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  1. 😎 I'm convinced that George Paton has an account in FF and took some ideas from my draft. His draft class is way better than mine tho.
  2. I think the only change I'd make would be the Spencer pick and to take a shot on Dylan Moses. I do not hate the pick tho. I would just take the gamble on a player that could haven been a 1st round pick if not for injuries. I've taken Williams, Meinerz, Sterns and Vincent (tho this one acting as the Seahawks GM) on the GM mocks this year so of course I would not change nothing there....also had some hard considerations on Baron Browning, Jamar Johnson, Seth Williams and Jonathon Cooper...so I like those picks. The 1st round is difficult. I was HIGH on Justin Fields, I really wanted to
  3. Ok, so Trill Williams with the next pick?
  4. Ok, who here is George Paton and saw our results on FFMD??
  5. Possibly a reach, but Davis climbed the boards like no one else this year. I've made mocks this week with him at 19 for Washington.
  6. Man I've picked Javonte and Quinn at FFMD because I loved them as prospect, but did not thought it could have been a reality. What a night!
  7. End going way better than I expected
  8. @EaglesPeteC any rules about changing the mock that I posted? I'm cleary out now that Paton trade for Teddy B
  9. I'm going to missed it bad, bit what the hell...lets do it for fun 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence - QB - Clemson 2. New York Jets - Zach Wilson - QB - BYU 3. San Francisco 49ers - Trey Lance - QB - North Dakota State 4. Atlanta Falcons - Kyle Pitts - TE - Florida 5. Cincinnati Bengals - Ja'Marr Chase - WR - LSU 6. Miami Dolphins - Jaylen Waddle - WR - Alabama TRADE 7. Los Angeles Chargers (from Lions) - Penei Sewell - OT - Oregon TRADE 8. New England Patriots (from Panthers) - Justin Fields - QB - Ohio State 9. Denver Broncos - Rashawn Sl
  10. I did my best with the Seattle No Picks
  11. Denver Broncos draft class: 1. Trey Lance - QB - North Dakota State 2. Jamin Davis - LB - Kentucky 3. Michael Carter - RB - North Carolina 5. Shi Smith - WR - South Carolina 7. Patrick Johnson - OLB - Tulane 7. Avery Williams - CB - Boise State 7. Tommy Doyle - OT - Miami (Ohio) Seattle Seahawks draft class: 3. Spencer Brown - OT - Northern Iowa 4. Kary Vincent Jr. - CB - LSU 5. Isaiah McDuffie - LB - Boston College 5. Olaijah Griffin - CB - USC 7. Dax Milne - WR - BYU
  12. @BucsDraftGeek47 Please end up the draft with the 30-year-old punter!
  13. The Denver Broncos selects: Tommy Doyle - T - Miami (Ohio) @Cbrunn OTC
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