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  1. This was jarring to look back on, given that I had literally just read an article Keim wrote today that included the following:
  2. Would be an interesting option for low cost. Presumably they would covet his outrageous speed.
  3. Yeah. That about sums it up. International football has its idosyncrasies and naming conventions, American football has its own. They aren’t the same, and I don’t know why I’d want them to be. Moreover, this team is not called “Football Team” because they really like it as the permanent name, or because they’re trying to start an American trend of this thing that fans of 5200+ soccer teams apparently find neat. It’s just a lame, painfully generic placeholder that acts as a constant reminder of the old name and their apparently ongoing failure to settle on a new one.
  4. That is atrocious. I was one who defended them for not getting it done for this season. I would defend them if they didn’t have everything all fully lined up for the coming season (uniforms, signage, etc). If they can’t even have a damn name in place by the beginning of next season, they’ve totally dropped the ball in my book. This “Football Team” stuff is so lame I can barely stand seeing it.
  5. I watched the game back today over lunch and noticed most of those instances that Bullock points out. The concerning thing is that a couple of Allen’s best plays — the 4th down completion to Inman and the fade TD to Thomas in particular — came where there was a much easier and equally or similarly valuable throw available to him and he chose to make it significantly more difficult than it had to be. DHall tried to place a lot of the blame for the pick on Isaiah Wright for not clearing the zone with his defender and opening up the area for the throw to Terry. And Wright definitely is a lazy/raw route runner, but it was still a terrible throw Allen should never have made. The sack/fumble was awful and cost us the game, but the even deeper cause for concern was that he damn near fumbled on another sack, the one where Leonard Williams caught him on the play fake/boot action for the big loss. His ball security is just awful. For me, it was a C/C- performance overall. Clearly better than Haskins against ARI and CLE. Comparable to Haskins against PHI and BAL. Did more good things, but turnovers kill you.
  6. I tend to agree with this, although with the caveat that the line being decent rests on a razor’s edge known as full health. When you’re going Schweitzer-Roullier-Scherff-Moses from LG to RT, that’s 80% of a decent but unspectacular OL. Christian is still a weak spot, but he’s proven somewhat capable of holding his own on most snaps in pass pro at least. He’s hurting us, but not killing us, if that makes sense. The problem is that this is an injury prone group, and we’ve already seen — in painfully obvious fashion — what happens when they get another weak link inserted in the chain. The whole thing falls apart.
  7. Can’t blame him, he’s got some money in his pocket and it would be pretty depressing playing for this team and looking up the depth chart at Wes Martin.
  8. Favorite Team: Terry McLaurin Liberation Front Week 7 Pick: New Orleans Saints
  9. Looks like 1984. Through 6 weeks: Pittsburgh (3-3) Cincinnati (1-5) Cleveland (1-5) Houston (0-6) 5-19 overall. 2-16 outside the division. The Eagles managing to salvage that hard-fought tie against the Bengals is what’s keeping our division from historical ignominy through 6 weeks. The 1984 AFC Central went 1-3 in Week 7 (the Steelers beat eventual SB champ San Francisco), so the 2020 NFC East will be safe for at least another week.
  10. Breeland and Norman having a heated contest to see who can be the worst former Redskin CB here. ...Breeland is winning, hands down, on this evening.
  11. As best I can tell, the type of OLs Ron might like are Wes Schweitzer and Cornelius Lucas. I’m not just saying that to be glib. I totally agree with you that FA should be an option for targeted high-level upgrades to the OL. My heart is already set on giving big money to Corey Linsley from the Packers, for example. But I don’t see any evidence that suggests Rivera will be leading any pricey forays into FA. The needs were obvious this offseason, the cap coffers were overflowing this offseason, and they did almost nothing with it. I hope you’re right. I’m still going to dream up my ideal offseason where we aggressively strike for a couple young(ish) proven FA targets at positions we’ll struggle to immediately address in the draft. But until shown otherwise, I’m skeptical that Rivera will be willing to play ball at market prices.
