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  1. Old java mafia habits die hard. Why eliminate a possible suspect killing into 3 way when a 4 way is better? Its not like I could hit you since I would be immediately suspected as the bodyguard. This move won me the game; if Scoundrel and swoosh both weren't present, I would've lost.
  2. I made a misplay too. I thought you were the PGO despite knowing that Orca could easily be PGO after claiming Samus and convinced squire to hit Orca. Thought we lost at that point.
  3. Once he processes the night, unless you or pickle have an outrageous ability that you havent claimed that can prevent it, I'll win.
  4. Oh I would've went through with it. But the goal was to elicit someone to trust me like you did.
  5. either way .. 3 scum, 14 town & a day 1 lightning rod + watcher. granted we also benefited from a lot of stuff like bbb offing himself, more than one town (Tk3 at the very least) likely seppekuing themselves onto orca, and the vig shooting malf. but a hard fought win. @Pickle Rick you played very well. town mvp for sure.
  6. I think ive only played in one game that allowed double kills prior so idk really. Random lynch between the two or nl seem like the best solution to ties.
  7. Old epicmafia habits die hard. why kill into a 3-way, eliminating a suspect when a 4-way is better? Just need one person to latch onto something another says.
  8. Nah, I already confirmed with Josh my win condition is to get a 1:1 ratio or higher
  9. You really should continue to play. You're one of the more enjoyable people to play mafia with on this site.
  10. You had me tbh. Overthinking things and going against my gut is a weakness I have as well
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