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  1. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    I agree, after having seen that kick, it probably would’ve been good from 52. But we didn’t know that at the time the decision was made. And if our thought process was “Hopkins is hurt, he probably can’t kick long,” then I don’t think we can treat a 52 yarder as much more than a long shot either. I understand your point, and I wouldn’t have revolted if they had tried to throw it. I could only find one substantially similar situation in the last 20ish years — DEN vs SD in 2004, Denver was down 3 and had it 4th and 10 on SD’s 46 yard line with 8 seconds left and no timeouts. They tried to throw it for the first down too, and they actually got the 10 yards but didn’t get out of bounds and the clock ran out. If Gruden knew there was a 0% chance that Hopkins could make the kick, then it was obviously dumb. But otherwise, I think we’re just choosing from bad/hopeless options. I honestly think McCoy might have had a better shot at completing a Hail Mary than a 12 yard out to the sidelines in that scenario. Rather hope for one miracle than two 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Alex Smith requires emergency surgery

    Unfortunately, I believe he’s less expendable now than he was before he got hurt. I’ve been saying since the contract was signed that I thought there was at least a “tolerable” out in his contract after this season. His 2020 salary becomes guaranteed a few days after the start of the 2019 league year. Which means that if we cut him prior to that, especially if we designated it a June 1 cut, it actually wouldn’t really cost us anything additional against our cap — he’d count as $20Mish dead cap in both 2019 and 2020 in place of his $20Mish cap number. And the 2021 and 2022 cap numbers would be cleared off the books entirely. However (and I’m not 100% certain on how this works), I believe a larger amount of his salary is “guaranteed for injury” than is fully guaranteed. I don’t think we can get out that easily if he’s injured and not cleared to play by then.
  3. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Nah. I love you my friend, but I don’t think there’s a 5% chance of that. Converting a 4th and 10 and getting out of bounds with 8 seconds left and the defense guarding the boundary is plausible if you’ve got Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams or even Cousins and Garçon or something. But Colt McCoy to Josh Doctson or Michael F. Floyd? If you had a timeout (and the middle field available), sure. But you saw the throw on 2nd and 10 to Floyd. Colt has more guts than just about anybody — but he just doesn’t have the arm to throw a deep out to the sideline against a team (that knows it’s coming) to a receiver who barely belongs on a roster. The key though is that even if you do accomplish all that, you’re still looking at a 50+ yard FG. And if we’re saying Hopkins has a 0% chance of making from 60+ because he’s injured, how likely is it that he really drills one from 52ish?
  4. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    That’s even worse than the P. Smith roughing call, given the game situation. Two top players going at it with the game on the line, and some idiot side judge steps in to decide with some rinky dink little holding call like that. And they wonder why people keep turning the games off.
  5. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Knowing the offense and the scheme is so valuable. Hate what happened to Smith, but it’s fun watching McCoy. This group of underdogs somehow just became even underdoggier.
  6. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    NFL: In the interest of player safety, it is our expectation that players sacking a QB shall gently place their own body (or the body of an available teammate) under the body of the QB in order to cushion his fall and protect him from direct impact with the ground. Any such failure to delicately insulate the falling QB against jarring contact shall be considered and penalized as roughing the passer.
  7. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Not a doctor, but seemed pretty likely to me that it was broken. As much as I hate to say that. Pretty realistic possibility that it’s a career ender for him. At his age, and with a weaker arm and a game built a lot on mobility, I don’t know that it’s a good bet (or even in his interest) to come back from a catastrophic leg injury. If that’s really what it turns out to be.
  8. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Although I will say on the pick six, it was a pretty stupid decision by Gruden to call a play where we’d be looking to throw the ball into the endzone. Should have just called something safe where it could have popped for a TD with a blown coverage or a missed tackle or something, and taken the 3 points. Trying to force it into the endzone from the 12 yard line or whatever, with our personnel, wasn’t a good strategic choice by the head coach or the playcaller.
  9. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    First one is largely on Reed. Second one was terrible by Smith.
  10. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Love seeing a little fire, and a great catch from #TFQ.
  11. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Might as well be a drop by Harris there. NFL receiver needs to get his feet down with that reception on the sideline. He’s not played much on the outside, especially this year, so I get it. But that’s a play we need to make.
  12. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Two drops. Way to help out, guys.
  13. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    The Mason Foster era, glorious though it has been, needs to come to a merciful end I’m afraid.
  14. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    😂 yeah, and then just pray to whatever voodoo black magic gods have been protecting the no-lead-change steak all year. One bit of good news for us is that Aaron Colvin (slot CB) and Zach Cunningham (ILB) are both out for them. And Mr. Irrelevant makes his triumphant return for us in the slot today. So happy Trey Day everybody.
  15. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    He’s a no-go. As are Thompson and Crowder and Dunbar. Moses is a go with the MCL sprain (what a warrior). If you had to make a list of players we can’t afford to be missing against a team with a furious and diverse pass-rush and an offense based on throwing it up to two big, fast WRs — it would basically be our inactive list. Star LT (Clowney), strong right side of OL (Watt), our two speedy blitz-beater weapons, and our excellent #2 CB (Nuk/Demaryius). None of this augurs well for us, friends. Pray for good Nsekhe, good JNo, good painkillers for Moses, a Cassanova McKinzy breakout game, a quick lead, some turnovers, some blown Texans coverages, and a freak snowstorm that blows up out of nowhere and keeps the scoring in the low teens.