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  1. Putting The D Back in Dallas

    You're Gator Scum, but sporting that turd nickname in that turd sig is even low for you.
  2. Putting The D Back in Dallas

    Love the defense. It's been sorely missed. The only thing that truly sucks about it is going from Doomsday Defense to Hot Boyz. What a complete dog **** nickname to come up with. Totally unforgivable, pathetic load of *** wipe useless stupidity. I'd divorce my wife and emancipate my children for coming up with something that pathetic.
  3. Jones - A Shutdown Corner?

    What a massive screwup playing him at S is proving to be
  4. Problem is Lewis doesn't fit the mold Seattle wants in their CBs either.
  5. Potential Trades? Jourdan Lewis?

    Agreed on both counts.
  6. Post your week 2 Memes Here

    I'm ****ting my pants right now!
  7. Pretty obvious Lewis doesn't have a spot in KR's rotation at CB. Any interest in Lewis Seattle?
  8. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    This bullpen. This team at home. This franchise in September....
  9. This is an interesting signing. Washington is actually quite talented. Dallas had a 3rd rd grade on him coming out of college. Makes you wonder if M. Collins may have bigger injury concern.
  10. Brice Butler on the return

    Carrying 7 WR and 4 TE....that is absolutely nuts. Why this team didn't keep Dez or make a play on Flash is mind boggling. There is quite obviously a lot of worry about that/those positions. Why they are choosing to address need with comfort is equally as mind boggling.
  11. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Back injury in '16 and groin injury last season.
  12. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    Of course.
  13. Around the NFL - Week 2 - Flash needs a home.

    Yep. Just remember, we like Brice Butler.
  14. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Bailey was 42 of 47 in preseason if it helps. I don't think I'd be overly concerned. Dallas made a money decision over an accuracy decision imo.
  15. Around the NFL - Week 2 - Flash needs a home.

    And there it is.....
  16. Around the NFL - Week 2 - Flash needs a home.

    Should see a welcome tweet to Dan Bailey anytime now.
  17. Brice Butler on the return

    More info on Hurns contract.... lol. Yeah not gonna happen.