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  1. That team could negotiate and agree in principle with Scherff (with our permission obviously) and then we could do the trade. They would then submit the new contract details as part and parcel with the trade, I assume, which would allow their cap number to stay low. I’m not 100% certain on this, but presumably all the parties have an incentive to make it work, so I don’t think there would be any push to cry foul about the fact that technically for a few moments they were over the cap. I don’t think it works like the NBA, where the trade is illegal and will be disallowed on its face if th
  2. I think it’s good value for Khalil Herbert at this point. If we were inclined to go OL, I think Alaric Jackson is a guy who is likely to be at least a solid and versatile option at several spots along the line. At one time, he was a potential early pick, but he kinda topped out as a decent college tackle. I think he’s a potential starter at guard, and he could probably be at least a spot starter at RT as well. Probably a decent depth option if we’re in the market for that.
  3. He’s definitely a part-time player in this defense, a pure pass rusher who you’d be looking to get on the field in certain packages and probably in 2-minute situations. He would be the lighter half of a backup DE platoon with James Smith-Williams, but potentially the more impactful half. He’s a legit pass rush threat, with an explosive first step and a pretty wide array of moves and a motor that runs hot all the time. He weighed in at 244 at his Pro Day, and while he’ll never carry that during the season, it’s not too far off from a guy like Azeez Ojulari (249 at his Pro Day, which he’ll
  4. That’s how I feel about Shi Smith. Incredible value in the 5th. Overall, I think the BPA for us is probably Chris Rumph. I think the team (along with many of us) is kinda underappreciating the need at DE. There are still a fair number of decent veterans on the market at the position, but this is a big issue for depth. Kerrigan and Anderson played almost 550 combined snaps last season, so that’s a pretty significant hole that has yet to be addressed in real life or this mock.
  5. I think my favorite picks would be CB Shakur Brown from Michigan (immediate nickel option), OT Josh Ball from Marshall (athletic developmental tackle) or DE Chris Rumph from Duke (plug and play situational pass rusher). I like Ardarius Washington. I loved him in college, but I’m not sure how 5’8 and less than 180 holds up in the pros. Caden Sterns (Texas) wasn’t quite as impactful a player in college, but he might have the better physical profile to play at the NFL level. Shawn Davis (Florida) would be another option, big time hitter and good athlete, but overall I’m not thrilled with th
  6. Paris Ford is borderline undraftable. I try not to overreact to workout numbers, but it’s possible that his may have been the worst of all time. He was 2nd percentile or worse in each of the 5 events he did: vertical (1st), broad jump (2nd), 40 yard (1st), 3-cone (1st), short shuttle (2nd). You can’t run a 4.90 40 and play DB in the NFL. So unless there’s some reason why those numbers are totally invalidated (temporary amputation?), I just don’t think we can take him here.
  7. I’m a fan. Solid as a rock, always find him around the ball, surprisingly athletic. I’d take him in the 3rd, no doubt.
  8. It does. It sorta limits the upside/ceiling because there’s not as much projection left in an older player. But the player he is currently is pretty darn good, I think. So I figure move him down the board because of his age, but would still be a valued pickup at a certain point.
  9. Another option would be OT James Hudson. He has a little Geron Christian to him, but that means big athleticism and quick feet and a lot of upside. I think he could easily develop into a LT if things clicked with him. Very impressive at the Senior Bowl. There’s also Walker Little. Once upon a time, he was a potential top 10 pick. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched him play in a long time, and I know a lot of people have jumped way off the bandwagon, but this is a guy for whom the sky was the limit at one time.
  10. I agree. If he was somehow there in the 4th, that would be a different story for me — but we’ve poured a lot into the RB position in the draft over the last few years, and we probably need to invest these higher level assets elsewhere. For me, for the record, my top 3 are: 1. Brady Christensen 2. Pete Werner 3. Nico Collins 4. Patrick Jones * I included 4 in my top 3 because no one else wants Christensen, but I must continue to bang that drum
  11. I love Kenny Gainwell. If the goal is to get more of the same — in order to have depth and a similar replacement available behind Gibson and McKissic — instead of diversifying and getting a big back, that kid is electric. He’s perfect for the core concepts of this offense, that’s for sure.
  12. The problem is that we’ve backed ourselves into a corner here. You almost never get as much as you’d like for a player in a franchise-and-trade deal — and that will be especially true of a non-premium position player on a second franchise tag that is priced for a premium position. How much is someone really going to pay for the right to (a) pay Scherff $18M for a single season or (b) make him the highest paid guard in league history? We should have traded him a year ago. Or before that. As soon as we knew he was going to ignore the reality of his serious injury history, refuse to offer u
  13. Agree with you. I think in the base defense, you’d use Holcomb and Cox pretty interchangeably at the OLB spots. I don’t know that either one needs to be protected by playing him on the weak side, although Cox would be a bit more of that I’d say. Not as physical as Holcomb, his is more of a speed and fluidity game. He moves really well, but he’s not a guy I consider to be real hard-nosed or a thumper. So if you were looking for a WILL/MIKE/SAM designation, I’d say WLB for Cox. He’s terrific in coverage, so you’d definitely keep him on the field in nickel. That’s his strong suit, by a prett
  14. I wouldn’t make any decisions based on Mack Wilson. If you get something good out of him, great...but per PFF at least, he’s been one of the worst players in the league. I admittedly pretty much only saw him play against us in the preseason as a rookie, and he made an impact against us, but that’s a lot of really bad grading to explain away. This past season, he couldn’t crack more than the light half of a rotation in one of the league’s worst LB groups, so I think he’s more of a depth piece than someone we need to work around. I also think Werner could play MLB. He’s really solid. Not
  15. My top 3 for this pick personally would be: Brady Christensen Trey Smith Nico Collins * There would be OLBs in this mix if we didn’t have the pick coming up soon and a few good ones still on the board. ** I love Tommy Tremble, but I don’t know that multiple TEs on day 2 is the right approach
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