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  1. That's probably a route I will take now that you guys even more late in the 1st. By the way, I hope you guys pick 32.
  2. No trades this time 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Evan Neal - OT - Alabama 2. Detroit Lions - Aidan Hutchinson - EDGE - Michigan 3. Houston Texans - Keyvon Thibodeux - EDGE - Oregon 4. New York Jets - Ikem Ekwonu - OT - NC State 5. New York Giants - George Karlaftis - EDGE - Purdue 6. Carolina Panthers - Kenny Pickett - QB - Pittsburgh 7. New York Giants (from Bears) - Tyler Linderbaum - OL - Iowa 8. Atlanta Falcons - Derek Stingley Jr. - CB - LSU 9. Denver Broncos - Kyle Hamilton - S - Notre Dame 10. New York Jets (from Seahawks) - David Ojabo - EDGE - Michigan 11. Washingt
  3. But I gave Pickett to Carolina. I think he is more ready to plan than Corral and Carolina(Rhule) will probably be desperate to have someone play there (he can't leave at the hands of Darnold if he doesn't want 2022 to be his last season as the Panthers HC)
  4. I like Pickens a little better, but I can understand why someone would prefer Dotson.
  5. Lol I would never. The only thing that is getting in my nerves right now is my Achilles.
  6. Here staring a long recovery of an Achilles injury
  7. Hamilton faling was only due to position value. Was happen to safeties. Almost put him to Atlanta, but I feel Atlanta will be a easy to trade down this year.
  8. I can understand why, probably Thibs testing will put him over Hutch in my board. But I feel the Jags shouldn't pass Thibs or Hutch for Neal. Tho Neal is great and you guys need to protect Lawrence, Thibs and Hutch are too good to pass. Jags probably can pick a LT at 33, plenty of options still left.
  9. Interesting to know. I felt I should have put Nakobe a little higher, just didn't know where.
  10. Josh Allen was way more covet prospect than Corral/Pickett. All will come down on how many teams would target those guys that high.
  11. It could happen, but I'm not sure Denver will draft any QB, probably will be more if they like one or not. Falcons chances on getting more on a trade will be if more teams like Corral or not. if teams like the Saints, Steelers and even the Vikings like Corral (or Pickett) and they want to jump Denver, Atlanta has a good chance on getting a haul. Here I've did they simple, you get an extra 3rd (which is about the value for falling from 8 to 11), still pick Jordan Davis, who for me would be one of the BPAs at 8, and have the picks to get an EDGE, DB and WR on day 2.
  12. Tho I agree that the Jags need to protect Lawrence I think they would be in the same situation Cincy was last year. Pick the best guy available. That will either be Aidan Hutchinson or Keyvon Thibodeux. They could pick the LT from Central Michigan at 33 or even one of Trevor Penning or Nicholas Petit-Frere if they fall out of the 1st round.
  13. Trades: Washington trade #11 and 2022 3rd round pick to Atlanta for #8 Pittsburgh trade #20 and 2022 3rd round pick to Los Angeles Chargers for #17 and 2022 4th round pick Denver trade #40 and 2022 3rd round pick (from Rams) to Tennessee for #31 and 2022 4th round pick 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Aidan Hutchinson - EDGE - Michigan 2. Detroit Lions - Keyvon Thibodeux - EDGE - Oregon 3. Houston Texans - Evan Neal - OT - Alabama 4. New York Jets - Derek Stingley Jr - CB - LSU 5. New York Giants - Ikem Ekwonu - OT - NC State 6. Carolina Panthers - Kenny Pickett - QB - Pittsburgh
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