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  1. All I can figure is Forbath must struggle on kickoffs because his career FG% from 40+ is outstanding and definitely better than Zuerlein’s.
  2. LOL....Forbath released. Dallas choose another kicker who stinks from 40+. Knew there was zero chance of a kicker competition.
  3. Good question. Apparently I was duped by fake Schefty on Twitter.
  4. Aaron Rodgers has opted out of season. Guessing that starts the chain reaction for other big names.
  5. Saved Dallas the trouble of cutting him.
  6. Completely. Absolutely have missed all sports.
  7. Dallas FA signee CB Maurice Canady has opted out of season. Saves about $1m vs cap
  8. Sorry to hear this. Lost an aunt and my best friend’s dad to ALS. Felt out of sorts to be happy to see them go, but we were.
  9. I’m in the same boat. It’s a steep price but elite players don’t come cheap. I’m happy keeping the picks, but wouldn’t have lost any sleep over Dallas making that trade either.
  10. Considering Seattle’s history with 1st rd picks ..... I’d say they won this trade by a lot. lol
  11. So rumor has it (via Broaddus contact) that Dak may not be sold on playing in Dallas and was disappointed with the organization’s decision to part ways with Redball. Love the rumor mill and time will tell. Honestly wouldn’t surprise me anymore if both parties go there separate ways after season. Won’t be any less surprising if Dak gets his $40m/yr from team either. Should make for an interesting storyline for 2020 season nonetheless.
  12. QB: mike23 - Tough call here as Jackson brings a dynamic to the field unlike any other QB, that said Wilson has the hardware and does so many things well with a somewhat questionable surrounding cast. RB: mike23 - Despite what I believe are some questionable work habits it's hard to knock Zeke's production. Love Kamara pick, not so much the Gordon one. MGIII is a very mediocre RB imo. Drake also gives big push to mike23 here as well. WR/TE: naptown - Green's health is a legitimate concern here. OL: Push - Not a clear cut winner here imo DL: mike23 - Don't think I see Cam Jordan working well as an OLB so that limits some scheme options here. Otherwise I like both units in general. Curious to see if Barrett comes close to matching last season's production going forward. LB: mike 23 - Needs to spell better. Jaylon Smith....not Jaylen. DB: naptown - Biggest strength for both teams, excellent CBs with solid safety play. I'll give an edge going to nap for safeties. ST: naptown - I'd have taken the other Cowboys kicker, Forbath over Zuerlein. Butler/Hekkar combo is best in this particular league. Verdict: naptown
  13. QB Advantage: FM30 - Stafford is probably very underrated, but Brees is going to finish up as undeniably one of the best ever. RB: eagles suck - McCaff and Ingram but a wide margin imo WR: FM30 - Thomas/HIlton is a nice 1-2 punch, but Lamb/Mims probably not ideal for what we're doing here. OL: FM30 - Slight edge to FM on this. DL: FM30 - As it stands now half of eagles suck DL is unsigned or coming off a 4+ yr hiatus. That hurts, though I like the potential LB: FM30 - Solid group for FM. DB: eagles suck - Excellent group with lots of versatility. Knocked for taking Adams too soon....at the time he was going to be my next pick. LOL ST: FM30 - eagles suck trading additional depth at OL/DL probably not a great move for this scenario. Though using Tucker as K/P was pretty slick.
  14. Dallas should just trade him now. Take whatever and happily move on.
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