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  1. 2020 Draft thread

    Serious question: has AJ Dillon ever thrown a run block? I mean the guy was 3rd in NCAA (behind Taylor and Dobbins) in yards over the last 3 seasons — he is legitimately going to get drafted to be a true RB, why do we think he would even consider agreeing to line up as a FB to primarily lead block for other runners? Just because he’s big doesn’t mean he’s going to end up a FB. He doesn’t have to. Someone will want him to play RB for them. Good chance that nowadays you have to look at other positions to find FBs. Not many guys can (or will) do it, but they come from all over the place. A few have always been FBs — Anthony Sherman, Derek Watt, and Andy Janovich were traditional FBs in college. But Kyle Juszczyk, Jamize Olawale, and Patrick DiMarco were TEs in college. CJ Ham and John Kuhn were small school RBs. And James Develin, Alex Armah, and Patrick Ricard were college DLs. It’s an extremely difficult position to scout. You need to know their attitude, their personality, and their desire to play the position. That the Ravens have somehow managed to unearth and transition both Juszczyk and Ricard from other positions in college is remarkable. Hopefully Kyle is trying to take a page out of their book.
  2. Good catch on Randall. Super lame of him to do that to me. I consider pass coverage to be both highly subjective (I don’t believe PFF accurately assigns coverage grades in many circumstances) and highly variable. Even they acknowledge that their scores for secondary players fluctuate dramatically from year to year. I think more than any other position aside from perhaps RB production, pass coverage is extremely dependent on other variables. Scheme, quality of pass-rush, ability to trust other players around you. A player’s outcomes in pass coverage are not just representative of his own ability — the same player may have better or worse outcomes depending entirely on variables beyond his control. I agree with you that the eye test suggests that Collins is limited in coverage. I think as the safety closer to the LOS, he draws assignments that most safeties struggle with, in terms of man coverage against RBs, slot receivers, and receiving TEs. Not many safeties hold up well consistently in matchups like that. But he does have his limitations, and I agree he’s at his worst in deep halves or thirds. And for the record, I agree that we overpaid Collins. Just as I believe that we’ll soon see that we overpaid Fuller, as well. But you don’t win games by accumulating the highest “bang for your buck” score. Cap space doesn’t put points on the board — you need players. We have tons of the former, and precious few of the latter. If we’re paying some of our good players a couple/few million AAV more than we probably should, I’m at peace with that. And he is a good player. A very good one, though admittedly not a truly elite one as the contract suggests. We’re years away from any sort of cap crunch with this team, so the real-life opportunity cost of overpaying some guys for the next couple seasons is extremely low in my view. Which, incidentally, is why I would have been fine with paying Cooper and/or Hooper what they wanted as well.
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    1. If you’re that convinced that the Giants are going to take an OT, how much risk is there really of missing out on Young, Simmons, and Okudah at 6?. 2. If we’re assuming Detroit takes Young at 3 after we trade down, who is taking Okudah before 6? The Giants, after they spent $15M AAV on James Bradberry and used a 1st on DeAndre Baker last year? The Dolphins, when they just gave Byron Jones $82M and also have Xavien Howard on a big contract as well? 3. If the Chargers move up from 6, that leaves Miami still sitting there at #5, with no Burrow and Tua. Are they really going to take a defensive player over a QB there? I don’t think so. Especially if they really like Herbert as has been rumored recently. All that said, I’m not really that concerned about missing out on Okudah in particular. I love Young and I really like Simmons (although top 5 is a rich price for an off-ball LB), but I’m already risking losing both of them if I move down to 5 anyway. Moving down to 6 and adding Okudah to the “at risk” category doesn’t move the needle much for me. I don’t like making big investments in CBs, and I don’t think Rivera does either. How much are we really suffering if we “get stuck” taking Jeudy or our top OT instead of Okudah? Not enough for me to take a potential trade-down to #6 off the board, that’s for sure. CBS posted an article a couple days ago suggesting that LAC might have to give up #6, #37, #71, and their 2021 1st to get up to #2. I’m absolutely considering that, Okudah be damned.
