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  1. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 5 POSTED!)

    Btw, this week is going to come late. Will still try to get them up tomorrow but might have to be Monday. Busy, busy weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  2. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I kinda think their vision is to have the rook, Bridge, and McCown battle it out in training camp for the starting gig. Both McCown and Bridgewater are stopgap options anyway. Also Barkley could very well be gone by 3.
  3. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I can't imagine them trading their draft for a RB. They're going for a QB, for sure.
  4. Bucs sign C Ryan Jensen

    So when you're saying ... is that when the OL is good, and the QB is good, and the skill positions are good - that the offense is good? Yeah, we already knew that, sherlock.
  5. Bucs sign C Ryan Jensen

    What the honest to god hell. Jensen was solid but he was no where near THAT good.
  6. Patriots sign Jeremy Hill

    Belichick doesnt give anyone plenty of carries.
  7. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    Seems kinda sketchy to me, lol.
  8. Packers signed Kyle fuller to an offer sheet

    this should be interesting
  9. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    Fantastic signing.
  10. Eric Reid likely to not be signed

    This is neither news nor would this thread end well. I'm locking it right here. If and when there is something that comes out about this situation that could generate NFL-related discussion, such as if a grievance is filed, we can try to have a thread here. But right now I don't see how there is anything NFL-related to be discussed, I think is pre-mature as the Safety market hasn't really developed yet, and it would likely degrade into a political discussion that we don't allow on these boards.
  11. Seahawks sign Ed Dickson

    Seems kinda... underwhelming to me. Kinda like the rest of the Seahawks' offeseason so far.
  12. Sheldon to the Vikes (almost done)?

    You're not a jerk lol. This seems like it could be close, but rumors and visits are best discussed in General.
  13. Sheldon to the Vikes (almost done)?

    Okay. Going to move this to NFL General then. When this is official, someone can post a new topic in News
  14. Sheldon to the Vikes (almost done)?

    Was going to lock this but found a more reputable source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2753699-sheldon-richardson-reportedly-agrees-to-3-year-contract-with-vikings