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  1. Huge news, I know. Get your jersey now.
  2. I don’t recall any locker room issues with Woods or seen any. Opposite actually. Thought he was someone respected in there. Something I’m missing here? He’s far from irreplaceable, but I’m a little surprised by the move.
  3. Sure. Why not? He’s probably better than Kearney.
  4. Auto correct is gold sometimes. 😂
  5. If he looks good and more importantly is healthy, I’d expect him to be re-signed.
  6. Yikes. That’s a bold move then from both sides.
  7. Tomorrow we find out what happens with LVE’s 5th yr option. Seems pretty clear what the verdict will be, but maybe team throws a big curve.
  8. lol. Color me highly skeptical of Wright being in the mix to start in ‘22. I’m just trying to figure out if he makes the roster this season.
  9. All true. I will say though, Jaylon has a degree of....I guess I’ll call it arrogance about him. His comment last season, “watch the film” was not terribly smart and feel the best rebuttal at the time would have been “do you?”
  10. We’ve all eluded to Jaylon being cut at some point over the past 5 months, I think we can officially put him on the hot seat.
  11. Makes no sense. Because if this is true, then how in the world do they walk away with Gholston and more importantly Wright late in RD 3? Seems like the horizontal and vertical board schematic should be thrown out the window. You’ve already got prime value, talent, and need sitting in your lap.
  12. TCMD @JWingate and your’s truly 1ST #10 | DAL - Patrick Surtain II - CB 10 9 2ND #4 | DAL - Richie Grant - S 36 40 3RD #11 | DAL - Elijah Molden - S 75 100 3RD #36 | DAL - Payton Turner - DE 99 28 4TH #33 | DAL - Bobby Brown III - DT 137 117 6TH #8 | DAL - Riley Cole - OLB 193 6TH #41 | DAL - Marco Wilson - CB 225 136 7TH #10 | DAL - Evan McPherson - K 235 149 FFMD @D82 and Cowboys forum 1.10 - Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama2.50 (via MIA) - Richie Grant S, UCF3.100 (comp) - Tomm
  13. It is unbelievable that Ar’Darius Washington is still available.
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