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  1. I'm not a Herbert hater, but I don't think he falled into the best situation for him. Chargerd have great problems in their OL, specially on the left side. That's never good for a rookie QB that has somethings to learn before hits his full development. I do think if the Chargers develop him well, he can succeed. Leaving only the Raiders without a young QB to lead them for the next decade or so. With all this bizarre situation the world is in, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor starts this year and Herbert take the the train mid-season or later. Which would probably won't help the Chargers chances this year.
  2. Tho I agree that flipping between Foles and Trubisky won't help at all. Don't you think that Defense can't win them more than 2 games? Every Chicago fan should brace the tank tho. Lawrence in that team would be amazing.
  3. Interest to see Chicago with #1. Whats your project record for them? They obviously have a huge need at the most important position, but I think they have a quite good roster around bad QBs. They won't battle for the title for sure, but #1 is quite surprising (tho probably the best what could happen for them, Lawrence would content already as a rookie with that roster) As for Denver, I think we are getting quite overlooked, and that's ok. We probably will surprise a lot of people this season. You certantly have the Chargers way too high. But the pick for the Broncos (position wise) is spot on.

    True. Tho the real life Raiders made it easier to Elway by making Ruggs the 1st WR taken.
  5. Grade the Broncos 2020 draft

    Man I'm surprised how good the Bengals were graded. Ok they got Burrow and some pretty nice players in Logan Wilson, ADG and Markus Bailey, but boy they all are linebackers. I'm pretty sure a team that had the worst record lat year didn't had the luxury to pick 3 linebackers. I'm also pretty down on the Tee Higgins pick. That team has A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd and John Ross on the roster and pick a WR that although has some pretty good numbers can't really separate from CBs at 33. He probably be a guy that has a long career, but I doubt he will justify that pick.
  6. Grade the Broncos 2020 draft

    Jerry Jeudy - A+ K.J. Hamler - B Michael Ojemudia - B- Lloyd Cushenberry - A+ McTelvim Agim - C+ Albert O - B- Justin Strnad - B+ Netane Muti - A+ Tyrie Cleveland - B Derrek Tuszka - A+ Overall - Solid A for me Jeudy was perfect and Cushenberry was masterfull. I do like the pick of Hamler we need WRs like him, I'm not a hater of Hamilton and Patrick, but sorry they aren't much more than depth guys for me. We needed WRs badly and that why I also don't hate a 3rd WR in the 7th (7th round guys aren't supposed to be impactful players is nice when you hit those, but overall you use those picks on guys you want to bring to camp but don't think you would get in the UDFAs market....Cleveland would never sign with Denver if he went undrafted) Man after seeing the Patriots get Asiasi and Keene in the 3rd round, there is no way I will be mad to get Albert O in the 3rd. Obviously not a need, but we are building around Lock and Albert gets more from Lock than Heuerman, Butt and Fumagalli will (only thing I don't like is that we didn't traded at least one of them to get an extra pick on day 3) Strnad is a nice player, not sure he is a guy that will take Todd Davis job like Patrick Queen would if Seattle had accepted the deal that would made us jump from 46 back to the 1st, but nice value on a need. Muti was a development 3rd round pick for me, I can see why he falled to the 6th, but if he can stay healthy he will probably find a starter role in a few years (Maybe Risner can play T like he did in Kansas State?) Tuszka was one one my favorites players in this draft and the only edge guy I wanted this year. I put him in almost every mock I've made this year (I even drafted him in the 7th in the FFMD in the GM mocks) Love this pick. I will be surprised and pissed if he don't make the roster. Probably the best partner for Attaochu backing up Von and Chubb. Would probably wish we picked an OT, but I believe in Munchak. If he didn't bang the table for an OT in this draft and rather go with Bolles and Wilkinson....who am I to complain?

    How many of you hit real life picks in FFMD? I got two Jerry Jeudy and Derrek Tuszka.
  8. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Denver Broncos Draft Class: 1.13 - Jerry Jeudy - WR - Alabama 2.46 - Jeremy Chinn - S/LB - Southern Illinois 3.77 - Amik Robertson - CB - Louisiana Tech 3.83 - Ben Bartch - OL - St. John's 4.118 - Leki Fotu - NT - Utah 4.133 - Davion Taylor - ILB - Colorado 4.144 - Dalton Keene - TE/H-Back/WR - Virigina Tech 5.181 - Quintez Cephus - WR - Wisconsin 7.250 - Derrek Tuszka - OLB - North Dakota State
  9. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    With Colton McKivitz gone way before the 250th pick I went with one of my favorites sleepers of this draft to round up the FFMD II for the Denver Broncos. Derrek Tuszka, OLB, North Dakota State. Will have some UDFA spots that I will use one OLs and WRs.
  10. FFMD II '20 - Draft Board (Start Date 3rd @ 10am est)

    With the 250th pick the Denver Broncos select: Derrek Tuszka, 34OLB, North Dakota State @jch1911 OTC
  11. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    I wish Derrek Tuszka could fall to our last pick. Tho I think it must be an OT to compete for a roster spot with Jake Rodgers.
  12. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Anyone looking to trade one of those late picks for veterans?
  13. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    WR Jerry Jeudy, S/LB Jeremy Chinn, CB Amik Robertson, OL Ben Bartch, NT Leki Fotu, ILB Davion Taylor, TE/RB/WR Dalton Keene and WR Quintez Cephus. One pick left.
  14. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    I went with Cephus. Not the same type of WR as Quez, but a nice prospect.
  15. FFMD II '20 - Draft Board (Start Date 3rd @ 10am est)

    With the 182nd pick, the Denver Broncos selects: Quintez Cephus, Wide Receiver, Wisconsin The best WR Jeff Okudah has ever faced, per Okudah @jebrick OTC
  16. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    Quez went one pick earlier in the 6th. I'm deciding between Quintez Cephus, Kalija Lipscomb and Isaiah Coulter
  17. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Dang it @johndeere1707 had my pick ready on Quez. With the same photo. Lol Gime some minutes to decide on my backup options. If someone want to trade for that pick.
  18. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    CB3 probably. Don't forget Callahan. Elway also went with more offense in FA than I've expected. I'm not sure we are going Offense, Offense, Offense IRL. Duvernay is a nice player, but what really much more he brings to the table than a WR we can get at 181? (This question is not directed to BF2010)
  19. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    With the 144th pick, we selected Dalton Keene - Tight end, H-Back, Slot Wide Receiver, another Colorado Kid, Taysom Hill version at TE - Virginia Tech
  20. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    went straight up in-state solutions with our trade.
  21. FFMD II '20 - Draft Board (Start Date 3rd @ 10am est)

    With the 144th pick, the Denver Broncos select: Dalton Keene, TE/RB/WR, Virginia Tech 3rd year Denver find a Colorado Kid. Swiss Army Knife can line up as wingback, in the slot, as an extra pass protection block. @EaglesPeteC 2x
  22. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    Same for 144
  23. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    3 picks left, all destiny to offence. Will end up 5 offense, 4 defense picks
  24. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    My afraid Bachie turns out into another Josey Jewell. I think it is time to gamble on a rare speed player.