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  1. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    I went and picked up my copy on my lunch break, now I just need to wait till 8pm so I can go home I normally play as Samus and Bowser, but I am highly anticipating playing with Ridley, Isabelle, Squid Kids, Simon Belmont, and the most recently named Joker form Persona 5.
  2. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    Sports in general have terrible names all around. Basketball has a team named after bodies of water. Baseball has more than one team named after foot underwear.
  3. Android Thread

    With a fair amount of time with it now, it is so much better than just solid. It's a little monster under the hood. That SD845 with 8 gbs RAM have this thing flying. Hard to find any real faults to me.
  4. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    I don't see how they will compete with the AAF kicking off already this February. And I already have my team for them. I just don't see this XFL being successful in a second round. AAF seems like a much better premise, with much better leadership and a lot of ex-NFLers in the right places (both coaching and staffing wise). Plus teams have assigned areas and teams they seem to be tied to. How does the XFL compete with this, especially seeing as how they are going against the NFL instead of how the AAF is going as a compliment to it? see Players here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memphis_Express_(American_football) The Memphis Express' assigned area, which designates player rights, includes the following colleges:[6] Colleges Arkansas Austin Peay Carson–Newman Chattanooga East Tennessee State Kentucky Lane College LSU Memphis Middle Tennessee Ole Miss Tennessee Tennessee State Tennessee Tech Tusculum UT Martin Vanderbilt National Football League (NFL): Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans Canadian Football League (CFL): Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  5. Week 14 GDT: Saints (10-2) @ Tampa Bay Bucs: ARRRRR

    Is it too late to add Kelvin Benjamin before Sunday's game? We could use some more OLine depth.
  6. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Not defending him, but don't sit here and act like there is no difference between a "soft a" and a "hard r". You are not that naive.
  7. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    I love the call of going for it on 4th. I hated the play call. That was an option handoff, Lawrence came right through because anyone in their right mind knew Brees wasn't going to keep on an option. Horrible call. Better play call if Hill is under center, as then you have two legit running options.
  8. GDT: Saints (10-1) @ Cowboys (6-5)

    I will give the Dallas defense credit where it is due, but my goodness did our receivers suck tonight. All of them. The RBs too. Anyone who could drop a pass dropped passes. It was pathetic.
  9. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    My heart don't need this
  10. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

  11. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    I'm just stunned by the number of drops
  12. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    Totally hoping thats the case
  13. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

  14. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    lol how?