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  1. With the 4th pick of the NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selects: Trey Lance - QB - North Dakota State @rackcs OTC
  2. TRADE The Atlanta Falcons get: #9, #71, 2022 1st round pick The Denver Broncos get: #4 @BucsDraftGeek47
  3. Just saw that they aren't....give me Seattle. I don't know much about the other teams needs and Seattle have almost nothing in terms of draft picks.
  4. I'm in if Denver still available........if not give me SF or Atlanta or Chicago.
  5. last UDFA: IOL - Steven Gonzalez - Penn State
  6. This one become Will Fries because Ashley was already with the Browns
  7. Broncos claim Steven Gonzalez, G, Penn State
  8. UDFA signings for now: WR - Dax Milne - BYU TE - Pro Wells - TCU RB - Mekhi Sargent - Iowa ILB - Paddy Fisher - Northwestern OT - Will Fries - Penn State
  9. Unless we go QB or ILB in at 9. I don't see many day 1 starters for us in this draft. Tho I think Ojulari, Javonte Williams and McGrone could see a big numbers of snaps in this roster. Meinerz, Sterns and Trill Williams would be depth that may only see the field often because of injury, but could become starters next year. Specially Meinerz.
  10. My next guy, and last one, is a guy that isn't on the draft sheet so I guess I'm probably the only one that will sign him
  11. @JetsandI I'm missing you with the list of available UDFAs Broncos Claim Will Fries, Tackle, Penn State
  12. Broncos claim Calvin Ashley, Tackle, Florida A&M
  13. Broncos claim Paddy Fisher, LB, Northwestern
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