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  1. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    The timing makes me think it's almost certainly going to be a promotion from within.
  2. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Wonder if they continue Kris Richard's offensive crosstraining and let him do it. That would be interesting to say the least. He already had the title of " passing game coordinator ".
  3. Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Woah.. I knew that Cowboys fans weren't super happy with him but I didn't think they'd do this. They going to promote from within? Cause there's no one worth a damn anymore in the external OC market.
  4. Former Broncos 1st round QB Paxton Lynch signs with Seahawks

    In fairness, a player being a bust is rarely completely their fault. Injuries and lack of proper supporting cast/coaching also plays a (rather large) factor. David was put in a horrible situation. But he's still a bust, tbh.
  5. cddolphin's 2019 Mock Offseason (PART 2 - Player Cuts)

    Wonder what QB you're planning to bring in.
  6. Future NFL Expansion?

    No, please. I love the mathematics behind 32.
  7. Former Broncos 1st round QB Paxton Lynch signs with Seahawks

    Just a camp arm at this point.
  8. https://www.milehighreport.com/2019/1/15/18184589/broncos-hire-ed-donatell-as-defensive-coordinator Previously the Bears' secondary coach. Has previous NFL coordinator experience, as he was the defensive coordinator for the Packers from 2000 to 2003, and the Falcons from 2004 to 2006.
  9. Coaching Change Rumor Thread

    I'd love to retain Rizzi if possible.
  10. Broncos Hire Rich Scangarello as OC

  11. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Honestly, the OC market is dried up. Flip may have the most upside of anyone still available, except maybe Jim Bob Cooter.
  12. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Minnesota fans really hated this guy and he definitely had a rough time, but he's worked with some bright offensive minds, so perhaps he can improve. Unfortanutely, his criticism in Minnesota was the same as Mike McCoy's... he favors slow, developing pass routes that need good blocking up front in order to acheive. Minnesota's OL took a major step back this season, and his offense therefore struggled. If Jacksonville's OL can get and remain healthy, he may be a good hire... depending on who the QB is, of course. Cue the Nick Foles to Jacksonville talks, though.
  13. @SirA1@El ramster @RandyMossIsBoss @waffles7 @PSID412@khodder@Adrenaline_Flux@YoungBucs15@swoosh@Scalamania@bucsfan333@EaglesPeteC @pwny@Glen @Tk3 @MookieMonstah @RuskieTitan @ravens5520 @Whicker @Malfatron Being that the whole cast is returning, I'm moving up the keeper deadline from February 4th to January 30th to give me a little extra time to do what I need to do to get the draft thread up and all that. FYI.
  14. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    Definitely, but I wouldn't be so sure that everything's done, yet. There's six teams out there with head coaches who can't seem to fill out their coordinator positions.