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  1. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    Lets band together and lynch mission. it's what squire would've wanted.
  2. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    Again, this is something I'm fairly sure @KOTN-93 can and should verify
  3. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    For all we know (and presumably you know), mafia may have been clamoring with KOTN. They definitely wouldn't do it here, lol
  4. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    I'm pretty sure it's not outside of bounds to ask @KOTN-93 whether or not Tk3 is actually playing or was given a role lol
  5. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    So why is Tk3 in the game if he never signed up? I feel like this is a valuable clue. Tk3 was taken hostage... so he's probably not mafia.
  6. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    Probably not but we have one of the worst rosters anyway. Most teams that do it in the NFL are in that situation... what's the point of overexerting resources on Free Agents if you're just going to be at best a middle of the road team, anyway? Might as well try to roll over as much cap as possible into next season and have a high draft pick if you are still looking for a franchise signal caller. In the NFL, "tanking" really isn't the right word. No one is intentionally trying to lose in any season. Teams just sometimes decide that it isn't worth spending much on a lost year.
  7. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    We have the lowest talent level in the NFL right now. We have absolutely no star power everywhere and most of our starters can be defined as "below average". We have some good players who may take the next step and become stars (Tunsil, Fitzpatrick, Xavien Howard, maybe Devante Parker if he can be salvaged), but this team will struggle to win games in 2019 no matter how hard the players/coaches try. We have a meme at QB and the worst OL in the league. Bottom 5 DL. No Linebacker worth a damn. Pedestrian receivers. Frankly if Brian Flores can win 6 games with this squad he deserves coach of the year (But at the same time, not, because that would severely hurt our ability to draft a franchise QB in 2020). Reports are the Dolphins want Tua in 2020. If they can't get him, Herbert is the consolation prize. But that's clearly the thinking of the FO right now. In fact, Stephen Ross heavily implied they were tanking in an official statement: That's about as close to an official "we're tanking next season" as you can get.
  8. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    I honestly disagree with this. Well, not so much disagree - Tannehill will never be a franchise QB at this rate. But if he went elsewhere as a rookie... anywhere with a half-way decent OL and a competent staff - he could've been a franchise guy. We absolutely botched his development because he could never afford to be comfortable in the pocket. It's probably for the best that we're moving on. I understand that. I'll just miss him, lol. And truthfully, I think a lot of Dolphins fans are in for a rude awakening when they see just how bad this team will be next season, in part due to the downgrade at QB. But hey, that's all part of the plan.
  9. The Simpsoooonnsss...Mafia. N2 Thursday 7PM CT

    And yet, yall were adamant about not no lynching n1 in a 10-player open roles game. Just because he's a lurker doesn't mean he can't roll an important town PR. Lynching him is no more or less risky than anyone else. But yeah, I sort of agree with the principle of getting rid of unreadables. He'll probably show up and make 3 messages before the deadline anyway. mission
  10. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    I think he showed a lot of toughness and character in his time here. And unlike most Dolfans, I think his quality of play on the field was above expectation given the trash OL, mediocre weapons, and revolving door coaching staff we gave him throughout his tenure here. I also believe that if he hadn't gotten hurt at the end of the 2016 season we could be in a very different place right now. The difference stems from the fact that I'm far more critical of our other players than other Dolphins fans seem to be... to be honest, we've had a bottom 5 team talent-wise the last couple seasons (easily worst in the league right now). I legitimately believe that if we fail to tank for Tua we won't see a better QB behind center than Tannehill was in the foreseeable future. And even if we do get one, if we can't shore up the offensive line, we'll be putting whoever we do stick back there in a position impossible to succeed, like we did to Tanne.
  11. Many TEs these days are more or less WRs anyway.
  12. Expectations for teams with New Head Coaches

    Cleveland Browns 9-7 New York Jets 7-9 Miami Dolphins 2-14 Denver Broncos 9-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-8 Green Bay Packers 10-6 Arizona Cardinals 5-11 Cincinnati Bengals 3-13 3-5 years from now... Cleveland Browns: Hard to say but I think the Browns become a perennial playoff contender. I think there's equal chance they sink back into being the Browns or actually making noise in the playoffs. Either way, Kitchens gets a long leash so long as Mayfield is producing an exciting offense. New York Jets: Adam Gase turns this team around and they make a playoff push in 2020 but then regress to mediocrity. Darnold progresses little by little however. Jets go all in around 2022 or so in FA but disappoint and Gase is eventually fired. Miami Dolphins: Flores is fired after the 2-14 tank job is complete. Dolphins select their new QB and pair him with a new head coach. Denver Broncos: Fangio makes Denver a legitimate top 5 defense again over his tenure but inconsistent QB play is his undoing. Elway gets canned and the new GM replaces Fangio with his own guy thereafter. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arians gets jaded from the game again in 3 years or so, and retires for good. Bucs make the playoffs once in this span. Green Bay Packers: They show relatively consistent success until Aaron Rodgers retires in 2023 then the team collapses, leading to the firing of LaFleur. Arizona Cardinals: Kliff is fired after a year or two. Kyler Murray busts. Cincinnati Bengals: Zac Taylor is fired after four years of losing seasons.
  13. How many years do top QBs have left?

    Brees: 1, maybe 2 Eli: 1 Rivers: 3