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  1. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    Well, I can’t pull up the doc to see who is still on the board. I’d lean towards best available TE, DB and DT.
  2. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    We bypasses a lot of talent to move up for Epenesa. I completely satisfied with that, but to trade back again at this point, I don’t think there would be much that would interest me.
  3. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    where is a list of draft picks or available players?
  4. I'm sure it does to some extent, but Dallas also left options on the table. There were restructures and Crawford still sitting there if need be. They chose not to use them for whatever reason. As far as letting Jones walk, you and I hated the move, but can you recall at any point he was even on the radar to be re-signed over the past 2 seasons? Maybe if RM/KR had stuck around he would have been, but once the new regime came in it seemed a given he was gone.
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Per his Instagram sounds like LVE is good to go for 2020.
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Raiders signed Damarious Randall
  7. Draft watch 2020

    Dallas had video conf. with Zach Baun and Kris Fulton today. Baun is viewed as a LB per team.
  8. Dallas could have re-signed them though. So this isn’t because of Dak’s contract.
  9. Draft watch 2020

    I love The Athletic. Bruglar's Draft Guide is worth a subscription on its own.
  10. Most Important Position - #2

    I think we're being pretty straight forward with this. If we're getting into rotations and such, I'd probably still go with LT, but it would be a little closer. Too much of the leagues best DEs aren't even on the field 15-20% of the time. Hell, DLaw barely played 60%.
  11. Most Important Position - #2

    If QB is #1, then the guy who keeps my QB from getting killed is #2.
  12. Jamal Adams

    Agreed. I also like to think that Jamal Adams, though obviously expensive, is pushing my team closer to getting over the hump.
  13. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Via Jeff Cavanaugh.... "I got a text from someone who said Dak is telling people that Dez looks good and should be on a team" - @BryanBroaddus bombshell!
  14. Most Important Position - #1

    You could have just gone to Q2 on this topic. QB is and always will be #1 in NFL.
  15. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    I’d take the trade for Epenesa over all them by a wide margin tbh.