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  1. Except that Alf was 5th in the entire NFL in carries in 2014-15, despite a 3.9 YPC average. And Peterson was 5th in the entire NFL in carries last season, despite his production falling way off in the 2nd half of the season.
  2. Just saw that Joe Staley went out with a serious injury today. In other words, Mike Shanahan’s son has a desperate and immediate need for a LT to protect his franchise QB. In other words...🤔🤔🤔
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have either Young or Jeudy. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll probably be picking too late to get either of the top QBs — so we may well be in perfect position to get one of those guys. To your Julio Jones example, though, I’d ask how it turned out for the Rams to pass on Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Matt Kalil, or Morris Claiborne in order to do the RG3 trade. Or the Browns giving up the Sammy Watkins pick. Or the Colts giving up the Sam Darnold pick to move back and ending up with Quenton Nelson, Darius Leonard, and Braden Smith. I wouldn’t be looking to do what the Browns did with the Julio pick and move back into the late 1st. I’d be looking to move back to the 6-10 range, and getting a king’s ransom to do it. Teams have gotten a ton of young talent in a hurry that way. And we wouldn’t be giving up the chance to get an top 10 prospect in the process. The nice thing about being awful is the wide array of draft options. If the two available scenarios are either take a potential superstar or get 4 or 5 valuable draft picks out of a trade down — for once, even we can’t really lose.
  4. 2020 Draft thread

    If we’re picking that high, I think we probably need to have our pick on the auction block. I love Chase Young and I think Jeudy looks great. Andrew Thomas looks excellent as well, from what I’ve seen. Delpit jumped off the page watching Greedy Williams last year. But if we’re in a position where Tua or Herbert is available, I think our best bet is to try to take advantage of a team that’s desperate to move up. A big windfall of picks over the next couple seasons could be huge in building a winning roster around Haskins. Gun to my head, right now, I would rate them 1. Young, 2. Jeudy, 3. Thomas.
  5. My friend, I honestly don’t know what you’ve been watching. Against Philadelphia, they called 15 run plays. Those plays netted a total of -7 yards. Today, they called 17 run plays. Those plays netted a total of 38 yards. If you leave out the Sims gadget plays on the one drive, it was 14 traditional run plays for 22 yards. There’s nothing deceiving about any of that. The run game has been abhorrent. Both games. They haven’t been able to open up holes at all, and the defenses are just smothering the LOS against us. I understand the concept of “not abandoning the run,” but eventually you can’t just keep ramming yourself into a brick wall over and over. Not when you’re playing a potent offense with your defense squarely on the ropes. The passing game numbers may be deceiving (because of garbage time), but they’re still exponentially better than what we’ve done on the ground.
  6. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    Wait, the uber-toolsy 2-year college starter DE we drafted in the late 1st didn’t come in as a polished, finished product ready to step in at OLB and whip HOF LTs within his first two career starts? Let’s pull the plug. Maybe we can trick some foolish team into taking this complete failure/unmitigated disaster off our hands. Based on his lengthy NFL track record of complete futility, a 4th is the best I think we could hope for. Maybe a late 3rd — if some team offered a huge overpay like that, I’d drive him to the airport myself (and obviously accompany him all the way to the gate, because clearly this bum couldn’t even get past a turnstile on his own). While we’re at it, maybe we can throw in Haskins as well. We’re two full games in and this loser still hasn’t even completed a pass 🤮
  7. How am I “cherry picking”? I literally recorded and counted up the results of all the run plays. If you’re going to ignore the bad runs (classic Peterson btw) and penalties (classic bad OL) and tell me just to look at “most of the runs” that were okay, then one of us IS cherry picking — but it isn’t me.
  8. It wasn’t fine. Traditional runs with Peterson: Drive One: One rush, -4 yards Drive Two: One rush, holding penalty, -10 yards Drive Three: 5 rushes, 15 yards* * That’s leaving out the Steven Sims gadget stuff that they did on the one drive. If you think those plays are indicative of the quality of the run game, feel free to include those 3 rushes for 16 yards. I don’t think it means much other than a nice quick little wrinkle. That comes out to 7 attempted traditional run plays for 1 net yard. If you think that’s “fine,” we clearly just define the word differently.
  9. My brother @Woz with an excellent example of what I mean by random chance and variance. David ain’t hitting 50% of his 3s if he has to chuck 45 of them up there. ...though if we’re being fair, that particular David could have hit 25% of his 3s that night and still scored enough to win the game 😉
  10. I’m seeing plenty from our OL and run game as to why Haskins shouldn’t be starting 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. They’re worse than the other team. They want to slow down to a crawl. Less plays means more chance for random chance/variance to triumph. Over a larger sample of plays, the better team will inevitably win. Much the same as in March Madness, Cinderellas who play at a slow pace have a better chance of beating the odds — and “Giants” who play slow are much more vulnerable to shocking results. We can check in with all our Hoo hoops fans on this one. They may not care after getting their banner, but we’ll always remember UMBC.
  12. Yes, moving away from that hideously ineffective run game (basically identical to Week One, incidentally) is what has cost us this game.
  13. I’ll say this, the guys don’t quit on Gruden (Giants game last year notwithstanding). And the guy can do some magic with a passing game. Not surviving the season, but he’s not nearly as bad as some make him out to be.
  14. Another Down: (noun) a subsequent opportunity for the Redskins to commit a penalty that will give the opponent an automatic first down.
  15. There’s basically no such thing as a shutdown CB in the NFL anymore. There’s pass rushers and there’s schemes, and that’s pretty much all that “shuts down” NFL pass offenses at this point. Also, our OL is not holding up. We can’t run the ball at all, and Keenum is being pressured, flushed, hit, and hurried on most of his deep drops. Even if Trent comes back, they’re going to have to start thinking about a move to replace Moses (and bypass Christian). I hate the idea of spending more top picks on the OL, but that appears to be where they are unless they find themselves in range of a guy like Jeudy.