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  1. The Dallas Ewoks @ the Breesless Aints

    Wonder who Xavien Howard will be auditioning for this week? Anything short of a epic meltdown and this should be a blowout.
  2. Wouldn't touch Ramsey for anything. His upcoming contract is just the icing on the cake. Thankfully that will put him out of reach for Dallas.
  3. What the hell is are the Steelers doing? 😂
  4. Gallup out 2-4 weeks

  5. Gallup out 2-4 weeks

    BOOO! Thanks for Devin Smith though.
  6. Taco on the trade block?

    I'm thinking something happens soon. Taco and a 2nd for Minkah.
  7. That's a big blow to their season. Wonder if he tries for comeback next year or calls it good? Feel the same about Brees, though he isn't going to miss the whole season.
  8. The Washington Badnames v The Daklas Cowboys

    It's hard to believe this is more awesome today than it was yesterday.... Imagine being this guy's teammate and watching this? Would pretty much follow him anywhere, no?
  9. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    It's amazing what KM and Kitna have done for Dak. It's only 2 games so probably best to keep the enthusiasm in check a little, but it doesn't speak very well of Scott Linehan to see this kind of turn around.
  10. I'll hold a grudge against Dallas forever for their handling of Dez Bryant. He's going to go down as one of my all time favorites. I'd love to see him back, but I see zero chance it ever happens and maybe it shouldn't either. Why mess with a good thing? As for Dak's comments about his contract, as his agent, I'd probably be pretty pi$$ed. As a fan, I'm all for it. Being logical, I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Dak for anything under $35m/yr is a slam dunk.
  12. Matts4313 and Slappers: Dallas at Foreskins

    SLAPPERS: The Hot Pile of Steaming Turds. (The DL formerly known as “Hot Boyz”) MATT’S BALLS: Dak - even though he should be traded he played an ok game.
  13. Taco on the trade block?

    The signs were all over for Charlton. Dallas drafted Armstrong, Jackson, and Jelks via UDFA and then signed Quinn on top of that. Have given a ton of support to RG as well. I’m pretty sure the final straw with the FO was when he coined the Hot Boyz crap. I know it was with me. Trade him from a napkin to wipe the drool off Jerry’s chin for all I care.