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  1. Interesting. JC had 47 snaps. They must have ended the season at 5-11
  2. After skimming through that novel, I see a max of 4 restructures is allowed. I'm assuming Over the Cap was used or this is formatted close to it. Seems pretty obvious we need to clean up the cap hits on DLaw [$25m], Coop [22], Smith [$14] and Martin [17]. Zeke and Collins the other potentials. Some obvious cuts.... Chris Jones Darian Thompson Maurice Canady I'd cut Zuerlein personally, but it may just end up being a money trade off. What to do with Jaylon.....
  3. The past month has been brutal to our Braves.
  4. What’s the salary cap look like? How many contracts can be renegotiated?
  5. Yep. Did some digging and appears this is his second go around with Dallas. I probably shouldn’t be knocking him for any lack of experience, considering the guy who was just fired was thought of as one of the best in the biz.
  6. Didn't see this. Figured most had seen this and thought the same thing I did....who? I get the Quinn and Whitt hires, at least they have some extensive backgrounds. Not so much with Durde. We'll see if this all works out, but color me skeptical.
  7. What an awful situation to land in for your first head coaching opportunity.
  8. Interesting hire and what a horrible situation to land in for your first head coaching opportunity.
  9. Sign him for elevenity billion dollars idc
  10. Dan Campbell may not end up being the answer in Detroit, but the man doesn't lack intensity.
  11. I think LB is just the position tabbed to him, as I wouldn't call him a LB either.
  12. I didn’t even know these were still a thing. I’ll chip in when I can.
  13. I’m thinking Jaylon is going to get the chance to prove himself under Quinn. I just find it hard to believe that JJ/SJ would cut bait that quickly.
  14. New Orleans about undergo a significant makeover.
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