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  1. e16bball


    That’s 480 rushing attempts just from the RBs. Adding in attempts by the QB (we had 31 last year) and some rushes by WRs, that would put us well over 500 rushing attempts. The most rushing attempts by a sub-.500 team last season was 431 by Oakland. And they were 7-9, which is better than most of us expect the Redskins to be. The most rushing attempts from a team picking in the top 10 was Detroit with 407. I think there will probably be about 100 less rushing attempts to go around than you predicted there. Some of that will likely be solved by injuries, of course, as some of those guys will have unpredictably low carry totals due to missing games while hurt. But if Guice and Love are mostly healthy, there’s just no way that there’s 200 carries for Peterson — and there shouldn’t be. A team stocked with 3 highly talented (and highly drafted) young RBs should not be giving big carries to a 35-year-old, regardless of his greatness.
  2. They’d be first (along with all the other 0-3 teams, in some order) because it’s the reverse order of the standings. Last place picks first and first place picks last, in essence. EDIT: Should probably also note that only players with less than 4 years of “service time” get put on waivers when released. Players with more years of experience simply become FAs when they get cut.
  3. Until week 4 of the regular season, yes. Through the entire offseason and all the way through the Week 3 games, the waiver order is the same as the draft order. After the 3rd week of the regular season is concluded, the waiver order becomes the reverse order of the current year’s standings.
  4. e16bball


    They should probably release Peyton Barber now. As much as a favor to him than anything else. With Love being cleared and ready to go, I just can’t envision a likely scenario where Barber makes the team — unless they cut AD instead. Guice should get the lion’s share of carries for as long as he’s healthy. Peterson will probably get plenty of carries (because he’s Peterson). McKissic and Gibson will both be used in most of the passing situations, which is clearly a focal point for Turner. That leaves Love and Barber. And if we’re keeping a 5th RB, I just can’t see it being the older guy with more tread on the tires and a 3.6 YPC. Barber is a solid RB, but the upside is much higher with Love — overall, and on a play-to-play basis. We’re in a position as a franchise where we should absolutely be investing in high upside over low-ceiling reliability.
  5. For those keeping track, we’re now down to 130 combined career receptions among all the wide receivers on our active roster. McLaurin - 58 Quinn - 35 S. Sims - 34 C. Sims - 2 Kidsy - 1 There is no way that’s not at least a modern NFL record for a training camp roster. We actually somehow went into last season with fewer career receptions after cutting Doctson and Quick — 124 receptions, 115 from Richardson and 9 from Quinn — but it’s pretty unusual to see a team that doesn’t even have a veteran in camp with some experience. I know they were trying to do that with Latimer, but that’s not where we are at the moment.
  6. And really smart. Put up a 40 on the Wonderlic — which may not be the world’s best test of intelligence, but the fact that he scored higher than just about every QB in recent memory who started a significant number of games (except for Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Einstein of 3rd and 9 himself) gives you a rough idea that this is a pretty sharp dude. And also, by basically every account you’ll ever hear, just a genuinely damn good guy. I really hope they find a way to get him to transition to coaching or the front office in Washington. With a guy like him added to Snyder’s inner circle, along with Rivera, the culture might actually start to change for the Football Team.
  7. Now that would be an embarrassment. Not if it was really an issue where they just hadn’t fully completed the rollout. I’m sure there are things like stadium signage and media content and even legal documents/contracts that may not immediately transition once the name and the rest are decided upon. But if it takes them 16-18 months just to roll out a name, a logo, some uniform concepts, and the rest of the basic public branding stuff — that will feel like a real failure to me.
  8. Seems reasonable in this instance. The public momentum has pretty much all coalesced behind one name (Red Wolves), so I can’t imagine that any public poll/pulse taking will require much time to suggest a most popular option. I guess I could envision a scenario in which COVID complications slow the process down dramatically, but as I said, I think they’ve gotta be aiming to have all their ducks in a row and ready for implementation well in advance of Week One — so perhaps starting the rollout in May of next year? Plus, there’s not much the Redskins are more experienced with than damage control. If the team struggles this season to the extent that most NFL observers appear to think it will, I could easily see them making a new name announcement (or leaking it, if they aren’t ready for a formal announcement) in hopes that it would excite and galvanize the fanbase and perhaps keep many from abandoning ship.
