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  1. Buying a House

    Good luck, dude.
  2. Buying a House

    Whats funny is that's one of the first things my daughter wants to do. And I'm thinking making a small fire pit may be a great idea to go along with that
  3. Buying a House

    I figured New England would be a bit higher on cost of living. Central and North Virginia can be killers (I'm in Richmond).
  4. Buying a House

    Wish I was that lucky. I pay about $1400 rent right now, this mortgage I am getting will land somewhere around $1125-1200 and I'm happy for that
  5. Buying a House

    Me and MrsNSF are so amped! DaughterNSF and PuppyNSF are already in love with the yard. So much space, are planning to do a raised deck in the back, veggie garden, add a shed, still will be so much room left!
  6. Buying a House

    Just got word Monday that the seller accepted my offer We close July 2nd! This is my first home! .25 acre lot, huge backyard, 1588 sq ft 3 bed/2 bath split level, nice size rec room, beautiful kitchen with granite countertops and new stainless steel appliances, in a good part of town! $205,000 (VA loan) with seller paying $7500 towards closing costs! So excited! Been trying to get a house for about a decade now (I'll be 36 at time of closing).
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I just used my bidet for the first time and I literally cannot stop thinking of how clean I am. I have never felt this refreshed after doing the business.
  8. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Very Yes
  9. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Talk about a disappointment, not a PS5 sequel...but a Musou/Warriors style game? Who asked for this?
  10. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Anyone else hoping the Persona 5S announcement for tomorrow is it officially coming to Switch? I had to sell my PS4 and I was only maybe a little close to halfway through the game (shortly after Futaba wakes up and joins). I need my Persona.
  11. Playstaton 5

    I'm normally not too excited about new consoles (outside of Nintendo releases), but the moment I read "backwards compatible with PS4 and SSD" I was all in. Two of the simpler things I have wanted with Playstation for some time. If they can manage to bring this to us for under $500, I'll be there day 1.
  12. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I'll be 100% honest...if Rey turns out to be a Skywalker I'll be so disappointed.
  13. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    As a diehard Star Wars fan (who was also very invested in the previous expanded universe), I get so much joy out of the bitter fan tears from raging fanboys who hated Ep 8. I loved Ep 8, I loved how we slowly started our departure from the legacy characters, I loved how they did it, I love most of the new characters, I think they only thing from the last two movies I hated was Rose saving Finn from sacrificing himself to stop the attack towards the end.
  14. I have a feeling Eli Apple on the Saints is gonna be the victim of this a lot.
  15. I just want the right call made on the field. There is no reason for a bad or missed PI call to influence a game as much as they do in today's day and age. The Saints showed twice during the season how missed or bad PI calls can affect things tremendously. The called PI in the Pittsburgh/NO game when clearly Alvin Kamara was not only not interfered with but the ball was uncatchable. With a proper review, it's possible that Pittsburgh may have not fallen behind as much as they did and the game could have swung their way. A win for them in that game means a playoff berth. And on the other side, the LA/NO no PI call towards the end of the game. That no call likely cost NO a Super Bowl berth. I'm not for calls to just go my way, I want the right calls on the field. I think this is a step in the right direction.