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  1. Terrance Williams arrested

    Probably stays, but it's obvious he is lying about not being drunk. Sober people at least make an attempt to catch themselves then they fall.
  2. Starting Safeties

    From SJ... ”But we certainly haven’t ruled out continuing to look for somebody that could step up back there and compete with Xavier for that free safety spot.” I take that as Woods is officially FS. I think Woods and Heath man starting spots. Frazier and Kelly/FA pick up complete depth chart. I no longer believe ET ends up in Dallas or any of remaining FA safeties end up in Dallas.
  3. Martin skips OTAs amid contract disputes

    I think if Jerry has the pull of 10 yrs ago the deal is probably already done.
  4. Martin skips OTAs amid contract disputes

    Yeah. Four yrs, four All-Pro selections, it's an easy decision....but, I also don't want to become that team of a few years ago that spent majority of their money on one side of the ball.
  5. Martin skips OTAs amid contract disputes

    I would guess $14-15m/yr. $35-38m guaranteed.
  6. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Can't give up #35 for what has amounted to one good season and a 7 game hot streak in 6 seasons.
  7. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    LOL. Cleveland fans should send Philly a thank you card.
  8. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    Gallup signed today. 4yr, - $3.3m The club sunk roughly $17.7 million of guaranteed money into signing this class. Gallup's signing leaves the Cowboys with just under $9 million in salary cap space. The club will add another $3 million to that total in less than two weeks since it designated cornerback Orlando Scandrick as a post June 1 cut. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2018/05/21/what-dallas-cowboys-cap-space-looks-like-now-deals-draft-picks-finalized
  9. Terrance Williams arrested

    I'm admittedly pretty pessimistic about the passing game. Williams worst season statistically has been better/on par with Hurns past 2 and any season Austin/Thompson have ever produced. I hope someone can step into #1 role, but not going to hold my breath. Beasley is a wash, as he was already in place. Also can't discount the effects of TE spot. As it sits, the entire NFL production of Swaim, Jarwin, Schultz and Rico equals 9 catches for 94 yds. Dallas has a lot riding on hopes and inexperience.....and Linehan being able to make something of it. But, for the moment I don't think Williams is going anywhere. So what might need replacing is moot point.
  10. Terrance Williams arrested

    :shrug: Guess we'll see what happens.
  11. Terrance Williams arrested

    Problem is Williams was expected to shoulder some of burden from Dez's release. Now an already questionable depth chart would have to replace he and Dez's numbers...or 120 rec and 1400 yds. That's going to be very tough for Gallup, Wilson, and Brown to do...if not impossible.
  12. Terrance Williams arrested

    Outright release would knock the $2.5m off this year's cap.
  13. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Was everyone up early this morning to catch the Royal Wedding ?? I couldn't even sleep last night the anticipation was so stressful.
  14. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Wow. That's sucks.
  15. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    It's not recent. 74 is RJ Dill who hasn't played since 2015