WR taken, but I prefer his college teammate (who would absolutely be on my list to consider if we moved back into the mid-twenties). I like the idea of Hollywood Brown, but I can’t take an injured 170 pound WR in the middle of the first round. If I knew he was a legit 4.30-flat speed guy, maybe. But I don’t. To me, it’s a draft with a lot of potentially good players. But I don’t see a ton of potential superstars. In terms of true elite talents, I think there are probably only 3 in this draft (Bosa, Allen, and Quinnen). I think White is too good an athlete and too good a kid to pass on with our need at ILB and I think Sweat is too freakish an athlete with a lot of production to pass on given how important a pass-rusher would be for us. Everybody else has some warts and some red flags, so I’d rather pick up another valuable pick along with my rookie instead of forcing a pick at the top of the next tier just so I can get my favorite question mark. That’s just me though, I always like trading down and buying more lottery tickets.
  11. Post Keenum Mock Draft

    Leaving out guys who obviously won’t be there (Bosa, Josh Allen, and Quinnen particularly), if I’m making a wish list... 1. Montez Sweat 2. Devin White 3. Trade Down 4. Devin Bush 5. Brian Burns 6. Rashan Gary / Clelin Ferrell 7. Greedy Williams 8. Deandre Baker 9. Various OL to start at OG and shift to OT 10. Various WRs
  12. Landon Collins to Washington

    Well, Ray Horton coached Sam Shade into a big FA contract, Troy Polamalu from his breakout second season into the HOF, and T.J. Ward in his breakout Pro Bowl year. I think he knows how to deploy a quality box safety. Manusky coached Dashon Goldson into an All-Pro, Eric Weddle in his breakout All-Pro year, Antoine Bethea in the middle of his prime, Mike Adams in a shocking late-career revival (to the tune of 2 Pro Bowls), and most recently a solid 1.5 seasons out of D.J. Swearinger. So he’s got a pretty good track record with combo safeties, especially. I think they’ll be able to “protect” Collins, to the extent that he needs protecting. I would still like to see them add some talent in front of him that could help, especially a pass-rusher and an ILB who can cover.
  13. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Food for thought: since Tony Gonzalez in 1998, how many 1st round draft pick TEs have really lived up to their lofty selection? I’d say Greg Olsen (pick 31 in 2007) probably has. After him, I think the best possibilities are Vernon Davis (pick 6 in 2006), Jeremy Shockey (pick 14 in 2002), or Heath Miller (pick 30 in 2005). I’m not sure any of those teams would still use that pick on the player, knowing how things have turned out. And honestly Miller is probably the most likely option in my eyes, having been picked at the end of the 1st and having been a paragon of durability and well-rounded TE play for PIT for a decade. Anyway, I guess the point is that the most successful 1st round TE in the last decade has been Jermaine Gresham. With Eric Ebron perhaps nipping at his disappointing heels. Is this really a position where we feel investing a 1st round pick is necessary and/or appropriate?
  14. Zach Brown Released .

    Wouldn’t that have been definitely worse in this instance, trading the 4th round pick and locking ourselves in to a contract extension for a player we ended up not really even wanting to keep? I don’t think any team that acquired a player at or around the trade deadline last year had an extension worked out with them. That includes a number of guys who were pending FAs, like Golden Tate (PHI gave up a 3rd) and Dante Fowler (LAR gave up 3rd and 2020 5th). It also includes Amari Cooper (DAL gave up a 1st) and Demaryius Thomas (HOU gave up 3rd), who both had only a monstrous last year of their contract left. It’s never a bad idea to hedge your bets when it comes to acquiring a player from another team and plugging them into your scheme and locker room. If Clinton-Dix had played well and they had really wanted to keep him, they could have — through the franchise tag, if nothing else. But they gave themselves the opportunity to get out with no harm done if it didn’t go well, which it didn’t, and they picked up a little parting gift on top of it. It was a failed trade. But not because they didn’t extend him.
  15. Zach Brown Released .

    You can’t play Zach Brown with Reuben Foster, which presumably is part of the reason he’s gone first. ...the other part being the much larger cap hit, obviously. Mason should go too, but they haven’t done anything to replace him with a better option yet. Missing out on Mosley and Hicks hurt, just because there weren’t a ton of starting options out there in FA. I still like Denzel Perryman, but I have no illusions that he’s going to be a big upgrade on Mason Foster athletically (or in terms of durability).