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  1. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    He's still a very good player. He's a perfect fit for our biggest need. I despise and detest him with every fiber of my being. It's a tough call.
  2. My friend, you must find yourself in some pretty heated debates when you tell folks that Tom Brady is, at best, the 3rd best QB of his era (behind Rodgers and Manning). And that you could make a reasonable case for Brees and Romo over him in the top 5 as well. I mean sure, he’s led his team to more championships than the rest of them combined. But winning is just a team stat, and the other guys have comparable (or greater) career statistical profiles, so he needs to step back in line where he belongs. Right?
  3. So,,, It Begins .. AGAIN. We Are Cursed .

    On a related note, I just realized that when I think of Shaun Lauvao, in my head I picture Winnie the Pooh.
  4. So,,, It Begins .. AGAIN. We Are Cursed .

    Remarkable that LG is our weakest position and we immediately lost two guards on one day. That’s one of those “only us” type things, for sure. I guess the silver lining is that if you gotta take a hit to your depth at a position, it may as well be one where all your players are pretty poor and you don’t really rotate guys — much easier to replace the expected contributions of depth like Welsh and Kouandjio than Lanier/McGee or Anderson/McPhee, for example. I really don’t like any of the traditional guards still out there in FA. At least not any more than I do Lauvao. I think we need more run blocking than pass blocking from that spot — with Trent being his usual beast self to the left and Roullier looking like a good pass protector but uninspiring run blocker to the right, I think I’d prefer to err on the side of a mauler at LG. Especially if we’re going to look to commit to the run with Guice on board now. Updating my surveillance of the Niners OG situation, they went ahead and cut Zane Beadles — who is an option I guess, but was my last choice of their guys by a pretty wide margin. That seems to take the possibility of a trade for Garnett off the table, for now at least. With that said, I wonder if there’s an OT who they’d consider kicking inside to compete at LG. A guy like Greg Robinson would really intrigue me, he had the potential to be so incredibly dominant coming out of Auburn, you have to wonder if Callahan could unlock that. Byron Bell would be another, the guy clearly can’t play OT at the NFL level, but he’s always been a good run blocker who might be able to handle the LG spot and plow some holes. And I don’t know that Derek Newton will ever be able to come back from that god awful injury, but he was an elite run blocker for a TACKLE at one point, so I think he’d be able to hold his own there if he could get back to something resembling his old self. But the reality is it will probably be Lauvao. With Nsekhe getting plenty of LG reps in case Lauvao flops. Not ideal, for sure.
  5. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    Garçon did. DJax didn’t. At least not a bad QB for receivers to put up numbers with. Jameis missed a couple games, but his per-game average had him on pace for about 350 completions, about 4300 yards, and almost 25 TDs. He also sat right at the top of the league in all the advanced stats that speak to aggressiveness and throwing/completing the ball down the field, so I think it would be pretty odd to suggest that he held DJax back in any way. Garçon actually played well with a bad QB, as you would expect him to of course. But then he got badly hurt — which, as it turns out, is right near the top of the list of reasons why not to give big long-term money to aging skill position players. Why would the FO trying to retain them have caused us to get them for cheaper? I don’t think there’s any reason to think they’d have cut us a big discount — they were drafted by other teams and played for years elsewhere, they aren’t from this area, they aren’t life-long Skins fans, etc. Plus, given the way even Redskins fans constantly talk about how anyone with any sense would get the hell away from this franchise as fast as they can, why would these guys have chosen to stick around for cheap? I mean look, I liked Garçon a lot. I would have hoped to bring him back on a short and/or cheap deal. The market dictated more than that for him, and it was clear from square one that his next contract wasn’t going to be short or cheap. And 5/$47M? Enjoy him. I don’t like DJax (on the football field, at least, I don’t know him as a person). But I recognize the value he has provided as a weapon. At 3/$33M? Enjoy him. I think they made a very smart move letting those guys walk. It hurt in the short term, no doubt. But those are bad contracts and they would have hurt us long-term. And I think it would have been Redskins business as usual to bring either of them back at anything close to those prices. Seriously overpaying a guy on an unwise contract largely because you don’t trust your ability to replace him.
  6. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    Only in the Redskins forum can a team take a pounding for not giving $20M+ a year to two 31-year-old WRs who barely combined for 1000 yards in the first (read: likely best) season of their multi-year deals.
  7. 2018 Free Agency

    I think it’s extremely likely that the Smith trade doesn’t even go down in the 10 worst Redskins trades of the FF era — let alone on the level of the Forsberg deal. I believe it will end up better than at least the following (in no particular order): - Portis (for Bailey + 2nd) - McNabb (for 2nd + conditional 3rd/4th) - RGIII trade (for three 1sts and a 2nd) - Jason Taylor (for 2nd + conditional 6th) - Jason Campbell trade up (for 3rd + future 1st and 4th) - Brandon Lloyd (for 3rd + future 4th) - TJ Duckett (for 3rd and future 4th) - Mark Brunell (for 3rd) - Jammal Brown (plus 5th for 3rd) - Pete Kendall (for 4th) Some of those aren’t awful deals. Some are. I didn’t really even include trades that were decent in theory but turned out terribly because of bad draft luck (like getting James Thrash for a 5th that turned out to be Trent Cole or trading up to get Rocky McIntosh for two picks that turned out to be Anthony Fasano and Eric Weddle). But I think the Smith trade will end up looking better than all of them. First of all, the positional value favors us immensely. If Fuller turns into Revis or Sherman as a true #1 corner, maybe that changes a little — but generally speaking, no one ever says “wow, they got that totally rad slot corner plus a pick and all they had to give up was the 2nd winningest QB in their franchise history?” And second of all, and obviously much more importantly, I think Smith still has good football left in him. I don’t see him as a McNabb or a Brunell or a Jason Taylor who peaked 6 years ago and is now on the steadily slickening downslope of his career. Anyway, point being, let’s not get overwrought about that trade. It’s got a lot of competition to be one of the worst in recent Redskins history, let alone in the recent history of all the DC teams.
  8. Off-Topic: The Washington Capitals Thread

