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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Yeah, think I might be the only person among my friends, co-workers and family that doesn't watch it. I'm pretty much a black sheep. lol
  2. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Someday I should sit down and watch GoT once. Sounds interesting.
  3. Predict the 53 - Post-Week-2 Game

    After week 3 of preseason.... OFFENSE[24] QB[3] - Prescott //Moore // Rush RB[3] - DMC // Morris // R. Smith FB[1] - K. Smith WR[6] - Bryant // Williams // Beasley // Switzer // Butler // Brown TE[3] - Witten // Swaim // Gathers OT[3] - Smith // Collins // Cleary[Swing] OG[3] - Martin // Cooper // Green[G/T] C[2] - Frederick // Looney Rush has to make 53. No chance he makes thru waivers and back around to PS. Gathers has pretty much been guaranteed a spot since last year. Noah Brown sticks, Just too much untapped potential there. I'm not sold on Cleary or Looney. Would say there is a good chance neither is there come opening day and those spots are filled via FA. When Zeke comes back, personally Moore would be my cut, but I think the least effective of DMC/Morris will be cut is odd man out. DEFENSE[26] LDE[2] - Lawrence // Charlton 3T[2] - Collins // Crawford DT[3] - Paea // Thorton // Neal RDE[2] - Mayowa // Tapper WLB[3] - Lee // Durant // Jones MLB[2] - Hitchens // Smith SLB[2] - Wilson // Wilbur CB[6] - Brown // Carroll // Awuzie // Scandrick // Lewis // Thomas S[4] - Jones // Frazier // Woods // Heath - Carroll is on the bubble. Could see him being cut, but think another veteran presence is needed. Once Irving/Moore come off susp. Neal goes to PS, then might see what Dallas secondary stands. Thomas or possibly Carroll pushed out. SPECIAL TEAM[3] K[1] - Bailey P[1] - Jones LS[1] - The Great One PRACTICE SQUAD[8] Dan Skipper[OT] Andy Jones[WR] Jarwin Blake[TE] Jordan Carrell[DT] Jameill Showers Keenan Gilchrist[LB] Lenny Jones[DE] Lewis Neal[DT]
  4. The Best Actor Ever According to You (And WHY)

    Anthony Hopkins - His portrayal of Hannibal Lecter was flat out amazing. Can't mention all time actors without dropping Al Pacino's name in mix. Feel Benicio Del Toro is vastly underrated.
  5. DC Fantasy Football - Who needs DCRA invite?

    There are 12 signed up for DCRA league....10 are signed in. Who did not get the link?
  6. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Lot of missed INT chances tonight
  7. Preseason Week 2: Colts @ Cowboys GDT

    Cooper Rush won't make it thru waivers.
  8. DC Fantasy Football - Who needs DCRA invite?

    Alright, I missed 2 people for the DCRA league? Who didn't get an invite?
  9. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    This whole thing is a hot mess. Lies, extortion, blackmail, sex tapes...and it all seems to be coming from one direction. Zeke is going to get hosed on this. Goodell absolutely should lose his job over this one. One massive butchering.
  10. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Best thing I seen today by far. Maybe ever. LMFAO!
  11. Return To The Glory Hole (Need Your Input!)

    I like the chat room idea. On game days, especially Sundays, when overall activity is high, old site was slow. That was one reason I gravitated to chat room. That and I preferred the easy reading. Not sure how functional that would be here tho. Chat rooms for every team would probably bog down server anyway. If new site proves to be faster than I'm not too worried about it.
  12. What's Your Take On The Taco Supreme?

    I don't think it's crazy at all. Have to remember, Collins missed all of training camp last year iirc with foot surgery.
  13. Dak: Year Two - Expectations?

    I don''t think I can call it a regression, but I do expect him to come back to earth a little so to speak. He got away with some things last season. Don't think he attempts many more passes, but I see more shots downfield. I'm thinking 60-62% comp - 3800 yds - 25-30 TDs and 10-12 INTs.