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  1. Favorite Team: Washington Redwolves Week 2 Pick: Green Bay Packers
  2. Not quite as good as Teddy Bridgewater was against this defense — so I really need people to slow their long-term roll. But he remains fun to watch. He’s a gamer, for sure.
  3. It really was a bad decision. In most situations, you could tip your cap to Bradberry and chalk it up to a miscommunication with Terry. When you’re up a point with 2 minutes left, you don’t throw it unless you see it. If you’re not sure you’re on the same page with the WR, if you’re not sure you don’t have a DB breaking on the route, then just eat it and keep the clock moving. Forcing throws in that scenario is mind-bendingly bad. Just can’t do it. Extremely lucky it didn’t flat out cost us the game.
  4. You make a call like that when you trust your QB to do the smart thing. Heinicke has done a lot of smart things. That was painfully awful. Hopefully not game-costingly awful.
  5. McKissic is a weapon, I really would like to see them go a little less Humphries and a little more two RB.
  6. It’s truly remarkable to watch Graham Gano just drilling kicks from everywhere.
  7. Just don’t understand why you would trust this defense with anything right now. The expectation at this point has to be that they’re at least giving up a lengthy drive and probably some points. Looking to them for a stop just seems more hopeful than sensible at this point.
  8. I don’t really even care which one he replaces, but I feel like Cornelius Lucas earned a shot at snaps at OT with his efforts last season. I just don’t see that either of these other guys are doing enough to keep him off the field.
  9. Might as well say the unpopular thing. Young and Sweat talked about how they were going to challenge the teammate sack record and all that — and they’re not even threatening the QB on a lot of these drop backs at this point. These are not great OTs they’re up against, but they’re just not causing the kind of havoc they need to make the defense work.
  10. One thing you have to give Bostic, he’s observably the smartest guy out there on our defense. The rest of the seem surprised with whatever happens, but Bostic usually has a pretty good idea where it’s going. He just can’t get there a lot of the time.
  11. Just getting caught up after getting home late. Hopefully someone mentioned earlier that the Chase Young “roughing the passer” was the identical play that knocked our starting QB out for months. Good to see the rules enforced consistently.
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