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  1. Realistically, Washington probably isn’t a viable candidate for him either, given the continued negative exposure over the way women were treated in the organization, which would be deeply intensified if they brought in a guy who allegedly treated women in the way he did. Part of me keeps hoping Snyder will just lean into the whole “bad guy” thing, but he’s not cut out for that. Sniveling and whining about how his only fault is trusting the wrong people and otherwise lying in a vain attempt to save face is more his bag.
  2. We have an owner in Washington. That might be the one advantage we have — and the first time in 20+ years that anyone has conceived of Dan Snyder as a competitive advantage.
  3. One of them is top 15 in the league in scoring and one of less than 20 guys out there who are averaging 20+ points and at least 4.5 assists and rebounds per game. That’s pretty productive. The 3-point percentage also matters a great deal more for Dinwiddie, given that inexplicably he’s taking almost half of his shots from behind the arc. When your shot’s broken, but you just keep strokin’ — that’s problematic. Hopefully they’re both gone, along with Trezl and anyone else over 25 with any meaningful value (KCP? Holiday? Kuzma?) There’s still time to fight for that win/place/show fini
  4. See, that’s kinda the thing. I’ve been very surprised by that part…I think Howell’s contact balance is somewhat remarkable. Watch this one against Miami, for example. He’s just running through and bouncing off dudes. I think maybe it’s the one advantage of being a shorter QB, you do have a leverage advantage on these guys trying to tackle you in space. And I assumed by comparison I would see Wyoming Josh Allen just plowing through guys and running away from them, but it’s not really like that (in the two cut-up games I watched this afternoon at least, Iowa and C. Michigan). T
  5. Unclear, but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t join the military if they could prove you’d ever consumed it.
  6. We all keep saying obviously Sam Howell won’t be able to run like he did this season once he gets to the pros. And obviously he’s probably not going to run for 1000+ yards (his 17 game pace from this season), but… Go watch Josh Allen at Wyoming. Then watch Sam Howell. Specifically the running aspect of each of their game. If Josh Allen can run (very) effectively in the NFL, is it outside the realm of possibility that Sam Howell can too?
  7. There seems to be a lot of talk around that. It would be fairly typical of this franchise to make a move like that, so I get it. Most bad teams don’t seem to understand the double roster-building whammy of giving up valuable draft picks and gobs of valuable cap space for one player. And Washington in particular has never really seemed to understand that when bringing in outside players, you have to evaluate both where they’re coming from and how they translate to what you’re trying to do. This was evident in the classic “fantasy football” approach back when Snyder was more involved, wher
  8. Remarkably, at that point in time in many states where people rooted for the Redskins, you’d been legally drinking beer for 4 years but only legally drinking liquor for 1 year. That still just strikes me as wild, that they had different drinking ages for different formulations of alcohol. Anyway, when you guys went to parties and bars back then, did you all pile into one covered wagon or did everyone take their own? Just trying to get a picture of what it was like back then 😂
  9. Much as I don’t like Commanders, I agree. Nationals is easily the worst. Maybe in all of sports.
  10. Curious that Washington doesn’t come up a lot in this discussion. It’s obviously tricky because it’s not a desirable franchise to join, and none of these guys specified them on their list of preferred destinations. Anyone with the ability to exercise a veto might well use it to prohibit a move to Washington. I get that, and I think we all do. But when you look at the team, and the roster specifically, it’s actually a pretty good opportunity for one of these QBs to come in and make a little noise. The OL was very good this season, and generally has been under Matsko. They may let Sch
  11. This is a big point, and a good one. It’s not like WR or CB where you’re like, sure, we’ll take as many good ones as we can get. When you add a QB, that’s usually a spot that you’re then definitively not going to use on another player. There’s only so many practice reps. There’s only so much time for the coaches to spend with each guy. There’s only so many preseason snaps. There’s only one “starting job.” There’s only one gameplan. You’re not going to have 5 QBs, and it’s one of those positions where having good depth means absolutely nothing in most games…really, carrying even 3 QBs is
  12. It really would be a legendary face turn if it all ended up being a misdirection. The staid, generic, corporate event we’re all expecting, suddenly interrupted when the lights go out. A bloodcurdling howl rips through the pitch-black silence, and on each of the oversized monitors, a burgundy toned wolf springs onto the screen and shreds the bland Commanders patch logo that had been hovering there previously. The animated wolf sets off in hot pursuit of a fleeing group of characters (looking suspiciously like a cowboy, a giant, and an eagle) as Dan Snyder grabs the microphone and delivers
  13. There may be no greater “tell me you’re talking about WFT without saying you’re talking about WFT” statement than “only one team in the league chooses to use GoDaddy for their domain security needs.”
  14. I’d just say for the record that the domain was transferred to a company that Washington (at least currently) doesn’t use. MarkMonitor is the primary company used by NFL teams (25 teams, it sounds like), but there are 6 that use YardBarker and we currently use GoDaddy for the WFT domain. I’ve thought it was Commanders for a while, at least since the dreadful Jason Wright letter to the fans about Redwolves, but I don’t know that this is meaningfully more confirmatory than when Admirals.com was redirecting to the NFL site.
  15. I was just old enough (6) in 1991 to remember bits and pieces of the Super Bowl run. Moreso about time spent and things I did with my dad than the actual football part. I think that’s better, at least I have those memories — as vague and fleeting as they may be — but it was a little weird to have been born into a time when the Redskins were a dominant force, be somewhat aware of that, and then immediately have it disappear forever. Really, I wonder what’s the toughest age Washington to be? Those who were around to live through the glory days and know what they’re missing, those who
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