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  1. Trade Help

    Non-PPR 12 team league. I got an offer, I'd receive Mark Ingram and Alshon Jeffrey and I'll give Davante Adams. I have Mixon, Singletary, Montgomery, Hyde, Royce Freeman and Devonta Freeman as RBs. Adams, Hollywood, A.J. Green, Gallup and Robert Woods as my WR. Should I do it?
  2. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    1. Ross 2. Hollywood
  3. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    It was just a feeling...I like what I saw from Dallas new offense scheme and I really didn't like the way Goff played against the Panthers. Tho the Saints secondary could a great matchup for Woods.
  4. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Non-PPR league, 12 team....2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 flex RB: Mixon, D. Freeman, Singletary, Montgomery, Ronald Jones and Carlos Hyde WR: Devante Adams, Robert Woods, Hollywood Brown, Michael Gallup and A.J. Green (out) Who should I start? RB or WR in the flex? Right now I'm thinking Mixon and Singletary at RB, Adams and Hollywood at WR and Gallup at Flex. But Montgomery can be appealing after looking what Josh Jacobs did monday. Edit: my opponent will start Lamar Jackson at QB...that's the main reason I'm betting on Hollywood to duplicate with the Cards what he did against the Fins.
  5. Add/Drop thread

    Ross wouldn't be a bad move, specially given the depth that he has, but I'm not prepared to give my priority on the waiver on him.
  6. Add/Drop thread

    Probably around 12-15....don't know whats the other options available but spending more than 15% of your budget right now could be a mistake. Go with 12, but if you think there could be really a competition, 15 should be your max. You indeed need help at your depth with WRs
  7. Add/Drop thread

    McLaurin. Ross will have a hard time doing what he did yesterday again. Won't be so many time Dalton will throw for 400+ yards, that Seattle secondary made Ross look amazing
  8. Add/Drop thread

    It's difficult to rate WRs, specially in my league that is a Non-PPR league. Brown had a great game, but was against the Dolphins. Gallup had a great game, but against the Giants. McLaurin had a great game, but we are really going to rely that Case Keenum stays hot?
  9. Add/Drop thread

    I agree on the priority, but this league resets priorities every week according to standings....unless someone make a surprising drop I wont find anyone better. From the time I posted this I got an trade offer for Courtland Sutton (receiving Ronald Jones). I'm learning towards making that trade and trying to add a combo of Marquise/Gallup/Gio on waivers.
  10. Add/Drop thread

    So I got my *** kicked on week 1 and I will have waiver 1 in my league. This is my team right now: QB: Baker Mayfield RB: Joe Mixon (hurt), Devin Singletary, Devonta Freeman, David Montgomery and Carlos Hyde WR: Davante Adams, Robert Woods, Coutland Sutton, A.J. Green and Corey Davis TE: Austin Hooper and Noah Fant K: Ka'imi Fairbairn DEF: Broncos Non-PPR league, who should I add? This are the options RB: Malcolm Brown, Alexander Mattison, Giovanni Benard WR: Marquise Brown, Michael Gallup, Terry McLaurin, D.J. Chark, A.J. Brown, John Ross, Phillip Dorsett
  11. Picking 5th overall (12 team) strategy help

    Yeah....I didn't think twice about taking that deal....that guy drafted 1st end up with a pretty good group of RBs, but he was very thin at WR....still think he payed to much for Boyd. I'm probably hold at my RBs for now, but I really have the possibilty of trading for a WR later (For now I'll just drop Ballage for Tyrell Williams) Yeah I know....but I didn't lost too many to grab Mayfield (almost every pick before me was QB and the guy that was drafting before me took Hockenson at 6 because he got desperate after I took Mayfield, that was his pick) Would you add Allen and go with 2 QBs?
  12. Picking 5th overall (12 team) strategy help

    The problem is the guys I play with...I knew I had to stretch on a QB, most of them go QBs pretty early and take more than one QB on their roster....if I waited until the 8 I would be looking at Josh Allen, Kyler Murray and Dak (excluding guys like Eli, Carr, Flacco, Brissett and Dalton from the equation)....Dak end up being picked in the 15th round and Allen went undrafted....I could be ok with either if I waited, but the QB run that was installed after I took Baker made me not lose many valued guys I could have picked with that pick. The guy that was picking right before me said he was going to pick Baker if I did took him there.
  13. Picking 5th overall (12 team) strategy help

    I end up taking Adams....Hopkins went 4, Zeke almost fall out from the 1st round. My team right after the draft looked like this: QB: Baker Mayfield RB: Joe Mixon, Devonta Freeman, Aaron Jones, Devin Singletary and Kalen Ballage WR: Davante Adams, Tyler Boyd, A.J. Green, Corey Davis and Courtland Sutton TE: Delaine Walker and Darren Waller K: Fairbairn DEF: Bills But as soon the draft ended I received two offers from teams that didn't liked their draft so I traded Delaine Walker for Austin Hooper and traded Tyler Boyd for David Montgomery and Broncos defense. (droped Bills D) I think I rebounded well for passing on Zeke, I probably a little thin at WR, but could have a huge group of RBs in my hands. As long Adams stay healthy I'm good (hopefully Green comeback with a strong season when he is ready to play). I'm now think if I should drop Ballage and Waller for those guys that went undrafted: QB Josh Allen, WR Tyrell Williams, WR Marquise Brown, WR Cole Beasley and TE Noah Fant
  14. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Yeah I know I should have got Zeke and I will feel bad tomorrow when he resigns (per Rapoport report looks like things will get done) but I was afraid and I knew that I would put in my head that I should take Pollard no matter what and this would prevent me to see things cleary. But how the board felt after that (most good WR went before my second round pick) I knew that I would take 3 RBs in a row and thing would be ok. I'm very hopeful that Devin Singletary will have a huge year as RB1 of the Buffalo Bills so with those 4 RBs I'm happy with my group. Yes, Mahomes went round 2, Watson and Brees round 4 and on the 6th Rodgers went before my pick and between my pick on Mayfield and A.J. Green, Goff, Ryan and Rivers went off the board....so good chance that I would be in a bad shape at QB if I waited a little more. I love Corey Davis and having him as WR4 (or 3 depending on A.J. Green) please me a lot
  15. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Just draft my team (12 team league Non-PPR drafting at 5 snake order) and after debating all day if I should draft Zeke at 5 I didn't have enough courage to do it (I know this will bite me later) after Kamara, Barkley, CMC and Hopkins went in that order, but overall I like it 1. (5) Davante Adams 2. (20) Joe Mixon 3. (29) Devonta Freeman 4. (44) Aaron Jones 5. (53) Tyler Boyd 6. (68) Baker Mayfield 7. (77) A.J. Green 8. (92) Devin Singletary 9. (101) Corey Davis 10. (116) Ka'imi Fairbairn (I usualy wait to round 13 to draft kicker and DEF, but they start drafting those on round 8, I had to pick my kicker early than I wanted) 11. (125) Delaine Walker 12. (140) Courtland Sutton 13. (149) Kalen Ballage 14. (163) Buffalo Bills (DEF) 15. (173) Darren Waller (Took a gamble on this nice story) QB: Mayfield RB: Mixon, Freeman, Jones, Singletary and Ballage WR: Adams, Boyd, Green, Davis and Sutton TE: Walker and Waller K: Fairbairn DEF: Bills