  9. A lot of people I’m seeing (not just here) are crushing the Redskins for not having come up with a contingency plan in the event the name change was forced by public pressure. In essence, for not being prepared with a replacement name and some sort of replacement branding in case this happened. I guess I understand that, but I think they did have a plan. I think their plan was to change the name to “Warriors” and keep everything else the same. I think that’s why Warriors was publicly considered the odds-on favorite immediately after the announcement that a review was going to occur, and I think that’s why Rivera’s early comments were focused on promising that the name would honor native Americans and the military. I also think that’s probably why they had that ugly chunky burgundy and gold “W” ready as the only sort of logo they released with the WTF announcement yesterday. I think their plan got shot to hell when it became clear that the outraged would not be assuaged by a change to Warriors with the Native American imagery still attached. Which is why I think it seemed, early on, like it might be a quick turnaround — but now there’s a definite “back to the drawing board” feel to the process.
  10. With regard to timing, it looks like Seattle‘s new hockey team launched an interactive portal with regard to naming, etc., in May 2019. They did their big unveiling yesterday, which is 14 months later. Coincidentally, 14 months from when the Redskins decided to change their name is September 2021. I would think we could follow their general model as far as trying to get it done, though I’m sure they’d like to release it early next summer in order to prepare all the signage, merchandise, etc. for the beginning of the season.
  11. I’m a little surprised that they had the Redskins rated so highly. Their numbers weren’t huge on some of the young guys we (and other eyeball observers) think more highly of. Plus it’s fashionable to bag on just about everything Washington related at this point. So it’s very promising that despite all that, they’re still placing us in such a lofty position. Assuming (a) good health and (b) that Chase Young quickly becomes the player we think/hope he will be, I think I’d wager on us moving up a notch to #2 (behind SF, who I still have number one until they show that they’re going to fall off from where they were last year). It’s just remarkable to me that we could run out a backup 4-man line of Ryan Kerrigan / Tim Settle / Jonathan Allen / Ryan Anderson. That’s definitely a better group that some teams’ starters. It might not be great roster management, to be sure, but it’s pretty impressive when looking at that unit in a vacuum.
  12. Pretty sure this kid is going to get a real chance to prove he can be a starting outside CB in the NFL. I figure the chances of Fabian Moreau and Ronald Darby both staying healthy all season have to be about as low as the chances that the Redskins will re-hire Emily Applegate to help with the name change marketing project. Can’t ask for more than that as a 7th round FCS kid, a real and legitimate path to locking down a wide-open long-term starting job if you show you can play.
  13. I’m genuinely kinda curious about this, am I the only person (or in a minority of people) who thinks that the cast of players you put around a QB plays a major role in how well he’s able to develop? How many young QBs in recent memory have developed into emerging stars after being sent out there with a supporting cast this bad in their first couple seasons? I’ve said this before, there’s not a huge need to rehash the point, but I consider Haskins’s development to be on a tier by itself in terms of importance. I would sacrifice virtually everything on this team for the sake of enhancing his chances at becoming a top-flight QB. If having a veteran WR to look to and open things up for McLaurin (and Sims to a lesser extent) would help Haskins take his game to the next level in any way, then that should be done. Regardless of how it affects other WRs on the roster. I can’t imagine saying “sure, that might really help Haskins, but it also might hold back AGG or Cam Sims, so it’s a pass for us.”
  14. They could have announced the new name, but I’m not sure there would have been much point other than to satisfy the curiosity and put an end to the waiting. This year was always going to be a transition from a branding standpoint, anyway — I don’t think there was ever any realistic possibility that the process was going to be completed by the start of the season. From WaPo on July 6:
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