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  1. Sounds like Mohammed Sanu will be out this weekend. Dallas has had some terrific luck on missing some of opponents top players. Too bad they haven’t taken advantage of that luck.
  2. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    I’d keep Kittle and Gallup personally. Hopkins hasn’t been up to par and Gallup has the better QB between JuJu and Robinson. Kittle is a little off his normal pace, but great depth either way.
  3. Luka Doncic is amazing to watch. And, only 20 yrs old. Incredible.
  4. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Well in that case, go with Walker. Graham seems to be fading and I believe SF is at or neat the top of league vs TEs
  5. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    Even though I'm really uneasy about Dak vs NE, he's a top 3 scoring QB. Gotta ride until he proves otherwise. I'd probably try and find someone on the waiver wire tbh. Don't like Walker or Graham much this week or going forward.
  6. Fix our Defense thread

    But, about 4 times that better than what Dallas has. Which is all I really want. I'd love Adams, but ok with simply upgrading over Heath and Thompson. Hopefully Josh Jones can grow into that, but I haven't got much hope on that front.
  7. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    The first part is accurate...ignore the rest. Good news for Tua nonetheless
  8. W12 News and Notes - B Broaddus leaves Cowboys

    I thought I had heard they only take a $6m cap hit, if he's traded, but not really sure.
  9. W12 News and Notes - B Broaddus leaves Cowboys

    So what is Arizona going to do with David Johnson? He was healthy yesterday, played only 9 snaps and didn't get any touches. He's never been the same since his 373 touch season in 2016. Zeke had 381 in 2018..... I'm not saying it's anything, does make one wonder though....
  10. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    And, this turned out to be a good call. Chicago is such a mess and Montgomery's play is maddening.
  11. Draft watch 2020

    Dallas needs a S and right now I'm not sure there is one that I'm all that high on.
  12. Fix our Defense thread

    1. Tackling is bad. Fixing this would cure a lot of ailments. LVE/Smith have taken a step backwards. 2. Need a SS that is actually good. 3. Interior DL isn't horrible, but a run stuffer would be nice. I feel like this defense is much like the defenses I've watched at Iowa for every game over the last 20 years. Bend, don't break and very basic. They thrive on out executing opponent. It's great when it works, but it can frustrate the hell out of a person too.
  13. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Detroit

    Game Ball: Dak - To think of the endless debate. He's put the nail in that coffin. Gallup - Awesome game. Clappers: Slow start again, but whatever.... Just an observation and concern....this defense has to get better. The back half, minus Byron Jones is a worry.