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  1. Should I pick up Gordon

    Guy in my league just dropped Gordon. In Yahoo league with 7 man bench and IR. Would need to drop RB. I have James Connor, C. McCafferey, Lamar Miller, Derrick Henry, Marlon Mack, Lindsay and G. Bernard. What say yea?
  2. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Do you think the Lions would have hired MP if they had known about the indictment? Regardless of how old the case is, he should have made full disclosure. If he is fired, itโ€™s because his failure to disclose deprived management of the opportunity to eliminate the issue before the hire. Now management is embarrassed and looks incompetent for not doing a routine background check. MP should have stayed in NE.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    My biggest concern about the draft is that Kerryon Johnson will turn out to be Luke Kennard and Darius Guice will turn out to be Devon Mitchell.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    GB will take Guice! .
  5. Ajayi must be hurt! Maybe we will learn something at halftime.
  6. Flex Help

    Who should I start between Dez Bryant, Gio Bernard, or Rex Burhead. Please pick two. Thank you!
  7. Lions fan here. Just want to say, Kamara is a daemon!!!
  8. Lions fan watching game, and I must tell you I am shocked Kamara is not in game. You guys have one of the most exciting players in the game, and he is in the bench. Must be frustrating!
  9. Stafford is off. He should have a better 2nd half. We are still in it!
  10. Flex

    Who should I start at Flex, Sammy Watkins at NO, or Vernon Davis at Giants?
  11. Week 4: Lions (2-1) at VIKINGS (2-1)

    As a Lions fan, I thought the failure to use Kyle Rudolph really helped the Lions. The Lions have never been able to check Rudolph.
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I think Benjamin gives you the best chance of winning. He is the #1 WR on a team that will be chasing points all day. Plus Baldwin is active.
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    I ike Wilson. He has the most upside and expect quite a few 3 and outs by Indy.
  14. Trade Help Thread

    I would make the trade. I would take Hill. I think Brisset will get him the deep ball. Tate has too much comp-Marvin Jones, Reddick, Ebron, Galloway, and even Abdullah. Also, try to get Kamara, he will be just as good as McCaffrey.