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  1. Call me crazy, but I don't think that rating for Payne is troubling. He's a rookie NT. How many of them really splash onto the scene and dominate from day one? Even PFF, with all its grand claims of charting every play for every player, over-emphasizes splash plays like sacks and turnovers -- and a NT really just isn't going to catch the eye or pile up the numbers in that way. Last year, Dalvin Tomlinson was one of PFF's honorable mention Best Rookies of 2017. The only interior defender on the list. He also made their "secret superstar" list coming into this season, and they referenced his "super rookie year" where he was great against the run and also created some pressures. His overall PFF rating for the season was 64.9.
  2. Shawn Lauvao Injured and will miss time

    The other thing I would say is that I think they’re probably putting off any major move at the position because they’re hoping to have Lauvao back for Week 5. Get through this weekend, take the bye week to get him healthy, and have the starting OL back ready to go against NO. Don’t know that I agree with them — we’re all pretty skeptical of Lauvao, either his play or his durability or both. And for good reason, I think. But I suspect the hope that he’ll be able to get back after only missing one game is why they’re holding off on a bigger splash for now.
  3. Shawn Lauvao Injured and will miss time

    I mean, he seemed to still play pretty well last season — but for all I know, Jahri Evans is happily 370 pounds (or 270 pounds) and enjoying not playing football at age 35. I haven’t heard much about him trying out for teams, etc. Maybe he only wants to play for teams he perceived as legitimate SB contenders. Maybe he doesn’t want to re-learn all the muscle memory and such in order to move to the left side. Alex Boone has been seriously declining for years. I can’t say with any certainty that he would come in and be better than these younger backups at this point. I’m not saying there aren’t any quality plug and play guys out there who are ready to go right now. I’m just saying it’s possible that there aren’t. A lot of teams need OL help in a major way, and yet no one seems to be even kicking the tires on these guys. Personally, I think Jonathan Cooper seems like a really obvious choice. He’s not great, but he played decently last year on an OL that is pretty similar to ours, in terms of both scheme and personnel. We know he’s basically in post-training camp shape, so he’s gotta be reasonably ready to step in and play.
  4. I really think so. Luck has been 4th-fastest to get the ball out so far, and Bradford has been 6th-fastest. Both teams definitely game-planned around trying to limit our pass rush. The Cardinals basically packed it in and kept the dump-off stuff going even when they were way behind. That was sad stuff from them. But I think the Colts only stuck with it because they could, since they had the lead. Had we taken the lead, I think they would have tried to turn Luck loose on some deeper (and slower-developing) throws — and our pass rush would have gotten home more. They've still gotten pressure on about 30% of drop-backs (right around top 10) despite the emphasis on quick passes, so I think we’ll see the sacks start to come soon enough.
  5. Shawn Lauvao Injured and will miss time

