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  1. Hate seeing news like this. 56 is too young. Makes it worse that he was taken to hospital Thursday with chest pain and released. RIP.
  2. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Agreed on defensive part. Not so sure about that WR part though. I mean if getting separation was an issue with Dez (2.4 avg sep. with 5.1 yd cushion), how are Hurns (2.5 - 5.6) and Thompson(2.5 - 5.8) going to help? Not sure I buy the whole separation thing with Dez being the issue anyway, but that's water under the bridge at this point.
  3. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Cavalry of bats coming I hope.
  4. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Would love to have Williams on the roster, but I'm not worried about Woods play either. I'm expecting big things from him.
  5. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    I'll say RG based simply on the notion I doubt Irving plays for Dallas after this season. Someone will pay him more than Dallas. According to this Dallas has control of RG thru 2020 for relatively cheap.
  6. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    if DLaw duplicates last season, it's going to be pretty interesting to see how Dallas handles situation. Pretty easy to see him wanting $20m/yr.
  7. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    So where do think Atlanta stands come trade deadline? They need help in numerous areas.... David O'Brien‏Verified account @DOBrienAJC 17m17 minutes ago Mo#Braves starters are 5-8 w/ a 4.89 ERA in the Braves’ past 19 games, averaging fewer than 5 2/3 innings in that stretch and working five innings or fewer in 11 of those 19 games. They’ve totaled 102 strikeouts with 48 walks and 16 homers allowed in 99 1/3 innings. Braves are 16-17 since the beginning of June, and in that span bullpen has a 5.40 ERA, six blown saves in 15 chances, .754 oppOPS and 55 walks,16 HR allowed in 123 1/3 IP. Bullpen allowed 3 or more ER in 14 of those 33 games, had to work more than 3 innings in 17 of 33 games. #Braves are 14-15 in past 29 games, and in that span hit .251 with a .314 OBP, .718 OPS and 3 times as many strikeouts (241) as walks (81). In past 7 games, Braves are 1-6 with a .693 OPS and 66 strikeouts with 25 walks including nine or more strikeouts in six of seven games. Front line starter? Bullpen? A bat? Stand pat, keep developing in-house and wait until next year?
  8. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    How does one not have something from Arnold in action/sci-fi.
  9. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Yep. Feel bad for the kid. That said, good to have a pair of first rd picks next year.

    So much for the 4-0 start to the road trip for Atlanta.
  11. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    Under. Dallas has a DB record 3 INT?
  12. @plan9misfit damn man. that looks awesome.

    lol. Way to groove an 0-2 fastball Teheran. Good grief.
  14. Happy 4th everyone. Don't JPP yourself
  15. All Time Top 50 As Told By Des82 & FM30

    ^ First one I'd disagree with. Low for Frederick despite relatively small sample size.