  4. DeAngelo Hall is an idiot. This is the problem with sports talk nowadays — literally 10 seconds of serious thought or some basic knowledge about Haskins’s background would have clued him in to the fact that his take is trash, but he just wanted to shoot from the hip and go with his gut. Give me a brain over the hip and the gut any day. Dwayne Haskins had a direct competition with Joe Burrow — the new golden boy of the NFL before he’s even in the NFL — and forced him to transfer out to find some other program that wanted to start him. But yeah, I’m sure he’s incapable of handling competing for a job. I’m sure he won’t respond if challenged. I’m sure he’s quaking in his boots at trying to beat out Kyle Allen, because they traded a 5th round pick for Allen. They traded a 1st round pick for Haskins, you numb nut. He didn’t even make the one point that would have held even a drop of water, which is that Allen already generally knows Turner’s system and everyone is going to be way behind the 8 ball in learning and installing due to COVID.
  5. I think Reuben Foster and Cole Holcomb both settle in at WLB in this defense, so I think looking to move Collins from a position where we have no one to a position where we have two potentially promising options is a weird roster strategy choice. Moreover, I think he’s a good SS. I think it’s weird that I have to defend a 25-year-old guy who is a three-time Pro Bowler and former 1st team All Pro at this position, and who was pretty clearly the best and most impactful player on our defense last year. Easily top two, with Ioannidis potentially thrown in there if you’re a big fan of his. Everyone is so quick to write him off as “bad in coverage,” and it’s clearly not his strength, but I think it’s way overblown. Guy gave up 7.0 yards/target, who besides the truly elite cover safeties is doing much better than that? And how many of them can match what Collins can do in the box? I would like them to add another FS, long before I would want them to add another SS. I don’t trust Sean Davis to be the answer there (sue me), and even if he is, I would like to see more coverage ability on the field. It doesn’t make much sense to me to add in another guy who is good in the box but not much of a cover guy. Just use Collins at SS and an actual LB at WLB if that’s what you want. What they should be looking to do, if they’re worried about Collins holding up in coverage, is utilizing two FS types in passing situations and kicking Collins down closer to the line of scrimmage. If they sign Damarious Randall, which I think they should, they could utilize a nice 3 safety package where he and Davis play deeper halves/thirds and you can use Collins and Fuller in the middle of the field. I think they’re going to pass on Randall and just use Fuller over the top as the second deep safety type, but I think you’re wasting Fuller’s talents closer to the LOS by doing that.
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    This. This is the thing that happens in these situations. There are more teams in the world than just the two teams directly involved in the negotiations at the instant. There’s only one way Miami can ensure they get one of Burrow or Tua, and that’s to trade up to #2. Sitting there and waiting it out is fine, and they may well do that — but if they tell us to take a walk, they may go without a QB if the Chargers or Raiders or whomever else gets froggy and makes us an offer we can’t refuse. That’s a big big dice to roll if they love Tua, as has been rumored. Certainly don’t believe they’re going to do all three 1sts in this draft or anything outrageous like that. But I do think they may come with a serious offer that needs to be considered, like 5 + 18 + 2nd.
  7. 2020 Draft thread

    Very little of that is true. Indiana had senior Cronk at LT, who has started every game there since he was a freshman, and Jones at RT, where he started every game this season. Penn State had their regular starters out there, the fab frosh Walker at LT and 3-year starter Fries at RT. Northwestern had Slater, a 3-year starter and one of the best returning OL in college football per an article I read recently, at LT and Vogel at RT. That was their projected starting lineup since their first two-deep. Ohio State didn’t play FIU. They played FAU, which was the 11-3, bowl-winning, CUSA champion that got Lane Kiffin his ticket back to your promised land. They also played Cincinnati, which ended the season as AAC runner-up with 11 wins, the #21 ranking, and a bowl victory. Their weakest out of conference opponent by far was Miami (OH), which still was the MAC champion and went to a bowl game. Young also didn’t get to play against the two worst B1G teams, Maryland and Rutgers, which one would assume would have been good for at least 2.0 sacks apiece, unless they’d done the smart thing and just run it on every down. I'm not saying all those guys they played against at OT were good — Young totally overmatched all of them but Walker — but we might as well stick to the facts.
  8. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Honestly, I hope Clowney doesn’t sign until the draft. If we DO get a great trade-down offer, it would be a great pivot to sign him to play LE. Clowney, Sweat, and Kerrigan would still be a great trio of edge players. I would worry about their ability to get home for sacks, simply because Clowney has had issues finishing and Sweat seemed to have similar issues as well. But not many teams can match that size, length, and athleticism on the edge.
  9. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    😂😂 perfect, good form!
