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  1. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/seahawks-activate-tight-end-ed-dickson-waive-cornerback-jamar-taylor/ Jamar Taylor was formerly a 2nd round pick by the Dolphins, but found a home with Cleveland after leaving here. After appearing to be improved, the Browns dumped him when he regressed again and since then, he's bounced around quite often. He appeared in 9 games for the Seahawks this year and totaled 22 tackles, though. Ed Dickson was a big FA acquisition for the Seahawks in 2018, but couldn't stay healthy. However, with the Seahawks also losing Will Dissly, they desperately need the Tight End help.
  2. Cleveland is fighting for their survival. Can we spoil their fun? Miami 16 Cleveland 27
  3. I'm an NFL News mod too! Does that count for something?
  4. just a heads up, my life is really chaotic right now so I won't be able to host next, I think. Hope someone else is ready to go lol
  5. The Original Pokemon Mafia - We're all losers.

    I'm the only pure Grass type in the Generation.
  6. Antonio Callaway released

    I never was super high on Baker, but c'mon man. Dude is in his sophomore season. And while he's been dreadful in a few outings this season, he definitely showed promise last season and in recent games. Either way, it's way too early to call him a bust (or a hit for that matter); stop trolling.
  7. The Original Pokemon Mafia - We're all losers.

    Having said all that, that's also something that bothers me about touch's claim... if there is one role per type in the game, I'd have strongly wagered Pikachu, not Voltorb, would be the Electric-type chosen.
  8. The Original Pokemon Mafia - We're all losers.

    Also Bulbasaur is a starter Pokemon... so if he's in, so would Squirtle and Charmander I'd reckon.
  9. The Original Pokemon Mafia - We're all losers.

    Something does bother me about Squire's claim though. Has any claims matched two players as the same type? Looking at the OP, there's 21 players and 5 mafia members. That leaves 16 town-sided Pokemon. There were 15 types in Generation 1, so I'd guess one of each type plus Ditto (Primary types... I'd assume Bulbasaur would count as Grass, not Poison and Gengar as Ghost, not Poison). This would seem to be supported by the host asking us to rank types prior to the game. So... Does anyone want to claim their primary type matches someone else's? Because I'm just throwing this out there... I'm a Grass-type. If squire is too, that means one of the 15 types wouldn't be represented by a role.
  10. The Original Pokemon Mafia - We're all losers.

    the part where you protect someone still makes no sense to me. I'd probably be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if there weren't a guilty report on you, though.