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  1. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

  2. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  3. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Everything about that play, but the ending, is so bad it's hard to believe what happened.
  4. Dak

    You can ***** about many things with Dak, but when it counts, he has been money.... Scott Kacsmar‏Verified account @FO_ScottKacsmar 6h6 hours ago More Scott Kacsmar Retweeted Scott Kacsmar Updated 4QC/GWD opportunity records Dak: 13-9 (.591) Wentz: 4-12 (.250) QBR on those drives Dak - 83.1 (highest in NFL since 2006) Wentz - 60.3 Dak has as many game-winning drives (4) against the Eagles as Wentz has in the NFL.
  5. GB's and Clappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    GBs: Cooper - Totally worth a 1st. RG - Thought he played an outstanding game. SLappers: Refs - They suck. End of story. OL - Eagles DL has their number. What do you call something in between a game ball and a SLapper? I think I'll start calling it a Dakquiri. Watching Dak play makes me want to drink heavily at times, both in cheer and sorrow. He's good. He's bad. Makes a great play. Makes one that makes me cringe. I don't think I want to pay him $25m/yr. But, he's 30-15 as a starter.
  6. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    Nice job from Dallas radio guy who scooped this last week.
  7. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    No it isn't.
  8. GDT: Boys v the dead French evangelists

    Good video. Really happy for Lewis. After starting season as odd man out, he's proving to be a big asset.
  9. Dak

    Going to be a lot of disappointed people when Dallas signs Dak to 8yrs/$210m. Not saying I love it, but the handwriting is on the wall. It's going to happen.
  10. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    All bets are off if Dallas makes it and gets blown out. Otherwise, no it isn't likely.
  11. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    tbh, I'm a little surprised some college program hasn't come calling. His alma mater USC in particular.
  12. Dak

  13. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    I feel bad for Cincinnati football fans.
  14. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    Wasn't Marinelli considering retirement last off season? I don't think we really have to worry about the promotion to DC. I was under the impression it was pretty much a given, if not already in place.
  15. Avengers: Endgame

  16. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    The reason I am a Cowboys fan can be traced back to this very play. Still amazing
  17. Around the League Week 14: KC cuts RB Hunt

    I wonder if Jacksonville isn’t another team looking for a HC this off season? Huge step backwards.
  18. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I'm guessing Ghaifan can probably be had much later than the 3rd given the recent news surrounding him and the current state of affairs in the NFL regarding issues of this nature. https://www.denverpost.com/2018/11/29/police-report-wyoming-football-player-trapped-hotel-worker/
  19. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    Not surprised. And, to think last year at this time, I was thinking 1st rd tender to be sure Dallas retained him.
  20. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    I think since 2005 there has been an average of 7 coaching changes per year. Pretty confident that number will be reached... Green Bay Tampa Bay Cincinnati Cleveland On the hot seat... New York Jets Washington Baltimore Arizona Atlanta Carolina Denver Miami Minnesota The maybes imo.... Houston - if team collapses BOB is probably gone Dallas - JG should be regardless. Seattle - Carroll says no, but a poor finish and his age?? I think there is at least 3 more to be fired/resign in those groups. One advantage Dallas does have, is NFL seems to be leaning towards offensive minds and most of teams listed already have defensive coaches in place. Agree with this. He's young, had 3-4 years in a row of solid defenses, etc. Despite the offensive lean, I believe he's going to be pretty high on the shortlists.
  21. Kris Richard 1 and done?

    I'm resigned to losing him.
  22. Fantasy football playoffs and I immediately lose James Connor and Emmanuel Sanders to injury.
  23. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    If you replaced Cowboys staff with Hawkeyes staff, you'd probably have a good answer as to why Hockenson performed better than Fant. Hockenson is simply a better fit for what Dallas and Iowa do offensively. The coaching staff raved about his progress between this year and last. I don't think anyone seen it coming tbh. Hock gives a lot of credit to George Kittle for his success. Kittle really took Hockenson under his wing in his last season here and they still talk regularly. I have no concerns about Fant's work ethic and haven't heard anything negative on that front elsewhere either. There could be some possible maturity issues. And, there was an issue with Fant's brother taking to Twitter to voice his and supposedly Noah's displeasure in the amount of targets he was getting. I'm sure that didn't get any brownie points with Kirk Ferentz, who hates social media. Fant is definitely the better athlete and I suspect he'll test into the high 90th percentile at combine, but I wouldn't sleep on Hockenson. The reverse could be said of blocking with Hock being far superior, but Fant probably being pretty underrated. The real difference may be in the hands. Hock has some of the best hands I've seen. If it's close, he's going to catch it. As I said, I'm not concerned about Fant's work ethic, but it seems that Hockenson may have a fair advantage here as well. Personally, if both are on the board when Dallas picks, I'd take Hock and frankly it's not even really that close regardless who is coaching. I like Fant, don't get me wrong, he has a lot to offer and will pose a match up issue, but Hock I really believe will eventually be one of those guys you mention when talking about the best at their position.