  10. 2020 Draft thread

    So then your position is you are staying out and taking Chase Young. Because they aren’t going to offer those deals you’re talking about. It’s not going to happen. You may as well ask them to throw in a unicorn and some shoulderpads made of mithril. It’s a fine position. It’s perfectly legit to basically say “I’m not trading down unless someone makes us a crazy, insanely huge offer for the pick.” That’s where @lavar703 and @turtle28 and others are. That ends us up with Chase Young and he starts wrecking worlds in September. But you’re not actually in favor of a trade down, because you would only accept deals that won’t be offered. A realistic (Redskins favorable) trade down, that I would genuinely consider, would be 5, 18, and 39 or perhaps 5, 18, and 2021 1st. That’s gotta be the absolute max they’ll get offered, I’d bet my bottom dollar on that.
  11. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    Double credit to @MikeT14 for spelling out Okwuegbunam in each and every one of those lists of rankings. You are the real hero. You’re absolutely right about this. Personally, I would draft two. Perhaps one in the 4th and one in the 6th (if we happen to pick one up in a trade down as we typically do). The roster is absolutely barren at that position, it’s not like we couldn’t find room to keep both if we wanted to — although they clearly intend to keep Logan Thomas based on his contract, and I’m not sure both rookies would ready to play Sprinkle right off the roster. But this is one of those scenarios where you can roll the dice a couple times and get multiple chances to hit the jackpot. And if they both work out, awesome. You can play them together with no real issues.
  12. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Too rich for the Redskins, so instead of paying $10.5M AAV for a two-time Pro Bowl TE, they chose to pay; $4.5M AAV for utility IOL Wes Schweitzer $3M AAV for converted QB Logan Thomas $2M AAV for backup OT Cornelius Lucas $1.6M AAV for 3rd down RB JD McKissic For those keeping track at home, that’s $11.1M AAV. Which went to 4 guys who will likely be backups, or at the very least could be replaced by guys on our team or available in the draft. And it doesn’t even include the nearly $20M they also paid out in one-year deals. No one in their right mind would ever even consider trading Austin Hooper for Wes Schweitzer, Logan Thomas, Cornelius Lucas, and JD McKissic — but that’s essentially what they’ve done. When you refuse to spend money on the top of the market, you will inevitably waste it on the middle/bottom of the market. And that’s what they’ve done. They can rest easy knowing that their two-deep is a little deeper and perhaps moderately more reliable. They’ll be mildly improved in 2020 and perhaps 2021. But all that money they spent will have basically no impact on their ability to win games once they’re (hopefully) good in 2022 and beyond. Perhaps they’ll find some starters in this motley bunch — who they’ll then have to re-sign again, at market value, because they didn’t lock any of them up long term — but for the most part, this was shuffling just the raggedy deck chairs on the Titanic. Hooper could have been a tent pole, a foundational piece that could be in place for 6-8 years, playing at a pretty high level. Yes, he would have been moderately overpaid — RIGHT NOW, at least...it won’t look that way in 3 years as the cap continues to go up and the TE market gets reset by Kittle and others — but at least there’s a hope and a reasonable projection that you could have been filling a long-term hole with a solid player. Instead, for the same money (with admittedly less risk), they got a bunch of replacement level mid-depth chart pieces.
  13. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    In return, we’ll take the Tunsil problem off his hands, free of charge... ...and he can add in a 2nd round pick, because that’s how BoB can tell he’s getting a good player, by the exorbitant price he chooses to pay for them.
  14. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    The TE who keeps standing out to me when I watch him is Harrison Bryant from FAU. He didn’t play much as an in-line TE, more of a move player, but I think he’s probably the most enthusiastic blocker I’ve seen at the position in this draft, at least of the top guys. He blocks hard and he packs a pretty good punch. Athletically, he seems pretty comparable to the rest of the top guys — combine performance was a little disappointing, honestly, but he looks smooth and athletic on the field. Fluid player. Huge production, although admittedly it was just CUSA. Won the Mackey award though. He’s a guy I’d look favorably upon if he made it to us in the 4th.
  15. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    I think Pittman is (much) more likely to go in the 1st round than in the 4th round, so that seems to be a classic Walter Football oversight there. However, to Walter’s credit, I think based on his newest mock, McShay would likely agree with them on Albert O at #66. He ranks Albert O as the #2 TE in the class, and the #62 overall prospect, but doesn’t have him going in the top 2 rounds. Given our obvious need at the position, I’d assume he’d mock him to us there (if Cincy didn’t snare him first — a real concern I have about TEs, especially if Kmet fell to the 3rd).