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  1. Never in doubt he is a top 10 prospect physically and athletically.
  2. No surprise. Love McClay/SJ in the draft room. I hate just about everything about them when it comes to free agency. Not pointing to Hurst/Richardson here either, as both have question marks. It's just a blanket statement. They suck at free agency
  3. Nystrom is an excellent sports/draft follow on Twitter.
  4. 5. It can be trying. I never....EEEEEVER...complain about my job with my wife present. Never ever. lol
  5. lol.....Maybe he was just too talented for Marinelli to handle. I mean he hardly gave them a second thought in Dallas.
  6. Aldon Smith signed 1 yr deal with Seattle per many. No comp. return for Dallas. Wasn’t Dallas offered a 4th rd pick last year?
  7. Best keep my involvement to one mock at a time. Sorry.
  8. Need mid 3rd rd value. Doubt we’re getting that for him.
  9. Adam Duvall revenge is in full effect.
  10. He’s a CB1 prospect imo, but too many penalties to be classified in same breathe as other two.
  11. For reference..... https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=19559 Due diligence on all players, but not really anything to get excited about here.
  12. Option 2 all day. The flexibility of an additional #1 and arguably the best CB prospect > Pitts.
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