    I’m with you. Baffling, really. Maybe there are no viable, playable OL who are street FAs at this point. There is a ludicrous lack of OL depth in the league at this point, I guess it’s possible there are no decent plug and play options on the market. But there’s no veteran player who even warrants a tryout? For a possible multi-game starting position? No one who could offer more value to this roster than Casey Dunn? There’s more emphasis on digging up names with no game at the WR position than there is on addressing what could become a really gaping hole if Bergstrom is a downgrade from Roullier at C and Roullier is a downgrade from Lauvao as a pure guard? While we’re going into the weekend having to try to handle Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark (who I think is really impressive) and even Muhammad Wilkerson? Don’t get that.
  6. I don't necessarily agree with all the assumptions made to get them to this point (specifically that if the Colts took the kickoff out of the endzone and then went 3-and-out, that we'd have then gotten the ball back on our own 25), but they're close enough to legit. In the scenario you've outlined, the generic Win Probability calculator would give us about a 40% chance to win the game. Which I consider a little high (largely because it doesn't take timeouts into account), but I don't think it's unreasonably high. We were by every account the better team coming in, their defense is certainly nothing special, and we have a veteran QB with the sort of receivers who are effective in the 2-3 minute drill. With that much time left (almost 3 minutes) and down only one score, nickel-and-diming them down the field is actually an effective way to handle yourself. Tom Brady has been doing it for a decade in that similar time frame. The problem with all of it is that you're counting on everything to go right. No margin for error. Have to score a TD on the Reed fumble drive. Have to stop them 3-and-out. Have to move the ball efficiently and smoothly on the hypothetical GW drive. That's always been my biggest criticism of Gruden as a manager/strategist -- it can work out and we can win the way he's planning it out, but only if everything goes according to plan. There's no "well, we need to give ourselves some extra time in case..." built into his time management. It's like the person who always plans it out so they leave themselves exactly enough time to get where they're going. Based on the usual travel time, etc. Sometimes they're spot on. But if anything comes up, anything at all, they're gonna be late. That's how I've always felt about Gruden at the end of games.
  7. They're actually even higher than 8th (I think 4th) in DVOA outside of the red zone. Which makes sense -- Indy only had 4 drives all game where they did a damn thing against the D, and one of those ended in an INT. But they cashed in the other 3 for goal-to-go TDs, so that's gonna hurt your red zone numbers. Some of that red zone success noise will smooth out as time goes on. We're not going to continue to yield 100% TDs in the red zone like we did against Indy. Because our defense is better than that, because we're not always going to be playing against a coach who just learned some quality red zone tricks under Doug Pederson and a QB as smart as Andrew Luck, and because some of it is just pure luck/timing. They're not a top 5 defense, nor probably even top 10, in my view. But I think they have the potential to be in the top 10-15 range this season with solid health. As the offense gets more locked in, opposing teams won't be able to be so conservative, and the pass-rush will get the chance to really make some impact.
  8. John Keim Reports

    W&M stunk last season, so it's not a great sign that we nabbed a guy coming out after that dud of a year. However, that's somewhat good news in a sense -- Durant missed 6 games, so maybe the reason they stunk was because of the injury to the Lachey of southeast VA. This was a promising take on him though, from a Chargers blogger who evaluated him after they picked him up as a UDFA. They really liked him as an OT, which hopefully means good things about his ability to emerge as a potential OG option for us. I feel much the same way about Timon Parris, who really impressed me in preseason game 4. Somebody was interested in Eldrenkamp in the training camp cuts thread. I'm gonna try to figure out who that was, maybe they have some insight (although it sounds like he didn't get the call after his tryout). EDIT: It was @Momaster that liked Eldrenkamp when the Rams let him go.
  9. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    Anyone have a good read on how Doctson is as a blocker? I haven’t really watched but for it, and honestly don’t have a good sense for either his effort or his ability. In this offense, especially with our personnel, the X receiver can make an impact by being a good blocker. On the outside runs, on the end around plays, on all the various sorts of screens, down the field when CT or AD or Crowder get into the open, even occasionally in line or as almost like a wing back. If he’s helping us in that way, that would be a significant plus that doesn’t show up in the stat book. But honestly I’m not sure about it.
  10. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    The other concerning thing for me is that it almost seems like they’re still just not really getting what their offense needs to be. Forget the big receivers. Forget the jump ball guys — forever, seriously, freakin’ forget them, have we ever completed a damn fade route in the history of the franchise? Our QB thrives on short, quick, precise, YAC-friendly passing. He can hit deep balls, but his bread and butter is that sorta hyper-WCO where you stretch the field side-to-side and spread the ball around and force the defense to match up with all your weapons (not just WRs but RBs and TEs as well) and cover and tackle. And in doing so, also negate the pass-rush and open up running lanes and put pressure on the safeties to come up and help and eventually open up the opportunities to go over the top when you’ve got them creeping up. To execute an offense like that, you can get away with WRs who aren’t big and aren’t really pure deep threats and who aren’t really strong in terms of bringing in challenged/contested throws. The whole concept is based on scheming them open, not leaning on their physical gifts to make plays even when they’re not really open. You need WRs who are quick, sudden, agile, and precise, who can uncover quickly and hurt you after the catch. And yet here we are, bringing in two more WRs who are big lumbering guys who run fast when they get up to speed — but who are sluggish off the line, don’t change direction well, round off their routes, and end up relying on their big bodies more than their ability to separate. It just doesn’t really make sense. Why not a guy like Jeremy Maclin or Kendall Wright or even Aldrick Robinson? Or if they’re insisting on size, why not at least someone like Dontrelle Inman or Jordan Matthews who runs great, precise routes? I just don’t get their obsession with these big receivers with straight line speed. It’s just so outdated, like they’re evaluating WRs to play for them in the 80s — except that the guy in charge of the operation played QB in the 80s and won a damn SB with two little WRs that nobody could cover!
  11. Developmental QB slot - a way to groom QBs.