    I was sitting there like Ovi after that one slid through and lit the lamp...not really even celebrating that much, just overcome with freakin relief!
  9. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Couldn’t play Wall and Harden together. There’s only one basketball and neither of them shoots it well enough to play off the ball while the other dominates it. Take the ball out of either of their hands and you’re taking away what makes them special. They’re extremely similar players when you get down it. They both need to be surrounded by knock down shooters for whom they can use their unique ability to collapse defense and create shots. That’s why it works with them playing alongside Beal/Porter and Paul/Gordon (and the rest of their hundred shooters). The lesson to take from thinking about James Harden is that we should be continuing to try to build a similar team around Wall. It doesn’t take a genius (ahem, Ernie) to steal the blueprint someone else came up with. Surround him with shooters and rim-runners. We’ve done a decent job of securing two great shooters (although at tremendous cost), but we really need at least two more — probably a more reliable stretch 4 and then a wing off the bench. And Capela’s value to Harden can’t be overstated, we desperately need someone like him (or even like Gortat in his prime) who is a weapon and a devastating finisher on the roll and dive stuff.
  10. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    I was thinking the other night while watching the Celtics play that if the Wizards had landed Al Horford a couple years ago, that would have made them a legitimate Finals contender. Still couldn’t have touched the Warriors, but Horford’s brilliant all-around game is exactly what they’ve been missing.
  11. Your 53 man roster predictions

    I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Garnett play. Not sure I ever even watched him at Stanford, let alone as a Niner. I was mostly basing the suggestion of trading for him on (a) his draft pedigree, which seems to suggest a good amount of natural talent at least, and (b) my perception, from glancing through the SF forum, that he might be the odd man out among Cooper and Beadles and Tomlinson. I also would prefer not to trade a 4th for him (or players of similar quality), but I’d like to get someone in before training camp at least, so they could work with Callahan and the rest of our OL before hitting the field. Figured we might have to pay a bit of a premium to get someone to subtract a guy from their depth chart at this point of the offseason, before they know where things will stand with their roster once the season rolls around.
  12. Apparently We Found an OG in Free Agency...

    Oh yes, I think his ceiling and floor are extremely close together. Much like his stomach and his toes. But at least we know he can probably play a remotely passable LG for us in this system. I frankly don’t know that we had anyone on the roster prior to this re-signing about whom I felt that was “probable.” Hope for upside from Nsekhe and/or the contents of the misfit toy-box we’ll dump out onto the training camp field to compete for the spot. Or for the love of God just go out and acquire a real starter in a trade. But I do feel better that they’ll have some kind of safety net in the event that all that falls through.
  13. Redskins Make National Headlines

    Don’t see this as anything that puts Snyder in any real jeopardy. The difference between the Sterling/Richardson situations and this is that those were incidents where the owner himself was directly involved in some sort of wrongdoing and impropriety. You could point at those men and say “YOU DID THIS, you personally took these actions, and they bear directly on your personal character and decision-making and fitness to be a franchise owner representing this league.” This is different. Unless people think Snyder was personally setting the itinerary/schedule for these women and planning boat parties and making all the photo shoot artistic choices — and there’s no evidence at this point, and there almost certainly never will be, that this was the case — then it’s more of a failure to properly manage his employees and to supervise their actions closely enough. Which won’t be enough to hang him. Probably not even close. This is more analogous to Tom Benson and Bountygate than it is to Sterling/Richardson, because of the attenuation of the link between the owner and the actual inappropriate actions that took place. Unless someone shows that Snyder himself promised topless photo shoot voyeur access or organized a mandatory twerking contest, he’ll walk away from this largely unscathed. Just like Benson did. No owner is going to want to establish a precedent that an owner can be forced to sell because of the actions of his employees/subordinates — they’ll all be painfully aware that the same could happen to them one day.
  14. Apparently We Found an OG in Free Agency...

    As much as I would have strongly considered the trade with NO, I will say that it probably looks worse now with the benefit of perfect hindsight than it did at the time we made the decision. If we had known we’d be able to pull off something like Will Hernandez at 27 and Tim Settle on Day 3, maybe we pull the trigger. But both of those guys went much later than most expected, and I don’t think we can come down too hard on the Skins for not predicting that it would be possible to get a stud OG with #27 and still get a solid NT prospect at, say, #106. That deal could have turned to gold — and it turns out it apparently would have — but it also could have gone terribly (like if we’d missed the top guards and had to go with someone like Braden Smith or Harrison Phillips or a RB at #27). And between the two positions, if I had to choose one to have a stud and one to have a below-average player, I’d definitely go with the stud at NT and the below-average player at LG. Anyway, on the thread topic, it would be disappointing if Lauvao was the Week 1 starter. But it would be just as disappointing with Boone or Evans or any other washed up veteran with a name but no game. All in all, I’m fine with bringing Lauvao back — they shouldn’t be done trying to acquire an actual solution, but at least he sets a baseline/floor of “below average” instead of the “likelihood of tragedy” we were looking at before.
  15. Your 53 man roster predictions

    I mean...