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  1. Bruglar dropped a two rd mock this morning. 24: Kenyon Green OG / Texas A&M. 56: Jaquan Brisket S / Penn St. He has Ikem Ekwonu going #1 overall. Linderbaum went to Philly at 15. I had no idea Kelce was 35 yo. Lloyd at 9. Dean at 21. Green and Brisker would be a terrific start for Dallas.
  2. He’s most certainly has to shoulder some blame, but this is typical of QBs under constant duress and no running game to off set anything. Gotta ask MM and KM on thses. Dak’s somewhat limited to what the play call is/and personnel.
  3. Sweet. This makes me feel so much better that the broken RB got 3x the touches.
  4. Not really something I’ve given much thought. We know Dallas isn’t interested in building a team like that. But, if they had the money available, I’d probably be interested in Scherff. James Daniels is the highest rated guy I think there is reasonably realistic, but I can’t imagine Chicago letting him walk and I don’t think Dallas is going to aim that high either. EDIT: if Dallas were to move LC inside, then I’m not interested in a OG.
  5. I forgot about him getting this. Maybe it had something to do with his 2nd half, which was very uninspired. Honestly, I’m just fit to be tied with how this all ended. It isn’t palatable in any way. Heads should be a chopping block and I currently haven’t the patience to play the waiting game.
  6. This ties in to my last post in coaching thread….SJ confirmed this yesterday. They will not be big players in FA. They’re not even interested in doing so.
  7. After a day and half of thinking about it, I hope Quinn is offered the Denver job and Jerry is true to his word about keeping him at all cost. MM is canned. KM takes a job elsewhere. DQ takes over and the offensive coaching staff gets an overhaul. MM has to answer for clock management, a two year string of penalties, etc etc. Offensively there was simply too much regression to overlook for team to stand pat. I know I’m throwing a coin into an empty wishing well so this is all a moot point. But, I wish team would take an aggressive approach this off-season. Golden boy can leave and a
  8. Penalties aside obviously Believe there were 2 in the fourth that we’re killers. SF gave Dallas some in return. Dallas didn’t capitalize.
  9. I’m not either. It’s not a premium position and I’m sure some teams are going to knock his size regardless how well he’s graded.
  10. What Cam Akers has done 6 mo removed from an Achilles tear is impressive as hell. Doesn’t look like he’s missed a beat.
  11. @BigD88 Lowdown on Brandon Smith please. Supreme athlete, solid vs pass/run. Gimme more.
  12. Really? Taking nothing away from Dean, but you seen the OL yesterday? Outside of drive 1, the Dallas D did well. idk. I love Dean, but Linderbaum is a slam dunk for Dallas imo.
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