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  1. Add Chris Simms to the list of people who think Wirfs movement skills will mean he has to start at guard in the nfl. 24:24 to 30:30 on Wirfs. His list is 1) Wills 2) Becton, 3) Thomas and 4) Wirfs. As for me I go into the draft ala Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, "I know nothing, nothing"
  2. The Search for a GM

    Hindsight is 20/20. It's easy to say Myles Garrett was a no brainer. There were rumors of Mitchell Trubisky floating around. At the time of the draft I don't recall Chicago getting killed for taking Trubisky over Watson, without even mentioning Mahomes. The 49ers front office that is going to the Super Bowl, Lynch/ Shanahan, took Solomon Thomas at number 3. The Titans took Corey Davis at 5. None of the GM's were fired. Despite these high level mistakes all three teams have made the playoffs. I said it in another thread, Bill Belichick drafted Touchdown Tommy Vardel, a fullback, at 9, in his 2nd draft. (Can you imagine what folks would be saying if Sashi did that?) One or two years is not enough time to judge a front office. Sashi may have been good or terrible at picking players, most likely something in between, we do not have enough data to make an informed judgment.
  3. The Search for a GM

    Paton was right to take his name out of the running, if he got the sense that everyone wasn't all in on him. That is what the interview process is for. He clearly values stability and the Browns have been a chaos factory. If the Browns want to get this right, everyone in the building have to trust each other. Getting the Browns into a winning situation is no easy task and takes patience. You can't get better and expect that every move, ( in the draft, free agents, and coach selections) are going to work. (The 49ers, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, took Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster in the 1st round of 2017 before getting it right with Nick Bosa in 2019. They also went 6-10 and 4-12 in the prior two seasons to this years 13-3 ) Strong organizations work through problems and fix them over time. (Ozzie drafted and signed some dud qbs before getting Joe Flacco and Lamar. Anyone remember Kyle Boller, and Jeff Blake?) Haslam is the big problem because when the tough times come, he doesn't give his team time to fix the problems. He fires people and brings in a new team with new philosophies and core beliefs. Neither the Sashi nor the Dorsey regimes were given time to correct their mistakes. If people in the building (i.e. the Haslams) love Andrew Berry, (he seems to be the only one to get out of the building with his NFL reputation in tact) they should go with him, because he will have a trust factor that most if not all, bar Depodesta, have not been able to develop or maintain. There will be missteps there always are, but the Haslams have to let people correct their mistakes and build success over time.
  4. Who do you want as head coach?

