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  1. I’m sure he’s going to want a bigger role and probably can get one somewhere else, but I hope he can be re-signed. He just does a lot of good things. Think he’s the type player every successful team needs. Worth a slight overpay imo
  2. Taco over TJ. smh. What a monstrous whiff. Just gross.
  3. How can he not? He’s a massive difference maker.
  4. This Braves team! No way my heart can take this every game. So pumped.
  5. So much fun. Holy **** I don’t know if my heart can take it.
  6. I suppose that might help with the promise of HC in waiting. Maybe. idk. I’m just going to assume KM isn’t going to be retained if Dallas keeps putting up Ws. It’s my defense mechanism, I guess.
  7. Hindsight I’m sure he’d love that one back, but canning a legend like Parcells probably had no chance of ever happening. Thankfully that isn’t the case with MM. But, fact remains Dallas keeps winning the further away the odds are of keeping KM. I simply don’t see the man who says he do just about anything for another SB win making that call.
  8. They will forever regret passing on Herbert. Add to that passing on Rashawn Slater for Waddle probably not a good move either. But, Flores has done the offense zero favors with his OC carousel. 3 OCs in 3 yrs is a recipe for disaster for a young team. I’m not at sure what his motivation is on that front.
  9. Every win keeps MM closer to being retained and KM coaching elsewhere.
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