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  1. If anything, they're trying to get the Panthers to bite. They're the ones in a position to possibly warrant a mid-season trade - they're in the hunt despite their starting QB playing poorly.
  2. Houston is desperate to weave a story that isn't there. They most likely want to lure the Panthers into trading if anything. Dolphins have no reason to consider a mid-season QB trade at 1-5.
  3. As I said in nfl news, this is merely our week 3 or 4 depth chart. Eichenberg has been at LT with Jackson at LG since week 5. Simply no one bothered updating the page for the last few weeks. Nothing to see.
  4. Texans sources screaming at the top of their lungs that a trade is imminent lol
  5. @Matts4313 If that is your screen shot, I can 100% confirm that is our Week 3 or 4 depth chart and it merely hasn't been updated on the site recently. Austin Jackson has played LG with Eichenberg at LT since Week 5.
  6. I believe this recent surge of rumors even less than the offseason ones. If the Dolphins were going to make a mid-season trade, we would've done so when we were 1-1 with our starting QB hurt, not when we're in an unrecoverable 1-5 hole. I Have little doubt the sources of these rumors are people in the Texans organization, who are trying desperately to increase trade talks for a guy they've been paying millions to ride the bench. IMO, if anyone, they're probably looking to try to get the Panthers to bite.
  7. I must admit, it was hard to muster up the willpower to actually create this GDT. The season is pretty much over except for two things: Monitor Tua's development Stick it to Eagles fans by winning more than the 49ers This is a winnable ball game, but we haven't been good at home. To make matters worse, they're coming off their bye and I have no idea how our LBs are going to cover Cordarelle Patterson. Miami 23 Atlanta 24
  8. Is he healthy? We waived him a few months after signing him because our staff didn't think he was going to be healthy enough to play this year.
  9. If we stayed put we could've had Micah Parsons and kept our first, which yeah, in retrospect, would've been better, as much as I'm high on Waddle.
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