    I'm curious. What are the reasons that Bienemy would be terrible? People have not spoken in detail about their critical views of him. We all know the knocks on McDaniels.
  5. Bill Belichick, who had a horrible reputation regarding interpersonal skills in Cleveland, took Touchdown Tommy Vardell, a fullback from Stanford with #9 pick of the 1st round in 1992, managed to have a decent coaching career despite blowing the pick. Some people do learn and change over time, others don't. If the Browns hire McDaniels, I'll be nervous. But I'll be nervous about whomever they hire, because the Browns have been getting their coaching/management team hires wrong for 20 years. Bernie Kosar said recently that he recommended Ozzie Newsome and Bill Belichick to the Al Lerner Carmen Policy ownership group, and they laughed at the suggestion. (I knew about the Belichick thing, Belichick having run Bernie out of town and Bernie still recommending him as a good hire, but the Ozzie suggestion was new to me.) Instead, we got Dwight Clark GM and Chris Palmer HC
  6. Here in the forum the focus is on the big three, McDaniels, McCarthy and Stefanski, however someone could blow the interview away especially since the Browns supposedly want a "leader of men" coach. That is how Mike Tomlin got the job in Pittsburgh. Everyone assumed that it would be Ken Whisenhunt or possibly Russ Grimm. Tomlin was not well known and came out of nowhere to blow the Rooneys away. (They had also previously interviewed Ron Rivera for the Rooney Rule.) Haslam said that this time they would let the process go to completion. It's my guess that the interview process probably had Stefanski as the number one candidate last year, but Dorsey already knew he wanted to hire Kitchens and made case for Kitchens and the Haslams let him have his way. (Another guess is that Hue impressed the Haslams but didn't check the boxes for rebuilding patience and use of analytics and they hired him despite the bad fit with Sashi and DePodesta). I suspect this time they are committed to trusting the answer that the interview process gives them and will hire whoever gives them the best combination of leadership, openness to analytics and working collaboratively with the gm and analytics staff. Will the Haslams stick to the plan? Have they ever? I guess there is a first time for everything.
  7. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    I think what changed is the responsibility of being head coach. Creativity takes mental space, time, relaxation and sleep. Head coaches have too many demands, especially first year head coaches who are implementing new systems. There is no structure to fall back on. Add to the fact that Freddy has not been calling plays for years and years, so he didn't have trusted tried and true system to fall back on that he could change up with a creative spark. I like Freddy as a person and really wanted him to succeed, but there was too much on his plate. Terry Pluto has been saying he does not delegate enough, again a mistake of many new to management. Can he make changes in the off season or his next coaching stop who knows.
  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    In Drew Brees' 2nd year, (his first year starting since he only started 1 game in his rookie year.) He started 16 games and threw for 3,284 yards, completed 60.8%, 17 tds and 16 int. In year 3, his sophomore year, he only started 11 games, threw for 2,108 yards, completed 57.6%, 11 tds and 15 ints. Good to see that a slacker managed to turn it around. I don't know if Baker is/was a slacker, you may be right bruceb. He may turn it around, he may wind up a great disappointment. We all may think we know, but we don't know, not even Baker. Que Sera Sera.
  9. Fix the Browns

    According to the Browns website Justin Burris was with the Browns for 7 games last year, and 11 this year. The award is voted on by the players, and community service is a part of the consideration. I don't know anything about locker rooms, but apparently he is well liked, and I can surmise that his teammates respect the effort he made to come back from injury, make it back to the team and contribute throughout the season, coupled with his participation to charity within the community. I think it's a bit harsh to take this award as evidence of the "dysfunction" of the Browns. Every nfl locker room has more borderline/replaceable guys than stars. I view it as a positive about Justin Burris who is a player that guys like us take for granted, especially when so many people find many of the players on this team to be unlikeable.
  10. GDT 8, Browns run the Blue and Red GOAT Gauntlet

    I think we're gonna win, but I still believe in the Great Pumpkin.
  11. Can't think of a team that needs a bye week more than the Browns. Too bad we get to play New England on the other end.
  12. Cut Thread

    I say it was really too soon to tell whether Sashi was a good evaluator. One (his first) terrible draft is not enough time to tell. Long ago there was a hall of fame control freak coach in Cleveland who in his second draft in 1992 gave us this glorious list of players. 1) #9 Tommy Vardell FB, 2) #52 Patrick Rowe WR, 3) #65 Bill Johnson DT, 3) #78 Gerald Dixon LB, 6) #143 WR, 6) #163 George Williams DT, 7) #177 Selwyn Jones, and some other guys in rounds 9 through 12 which are now undrafted free agents in todays nfl. Yes I liked Sashi. I know it has been debated to death and don't want to derail the thread. I'm not tryin to convince those of you that have the opposite opinion. I just think it gives a little perspective to see that Bill Belichick could have an awful draft in his 2nd year and go on to have the career he had. Touchdown Tommy Yeah! (Old guy done reminiscing on the bad old days. Carry on.)
  13. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    It's the University of California System. So most schools are UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, etc. except Cal which is sometimes UC Berkeley and of course every one says UCLA rather than UC Los Angeles
  14. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Wow, how quickly they forget. Upon returning from a suspension in the Toronto series, I believe Mr. Dahntay Jones played some key minutes in game 6 for our Cavs and was anything but soft. Also, I could be wrong, but I don't think Lebron regarded Shane Battier as a soft teammate on the Heat championship teams. (And yes I know they are role players and not stars.) But I also think they both stuck in the league for a lot of years getting the most out of their ability without being god-like athletes.