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  1. Trades Trades TRADES

    We will never know. I do thing Kyler won't be his 1st option, but I'm not sure if he will pass Kyler if Lock and Haskins are off the board
  2. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    Big no on Jones. Kyler Murray tho would be a nice pick
  3. Trades Trades TRADES

    I would love Kyler Murray in Denver. I do think Murray is the better QB in this draft. Kyler, AB and Lindsay would be awesome to see. I think is a pipe dream tho. If Jags make a move for Flacco, I don't think they would trade up for Haskins
  4. Trades Trades TRADES

    Well, I don't agree with you....I do not think he will trade up, but I would be very happy with Murray in Denver Elway certainly has change a bit his ideas. Kubiak leaving town is a indication of that. I could see Murray at 10 the same way I can see Lock at 10 or passing a QB at 10 and making a move for Grier later.
  5. Final Draft Order Mock w/ Explanations. 1 Round

    I think Devin White is the perfect pick for Denver, specially if we indeed hire Vic Fangio as our next HC.
  6. What the Mock! 3 Rounds plus HC/QB circus.

    I can't complain on Lawrence, Mullen and Frantz for Denver (although I would pick McGary in the second round and Kristian Fulton in the 3rd).....but if Grier don't get pick until the second round, no way we don't pick him at some point Edit: Where the TEs? No Noah Fant, Irv Smith Jr?
  7. 2019 7 Round Mock Draft **UPDATED 7/1***

    Still think he won't come out? Bad Iowa season and he still win the BIG10 DB of The Year Award......he might get drafted higher than this
  8. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    With all that happened to Cincy after this post...I couldn't agree more
  9. 3 Round Mock (Updated)

    I don't like it for Denver. Give us DT Derrick Brown or DT Dre'Mont Jones in the 1st if Greedy, Baker and White are gone. G Cody Ford or CB Justin Love in the second (if a trade up for Fant isn't in play) and LB Ben Kurr-Kirven or OT Kaleb McGary in the 3rd. Lock won't be our future QB and Keenum will still start in 2019 (if no Herbert rather draft a late round QB to be the backup or just resign Kevin Hogan and wait for 2020)
  10. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    That's how good this class is....and i didn't picked others DTs that has 1st round talent
  11. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    I will put him in consideration
  12. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    Could be......but I really like guys like Byron Murphy, Kendall Sheffield, Trevon Diggs, Rock Ya-Sin I don't see any other LB like Devin White in the following rounds.....I had enough from Brandon Marshall and I'm almost done with Todd Davis too....I like Jewell, but White will be crazy good in the NFL
  13. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    Really? Why? the only CB I would take over White is Greedy Williams....we could find a CB as just as good as Baker in the second round. Order of preference: 1. Greedy Williams 2. Devin White 3. Any DT that would start right away (Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Willis, etc)
  14. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    The biggest problem is that this QB class is so thin (specially if Herbert and Haskins returns to theirs schools) that everyone wants to wait for the next year class......I've almost picked Noah Fant for the Jaguars
  15. Post Amari Cooper Trade Mock Draft

    I was really torn between Wilson and Oruwariye for the Steelers