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  1. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    I'm living life on the edge and taking the Jags by a fieldgoal.
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    I don't know why I thought you were a Panthers fan
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    I really don't know about Jimmy. Remember the reason we traded him in the first place, and the comments he made when he left.
  4. Why didn't you tackle, Marcus?

    If he hits him its a flag, and first down at that spot. Chipshot field goal and we lose. It was bad timing on the play. Simple as that. Well timed he catches him as he is coming down with the ball and game over. What really made this play stand out even more was that he took Crawley out of the play. He maybe could have saved it. It sucks, but it happened. We move on.
  5. Divisional Round: Vikings vs. Saints, Week 19

    I hope he will. He has played great for us this season, and is part of the reason we rallied back.
  6. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    I;m well over this game. Williams is a good kid that made a really bad rookie mistake. All he had to do was basically catch Diggs as he came down and take him to the ground to end the game. But we had a whole first half not to end up in that position. Shame on us and kudos to the Vikes. Saints pick at 27 in the 1st round. How do we get Baker Mayfield?
  7. Divisional Round: Vikings vs. Saints, Week 19

    Congrats gentlemen. I never thought we would win before it started. The whole first half agreed with me. Then the dumb Saints went and got my hopes up. All Williams had to do was get right under Diggs, catch him and bring him to the ground and this game is over. Or possibly even not tackle Crawley out of the play and maybe Crawley could have stopped Diggs. But, football happened. Good job, guys. No excuses from me. We had a whole first half to not crap the bed, but you guys came out and punched us in the mouth. Again and again. Just do me a favor and whup the Eagles. And win the damn Superbowl this time. This Who Dat is cheering for you. SKOL VIKINGS!
  8. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    That was the most Saints end to a game ever.
  9. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    This painting paints itself.
  10. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    I don't like being lulled into false hope. This better not be for nothing lol
  11. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    The north remembered
  12. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    You saying this just makes me feel even worse
  13. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    You really think the Saints have some semblance of a chance?
  14. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Same here. I am not sure we can score
  15. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    I picked a bad time to stop drinking