    Just throwing out some think-abouts, because I love ideas like this that look to creatively improve the game. You’ve obviously thought about a ton of the issues and refined the idea a lot, so I just wanted to toss out a couple other issues that you may need to iron out to make it workable in terms of selling it to the folks who would need to sign off on it.
  12. Developmental QB slot - a way to groom QBs.

    I like the idea from the team standpoint. And from a “benefit of football” standpoint. But I think the hold-up will be the incentive for the players to prefer this slot to the practice squad. Obviously from their perspective, their goal will be to find their way onto an active roster — which they CAN do from a practice squad, either onto their current team or another team that would poach them. Getting them to willingly sign away any ability (barring a rash of QB injuries on their team) to make a roster and potentially get on the field that season could be a tough sell. I think you’d definitely have to make it worth their while with an active roster salary. Give them a little short-term financial bonus for giving up the upside of a chance at making an active roster. That might do the trick in getting them to opt for this slot over the PS, especially if you’re limiting it to guys who have never been on an active roster (and might need the money more). The other issue that’s coming to my mind is how long-term the commitment would be. Would the team be spending all season giving reps to a non-roster QB and developing him, only to see him get to hit FA in the offseason and go off elsewhere? Seems like they’d want to have at least a right of first refusal to retain the player, just to ensure that they are able to get the return on their investment if it pays off. The last thing is that the NFLPA might have a fight on their hands if they sign off on a CBA that has a provision like this that openly favors some union members over the rest. Could imagine a big push-back from the rank and file members if the QBs get a special opportunity that isn’t open to the rest of them.
  13. And you might very well be right about it. Well, at least right in that they should have just started over at QB instead of paying a veteran (either Kirk or Alex). I’ve said numerous times that that would have been the other reasonable play. But I do find it ridiculous that the thing that people seem to get most excited about is being right about how stupid the Redskins are and how hopelessly bad they are. It’s draining. And in this instance, it’s not even close to justified or borne out by the facts on the field yet.
  14. This is getting ridiculous. The guy was a top 5 QB by most meaningful metrics in Week 1. We had our best season opener in almost 25 years and he was pretty close to flawless. ...and the forum was dead as a doornail. Aside from a couple begrudging “well, I guess we’ll see...grumble grumble” posts, all you could hear was crickets. Then he has a disappointing, disheartening 4th quarter performance where he was way too conservative — he really wasn’t bad before that — and all of a sudden “well I guess we’ll see” is right out the window because the most recent thing you saw finally lines up with your preconceived notions. It was reasonable and responsible to demand more than a one-game sample before making a decision when you were looking wrong — but now that the last game was more in line with your expectation, it’s judgment time baby! And the forum is ablaze, because it’s way more fun to talk about how you were right and the Redskins suck and Alex Smith is a bum than it is to talk about the Redskins crushing someone and Smith orchestrating the offense beautifully.
  15. Redskins bringing in Breshad Perriman

    I wish @Blknite01 was still on the forum. Would really love to have a Photoshop image of Josh Doctson as Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by Breshad Perriman (Ghost of Football Present) and Michael Floyd (Ghost of Football Yet to Come).