  12. You really can’t just say “outside of ball security, Allen looked good.” This is what he does. It’s not a one-time thing, a shaky game where he turned the ball over a bit. He threw 16 picks last season and he fumbled the ball 13 times. He also led the league in yards lost due to sacks, so it’s not a real shock that he took some crushing sacks either. He managed to accomplish all that in 12 starts. He’s been a sack-taking turnover machine who kills his team by being loose with the ball, and lo and behold, what do we have in his first full game? Taking big sacks, turning the ball over, killing his team by being loose with the ball. Go figure. He’s a different kind of bad than Haskins is currently, but he’s still bad. He put half their points on the board for them yesterday. You can’t beat anyone like that, apparently not even winless sad sacks like NYG.
  13. I transferred your question from the GDT over here, seems like it probably fits better in the draft thread. Anyway, I should probably start by saying that I suppose it’s more that I think they should wait until 2022, rather than that I think they will. I can very easily see a team run by Ron Rivera (fresh off a big losing year following a year where he got fired) and Dan Snyder (becoming more involved as Rivera’s seat gets hotter after a terrible season) being impatient to bring in their newest savior. But I sure would wait. All of this is contingent on Lawrence being unavailable to us — I would take him under any circumstances. I cannot, however, envision many realistic scenarios where the Jets win more games from here on out than we do. Lance is not even a consideration for me. I think @Thaiphoon said it well, the kid may well have talent coming out of his ears, but this is not the place to develop a super raw prospect like that. They won’t sit him for long, they won’t have the talent to surround him with when he does get thrust in, they won’t have the necessary patience (YEARS) to let him grow and develop at a healthy rate. It’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Let that kid go somewhere that will take better care of him. Which leaves us with Fields. And this is a very unscientific basis for being queasy about a prospect, but I get double deja vu with him as a Redskins prospect. The obvious one is taking the guy who succeeded our last (apparently failed) 1st round QB. Haskins had magnificent production there at OSU and couldn’t cut it here, how can I trust that this guy’s magnificent production is worthy of being pick 1.2? The other one is that it would be eerily reminiscent of 2012 if we missed on the consensus generational QB prospect everyone had been dreaming about for years and instead settled for the dynamic athlete with the sterling numbers and all the “tools” as a consolation prize. My goal is to move away from everything the Redskins have traditionally done, and taking Fields would feel a whole lot like something we’ve already done. As for other QB prospects, I feel very strongly that if you’re not among the consensus top 10-15 picks, then the odds of you becoming a star QB in the NFL are extremely low. So I have very little interest in using other valuable resources on a lower-tier prospect. Late on Day 3, fine. But I need those other quality picks (rounds 2-4) to help build the foundation for the eventual blue-chipper we get our hands on. So for me, I think I’ll likely end up wanting to pass on QB in this draft. I think my goal will be to use FA and the draft to revamp the OL and add at least one playmaker. We cannot keep doing this same old thing where we draft the QB before we build the offensive foundation. I think it’s absolutely critical that we have a lot of that already in place when we pull the trigger on a young QB. So I’d be fine with a placeholder for the next 1.5 seasons while we stock the cupboard. Ideally, that would be Haskins, as I think he’s the only one who could possibly surprise and develop into a franchise QB over the next two years. But I assume that ship has pretty much sailed, so I’m okay with standing pat and letting Allen keep the seat warm for Daniels or Howell or Slovis or whomever else is tugging at the heartstrings come April 2022.
  14. I mean, if we’re being fair, we have to acknowledge that Allen is not the worst QB who ever lived. He’s not Peterman. He can do some positive things for you, like you say. It’s incomprehensible to me that they pulled the plug on Haskins after FOUR GAMES to force him onto the field — but Allen is someone who will probably be around the NFL for a while as a backup/spot starter. I personally think he’ll be our starter for the next 26 games, barring injury.
  15. This 20+ yard sack? Somehow I feel like it looks even worse in dots than it would have in real life.
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