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  1. Baltimore is also planning to sign Dez Bryant to their PS per Rap. This assuming his physical pans out
  2. Interesting. Baltimore moving all in and guessing Minnesota recouping some draft stock for a push at one of the QBs
  3. Case in point.... Add in Daryl Worley $3m Clinton-Dix $2.25m $24m for jack squat.
  4. Not really interested in seeing the team start selling off pieces, rather they just figure out how to be better buyers. Their FA acquisitions this year have been nothing short of abysmal. Save for Aldon Smith.
  5. Guess I’m not surprised. I don’t think D is loaded with talent by any means, but also don’t believe they are 35 pt/gm bad either. Last night MM said he thought team had their best week of practice heading into game. Something is amiss here.
  6. I demand a Dallas lose land that the defense allow another 34pt.
  7. Wouldn’t even have to look outside of coaching staff tbh. George Edwards ran some solid defenses in Minnesota.
  8. Thinking about Dallas having $31m available by not paying Dak does absolutely nothing for me anymore. The personnel dept is and has been awful for a long time. Their idea of quality players this year has been Worley, Poe, Griffin, McCoy, Dalton, Clinton-Dix, Zuerlein, Canady, and Smith (thank God they hit on one). They’ve paid big for RB. Didn’t pay Hitchens $9m/yr to turn around and pay Jaylon and the always injured Lee $18m combined. Paid big for a run stopping DE. Paid an extra $2m for an average kicker to replace the guy who was perfect for them last year. Brought back a washed up and ancient TE to get in the way of Jarwin and Schultz. And in the process of all of this let their best CB walk, only to keep paying Tyrone Crawford. Forgive me for no longer being excited about extra cap space.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/jonmachota/status/1318396830321922048 Good lord.
  10. Mike McCarthy after Cowboys’ 38-10 loss to the Cardinals: “I felt like our preparation coming into the game was our best this year.”McCarthy after Cowboys’ 38-10 loss to the Cardinals: “I felt like our preparation coming into the game was our best this year.”
  11. Don’t care. Bad football team across the board. Top of the chain to the bottom.
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