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  1. What State or Country are you from?

    I live in Richmond
  2. What State or Country are you from?

  3. What State or Country are you from?

    I can vouch for all this
  4. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    For their paycheck? Sure, why the hell not? Pay me right and I'll be on the first bus to Sarajevo.
  5. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 27

    I like the direction here. And as much as I love "Neaux Fly Zone" I can hear Denver fans crying about it already
  6. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 27

    Alexander would be my pick after Hubbard. So here is the question, folks. Lets say we pick Alexander. And he balls out. And Lattimore and Williams continues to ball out. And Crawley continues his good play. And PRob continues what he has been doing...guys we need a nickname for this secondary quick. We gotta be prepared.
  7. Most nostalgic games

    I'm a huge fan of these as well. Have you checked out Obduction? Same studio and creators as the Myst franchise. I can list: Duke Nukem 1 and 2 Doom Hexen Quake Chip's Challenge Ski Free Jazz Jackrabbit Jezzball (too many hours wasted on this) Elder Scrolls: Arena Darklands King's Quest Myst Diablo Warcraft 2 and that game where you have the two Gorillas tossing exploding bananas back and forth at each other. I think this inspired Worms And this is sticking to mainly PC
  8. Switch one of your last 5 drafts with a division rival's

    The highlight of your post for me
  9. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 27

    I'll take Sam Hubbard here. Keep that OSU to NOLA pipeline going.
  10. Dez Bryant released

    Unless he is taking less than $3 million a season, he can kick rocks. He hasn't played worth that much even last few seasons. League leader in drops last season. Hard pass for me.
  11. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    WANT: Liverpool over Bayern PREDICTION: Real Madrid over Liverpool
  12. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    Editing because my dumb self read the title wrong
  13. Are the four best teams in the NFC?

    I can't comfortably say four. Eagles, Vikes, Rams, Saints, and (as much as I hate to admit it) Falcons.
  14. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    Daniel Snyder has been trying his hardest? That's just sad.
  15. What of BPA doesn't fit a need at 27?

    No way Bryan gets past Atlanta.