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  1. How are the refs so awful

    What was debatable about pushing a guy in his back and the refs calling a "Block in the back" penalty? He was literally facing completely away from the blocker.
  2. Heroes! Week 1!

    JJ Watt was had 0 tackles and 0 QB hits for the first game of his career (if I read correctly). So Saints RT Ryan Ramzcyk gets a major nod from me.
  3. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    If your player of the game isn't Ramzcyk you weren't paying any attention.
  4. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    A. My player of the game is Ryan Ramzcyk who pretty much made JJ Watt invisible. B. Watson is a monster. If the Texans can find a way to protect him, in my eyes he is easily a Top 10 QB in the NFL. C. WHAT A KICK!!! Good luck from here Texans! Kick some butt!
  5. NFL Week 1 Picks

    I hope none of you guys are betting men. I'd be very iffy picking the Saints even at home in the season opener. We have a history of pooping the bed in our season openers
  6. What NFL hill are you willing to die on?

    I agree with you so much here. I think he is one of the most physically gifted QBs I have ever seen. But his overall game is insanely overrated.
  7. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Wasn't sure how I felt about the initial trailer. Now I feel like I can't buy this fast enough.
  8. What does everyone do for a living?

    Currently I'm a Production Support Specialist (contractor) at a really big bank that will go unnamed. Do primarily Network and System monitoring, very hands off and I don't care for it much. If things go the way it looks, I'll be back at Systems Administration at Virginia State in the coming month or so. Would be a state employee, and I could put my actual work experience back to use.
  9. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    So, we are new homeowners, and just identified one of the first things we might like to update. Its a split level home, and right here above the front door we are thinking about one of those nice accent windows? A nice frosted glass maybe. Just something to let a little more light in during some of the nice sunny days. Maybe also replace the door with something with a nice frosted window as well.
  10. Preseason Thread

    The defenses out there looking hungry and playing aggressively in the pre-season are almost always the ones losing players for the season as well due to dumb injuries.
  11. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The "one more thing" aspect is a great name for this kind of addictiveness. It's hard to tear yourself away. Especially when it comes to the teaching side of handling my anime children. Raphael is pretty dumb, he needs my help
  12. Destiny 2

    So...is anyone here aware of the Forge AFK Farm cheese? May as well share since there is no way Bungie will not patch it in the near future. This method is perfect for farming legendary shards and either Dusklight Shards or Datalattice, both of which are needed for purchasing some triumphs for the Hall of Triumphs. So do this: Equip your lowest power gear, you want to at least be under 450 power for this. You can purchase some of the greens from Hawthorne to help if needed. I found a 10 power class item in collections that helped a ton. Once you are under 450, go to any of the forges. Volundr and Gofannon seem the most accessible. Queue into the forge, and then...do nothing. Put your controller down, walk away from your keyboard, whatever. The forge will start, and with your low power you can't harm them and the enemies will obliterate you in seconds. Don't respawn, just stay dead. The forge session will end after 60 seconds, and give you 4 planetary materials. Then it will queue you back into the forge again automatically. Rinse and repeat. Just let it go like this for as long as you want. Because you are such a low power level, you will only be matchmade with players close to your level, so most likely you will only be with other players farming mats. You don't have to worry about ruining other players games. I've made over a couple thousand Dusklight with this so far. As of right now, I let it go since yesterday afternoon, and right now I have 1396 shards sitting with the Postmaster (they go to the Postmaster as lost items), and I am now at work and won't be home for 13 hours. I'll likely be close to 2500 or so by then. Easy thing to do is then go to the materials respective planet vendor and turn in some. You get Legendary shards for each package, plus purple items you can break down for more shards and glimmer, plus the occasional masterwork which guarantees Enhancement cores. People are sharing this cheese because the Hall of Triumphs is leaving everyone broke. Especially players like me who don't get to play as much, don't raid, etc. so they are lacking in a lot of areas. Completing the Bad Juju Exotic Quest left me so desperate for glimmer and materials. This has been an easy way to replenish and help me get ahead so upgrading weapons isn't such a pain.
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I just pre-purchased it and downloaded it yesterday. I will easily invest hundreds of hours into this game. I love turn-based strategy (Fire Emblem, XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc).
  14. Buying a House

    North Chesterfield, I won't be too far from your area.
  15. Buying a House

    I'm big on cooking and the kitchen was a big selling point to me. I've always had those closed in kitchens and they always felt so cramped. Finally I have room to move around. And that door you see is a full size pantry! Haven't had a full size pantry since I was a kid back in NOLA. I'm going nuts just thinking about it!