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  1. COVID-19: NFL tells employees to work from home

    This isn't the flu, stop being obtuse. Look at what is happening around the world.
  2. Early Offseason “Pre Free-Agency” Mock

    Zero chance this happens. I fully expect him to end up getting $20 mil, maybe $25. I've said it before and I will say it again. I am over Drew. I've been over Drew. Love him, glad he's been a part of the organization, but we need to move on. Financially he is killing us. We need to have someone new under center so we can properly prepare for the future. Letting him hang around is only going to hurt us more in the long run as more and more other young players need new deals (looking towards Kamara, Lattimore, and Williams).
  3. I think he plays better in the slot role, but I like the rook better than him in that spot too.
  4. NCAA football

    This would have been a poor excuse for a football game in 2008.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Also, if you can get past/enjoy the overly cliche anime boy moments, Daemon x Machina is incredible. Very reminiscent of the Armored Core series.
  6. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Link's Awakening has been a complete and utter joy to play. The art style fits perfectly, the world is a 1:1 copy of the original, everything just feels great about it. My only real complaint is the occasional framerate hiccup, which is really weird for a 1st party Nintendo game. Normally they have framerates locked in, but its never too bad. Easily a must play game to me.
  7. Destiny 2

    But I'm happy. I pay money to play these games however I please. In the end, my happiness playing the game is all that matters.
  8. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    I'm slowly backing off a bit. Good to see him finally getting more confident about throwing downfield
  9. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    He doesn't. And I don't know if you have noticed, but his throws have zero touch. He has one style of throwing. Hard. I am yet to see a decent touch throw from him.
  10. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    I think I just hate the offense now. Its so boring to watch Teddy. There is zero excitement with him.
  11. SNF Week 4 - Cowboys @ Saints

    All this does is make you look like a clown
  12. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    We don't even need a deep passing game, just a QB capable of not pooping himself when he occasionally needs to throw more than 10 yards. Almost every pass more than 10 is overthrown or wide with Teddy so far. Its infuriating.
  13. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    I'm gonna flat out say it. Teddy is the definition of mediocrity. Yeah he's not losing us games, but he sure isn't helping win them. He seems scared to throw down field, and they are catering to him by keeping the offense built around his surgical precision that falls off past 10 yard throws. Our offense needs a spark. Am I the only person in favor of starting Hill? We know he can sling the ball. If the preseason is any indication, we know his accuracy has improved. Defenses would have to account for him escaping the pocket and being able to throw the ball. Right now, opposing teams are not giving Teddy any respect...and it's limiting what our offense can do. I say start Hill with Teddy to fall back on. At the very least we know Teddy won't lose it for us (though he tried to with that sack he gave up on the last drive).
  14. SNF Week 4 - Cowboys @ Saints

    nah, just sometimes just more than good enough
  15. SNF Week 4 - Cowboys @ Saints

    But the refs are against the Cowboys though