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  1. As non-sold as I am on Westbrook, I think they have to see those two together for a while at full speed to see if anything clicks. Same as I felt with Wall before the trade. Their concept has been to try to build the team around those two guards as a duo, I think they’ve gotta at least try to let it play out before they pull the plug. That said, it’s already mid-January. The trade deadline is March 25. I think they’ve got until mid-March to make a final decision on Beal/the future. And if things look anything like they have through 11 games, that decision is probably going to have to be
  2. Sounds like a problem solved to this guy. If they had an All-22 for college games like they have on NFL Game Pass, they could charge me any price for it and I would pay it.
  3. I just saw this post, and I know you’re not necessarily saying what the guy on Twitter was saying, but this is a classic example of the lengths to which people will go to defend players they like. He has on the floor with him one of the best shooters on the planet in Bertans, a career 38% 3pt shooter who is exceeding even that so far this year in Neto, and a guy who isn’t a great shooter but can hit one in Robinson. If you have to have four shooters on the floor with you at all times, you’re a pretty fragile superstar. The real problem Westbrook is running into is that he HIMSELF is a no
  4. Also, apropos of nothing, this pretty much sums up my take on drafting a QB just because you need one:
  5. I’m assuming LSU was one of them? Everybody has a bad day, but holy smokes. Also, do you have a secret cut-up source? I’ve been trying to watch more Mond, but I’m not finding a ton of full games on the YouTube machine. Definitely not 11. I hope you’re not hoarding the good stuff, we’re family here, we all eat or nobody eats! 😂
  6. I think you can get a Samuel type player in the draft. I couldn’t pay him FA money to be a gadget player when I could draft someone like one of the Moores or Toney in the 2nd to play that role for a fraction of the price. Signing Samuel probably takes those players (plus all the other slot options like St. Brown, Newsome, etc) off our board. We’d still need a classic WR2, someone with some size and speed and a pretty well-rounded skillset, including blocking the ability to beat press coverage. To me, that’s tougher to find and tougher to translate quickly. I’d rather pay for that guy as
  7. I think I’d much rather have Dak than Wentz, personally. I guess Dak has more ability to scuttle a deal, by refusing to play ball with Houston on a long-term deal — but that would be a really bold play, for a guy coming off a very serious injury to turn down a mega-contract with tons of guaranteed money. Wentz is pretty much stuck wherever Philly sends him, so he couldn’t do quite as much to derail things.
  8. I already hate my choice. Forgot that BAL traded away their 3rd rounder for Ngakoue, can’t imagine they’ll be looking to move up when they’re already short on picks.
  9. They definitely do have to be wary of the McLaurin issue. One of my concerns is that when you add a veteran FA, you tend to see some drop-off when moving to a new team with a different roster/scheme and all that. So when you set your sights on a so-called WR2, you often end up getting a guy who produces at a lower level than that. I guess the other thing that’s kinda tricky is how you define “WR2.” Chris Godwin was ostensibly the WR2 in TB, but he’ll be one of the most sought-after guys on the market. Guys like Corey Davis, Will Fuller, even JuJu to a large degree were secondary op
  10. I think Kyle will stay here through the draft — I’m sure they’re not even allowed to leave in the middle of the run-up to the draft. Certainly wouldn’t be permitted to join up with another team until after the draft, at the very least. But I’d be gone after that. When they bring in some guy from outside the organization to be your new boss, and that guy is basically your peer/equal, that’s the sign that here is not the place for you. If they’re looking for a gifted young personnel director ready to move up to running an organization, but they pick somebody else’s instead of their own — th
  11. I’m one of the biggest proponents of addressing the WR corps that there is, but even I’m not sure if we need that much of an investment. Don’t get me wrong, it would be thrilling to land Robinson and Waddle and go from bad WR unit to incredible in one offseason. But my thought is if we make a big FA outlay to add another legitimately good starting WR, we can afford to go elsewhere, at least with the 1st rounder. If Waddle is there, maybe you just can’t pass, but I don’t really expect him to be. To me, if we land someone like Robinson or Golladay or JuJu or Davis (can’t believe you
  12. Classic. Interview his subordinate for the job above him. Hopefully Kyle will stick it out until the draft at least, we’ve got a lot riding on these four day 1-2 picks.
  13. So this is a really good idea, and it makes a lot of sense for a team like us that has some cap flexibility now but will likely find ourselves in more of a pinch 2-3 seasons from now. The problem with the idea, as I think we’ve seen it happen at times, comes when you get to that last year or two. That’s when you’re supposed to benefit — you paid out the big bucks up front, the player was loving it, everybody was happy, etc., and now it’s the team’s turn to profit with the lower salary in the back end. But the player starts to look around the league, and sees other guys at his position ca
  14. So this sorta gets to a point I’ve been making on and off for a few years now. In short, I’d rather pay $15M for $12M worth of production than pay $1M for $1M worth of production. The extreme concern about overpaying a player doesn’t get to me like it used to, or like it still does to many posters it seems. Obviously, you can’t “overpay” at every position across the board. But they don’t award the Super Bowl to the team with the best bargains and the cleanest cap sheet. You have to have good players, elite players, to compete against the best teams. Sometimes you have to pay more than yo
  15. Yeah, I think that’s right. It’s one thing to have a coach tell you what you need to do. It’s another thing to watch a guy like Alex — former #1 pick, 15 years in the NFL, 100 wins as a starter, world’s most inspirational football player — go about his everyday work. To see the amount of work and sacrifice and dedication it takes on a daily basis to get to that level. You can tune out coaches as being unrealistic or nagging, but when you watch a guy do it himself, by choice — it has to send the message that if you want to get to the level he’s at, you need to match (or exceed) his effort,
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